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Colin Shields 4.5Mile 29/10/11

Trainer & Coyle Take Early Lead

Junior results to follow. Well done everyone for a fantastic record turnout.

Suzanne Coyle and Stephen Trainer swept aside the opposition in the wet and windy conditions to win in Greenock Glenpark Harriers Colin Shields trophy race.

A total of 58 seniors were set off in pairs at 30 second intervals, a format more common with cycling events, rarely in running, tested the runners mental concentration and toughness as they pitted themselves against the clock.

The Harriers who  have had a surge of women joining over recent months and were delighted to see a record 17 compete in one of the clubs toughest races, a  time trial over the hilly 4 ½ mile route around Larkfield and back to the Dunlop street.

With the added competition, pre-race favourite Suzanne Coyle knew it was going to be hard with her biggest threat Jillian McNee starting 30 seconds behind her. Coyle never let the pressure get to her as she attempted to shake off McNee who was working hard and maintaining the gap. Only in the 2nd half of the race as the pair battled it out pulling in all 16 of the earlier starters did the gap grow when Jillian began to tire.

Veteran runners Lorna Coyle and Susan Clark who have been in great shape recently, were next quickest, with the following 8 woman led by Fiona Cushnaghan separated by a little over a minute, leaving the prospect of a fascinating championship over the coming season.

Club Champion Stephen Trainer had the benefit of starting in the last pairing knowing he could respond to any moves by brothers Alan and David Henderson. He took full use of his advantage judging his race perfectly drawing them in gradually to give him the best of starts on the defence of his title to win the Shields trophy for only his 2nd time.

Alan Henderson came out on top in the duel with his brother to take the runners up spot but both should feel pleased with their progress having taking a minute off their best time on the course. Steven Campbell the clubs most improved runner continues to impress with yet another personal best in 5th.

Mick McLoone selected for what will be his first Scotland vest at the British Masters International XC in Glasgow in November was fastest veteran, with Mick Harrington, Robert Dolan and Jim Sheridan claiming top places in the 50, 60 and 70 categories.

Other good runs came from Raymond McNee who was first to finish passing 40 runners, and juniors Gerard Smith and Eilidh Hamill.

Special mention to all the marshalls, timekeepers, and everyone who helped organise a very busy and successful event.

The Harriers are thankful to race sponsor Mick Dunn of C&M coaches, and to Tommy Armstrong aka “tommy the clown” for his generous donation which will help support the development of the Harriers Junior section.

Results: S.Trainer 24.47, A.Henderson 25.15, D.Henderson 25.35, M.McLoone 25.46, S.Campbell 25.55, A.McCall 26.44, F.McKnight 27.10, R.McNee 27.48, A.O'Rourke 27.51, R.McDonald 28.13, A.Eynon 28.35, R.Adams 28.43, L.Smart 28.50, R.Wilson 29.05, G.Smith 29.12, R.Davidson 29.22, S.Watson 29.36, A.Fisher 29.55, C.Knight 29.59, G.Hyett 30.01, S.McVicar 30.40, C.Watson 30.50, R.Dolan 30.55, D.McCorkindale 31.01, R.Neilson 31.41, M.Harrington 31.46, K.Pryde 31.49, S.McDade 32.02, B.Kangley 32.41, B.McCluskey 32.57, K.McCartney 33.00, S.Coyle 33.07, J.McNee 33.33, D.Carruthers 33.55, L.Coyle 34.28, R.McAuslan 34.31, M.Magee 34.40, S.Clark 35.49, C.Smith 35.54, F.Cushnaghan 36.48, H.Kangley 37.17, R.Dolan 37.27, B.Gilmour 37.40, R.White 37.50, V.Wilkinson 37.52, L.McAuslan 37.55, G.Forrest 37.58, D.Clark 38.04, J.McLean 38.05, K.Arthur 38.52, P.McCluskey 39.03, E.Hamill 40.14, K.Gill 40.14, I.Rankin 41.06, F.Taylor 41.50, T.Knight 42.30, J.Sheridan 53.31

National XC Relays Cumbernauld 22/10/11

Men finish 16th at National (race video HERE)

Greenock Glenpark Harriers boosted by the return of Stephen Trainer for the National Cross Country relay championships at Cumbernauld were inspired to give the men their best placing since 2005


Doubt remained over the fitness of Trainer after being out through injury for the previous 5 weeks, but the gamble to put him on the opening leg of the 4km hilly park land paid off for captain Sam McVicar, as he set the Harriers fastest time passing on to Mick McLoone in 16th. The veteran runner dropped back 8 places but kept the quartet in contention with those in front with a solid run. Andy McCall getting back to his best pulled back another 3 spots. Davie Henderson has been the stalwart of the team this season, and again he responded to the challenge on the anchor leg, roared on by the clubs supporters he clawed back 5 places to move the Glenpark men up to 16th.


Frank McKnight who continues to improve by the week pulled in 11 places for the 2nd string on the last leg for a commendable 45th place.


A jet lagged Alan O’Rourke arriving from the States on the morning of the race somehow found the strength to record the C squads best time.


The pick of the D and E teams, were Kevan McCartney, fresh from the Amsterdam marathon the previous week, and Robin McAuslan.

Suzanne Coyle was the clubs fastest lady in 59th on the opener. Next away was Lynne Rogers who picked off 4 runners in front before passing to Susan Clark who kept the momentum going by grabbing another 2 places to finish in 53rd. Junior Carly Dalgleish in her first outing on the country was quickest outside the A team, with Fiona Cushnaghan, on the lead leg, top for the B team.


Earlier, in the Junior races over 2500m of Cumbernauld park, Evan Warwick got the boys off to great start bringing them back in 12th. He was followed by Ross Forbes and Gerard Smith, both in the first year of their age groups, although dropping back a little, achieved their coaches target of a top 20 placing.








The Glenpark girls showed the biggest improvement of all finishing in 22nd well beyond their best predictions, but more significant was the performance from all five under 13 girls. Difficult to single out any for special praise but the bravest run came from Rachel McFarlane who completed the course after twisting her ankle at half way. There is undoubted potential in the group and if they can maintain their progress can make an impact at the district and national championships in the next few months.




A:16th S.Trainer 14.22, M.McLoone 15,04, A.McCall 14.58, D.Henderson 14.35

B: 45th R.McDonald 15.28, S.McLoone 15.58, R.Wilson 16.30, F.McKnight 15.21

C: 71st A.O’Rourke 16.16, G.McGrattan 16.57, R.Adams 16.40, S.Watson 17.26

D: 87th S.McDade 18.14, K.Pryde 18.15, R.Neilson 18.38, K.McCartney 17.47

E:  R.McAuslan 20.10, T.Knight 24.28



A: 53rd S.Coyle 19.32, L.Rogers 19.49, S.Clark 20.21

B: 71st F.Cushnaghan 22.12, H.Kangley 22.19, E.McAuslan 23.05

C: C.Dalgleish 20.52, Yvonne Prager 22.57


Boys  20th E.Warwick 10.35, R.Forbes 10.48,  G.Smith 9.52

M.Magee 11.41


Girls  22nd L.Mulaghton 11.46, S.Morrison 12.00, L.Davies 13.21

N.Doohan 11.49, M.Rogers 12.27, R.McFarlane 15.47.

Renfrewshire XC Relays 16/10/11

Men Win Silver at Lochinch

     The Renfrewshire XC relay championships held in Pollok park provided a real test for the County’s athletes over the toughest course in recent years, which included steep climbs, descents and twists, and for good measure the wet weather ensured thick mud throughout the woodland trail.

     For the Glenpark men the task was to impress club captain Sam McVicar to stake their place for the top team at next weeks big event at Cumbernauld. And after this performance where only 6 seconds separated Shaun Lyon, Andy McCall and Steven Campbell, and with another 4 contenders available it was still as clear as the mud on the Lochinch course on what his final selection will be. Only Davie Henderson can relax knowing that his place is guaranteed after the clubs fastest lap on the anchor leg for the 3rd consecutive week. The Orangefield quartet can be justifiably pleased though with an excellent silver medal, a one colour improvement on last year.


Unexpected runs of the day came from Frank McKnight and Robert Wilson recording the fastest legs of the B&C teams, while others to make an impact were Nicol Reid in his first outing in Glenpark colours and Robert Adams relishing the muddy conditions.


Glenparks women had two teams competing, finishing a respectable 6th and 7th. Youngster Eillidh Hamill made a commendable A team debut, but it was Susan Clark who was again in top form with the ladies quickest leg. Silke Loehndorf was fastest in the B squad, with Janet Henderson doing well, despite choosing the hardest of races, for her first of the season.


There was promising signs from the Greenock clubs juniors, as Shelby Morrison bounced back to form, but she was pressed all the way by Megan Rogers in the under 13s race, she along with Nichola Doohan and Mia Forrest, after a spirited fight back, just missed out on the medals. Catriona Daisley will also provide welcome back up for the very competitive group.


Evan Warwick looked in control as he comfortably led the field in the opening leg of the under 13s race, as did Gerard Smith who had his best run of the season in leading on the opener of the under 17s event.


Ross Forbes was delighted with his run, showing good form benefiting from his recent consistent training. Team mate Calum Johnston on his return from injury showed enough potential and will undoubtedly improve over the season.  


Results: Men 2nd A team: S.Lyon 13.11, A.McCall 13.10, S.Campbell 13.16, D.Henderson 12.44 9th B team: F.McKnight 13.39, S.McLoone 14.10, A.O’Rourke 14.32,  R.Adams 14.36 13th C team: K.Pryde 16.09, R.Wilson 14.10, M.Dunn 16.36, N.Reid 16.06, D team :S.McDade 16.22, T.Knight 22.10, R.Hodelet 25.05

Women 6th A team: E.Hamill 19.32, S.Clark 18.01,L.Coyle 18.29 7th B team: S.Loehndorf 18.56, Y.Prager 21.22, F.Cushnaghan 20.48, C team: J.Henderson 25.39

U11 Boys: Tom Forrest 9.27, Ewan Ferguson 9.30, Girls: Sian McMinn 11.06, Lucy McFarlane 10.18

U13 Girls : 4th Megan Rogers 12.46, Nichola Doohan 13.16, Mia Forrest 13.22, 8th Shelby Morrison 12.45, Rachel McFarlane 15.34, Catriona Daisley 18.46. Boys: Evan Warwick 11.34,  Michael O’Rourke 14.54

U15 Girls: Luisa Davis 14.18 , Laura Hamill 15.02,  Boys: R.Forbes 11.06,  C.Johnston 14.50

U17 Men: G.Smith 10.30

More Junior Photos HERE.

Shelby & Megan




Amsterdam Marathon 16/10/11

Well done to the Guys in Holland!

Kevan McCartney 3.24

Kevin O'Donoghue 3.35.23

Kevin Gill 4.21

Scott Forrest 4.45

1/2 Marathon: Iain Rankin 2.02


Pollok Park Run 15/10/11

A Small team of Glenparkers attended the weekly Parkrun and got the weekend off to a successful start with everyone setting personal bests. The improving trio were Robin McAusland 22.26, Vicki Wilkinson 24.54, and Jane McLean 26.16.  - The Wednesday night sessions pay off, get along to clubhouse at 6pm!!!!

Kirkintilloch 1/2M 9/10/11

Top 10 for Glenpark Duo

At Kirkintilloch Alan Henderson and Mick McLoone were in action at the Neil McCover half marathon. The pair had outstanding runs in the wet and windy conditions, with Alan finishing in 6th place in a time of 78.22, with Mick winning the veterans category just one place behind in 78.45

West XC Relays 8/10/11

Greenock Glenpark Harriers took another large squad to the short relays this time to Drumpellier park, Coatbridge for the West District cross country championships.

The high spot of the day was the exceptional performance of a very young girls group in the rain and muddy conditions, with all the girls times grouped closely together. Mostly made up of under 13s in the mixed age race the youngsters improved on last year placing 19th and 22nd.  Lauren Mulaghton had the top run on the opening leg finishing in 9th.Laura Hamill’s fine run for the B teams last stage was the most unexpected of the day, keeping focussed over the full distance of the strength sapping 2500metre trail.

Evan Warwick got the boys team off to a superb start finishing in 5th position before passing onto Michael O’Rourke - up against older age group boys - he had the difficult task to try and minimise the loss of places. He handed onto Gerard Smith who managed to recover some lost ground with a solid performance on the anchor leg. More Junior Pictures HERE

Susan Clark got her just rewards from her recent hard work in training, by recording the clubs fastest time of the day, as she along with Lorna Coyle (pictured above) and Lynne Rogers finished 16th in the ladies competition, going one better than last year. Like her sister earlier in the day Eillidh Hamill was a surprise package finishing just behind the ladies A team on the opener.

By the time the Men had taken to the field, the course in some sections had been churned up into a mud bath. Mick McLoone returned to the Men’s A team at the expense of Ross McDonald, who was again in outstanding form, making McLoone work all the way to justify the captains selection. But McDonald can be content with his form, which has made him a contender for a top team place in a fortnight’s time in the National Championships. Shaun Lyon and Andy McCall (pictured below) worked away tirelessly moving the Harriers up the placings before Davie Henderson with his usual all out style grabbed another two spots in the last ½ mile to bring the team home in 11th.

The 2nd string can be pleased with their top 20 finish, especially Frank McKnight on the difficult final leg who has closed the gap from recent weeks on his team mates.

Liam Smart despite not enjoying the tough conditions wasted no time in getting around the 4km trail with the C teams fastest time, likewise Stevie McDade in the final quartet.

24th (Boys A) E.Warwick 8.59, M.O’Rourke 10.24, G.Smith 8.43

19th (Girls A) L.Mulaghton 9.59, S.Morrison 11.04, L.Davies 11.11

22nd (Girls B) N.Doohan 10.31, M.Rogers 10.32, L.Hamill 11.25

(Girls C) M.Forrest 10.55, R.McFarlane 12.22

16th (A) L.Coyle 19.10, S.Clark 18.03, L.Rogers 19.15

18th (B) G.Forrest 20.21, S.Loehndorf 19.38, T.Wall 19.34

20th (C) H.Kangley 19.50, L.McAuslan 20.47, Y.Prager 21.40

(D) E.Hamill 19.35

11th (A) M.McLoone 13.56, S.Lyon 14.08, A.McCall 14.11, D.Henderson 13.30

19th (B) R.McDonald 14.03, S.McLoone 14.46, A.O’Rourke 15.14, F.McKnight 14.44

30th (C) L.Smart 15.11, G.McGrattan 15.45, S.Watson 16.37, R.Wilson 15.22

46th (D) S.McDade 16.48, T.Knight 22.51, R.McAuslan 18.21, R.Neilson 17.18

Chris Upson Pictures from Mens race HERE

Chris Upson Pictures from Womens race HERE

Burnley 7 Mile 2/10/11

The Harriers Alan Henderson had a convincing victory in the 25th Burnley Fire station 7 mile road race on Sunday. Alan competing for Strathclyde Fire & Rescue was over a minute clear of closest contenders Brock and Barnes from Accrington RR’s to win in a time of 40.31

McAndrew Relays 1/10/11

McDonald Shines in A-Team Debut

Greenock Glenpark Harriers Men & Women’s teams both produced their best with top ten finishes at the McAndrew road relays at Glasgow on Saturday.


With almost a complete team change – only Davie Henderson surviving from last week success at Houston, expectations of a high finish were low. But On the opening leg Andy McCall got the team off to a flying start with a noticeable improvement from 7 days ago, by dipping under the 18 minute mark, a personal best for the course. But the run of the day came from Ross McDonald (pictured), newly promoted into the A team, he covered the 3.2 mile route with his effortless style pulling in several places, more than justifying his selection. Shaun Lyon just back from injury didn’t disappoint either moving the club into contention and up to 12th to set-up Henderson on the anchor leg who closed out an outstanding team performance by setting the clubs fastest time of the day.


It was another good turnout by the Orangefield club with 3 teams entered in the ladies race, with Suzanne Coyle the Harriers top woman.  Coyle set a PB by a few seconds as the trio including Susan Clark and Silke Loehndorf, bettered the men’s top ten position by 1 place.


There was little to separate Gillian Forrest and Liz McAuslan  on the opening leg as both recorded  the B and C teams fastest times.  Others to stand out were Viki Wilkinson making a good impression on her relay debut, and veteran Micky Dunn, and the vociferous Glenpark support around the course.


A team(10th): A McCall 17.54, R McDonald 18.17,S Lyon 18.01, D Henderson 17.37,

B team(14th): A Fisher 19.52,S McLoone 19.04, F McKnight 19.22, A O'Rourke  19.20,

C team(23rd):S McDade 21.53, M Dunn  22.08, A McLean 22.20, R Dolan 23.19

D team: R McAuslan 23.46, T Knight 28.04, V Wilkinson 26.18,

Ladies A(9th): Suzanne Coyle 23.04, Susan Clark 24.35, Silke Loehndorf 24.58,

Ladies B(18th): Gillian Forrest 26.07, Heather Kangley 26.34, Yvonne Prager 27.10,

Ladies C(20th): Liz McAuslan 26.32, Eillidh Hamill 28.48, Shona Webster 31.02,

Pictures from Chris Upson of Westerlands CCC can be found by clicking HERE

Kilbarchan Relays 24/9/11

Harriers Out in Force


Pictures from race here

Greenock Glenpark Harriers senior men’s quartet of Steven Campbell, Mick McLoone, Alan and David Henderson gave the Orangefield club their highest placed finish at the annual George Cummings relays for over 10 years.

The Harriers had a record turnout at a sunny Houston on Saturday with eight men’s and three women’s teams fielded. But the most promising aspect other than the top teams position, and the large numbers competing was the squads strength in depth with just 4 minutes separating the Greenock clubs top 3 teams over the 4 laps of the 2.7mile hilly course.

In a closely matched B team, Alan O’Rourke, Danny McLaughlin, Andy Harkins and Andy McCall all ran within a few seconds of each other for an outstanding 8th place.

Ross McDonald in the C team had a storming 2nd leg hauling in 8 places after taking over from Robert Adam, setting up youngster Gerard Smith and Frank McKnight for a creditable 11th, a position unimaginable for the club just a few years ago.

Suzanne Coyle after a long lay off bounced back to record the fastest Glenpark time, she along with Susan Clark and Fiona Cushnaghan finished in 13th place in the ladies race and 6th in the County championship.

On a day of many excellent performances, those that stood out were relay debutants Gillian Forrest, Liam Smart, and Ross Neilson.

Three of the clubs youngsters in their first season as under 20’s had promising results. Joining the ranks of the seniors, are Eillidh Hamill and Shona Webster a welcome addition to the women’s squad and Andrew Fisher giving the captain back-up for the top teams.

A 6th: S Campbell 14:28, M McLoone 14:40, D Henderson 14:26, A Henderson 14:24,

B 8th: A O'Rourke 15:15, D McLaughlin 15:25, A Harkins 15:22, A McCall 15:14

C 11th: R Adam 15:41, R McDonald 15:13, G Smith 15:56,McKnight 15:35.

D 19th: R Wilson 16:07, L Smart 15:57, G McGrattan 16:21, (incomplete)

E 20th: A Fisher 15:34, M Harrington 17:10, K McCartney 16:49, S McVicar 16:44.

F 22nd: S McLoone 15:25, S Watson 16:49, D Carruthers 18:43, S McDade 17:39,

H 32nd: R Dolan 18:42, R Hodelet 22:57, R Mitchell 18:41, M Dunn 19:07,

G 33rd: T Knight 22:58, A MacLean 18.59, R Neilson 17.37, R McAuslan 20.30.

LA 13th:, S.Coyle 18:58, S.Clark 20:03, F.Cushnaghan 20:34.

LB 16th: S.Loehndorf 20:02, G.Forrest 20:56, H.Kangley 21:15.

LC: 19th: E.Hamill 22:37, S.Webster 24:21, Y.Prager 22:03.

 ·         Thanks to Wilson’s Coaches for transport.


Kilmacolm 18/9/11

Henderson Stays on Course for 10K win

Another large turnout from the Harriers at Inverclyde Leisure Festival of running. A mix up with the lead pack including Alan Henderson gave Davie Henderson the opportunity  to hit the front, and hold on after some late pressure to the win the 10k race. Stevie Campbell went close in the 1/2Marathon just losing touch at the 10 mile mark.  Pictures of 3k races HERE


Full results can be found at


3K Results
































































10K Results






































































































½ M Results

































































Great North Run 18/9/11

Iain Rankin traveled down to Newcastle for the worlds biggest half marathon on Sunday. The Great North Run has a field of 54,000 and Iain managed to take 9 minutes off his disappointing Glasgow Half marathon time to finish in 1:55:12

JG Cameron 10/09/11


Trainer  Takes Title

Craig Ruddy and Stephen Trainer took top places in Inverclyde AC and Greenock Glenpark Harriers joint 4km club race a repeat repeat result of last year on Greenock Esplanade. Again it was Ruddy who dictated the pace immediately going to the front and pushing on to win by a minute from the Glenpark man to retain the 75 trophy. Under 17 athlete Greg Williams who has been outstanding on the track over the summer, transferred that form to the road finishing a close third.


It was a delighted and relieved Trainer who finally clinched the Glenpark senior championship in the final race of what has been a roller coaster championship over the past 12 months. The destination of the title was always in doubt in what has been the closest run championship in recent years. All 3 challengers Trainer, Alan Henderson and Shaun Lyon all had their problems in the lead up to the decider, and the nerves were clear to see as they lined up at the start.  Trainer took the gamble and went for broke in following the fast pace of Inverclyde ACs Craig Ruddy.  Henderson wasn’t going to surrender the title easily and stayed in hot pursuit along the Esplanade with Mick McLoone, Lyon and Steven Campbell. Working together they couldn’t quite get back on terms as Trainer held on to retain his title.


Others to shine for AC were Sean Gaffney, the in form James McFadden and Michael Houston who stayed in close touch with the chasing pack to all finish in the top 10.


Winner of the ladies race was guest runner Lyndsay MacNeill from Shettleston who had to hold on after coming under late pressure from Inverclyde youngster Emma Rice, and team-mate Julie Gordon.


Fiona Cushnaghan was first lady home for Glenpark rounding off her season on a high with only her 2nd championship race win and moving her to 3rd place overall in the club rankings. She ran comfortably clear of newcomer Fiona Taylor and youths Eillidh Hamill and Shona Webster.


Mick McLoone in 5th place was fastest over 40, and the resilient Danny McLaughlin finishing 11th was likewise in the 50s category. Long time club servants Tommy Knight and Jim Sheridan took the top over 60 and 70 veteran spots on the day as well as sealing the 2011 veterans championship titles. Robert Shaw was the Inverclyde clubs top vet.


Other Glenparkers to note were new men Andrew Eynon and Ross McDonald whose performances has put them in the frame for the B team in the upcoming relays. Gerard Smith adjusting to the longer distances should improve over the winter, was the Harriers top youth.



46 young athletes from the 2 local clubs had earlier ran along the Esplanade in 3 highly competitive races. Even the tough conditions with the heavy rain falling couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm.


The largest field was in the under 11s 1km race with 28 starters.  Megan Rodgers was a runaway winner from Max Rice with Nichola Doohan taking 3rd.


Evan Warwick was impressive over 2km, finishing well clear of runner-up Matthew McKinnon and Michael O’Rourke. The under 13 girls all followed quickly behind led by Shelby Morrison from Jill McGachy and the improving Kate Kilpatrick.


Under 15 Jonathan Glen proved to be too strong on the day for club mate Josh Houston, covering the 3km in under 10 minutes.  Emma Mitchell stamped her authority with strong front running, heading Chloe Simpson and Luisa Davies, a pair who have had very close contests all summer.


A special thanks to the many volunteers from both clubs that helped with the organisation of the races, the registration, timekeeping, results, stewarding and catering resulting in the smooth running of the event.


1km Race: Megan Rodgers 3.41, Max Rice 3.46, Nichola Doohan 3.50, Mia Forrest 3.56, Clara Pollock 4.01, Leo Rice 4.02, Georgia Morrison 4.09, Kara Hogg 4.10, Sarah O'Docherty 4.10, Allan Hunter 4.12, Joshua Ruddy 4.13, Samantha Williams 4.14, Jack Davidson 4.15, Andrew Winter 4.15, Ross Davidson 4.16, Jillian Carmichael 4.16, Rachael Mulaghton 4.17, Christie Mulaghton 4.18, Hannah McGeehan 4.22, Andrew McCluskey 4.24, Lucy McFarlane 4.28, Beth Larkin 4.29, Ewan Ferguson 4.35, Samantha Dinning 4.39, Caleb Dinning 4.44, Caragh O'Rourke 4.54, Ellis Feherty 4.59, David McCluskey 6.47


2km race: Evan Warwick 7.16, Matthew MacKinnon 7.37, Michael O'Rourke 7.44, Shelby Morrison 8.11, Jill McGachy 8.35, Kate Kilpatrick 8.49, Robyn Kelly 8.50, Rachael McFarlane 9.07, Alison McArthur 9.12, Alison Loose 9.35


3km Race: Jonathan Glen 9.50, Josh Houston 10.04, Emma Mitchell 12.05, Chloe Simpson 12.46, Luisa Davies 13.00, Kelly Williams 13.11, Isaac Dinning 14.07, Laura Hamill 14.52


4km Race: Craig Ruddy 12:15, Stephen Trainer 13:18, Greg Williams 13:24, Alan Henderson 13:32, Mick McLoone 13:33, Sean Lyon 13:38, Steven Campbell 13:45, Sean Gaffney 13:53, James McFadyen 14:02, Michael Houston 14:26, Danny McLaughlin 14:27, Alan O'Rourke 14:30, Jude Boulton 14:30, Andrew Eynon 14:39, Ross McDonald 14:44, Frank McKnight 14:49, Gerard Smith 14:56, Graeme Hyett 14:59, Robert Adams 15:01, Lindsay McNeill 15:06, R Todd 15:07,Liam Smart 15:07, Emma Rice 15:10, Graham McGrattan 15:13, Robert Wilson(Jnr) 15:23, Julie Gordon 15:25, Robert Docherty 15:31, John Stevenson 15:36, Andrew Fisher 15:40, MickHarrington 15:43, Kevan McCartney 15:45, Sam McVicar 15:57, Steven Watson 16:13, Robert Shaw 16:18, John Smillie 16:25, Robert Dolan(Jnr) 16:29, Stevie McDade 16:34, Carrie Gibson 16:44, Kenny Pryde 16:46, Robert Gray 16:51, Jim Cuffe 16:59, David Carruthers 17:07, Kevin Gill(Jnr) 17:09, Bernie Kangley 17:30, Gerard Cooke 17:41, Brian McClusky 17:47, Joe Crawford 18:30, Kevin Gill(Snr) 18:58, Fiona Cushnaghan 19:15, Iain Rankin 19:40, Tom Tracey 20:06, Fiona Taylor 20:27, Hazel Boulton 21:10, Tommy Knight 21:15, Eilidh Hamill 21:22, Shona Webster 21:28, Dick Hodelet 21:38, Hayley Holguin 24:03, Jim Sheridan 25:58


Great Scottish Run 4/9/11

Campell's Top 10 at Glasgow

Some excellent performances from the 20 or so Glenparkers at the Glasgow 10k and 1/2 marathon. Steven Campbell had the best result with a top 10 finish in the 10K in a time of 35.16, a 15 second personal best for the distance, all the more impressive over such a hilly course. In the Half Alan & David Henderson both recorded the same time of 79.37 to finish in 67th. In the ladies race Lynne Rogers wa first back for the club in 1.41.22, and Silke Loehndorf (1.47.20) had a fabulous PB by 4 minutes.  - If anyone has a race report please send it to me or if there is any results i've missed - Stevie McL 

Results:1/2M: Alan Henderson 1.19.37, Davie Henderson 1.19.37, Robert Adams 1.32.26, Kevan McCartney 1.34.13, Gerry McManus 1.35.44, Andy Fisher 1.36.58, Lynne Rogers 1.41.22, Stephen McDade 1.41.35,Silke Loehndorf 1.47.20, Kevin Gill 1.48.09, Mick Skelton 1.53.52, Heather Kangley 1.55.08, Scott Forrest 1.58.11, Andy McCall 2.04.06, Iain Rankin 2.04.22, Eillidh Hamill 2.34.13, Billy Hamill 2.34.13, Susan Clark ?, Andy McCall jnr? Andy Eynon ?


10KM: Steven McDade 35.16, Gillian Forrest 51.48, Fiona Taylor 52.33, Kimbereley Stevenson 1.05.44, Yvonne Prager?

The previous day in the City at the Junior great run, Glenparks youngsters were in outstanding form. In the under 13 Boys race Evan Warwick was 5th in 11.03, and  Jack O'Rourke 21st in 12.35. Lauren Mulaghton was 6th under 13 girl (12.41),   and Luisa Davies 7th under 17 girl (13.08) 

Crownpoint OGM 30th Aug 2011

Harriers on Track

Glenpark Harriers wrapped up the final track competition of the summer season in style as our juniors recorded 4 personal bests at a windy Crownpoint Stadium. First on the track for the 1500metres was Andy Fisher with a well judged race to finish 2nd in 4.34.

In the next heat were training partners Lauren Mulaghton, Michael O’Rourke and Luisa Davies. After the first lap the trio were still together, although slowing on laps 2 and 3 they managed to pick off 4 runners ahead of them, unfortunately Luisa was starting to drop off the pace. At the bell the 3 of them finished as strong as they started with Lauren storming home in 5.29, just 1 second ahead of Michael. Luisa even on a bit of an off night still managed to lower her best time to 5.51.


Peter Clare came back from injury to put in a 61 second 400m just outside his seasons best and 4th fastest in Scotland this year in the +45 category. In the 5000m the last event of the night there was the unusual sight of a fox on the track (I think it lapped Alan). Stephen Trainer set a season’s best of 16.11, with David Henderson slightly disappointed in 16.50 and Alan O’Rourke in his best track performance in 5 years 18.10.

Paisley 10K 28th August 2011


A small group travelled to Paisley for the 10k road race, where Gillian Forrest had the pick of the performances with a personal best. And it was much improved times for all those that ran the tough course at Bute the previous week.


David Henderson 35.30, Robert Wilson 39.19, Lorna Brown 47.06, Fiona Cushnaghan 48.55, Ian Rankin 49.33, Heather Kangley 50.45, Gillian Forrest 51.59 , Susan Clark ?

Inter Regional Match 27th Aug 11

Glenpark's Saskia Cooper had two excellent performances in her debut for the West Coast team at the Inter-regional match at Wishaw. She was in early action in the individual 100m where she was just a fraction outside her personal best when finishing 3rd in 13.81 seconds. Late in the afternoon she led off the West team in the 4x100m relay; in a close contest they were just beaten by half a stride by a strong East team  in a time of 52.27. The West Coast finished 2nd to East in the 7 team regional match.

Race Video

Glasgow Parkrun 27th Aug 2011

Andy McCall made a welcome return to racing with a solid outing at the weekly parkrun at Pollok park, but the plaudits go to Graham McGrattan who set new personal best and jumped 4 places to 13th in the Glenpark rankings and Chris Watson bringing his time down by almost 2 minutes since his first run in April.



Results: 8th Andy McCall 18.22, 10th Graham McGrattan 18.39, 37th Chris Watson 20.59

Cowal 5K 25th August 2011

Glenpark Dominate at Dunoon

Stephen Trainer set a new course record at the Cowal Highland Games 5k road race on thursday evening as the Orangefield club filled the top 4 places.  David Henderson, Mick McLoone and Stevie Campbell were flying as they ran their quickest ever 5ks to follow quickly behind Trainer. Young Andy Fisher also set a new personal best coming home in 11th and first young athlete on the night. In still mild conditions Mick Harrington equalled his best performance. The Harriers Super Super vets Tom, Dick and Harry, sorry Jim, also made the trip across the Clyde and put in excellent times as did Liz(pictured below) and Joy.

Special mention to Mick McLoone who's time of 16.31 was the 2nd fastest for an over 45 in Scotland in 2011.

Results: 1. Stephen Trainer 15:59, 2. David Henderson 16:23, 3. Michael McLoone 16:31, 4. Steven Campbell 16:35, 11. Andrew Fisher 17:49, 14. Michael Harrington 19:04, 41. Liz McAuslan 25:25, 42. Tommy Knight 25:32, 45. Richard Hodelet 25:49, 53. Joy Hodelet 28:25, 67. James Sheridan 32:22

Peebles Duathlon 21st Aug 2011

Two great performances at the Peebles Duathlon (5k/20k/5k) from Danny and Kevan. Danny finishing 5th and 1st veteran was just a couple of minutes behind the race winner with Kevan in 26th.

Results: Danny McLaughlin 1:10:57, Kevan McCartney 1:18:36

Bute Highland Games 20th Aug 2011

What a Bute iful Day

Stephen Trainer 30 metres clear in a close finish to the 10K

Greenock Glenpark Harriers travelled in numbers to Rothesay for the excitement of the Bute highland games with its thrilling races and large noisy crowds basking in the glorious sunshine.


Star of the seniors was Stephen Trainer the defending Bute 10K champion, up against the experienced Joe McKnight of Garscube. The two ran together for 9 kilometres with neither athlete unable to make the break. The long hill from Rothesay pier back into the stadium proved to be the turning point of the race, as Trainer made the decisive move with a lung bursting effort to move clear, running into the packed stadium to the delight of the Glenpark supporters with a 30 metres lead over McKnight.


Glenpark dominated the top 10 with Alan Henderson 4th, Mick McLoone 5th and fastest veteran. The next across line was Shaun Lyon winning the prize for first local, and closely followed by David Henderson and Thomas Loehndorf. In the ladies race Terry Wall was top vet, while Yvonne Prager set a seasons best in the hot and windy conditions, another to note was youngster Eillidh Hamill completing her first ever 10k. Best of the rest was Alan O’Rourke with his fastest time in 4 years.


The junior athletes also dominated on the track, with the most exiting finish of the day coming from U15 Luisa Davies winning on the line of the 800m after making up a 30m deficit in the final 1/4. Lauren Mulaghton’s win was morestraight forward in the U13 800m ahead of Megan Rogers and Nichola Doohan.


It was very keen competition between under 17s Gerard Smith and Mark Magee, going head to head over 100/200 and 800m. It was photo finishes in both sprints ending one a piece, but the 800 was to prove too much for sprinter Magee.


Saskia Cooper was full of confidence after gaining selection for the West of Scotland team for next Saturdays Inter Regional competition. She was impressive in winning both sprints, especially in the 200m, where she was behind at the bend, but moved up 2 gears and blow the opposition away, running clear by 15m.


Michael O’Rourke and Evan Warwick had a busy afternoon taking top places in both sprints and finishing 2nd and 3rd in the 800.


All of the other youngsters, Rachel and Lucy McFarlane, Mia Forrest, Rachel and Christie Mulaghton, Kate Kilpatrick, Tom Forrest, Jack O’Rourke, and Laura Hamill did exceptionally well, especially as most were performing in front of such large crowds for the first time.


1st S Trainer 34.05
4th  A Henderson 34.33
5th M McLoone 35.10
6th  S Lyon 35.19
9th D Henderson 35.56
10th T Loehndorf 36.19
15th A O'Rourke 37.41
17th A Harkins 38.21
19th F McKnight 39.05
24th R Wilson 40.28
47th R Dolan 45.00
49th S McDade 45.15
56th T Wall 47.01
75th S Loehndorf 49.12
81st F Cushnagan 50.31
96th Y Prager 53.14
101st S Forrest 53.36
102nd G Forrest 53.36
123rd E Hamill 58.22
124th S McVicar 58.23
128th T Knight 60.54
133rd J.Hodelet 65.21
134th D Hodelet 65.21

Glasgow Parkrun 20th Aug 2011

PB x 4

Stevie Campbell continues to improve with another cracking run setting a pb by38 seconds and taking the scalp of Westerlands Chris Upson for the first time with his highest ever placing at the weekly Pollok park 5k run. It wasn't just Stevie that was on form as all the glenparkers ran their fastest ever over the course.

5. Stevie Campbell 17.20 PB

19. Graham McGrattan 19.00 equal PB

47. Ross Neilson 21.00 PB 1st time

51. Chris Watson 21.15 PB

Linwood 17th Aug 2011

Lauren is Top Girl

Another good turnout for the final open graded meeting at Linwood, with wins for Alan Henderson and Andy Fisher.


Best performance on the night came from under 13 girl Lauren Mulaghton, setting a personal best in the 800 by 6 seconds, and despite not getting the best of seedings Michael O’Rourke also improved on his fastest.


5000m: Alan Henderson 16.37, David Henderson 16.42, Ross McDonald 19.24,

3000m: Andy Fisher 10.02, Alan O’Rourke 10.31

800m: Luisa Davies 2.39, Lauren Mulaghton 2.41, N.Doohan 2.56, Evan Warwick 2.38, J.O’Rourke 2.41, Mia Forrest 3.18

200m: Mark Magee 27.35

100m:  Mark Magee 13.34, Saskia Cooper 14.15, Lucy Compston 15.29, Jack O’Rourke 17.11, Finlay Cooper 16.73, Lucy McFarlane 18.15, Shelby Morrison 16.68

Long Jump: Lucy McFarlane 2.30m, Nichola Doohan 2.89m, Mia Forrest 2.45m

Luisa and Lauren strike for home in the 800m

Dannys Duathlon 17th Aug 2011

It was the biggest turnout yet for Dannys Duathlon (5k/20k/5k) with 8 competing, Danny remains unbeaten in this years series. Most pleased was Kevan with a 6 minute improvement.

Danny McLaughlin 1hr 11min 10 sec 
David McCorkindale 1 hr 16min  
Kevan McCartney1 hr 16min 40sec PB
Colin Campbell  1hr 19min 48 sec    
Susan Clark  1hr 41min 13sec 

Run Only

Mick McLoone 17.min 09sec 
Jim Cuffe        21min 34sec  - 25 min 21sec
Fiona Cushnaghan 23min 54 sec  P.B. - 25min 21 sec

Glasgow Park Run 13/8/11

Over 300 runners at this weekends Pollok Parkrun with some excellent performances from the competing Glenparkers. Graham McGrattan was fastest over 50, and just a few seconds behind new man Ross McDonald who finished 25th . Steven Watson has shown a steady improvement this year, Robin McAusland was the only one recording a PB with a 20 second improvement.


RESULTS: Ross McDonald 19.04, Graham McGrattan 19.07, Steven Watson 19.56, Chris Watson 21.41, David Carruthers 21.57, Robin McAuslan 23.51, Liz McAuslan 26.38

Helensburgh ½ Marathon 7th August 2011

Alan Henderson has rounded off an amazing week setting new best times at 10k on the road, 5k on the track and now at the ½ Marathon. Alan improved his best by 1 minute to finish in 3rd place in 75.30, behind winner Ben Melby from Garscube 73.30, and  Bellahouston’s Keiran Docherty 75.13. Behind Alan came Mick McLoone, Steven campbell, and David Henderson all closely packed within 30 seconds. mcLoone winning the over 45 category just a few metres in front of Campbell who also improved his best by a minute.  It was a good turnout from the club with 9 runners competing. Pictures from race HERE.



Results: A.HENDERSON, 75.30, M.MCLOONE 78.35, S.CAMPBELL 78.40, D.HENDERSON 79.01, R.WILSON 88.38, K.PRYDE 97.43, F.SMITH 106.42, F.CUSHNAGHAN 111.21, I.RANKIN 133.54


Devil o' the Highlands 6/8/11

Thomas Takes on Scottish Champion Williamson


Thomas Loehndorf had another outstanding run over the West Highland Way, when competing in the 43mile Devil o’ the Highlands race from Tyndrum to  Fort William which covered  climbs totalling 5000feet over rough trail. Thomas,  now a much more confident runner since gaining his first Scottish vest earlier in the year, went all out for his first Ultra distance victory by hitting the front early reaching Glencoe in 2.07 hours (19miles) 1 minute ahead of  Paul Hart and 3 in front of Matt Williamson. By the time he had climbed over the Devils staircase and the long drop into Kinlochleven (29miles in 3.32hours) Hart had pulled out of the race, but coming back strongly was Williamson the Scottish Ultra running Champion who had closed the gap to 1 minute.  The younger runner continued his charge over the final 14 miles reaching  Fort William in just 5.32 hours with Thomas only 3 minutes behind, an astonishing 47 minute personal best.

Metric Mile Meeting 5/8/11

Harriers Hit their Highs

Some great performances at the Glasgow Metric Mile Open Meeting with 5 personal bests and a season best from the 6 Harriers taking part. Andy Fisher and Gerard Smith bounced back from a disappointing National Championships to smash their 1500m PB with Gerard running 4.33 and Fisher running 4.36. The 5000m was a close affair with only 12 secs separating Alan Henderson (16.22), Shaun Lyon (16.27) and the surprise of the night David Henderson (16.34). All 3 claimed PBs with David the most impressive taking more than a minute of his. Last but not least Alan O'Rourke who managed a seasons best of 18.33. A great night with brilliant races and definitely something more seniors should have a go at.

Tour Of Clydeside 4th & 5th August 2011

Andy McCall had back to back races in the Tour of Clydeside, firstly on thursday night at the Garscube Gallop, a tough 5km trail race at Dawsholm park with a fine performance  finishing 2nd (19.12) to Kirkintilloch's David Gardner (18.59) just holding off Helensburghs Paul Thompson (19.14),  but it wasn't so good the following night when he slumped to 11th in the Bellahouston 10K belter in a time of  37.18

Bill Elder Races 2/8/11

Alan Gives His All

Alan slumps to the ground after his valiant effort.

Photos of race from Thomas Loehndorf HERE

Stephen Trainer blew the title race wide open in Greenock Glenpark Harriers club championship at the Battery Park on Tuesday evening.

In what is turning into the most exciting Championship in recent years, the 3 main contenders Alan Henderson, Stephen Trainer, and Shaun Lyon went head to head in the Bill Elder 10K, the penultimate in the 11 race series.

 From the gun the pace was fast and furious as Alan’s brother David Henderson took to the front making sure it was a true run race rather than a slow tactical battle. After 2 miles the pack was reduced to the three main challengers, as surprisingly Bute man Shaun Lyon was staying in close check, and so it remained along to the turn point at the Custom House and then back along the Esplanade with no man giving an inch; that was until the final kilometre around the Battery Park.

It was here that Trainer struck for home with a surge that for the first time in the race split the three apart, but with Henderson still going all out to get back on terms, and Lyon lurking at his back.

With 200m to go Trainer had the race in the bag with a 30 metre lead, and with Henderson’s hopes gone, Lyons made his move, sprinting clear for the runners up spot.

Henderson and Lyon couldn’t do any more both running lifetime bests in their attempts for victory.

A mouth watering climax to the season awaits in the final race in September in which all 3 can still claim the overall title of Champion.

Lorna Brown won the Ladies race from Terry Wall in what was another keenly fought contest with just 15 seconds separating the pair. Lorna’s sister Fiona Cushnaghan taking 3rd.

The ever consistent Mick McLoone who was stranded in no-mans land for most of the race was first veteran over 40 and 4th overall, as Graham McGrattan (O50), Robert Dolan (O60), and Jim Sheridan (O70) took the top places in the other age group categories

The closest race on the night was the Junior 2 kilometre where Gerard Smith and Andy Fisher ran stride for stride, until the last 100m when it became a desperate sprint to the line, and it was Smith who had the sharpness to show Fisher a clean pair of heels.

Behind them Lauren Mulaghton had taken an early lead from Luisa Davies and Michael O’Rourke, but as the race progressed, the pursuers started working together to close down on Lauren’s lead, and with the line fast approaching the pair drew onto her shoulder resulting in a blanket finish over the line with all 3 recording the same time. But it was Lauren’s brave front running that paid off winning the girls race by the slimmest of margins from Luisa. Not even the thickness of their vests could separate Kate Kilpatrick and Rachael McFarlane for 3rd spot.

Cameron Watson was a runaway winner of the under 11, 1km race from Finlay Cooper and Andrew McCluskey, while Nichola Doohan kept her unbeaten season intact with a hard earned win over Megan Rodgers, with Mia Forrest taking the final podium spot.

1K Race: C.Watson 3.33, N.Doohan 3.45, M.Rodgers 3.49, F.Cooper 4.01, L.Compston 4.06, M.Forrest 4.17, C.Mulaghton 4.22, R.Mulaghton 4.28, A.McCluskey 4.30, L.McFarlane 4.46, M.McKeown 4.49, E.Ferguson 4.53, M.Crawford 4.58, A.Henderson 6.58, E.Henderson 7.02,

2K Race: G.Smith 6.41, A.Fisher 6.45, L.Mulaghton 8.05, L.Davies 8.05, M.O'Rourke 8.05, K.Kilpatrick 9.26, R.McFarlane 9.26,

10K Race: S.Trainer 34.07, S.Lyon 34.11, A.Henderson 34.16, M.McLoone 35.04, D.Henderson 36.55, S.Campbell 37.31, A.Harkins 37.50, J.McFadden 38.19, A.O'Rourke 38.29, A.Eynon 38.57, F.McKnight 39.43, R.McDonald 39.54, G.McGrattan 40.05, R.Wilson 40.29, S.Watson 40.50, J.Smillie 41.55, G.Hegarty 42.02, M.Harrington 42.23, R.Neilson 43.05, D.Carruthers 43.31, B.McCluskey 43.38, C.Watson 43.52, R.Dolan 44.15, S.McDade 44.48, F.Smith 46.49, K.Gill 47.29, L.Brown 47.59, T.Wall 48.14, F.Cushnaghan 49.28, R.McAusland 49.42, S.Loehndorf 50.15, Y.Prager 54.03, D.Hodelet 56.30, T.Knight 59.27, J.Sheridan 71.34

National Track Championships 30/31 July 11

Saskia & Luisa  Shine at Scotstoun

Glenparks Girls were in outstanding form at the Scottish Track Championships at Scotstoun Stadium. Luisa Davies smashed her lifetime best by over 4 seconds in her 800m heat, unfortunately her time of 2.39.94mins was not enough to progress through to the final. Nonetheless the big improvement was just reward for the hardwork Luisa has put in over the summer months.

                         Luisa rounds the first bend on the 800m

Saskia Cooper having just returned from holiday wasn't in confident mood going into the 100m heats, having missed a fortnights training in the lead up to biggest championship of the year. In the opening heat she finished 5th, (13.97) a stride away from qualifying for the A final. But her consolation was a place in the B Final where her biggest threat would be Gold of VP city of Glasgow, who just edged her out in the prelim. And so it proved as the pair got away together breaking away from the rest of the field. In the final  25metres Gold managed to gain the advantage and hold on to pip the Glenpark youngster(13.87) who was just a fraction outside her personal best. Race Video

Saskia returned to the track again for the 200m, where she put in a blistering first half and was still well in contention for a final place, but her missed training and tired legs from her previous races ultimately saw her fall back to 5th (29.25).  Race Video

The previous day Gerard Smith and Andy Fisher had an off day in the 800m, both drawn in the same heat could only manage 2.14, and 2.21 for 6th &7th place respectively, both down on their seasons best.

Dannys Duathlon 30/7/11

David Henderson who was just taking part in the 1st of the 5k runs flew around the course in 16.46 minutes. Danny McLaughlin was well clear of Kevan McCartney in the full event, despite being hampered by heavy traffic in the last 2miles of the cycle.

In the ladies race between Lynne Rogers and Susan Clark, Lynne took an early 30 second lead on the run, before Susan overturned the deficit on the bike section. But it all turned around again on the final 5k, with the temperature rising Lynne soon caught and passed Susan  with 1.5 miles to go.

Results: (Run)T1(Bike)T2(Run)

D.McLaughlin (18.25)(0.41)(34.28)(0.33)(19.23)=1hr 13mins 30 

K.McCartney   (23.33)(1.03)(36.05)(0.43)(21.25)=1hr 22mins 49

L.Rogers          (23.33)(1.41)(50.24)(1.31)(23.20)=1hr 39mins 49

S.Clark            (24.09)(2.41)(48.04)(1.53)(26.02)=1hr 42min 9

D.Henderson    (16.46)

Kevan McCartney and Lynne Rodgers

David Henderson

Linwood OGM 27/7/11

Shelby Smashes Best at 800m

Peter Clare 100m

                                 Peter Clare - quick out of the blocks

Another great night at a very warm  Linwood with some standout performances, Stephen Trainer wins the 5000m in 16.23 with Alan Henderson in 2nd achieving a PB. Andy Fisher wins 3000m in 10.27. Jack O'Rourke ran 16.73secs in the 100m as well as Peter Clare (14.21). Lauren Mulaghton equalled her PB in the 1500m and looks set to smash 5.30 at the next attempt. Gerard Smith bounced back from injury to record a solid 2.13 in the 800m. Even more impressive was Luisa Davies who matched her PB of 2.45. Performance of the night however goes to SHELBY MORRISON with her fastest ever 800m in 2.49, an improvement of 5 seconds.

Pictures from Linwood


100M: Jack O'Rourke 16.73, Peter Clare 14.21

200M: Shelby Morrison 34.70, Peter Clare 28.23

800M: Luisa Davies 2:45.44, Shelby Morrison 2:49.24, Gerard Smith 2:13.4

1500M: Lauren Mulaghton   05:37.1

3K: Andrew Fisher 10:27.16, Alan O'Rourke 10:50.77

5K: Stephen Trainer 16:23.79, Alan Henderson 16:40.30, David Henderson 17:29.69, Danny McLaughlin 18:03.45

Inveclyde Leisure 5K 24/7/11

5 Top Places for GGH

Alan Henderson proved he is the man on form with another great victory.  Young Shelbey Morrison was also a revelation with a fantastic run coming in first under 14 girl in just over 22 minutes. Others to come out top in their categories were

Mick McLoone 1st over 45

Steven Campbell 1st over 35

Graham McGrattan 1st over 55

It was a great turnout from the Harriers with 30, competing as well as others helping out with the stewarding

Click for full Results

Irvine 5mile Road race 18/7/11

2 of Glenparks oldest members took part in Irvine ACs 5 miler around the Harbour area on Monday night. Making a welcome return to racing after a lengthy lay off was  Richard Hodelet (46.42) who was just over a minute behind training partner Tommy Knight  (45.19)

Singlehurst Shield 16/7/11


After torrential rain during the night and on the morning of the race, it was looking to be a wet and damp day at Glenmassan, but as soon as the Harriers stepped off the ferry at Dunoon the skies cleared and the sun shone on what turned out to be the clubs best race day of the year.


80 harriers and their families and friends travelled to the spectacular setting, for the 5th year of the event, with an action packed day in which 25 juniors from 2 year old to 17, took part in the run throw and hurdles events, 16 in the 1 mile race and 28 in the senior race.


        Henderson Turns Up the Heat


                     The chasing pack try and hold onto Alan Henderson


Alan Henderson strengthened his lead in the Men’s club championship, with a comprehensive victory in Greenock Glenpark Harriers 6mile road race to win the Singlehurst shield at a warm and sunny Glenmassan.


Shaun Lyon took the runner up spot after a close battle with the improving Steven Campbell and the veteran Mick McLoone.


Now with just 2 races left, only Stephen Trainer and Shaun Lyon are in with a chance to snatch the title from his grasp.


There is no such doubt for Alison King after she sealed the ladies Championship by taking maximum points from her 7 races. Fiona Cushnaghan had her best run and highest placed finish of the season with her 2nd place holding off Susan Clark, Silke Loehndorf and Yvonne Prager.


Danny McLaughlin and Robert Dolan took the honours in the over 50 and 60 age categories, while new man Andrew Harkins had an outstanding run to finish in 8th place.


Junior man Andy Fisher was quickest over the mile distance just in front of Chris McDonald. Behind this pair the young athletes came thick and fast with Evan Warwick next across the line, having the better endurance on the day than Mark Magee.


Lauren Mulaghton was quickest girl, after been pushed all the way by Shelby Morrison and Luisa Davies. Fastest under 11s were the ever consistent Nichola Doohan unbeaten in her 8 races, and Andrew McCluskey.


Special thanks to hosts Digby and Caroline Guy for their wonderful hospitality and to Wilsons Coaches for transport.


Junior 1mile: A.Fisher 5.04, C.McDonald 5.07, E.Warwick 5.39, M.Magee 5.49, M.O'Rourke 5.50, L.Mulaghton 6.00, S.Morrison 6.08, L.Davies 6.15, N.Doohan 6.19, J.O'Rourke 6.59, R.Mulaghton 7.06, C.Mulaghton 7.08, A.McCluskey 7.08, B.Harkins 9.37, N.Harkins 9.38, L.Wilson 10.04


Senior 6miles: A.Henderson 33.05, S.Lyon 33.47, S.Campbell 33.59, M.McLoone 34.08, T.Loehndorf 35.24, D.Henderson 36.07, D.McLaughlin 36.38, A.Harkins 37.18, A.O'Rourke 39.16, S.McVicar   40.12, K.McCartney 41.17, A.King 41.29, K.Pryde 42.25, R.Neilson 42.29, B.McCluskey 42.38, D.Carruthers 42.41, R.Dolan 43.10, B.McLaughlin 43.32, S.McDade 46.24, K.Gill 47.34, F.Cushnaghan 48.45, A.McCormick 48.49, S.Clark 50.03, S.Loehndorf 51.33, Y.Prager 53.33, T.Knight 54.41,

Glasgow Parkrun 2/7/11


Andy Fisher ran a 40 second PB to move up 6 places to 11th in the Glenpark rankings for the weekly Pollok parkrun. It was a disappointing debut for Gerard Smith who got off to a very fast start, and his misjudged pacing cost him later in the race


Results: (8) Andy Fisher 18.21, (18) Gerard Smith 19.16, (216) Ian Smith 30.18


Arran Half Marathon 3/7/11


A good run by Kevan McCartney at Arran in preparation for his Dutch Marathon later this year.


1st Robert Gilroy  (Cambuslang) 74.13

1st Lady Kathryn Scott (Garscube) 96.21

28th Kevan McCartney 99.02


Kevan’s report. “Started at lunch time, in the fantastic setting of Blackwaterfoot, with its lovely sun kissed beach, and great sun bathing temperature of 18 degrees..


I wished at points I was there for sun bathing - Running not so much. It's described on the web as a really scenic undulating route :-)


The plan was to run 8 min miles in preparation for the Amsterdam marathon, but got a bit carried away. Just a little though, in the end my pace was in the 7.30 something’s. But happy with that as that's my first half on it's own :-) - I have done 3 before but only in the final leg of the 70wild miles triathlon -(few years back now).


The club should give it a go in 2012. Hopefully the weather will be as good as Sunday. My face was skelping on Monday. (A combination of run, sun, and beer garden sun afterwards :-)

Linwood OGM 29/06/11

Glenpark Girls Take on the Big Boys

Lucy, Zara, Rachel and Christie line up for the start of their 100M heat.

Greenock Glenpark Harriers had their biggest ever turnout for the monthly Linwood open graded Track & Field  meeting with 27 athletes competing over jumps, sprints , middle and long distance events.

 The highlight of the meeting was in the 4x100m when a very young and inexperienced Glenpark team passed the baton around in just 52 seconds being narrowly beaten by the Scottish sprint team for the 2011 International youths Games. Saskia Cooper with a blistering opening leg set up Mark Magee, Lucy Compston and Gerard Smith for a fine team debut performance.

 In very blustery conditions Matthew Deegan just missed the top spot in the quickest 100M heat, running a season best of 12.06 into a very strong -5mph head wind.

 Gerard Smith was best over 2 laps while In the distance races  senior man Shaun Lyon was runaway winner in the 5km,  with Andy Fisher finishing third and top Glenparker over 3km.

 Under 13 girls Shelby Morrison and Megan Rodgers had an exciting race at the front in the 800M, with the pair just finishing a few strides behind Kilbarchan’s Heather Fawcett. And in the under 11 girls competition Lucy McFarlane was top performer in the long jump finishing 3rd .

 A special thanks to all the parents and coaches who came along to provide support and transport for the young athletes.

 Results: 100M: Matthew Deegan 12.06, Mark Magee 13.57, Saskia Cooper 14.17, Peter Clare 14.46, Andrew Fisher 14.82, Lucy Compston 15.24, Nichola Doohan 16.60, Jack O'Rourke 16.89, Rachel McFarlane 16.90, Kate Kilpatrick 16.97, Zara Weir 18.23, Lucy McFarlane 18.70, Christie Mulaghton 19.42, Rachel Mulaghton 19.61. 800M: Gerard Smith 02:11, Mark Magee 02:36, Ewan Warwick 02:37, Michael O'Rourke 02:43, Lauren Mulaghton 02:47, Luisa Davies 02:47, Shelby Morrison 02:52. Megan Rodgers 2.54.12, 3000M: Andrew Fisher 10:19, Robert Wilson 10:44, Alan O'Rourke 10:50.  5000M: Shaun Lyon 16:59, Steven Campbell 17:19, David Henderson 17:42, Alan Henderson 18:21. Long Jump: Megan Rodgers  3.26, Nichola Doohan 3.03, Rachel McFarlane 2.94, Lucy McFarlane 2.54,Christie Mulaghton 2.49, Shelby Morrison 2.46, Rachel Mulaghton 2.44, Kate Kilpatrick 2.42, Zara Weir 2.22

Brian Goodwin 10K 24/6/11

Glenpark Vets Best at Bella

Mick McLoone and Danny McLaughlin took the top veteran places at Bellahouston Harriers 10K at Pollok Park. Mick was first over 40 and 8th overall, while Danny was the next vet to finish and also first over 50. Steven Campbell had the run of the night with a new personal best, as Robert Wilson jnr went ahead of his Dad.  David Carruthers completed the Glenpark line-up finishing in the top half in 74th from the 166 starters. Robert Gilroy led Cambuslang to a 1,2,3 winning in a time of 32.04.

Mick McLoone 1st Over 40

Danny McLaughlin 1st Over 50

Results: 8th Mick McLoone35.07, 10th S.Campbell 35.31, 17th Danny McLaughlin 36.41, 28th Robert Wilson jnr 38.34, 45th Robert Wilson 41.08, 74th David Carruthers 44.16.

West Highland Way Race 18/6/11

Superlative Thomas Just Gets Better



Thomas at Balmaha passing a WHW signpost


Glenparks Ultra runner Thomas Loehndorf finished 4th in this year's 95 mile West Highland Way race from Milngavie to Fort William in 17:54:47, a new Personal Best by 55 minutes.
In a highly competitive field Richie Cunningham (Fife) won the fierce battle (in 16:24) against Jan Albert Lantink from Holland (in 16:32) and American 24 hour champion Mark Godale (17:41).

Thomas was “Chuffed” with his performance has now moved up to 27th in the all-time fastest runners to complete the WHW race.


Also competing was local Greenock man Alan Crawford in a very respectable time of 24:36:03, on a trail that normally takes most people 5 days to do!!!!  Full report on the Highs & Lows of Thomas' run:


Thomas with Ladies Race Winner Kate Jenkins

MHFS 10K 19/6/11

Brian McCluskey competed in the Mens Health Forum Scotland 10k at Bellahouston Park on Fathers Day. His early pace was a little too quick (sub 35mins)and unfortunately he paid the price later on. Although he was disappointed with his performance, his time of 42.50  was still his best for the event.

Junior Marathon Relay 19/6/11

Gerard Saves Best 'Til Last

               Mia gets the Marathon Relay Underway.

There was a great turnout from the Junior Section at the Battery Park for the sponsored relay with 35 of our youngest athletes taking part. The target was to hopefully break the 3 hour barrier, but after 14 laps (1/3 of the Marathon distance) the pace was only at 3hours 8mins. A slight improvement in the next 1/3 brought it down to 3hours 6mins.

The coaches 3 hour target looked out of sight until the older juniors picked up the pace, cutting away at the deficit with each passing lap. And by the time the baton was passed to Gerard Smith for the final lap - who's youngest sister Mia set the relay off just under 3 hours earlier - he had enough time to spare, to coast home in 2.58.52 hours, with the fastest lap of the day in just 3 minutes 2 seconds.

The club would like to thank all the youngsters and their families that came along to support the event and for their sponsorship to raise funds for future junior events.

42 Lap times: M.Smith 5.49, M.McFarlane 5.51, C.Watson 4.04, M.McColl 4.41, G.Smith 3.12, S.Docherty 4.28, M.O’Rourke 3.52, R.McFarlane 4.30, M.Magee 3.38, A. Barrie 4.42, A.McArthur 4.43, A.Jamieson 5.22, L.Mulaghton 3.55, M.Rodgers 3.57, K.Kilpatrick 4.14, M.Forrest 4.20, E.Warwick 3.43, C.Mulaghton 4.50, R.Mulaghton 4.40, L.McFarlane 5.24, C.Pollock 4.33, S.Morrison 4.01, M.McDade 4.32, T.Forrest 5.14, A.Fisher 3.23, J.Harrington 4.46, J.Ruddy 4.30, C.Knight 3.58, K.Munro 3.42, N.Doohan 4.02, A.McCormick 3.35, L.Davies 3.59, L.Compston 4.04, J.Dolan/O.Trainer 6.55, G.Smith 3.11,  M.Magee 3.36, E.Warwick 3.47, M.O’Rourke 3.51, L.Davies 3.58, A.Fisher 3.13, K.Munro 3.37, G.Smith 3.02.

Glasgow Parkrun 18/6/11

Another fine performance from Mick McLoone, just 2 seconds outside his personal best when finishing runner-up to Shettleston's Martin Graham who was just 16 seconds ahead. Also from Graham McGrattan making it into the top 10. Steven Watson was the only other Glenparker, whos starting to show signs of improving in recent months.

5K Results: 2nd. Mick McLoone 17.25, 9th. Graham McGrattan 19.27, 22nd.Steven Watson 20.20

Vale of Leven 10K   12th June 2011

Well done to Kevan, Robert, Brian, and Scott for competing the following day after the Willow Bowl.


























Scottish Schools T&F Championships 10th/11th June

At the Scottish Schools Championships  at Grangemouth 4 of Glenparks young athletes competing for their schools all recorded personal bests.

Saskia Cooper was the busiest athlete finishing 4th in both her 100m (14.01) and 200m (28.35PB) heats and also  9th in the Long Jump final (4.33m).

Lauren Mulaghton made a major breakthrough in the 1500m  cutting her previous best by 15 seconds to 5.33.85. She still had enough energy to complete the 800m in a seasons best of 2.47.23.

Gerard Smith  was delighted with his 2nd place in the 800m setting a new best of 2.09.81minutes, before feeling the effects in the final less than 2 hours later, where he struggled home in 2.13.10.

Mark Magee doubled up in the 200m and 400m with a new best of 26.52 in the 200 finishing 6th, before a slightly disappointing 61.92  for 7th place in the ¼ mile.

Willow Bowl 11/6/11

Port Men Out in Front

Robert Mitchell on his way to victory in the Willow Bowl

Alison King Ladies winner.  More race pictures from Thomas Loehndorf,  click HERE



Port man Robert Mitchell won his first ever Willow Bowl race on the 7.5mile trail around the Greenock Cut.  In one of the more popular Glenpark Harriers club races there was an excellent turnout of 36 runners starting at various intervals from slowest to quickest, and all with an equal chance of winning.


Mitchell one of the middle starters quickly set about chasing down the 16 runners in front of him.  He made short work of the task taking the lead at the “pile of stones” 3 miles from the finish at the long dam, but the pressure was on, knowing that he was now being chased down by the quicker runners. Robert needn’t have worried too much because the veteran’s 100% full out effort from beginning to end saw him run clear by 400metres to take the trophy from Andy McCall. Stevie McDade  was a close third but it was enough for him to win the overall handicap championship.


Alison King was the leading lady, with her best ever time over the trail taking just 55 minutes, comfortably clear of Lorna Coyle with Terry Wall not far behind. Alison’s 6th win virtually seals this season’s club championship, but the race for the men’s title is still wide open, after another Port man, Alan Henderson made his claim for the top spot with a strong run to win the Centenary cup for the day’s fastest time.


Alan Henderson and Stephen Trainer together at Cornalees.


Alan was scratch man alongside Stephen Trainer who already had 4 wins from 4 this season, both ran together until ½ way, but it wasn’t to be Trainer’s day as Henderson in the shape of his life at the moment, broke away to retain the trophy. His closest challenger turned out to be Mick McLoone, another athlete in outstanding form, just 25 seconds adrift his younger team-mate.


Tommy Knight early race leader.


In the rearranged race, normally held in mid-winter, the mild conditions helped the athletes set a number of personal bests with Sam McVicar showing the biggest improvement by 5 minutes, others with exceptional performances were Kevan McCartney, Steven Campbell, Shaun Lyon, and guest James McFadden from IAC. Robert Dolan was leading over 60 just dipping under the one hour mark and new member John Stevenson was also impressive with the 11th quickest time on his debut.


Thanks to race sponsors The Willow Bar.


Results (Actual times in brackets) R.Mitchell 76.30 (53.00) A.McCall 78.03 (54.33) S.McDade 78.24 (55.54) S.McVicar 78.30 (51.30) M.McLoone 78.51 (44.51) K.McCartney 79.00 (53.30) S.Lyon 79.02 (45.02) B.McCluskey 79.10 (55.40) M.Harrington 79.20 (54.20) D.Carruthers 79.26 (56.26) A.Henderson 79.26 (44.26) A.King 79.50 (55.20) S.Campbell 79.52 (46.22) B.Kangley 79.55 (56.25) K.Pryde 79.58 (55.28) T.Wall 80.12 (60.42) G.Parker 80.37 (47.37) A.McCall 80.45 (46.45) S.Trainer 80.54 (45.54) R.Neilson 81.11 (58.11) J.McFadden 81.16 (50.16) L.Coyle 81.48 (59.18) S.Clark 82.19 (65.19) S.Loehndorf 82.44 (64.44) G.McGrattan 82.46 (53.16) R.Dolan 83.08 (59.38) A.O'Rourke 83.12 (52.12) J.Stevenson 83.33 (52.33) S.Forrest 83.37 (66.07) R.Adams 84.00 (53.00) R.Dolan 84.57 (55.27) L.McAuslan 85.11 (68.41) Y.Prager 88.54 (72.24) I.Smith 91.02 (78.02) I.Rankin 91.18 (66.18) T.Knight 93.37 (82.37)

Frank Sinclair 10K 4/6/11

Mick's Long Wait Over

Mick McLoone achieved his first ever road race title with a convincing win in the Frank Sinclair 10K road race. His winning margin was by over 400 metres from clubmate Danny McLaughlin. Mick's time was just one second outside his best and the 5th fastest 10K for an over 45, in Scotland this year.

Michael McLoone GGH mv 34:48
Danny McLaughlin GGH mv 36:19
Gerry Gaffney IAC mv 36:22
Stuart Hodge IAC mv 36:58
Jude Boulton IAC snr 37:29
Frank McKnight GGH snr 38:26
James McFadden IAC snr 40:07
Stevie Hards KILB mv 40:33
Simon Lennox DAAC snr 40:53
Euan Leslie u/a snr 41:30
Pamela McCrossan CH lv 41:31
George Hegarty IAC mv 41:31
Kevan McCartney GGH snr 41:32
Peter Walsh DAAC mv 41:54
Andy McCall GGH mv 42:54
Brian McLuskey GGH mv 43:00
John Smillie IAC mv 43:09
Robert Mitchell GGH mv 43:26
Jim McMillan KILB mv 43:34
David Carruthers GGH snr 44:02
Kenny McVey VP Cog mv 44:07
Peter Rudzinski CH mv 46:27
Ian Rankin GGH mv 46:45
Tommy Kelly DAAC mv 47:44
Kevin Gill GGH snr 48:29
Lorna Brown u/a lv 49:40
Fiona Cushnaghan GGH lv 49:40
Andrew Ferrie u/a snr 53:55
Tommy Knight GGH mv 57:21

Ayrshire Schools Championships 2nd June 2011





Evan Warwick won the boys 1st year 1500m at the  Ayrshire Secondary Schools Athletics. His victory was won in 5min 15, in a competition which included all schools from North, South and East Ayrshire, a great improvement since the turn of the year where he ran 5min 38 at the Kelvin Hall indoors meet.









Dumbarton 10K,  2nd June 2011


Another impressive night from the Glenparkers at round 3 of the Polaroid 10K series. On a warm evening Alan Henderson, Stevie Campbell, and Scott Forrest, all set personal bests for the distance.



































Trossachs 10K 28/5/11

It was an 'Ard Course at Aberfoyle

3 Glenparkers were well placed in the Trossachs 10k trail race on Saturday at Ard Forest, Aberfoyle. Steven Watson was top placed in 7th in a time of 42.01. David Carruthers gutted with a personal worst time for 10K in 19th in 44.53, but he can be forgiven as the trail was particularly hilly and stony underfoot. New member Ross Nelson had a promising debut, making it home in 45.58 minutes finishing 24th from the 106 starters.

Parkrun 28/5/11

3rd For Shaun


Shaun Lyon was just a couple of seconds outside his best when finishing 3rd at the weekly Pollok parkrun, 26 seconds behind winner Robert Gilroy of Cambuslang.

Kevan McCartney’s rich vein of form continued with another personal best this time by 24 seconds.


3rd Shaun Lyon 17.11

52nd Kevan McCartney 20.54

207th Richard Hodelet 27.09

323rd Jim Sheridan 34.41

Clydebank 10K 26/5/11

Times  get Blitzed at Clydebank


A fantastic night at the Clydebank 10K, with everyone running faster than the previous week at Helensburgh. Top finisher was Frank McKnight finishing in 37th position from the 1000+ starters. Suzanne Coyle also continues to improve  finishing 16th lady.


Frank McKnight 36.52,

Robert Wilson 38.41

Kevan McCartney 41.28

Brian McCluskey 41.58

Robert Mitchell 42.04

Robert Wilson Snr 42.04

Andy McCall 42.20

Suzanne Coyle 42.50

Linwood OGM 25/4/11

Sprinters On Form at Linwood


Sprinters Saskia Cooper and Mark Magee’s hard work over the winter season is starting to pay dividends, with the pair recording personal bests at the Open Graded track meeting at Linwood. Saskia’s 13.70sec moved her into the top 20 in Scotland for the season. In the same heat Mark dipped under 13 seconds (12.97) before a more impressive 200m, where he finished 2nd in 26.61.


Youngsters Nichola Doohan and Mia Forrest were also drawn against each other in the 100m where Nichola had a fine 4th (16.62) ahead of Mia (18.16)


The Track meeting got off to an encouraging start when Alan Henderson won the 5000m with a comfortable win (16.43) ahead of team mate Steven Campbell who took the runners-up spot (17.41). The 3k ran at the same time saw Robert Wilson run his fastest time for the distance (10.45). Adam McCormick started well before fading in the later stages to 11.20.


In the 1500m Gerard.Smith recorded a best with his 4.37min in the wet, windy and cold conditions. Keiran Munro 5.04 was next quickest, with Ross Forbes winning his heat in 5.13. Although in different heats there was very little between the Glenpark girls, just one second separating Shelby Morrison 5.51 and Lauren Mulaghton 5.52.


It was extremely close contest between the Girls in the Long Jump with Nichola Doohan 2.68metres just out leaping Mia Forrest 2.52m, and Shelby Morrison 2.48m.

Edinburgh Marathon 22/5/11

Greenock Glenpark Harriers made their annual pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Marathon last Sunday with a full bus load of marathon runners, relay runners and supporters.

Silke Loehndorf and Kevin Gill produced the stand-out performances on the day. Ultra runner Silke started out with the clear objective of breaking the 4 hour barrier for the first time, prepared to the extreme by tattooing the split times on her arm. 6mins up at half way Silke dug deep into near gale force winds on the closing 9 miles to comfortably smash her personal best by 7minutes. Commenting afterwards she said it was her hardest race ever due to the tough wind conditions.

At the turn of the year 45 year old Kevin Gill couldn’t even run a mile when his son bought him an entry for the Marathon for his Christmas. By the end of April Kevin was out running 5 times a week, and over 2hrs every weekend. Nevertheless the large Glenpark support got a welcome surprise as they watched Kevin storm to the finish in a fantastic time of 3hrs49mins. Living proof that its never too late to start running.

Andy McCall Jr was first back for the club in 3h06m, a respectable time especially given that he hadn’t trained for the event, with David Henderson a few minutes behind. Robert Adams lowered his PB by more than 7mins, running 3hr21mins. There was also a fine debut by new member John Stevenson who beat his target time of 3h30m by almost 3mins.

It was a milestone day for Yvonne Prager, David Henderson and Iain Rankin who remain in the ever dwindling group of runners who have completed All 9 Edinburgh Marathons. A special milestone was also achieved by Iain who marked his 50th marathon, all completed in the last 10years.

As well as the marathon the club had 3 relay teams competing with Captain Sam McVicar’s team triumphant against Treasurer Fiona Cushnaghan’s with fine runs coming from Lorna Coyle, Suzanne Coyle and Lynne Rogers.

A big thanks to all the supporters who came through as well as Wilson coaches for providing transport.

            The Glenpark Marathon and Relay Runners

Glasgow Parkrun 21/5/11

Frank Makes Top 10

Frank McKnight jumped to joint 9th in the Glenpark rankings at the weekly Pollok park run, with a new PB following a great result at Helensburgh the previous Thursday.  Richard Hodelet also showed a big improvement after his recent comeback after a prolonged lay off.

Click HERE for list of fastest GGH times

Results: 6th Frank McKnight 18.19, Kevan McCartney 21.18, Chris Smith 22.49, Richard Hodelet 27.04, Jim Sheridan 33.00

Helensburgh 10K 19/5/11

Some excellent result in the first of the Polaroid 10K series at Helensburgh, with Frank, Kevan and Gillian all setting personal bests, especially Gillian by over 2 minutes.

For Pictures of the race click here :

(54) Frank McKnight 37.11, (96) Robert Wilson 38.47, (163) Kevan McCartney 41.56, (196) Andy McCall 42.35, (200) Brian McCluskey 42.38, (242) Suzanne Coyle 43.03, (605) Scott Forrest 51.39, (620) Gillian Forrest 52.10.

Wedlock 10k 14/5/11

Henderson Times it Perfect

 Glenpark Harriers Alan Henderson had success on Saturday at Lochinch, Pollok country park  winning the Dick Wedlock Fire & Rescue 10k

On the undulating course in breezy conditions he immediately went to the front along with a small group including another fire service colleague Greg Hastie. They ran together in the early stages until Hastie put in a surge to break away and quickly stretch a  lead of a 100 metres.

 Behind him Henderson meanwhile was battling it out with a Westerlands runner, finally breaking him by ½ way. He then set about on closing the gap down on the leader.

 Although  pulling him in  with every km the lead was still considerable, leaving Henderson convinced he was finishing 2nd at best.

With time running out Henderson dug deep into his reserves and with a last gasp effort pulled level in the last kilometer before pushing on to win by 20 seconds in 34.28. Also in great form after a disappointing hill race was Danny McLaughlin who finished 5th in 36.50

Cornalees Photos 11/5/11

Thanks to Westerlands Ellie Homewood for pictures. Click here for more photos.

Glenparks first Man & Woman Suzanne Coyle and Andy McCall

Pollok Parkrun 14/5/11

Trio of PB’S

A large turnout of over 400 runners in Glasgow for the weekly Pollok parkrun included 6 from Glenpark. Mick McLoone was in superb form setting a new personal best when finishing 3rd in the race won by Westerlands Niall McAlinden in 16.39. The other two to take a chunk out of their bests were Graham McGrattan  and David Carruthers



3.         Mick McLoone            17.23 PB 2 secs

21.       Graham McGrattan       19.00 PB 13 secs

52.       Steven Watson             20.56

65.       David Carruthers          21.26 PB 12 secs

242.     Richard Hodelet           27.48

359.     Jim Sheridan                 33.03

National Open Scotstoun 7/5/11

Super Cooper

Saskia Cooper maintained her early season form with another good performance, this time at the National Open at Scotstoun stadium. The under 15 athlete running into a strong headwind of -2.1m/s recorded a time of 14.23 seconds, finishing 5th in a high quality100 metre heat.

Cornalees Hill Race 11th May 2011

Westerlands On Top


*Special thanks to all the race marshals and time keepers out on a cold and windy hillside, Jim Sheridan, Peter Clare, Duncan MacNeill, Peter Clare, Sam McVicar, David Carruthers, Liz McAusland and Yvonne Prager


Westerlands CCC had a successful visit to Greenock for Glenpark Harriers Cornalees Hill Race. With their biggest ever representation in the friendly annual interclub competition, the 20 strong squad claimed the team and individual titles.

Westies David Riach made his move ½ way on the climb, building up a big lead to the summit of Hillside above the Cornalees centre.  The big question was could he hold his advantage against the fast descender local man Andy McCall.  McCall started his charge on the steep drop off the moor, closing down with every stride in his bid to make it 7 victories in a row in this competition. But despite his best efforts he could only cut the gap to 100metres, to the relief of the Glasgow man, who deservedly took the trophy.

It was a much improved performance from Junior man Andy Fisher in 12th taking a few notable scalps for the first time.

Westerlands made it a clean sweep in the ladies race with Catriona Miller taking the top spot a minute clear of team-mates Caroline Whitten and Elizabeth Adams. Glenparks leading  lady was Suzanne Coyle just 3 seconds clear of Lynne Rogers, a commendable performance from the pair in their first ever hill race,  with Susan Clark running a personal best in 3rd.

In the veteran categories Chris Upson and Danny McLaughlin were first over 40 and 50 respectively, while Pauline McAdam was leading lady.

Even with the Greenock club filling four of the first five places in the team competition, it was the Glasgow club who came out on top winning by 28 points.

Gerard Smith was a comfortable winner in the Junior ½ mile race over the steep track from Woodstock road to the “Cut”, but it was a much closer affair for the runners up spot as Keiran Munro, Ross Forbes and Evan Warwick, all sprinted across the line within a few yards of each other.

Lauren Mulaghton proved to be the strongest climber finishing ahead of Nichola Doohan and Shelby Morrison, while the best individual performance coming from Alexander Jamieson.

Team Competition (15 to count) Westerlands 217pts, Glenpark 245 pts


Senior Race: D.Riach 33.30, A.McCall 33.51, A.Henderson 34.11, S.Lyon 35.02, S.Campbell 35.15, C.Upson 35.16, J.Denovan 35.29, K.McMahon 35.34, M.McLoone 35.48, R.Bowman 35.52, D.Henderson 36.30, A.Fisher 37.02, O.O'Neill 37.37, D.McLaughlin 38.42, R.Wilson 38.55, D.Reid 40.49, K.MacDonald 41.35, J.Orr 41.53, B.Brennan 43.15, J.Quinn 44.20, P.Grassl   4.27, C.Miller 44.42, A.McCall 45.03, C.Whitten 45.50, E.Adams 46.23, J.Hamer 46.23, S.Coyle 47.17, L.Rogers 47.20,  B.McCluskey 48.36, P.McAdam 48.57, S.Clark 51.04, A.Cameron 52.10, K.Gill 53.40, R.Bennie 55.02, P.McLaughlin  56.18


Junior Race: G.Smith 2.34, K.Munro 2.51, R.Forbes 2.54, E.Warwick 2.55, M.O'Rourke 3.12, C.Watson 3.17, M.Magee 3.30, L.Mulaghton 3.33, N.Doohan 3.42, S.Morrison 3.51, D.Hunter 4.22, R.Mulaghton 4.24, A.Jamieson 4.38, C.Mulaghton 4.50, L.McFarlane 4.52, S.McLoone 5.10

Race Round-Up 8th May 2011

 Ladies 10K Glasgow 8th May 2011


A good day out for Glenpark at the Ladies 10K in Glasgow. A fantastic pb of over 4 minutes for Suzanne!  Also new bests for Lynne and Silke and another great run for Susan after lowering her best at Troon in mid week.

Results: Suzanne Coyle 43.40, Lynne Rogers 44.16, Susan Clark 48.20, Silke Loehndorf 48.40, Heather Kangley 50.49, Yvonne Prager 53.49, Liz McAuslan 54.21, Gillian Forrest 54.29, Sharron Skinner 54.30.



















Heather & Suzanne


Ben Lomond 7th May 2011


Youths take the Low Road Andy the High


Well done to all the Mulaghton sisters at the junior Ben Lomond hill races. In the under 14s, 2.7km race over the lower slopes of the mountain Lauren was in the best of form with her second place,  and the pleasing aspect is that the youngster still has another 2 years to compete in this age category. A little earlier Lauren’s twin sisters ran well in the 1.6km fun run where Christie was 2nd girl, and Rachel 3rd.




             Christie, Lauren & Rachel by yon Bonny Banks


Andy Fisher had a painful time of it in the under 19’s 6km race. A fall early on resulted in a twisted ankle, but Andy manfully struggled home in 7th.


Andy McCall is quickly getting his fitness back, although not enough time training on the hills left him under prepared for the testing 7.5mile Senior race up and down to the 3192 foot summit of Ben Lomond. But he still managed to finish a highly creditable 4th place from the 121 finishers.


Andy’s account of the race: I started the race faster than normal to get a place up front through the narrow path. I couldn't settle into a good rhythm until half way up the hill and then started to pull some bodies in front. I reached the summit in 9th place in 53:19 (just over a minute slower than previous years). The top was really cloudy so had to take it easy on the way down to begin with, as I couldn't see walkers/runners until the very last moment.

Once off the summit I started my usual fast decent and pulled more bodies in to get to 5th but then the lack of hill training cought up with me and my legs turned to jelly! I fell on the downhill and that knocked my confidence - and the sole of my fell shoe started to come off! - but I managed to catch one more guy and move into 4th place but my legs had nothing left and I must have fell another 3 or 4 times because my legs couldn't support me. My time on the way down was 25:10, which is a lot slower than my usual decent, but over all im happy with the race.


Park Run 7th May 2011


Two personal bests at the weekly Pollok park run. Alan had the biggest improvement- by 39 seconds, with David also faster by 20 seconds.  Frank was just a fraction off his previous best.


Results: 11th Frank McKnight 18.35,  13th Alan O’Rourke, 68th David Carruthers 21.38


Troon Tortoises 10k – 4th May 2011


A warm evening at Troon  for the large field of almost 1000 runners, helped produce fast times for the Glenpark trio, with pride of place going to Susan Clark breaking 48 minutes for the first time. Frank McKnight was no slouch either with a 3 minute improvement, a minute in front of Robert Wilson jnr.


Results – 38th Frank McKnight 37.37, 57th Robert Wilson 38.47, 332nd Susan Clark 47.55.

Chisholm Mile Pictures

Thanks to Felicity Pollock for Race pictures on Tuesday evening.

Shaun Lyon holds off Andy McCall to win the Harriers Chisolm Trophy

Glenparks Junior girls stride to the finish line

Alison King leading the Glenpark woman, and Lucy showing the perfect running style.

Robert Wilson leads Steven Campbell, Adam McCormick and Alan O'Rourke

Chisholm Mile 3/5/11

Mackay Blazes to Victory

Greenock was treated to a fantastic night of athletics as a top quality field raced along the Esplanade in one of the quickest races ever held in Scotland.

The warm evening sun and a steady breeze provided the perfect conditions for fast times at Glenpark Harriers Chisholm Mile on Greenock Esplanade, and the large crowds on the waterfront weren't disappointed as Inverclyde AC's Chris Mackay held off Irishman Dan Mulhare and Kilbarchan's Derek Hawkins as all three dipped under the magic 4 minute barrier.

Another to shine on the night was 16 year old Greg Williams who showed some early season form with a tremendous 7th place in 4.26.

The contest for the Chisholm trophy awarded to the top Glenparker went right to the line. Bute man Shaun Lyon after leading his club mates for the whole race wasn’t going to let the trophy slip from his grasp, held his nerve with Andy McCall breathing down his neck, smashing his personal best in the process, to claim his first Club title.

First woman was Kilbarchans Nynke Mulholland,  followed by Alison King taking the Chisholm Ladies Shield, with Suzanne Coyle in third, and Fiona Cushnaghan the leading veteran.

Glenparks athletes dominated in the men’s veteran categories, as Mick McLoone showed his versatility, two weeks after completing the London Marathon dropped down in distance to finish fastest over 40 ahead of IAC’s James McFadden. Graham McGrattan, Tommy Knight and Jim Sheridan also taking top spots in the over 50, 60, and 70’s categories.

The wealth of young talent in the district was demonstrated in the preceding Junior race which was just as exciting as the Senior event, providing the crowds with two very close finishes as Inverclyde’s Josh Houston proving to be slightly too strong on the night for team mate Jonny Glen, with Glenparks Keiran Munro filling the 3rd spot.

In the Girls race it was equally as tight as the Harriers Lauren Mulaghton, Shelby Morrison and Luisa Davies were well to the fore finishing in 6th, 7th and 9th respectively.

Special thanks to all the volunteers from Glenpark Harriers and Inverclyde AC on the night who helped with time keeping, stewarding, registration and photography, and Race Sponsors Papyrus, at Buchanan Street & Byres Road and Illuminati, at Princes Square Glasgow. 

 Ratified Results:

Senior Race: C.Mackay 3.57, D.Mulhare 3.59, D.Hawkins 3.59, C.Ruddy 4.09, M.Pollard 4.11, L.Wilson 4.15, G.Williams 4.26, C.Barlass 4.29, B.Stafford 4.34, S.Lyon 4.36, A.McCall 4.37, M.Houston 4.38, S.Gaffney 4.39, J.Cook 4.42, A.Henderson 4.44, M.McLoone 4.46, J.McFadden 4.53, G.Smith 4.54, A.Fisher 4.57, R.Gray 5.01, R.Wilson 5.05, S.Campbell 5.08, A.McCormick 5.09, R.Gray 5.10, A.O'Rourke 5.11, M.Deegan 5.18, G.McGrattan 5.19,J.Knowles 5.23, N.Mulholland 5.25, B.McCluskey 5.31, K.Morrison 5.33, P.Clare 5.35, M.Magee 5.45, S.McDade 5.46, K.Pryde 5.47, G.Hegarty 5.48, A.King 5.49, M.Follan 5.53, C.Watson 5.55, P.Cadenhead 5.59, S.Coyle 6.08, D.Carruthers 6.22, F.Cushnaghan 6.54, T.Knight 7.19, Y.Prager 7.38, R.Hodelet 7.56, J.Sheridan 8.25, J.Hodelet 8.46

Junior Race: J.Houston 4.54, J.Glen 4.57, K.Munro 5.33, E.Warwick 5.39, R.Forbes 5.48, L.Mulaghton 6.01, S.Morrison 6.03, M.O'Rourke 6.05, L.Davies 6.23, M.McDade 6.36, J.O'Rourke 6.40, L.Compston 6.41, N.Doohan 6.43, R.McFarlane 6.50, D.Hunter 6.51, R.Mulaghton 6.53,F.Fisher 6.57, C.Pollock 7.01, C.Paton 7.03, G.Carmichael 7.04, M.Forrest 7.05, K.Kilpatrick 7.06, A.McArthur 7.07, C.Mulaghton 7.16, M.McColl 7.17, M.Crawford 7.25, C.Hogg 7.28, J.Skelton 7.31, T.Forrest 7.38, L.McFarlane 7.50, M.Crawford 8.03, A.Barrie 8.04, A.Jamieson 8.13, J.Slater 8.15, Z.Weir 8.17, S.Morgan 8.23, M.Kiriakakis 8.54, A.Sinclair 9.03

Highland Fling 30/4/11

Thomas Hot on The Trail

Thomas Loehndorf finished 12th in the Highland Fling Ultra marathon along the first half of the West Highland Way. He completed the 53 miles from Milngavie to Tyndrum in 8 hours 31 minutes.  Thomas was well in contention heading for a top 10 finish, when a fall near the finish cost him a considerable amount of time and 3 places. 

The hot weather conditions were a major factor for the 321 finishers, and it certainly took its effect on Thomas after his very fast start. Despite his fall, the quality of Thomas's run still earned him 3rd place in the veteran Scottish trail championships.

Largs 10K 1/5/11

May Day Success for GGH

Well done to Alan Henderson on winning the Largs 10k on hot and breezy day. It was a successful day for Glenpark with Stevie Campbell finishing 2nd, Robert Wilson in 3rd and Fiona Cushnaghan also 2nd Lady in 49.19, just 2 weeks after her London Marathon.  David Carruthers set a new PB by 8 seconds, and Evan Warwick also ran well in a big step up in distance for the youngster. (No details of other times yet)

Pollok Parkrun 30/4/11

Congratulations to Lynne Rogers  on setting a personal best with a 30 sec improvement at the Pollok Parkrun finishing 74th  from the 332 competitors. Susan Clark produced another steady performance in 139th (24.48).

Whangie Whizz 27/4/11

Another good performance from Andy McCall who finished 9th from the 137 starters at the Whangie Whizz Hill Race in 29.22, also competing was Danny McLaughlin 4th supervet and 32nd overall in 32.49.

                      Danny Loses his head

Linwood OGM 27th April 2011

Great Start to Season

The Glenpark team were met with warm and still conditions for the first of the Linwood Open Grade Meetings and all the young athletes performed to expectations.

*A big thanks to all those who helped with transport (Gillian, Valerie Laurence, Stevie, John and Peter)

Pictures from Stephen Trainer on link here


In the sprints Mark Magee after a shaky start from the blocks reduced his best by almost 3/10ths to 13.04 in the 100m and will surely go under the 13 sec barrier later in the season. Peter Clare  ran 14.08 in a warm-up for his main event the 400m.


               Mark Magee showing good form in the 100M

Saskia Cooper was in good form, even with limited training this season was only slightly outside her fastest in 13.85. Lucy Compston had a fine debut in 14.84 as did Shelby Morrison 16.22, Jack O’Rourke 16.40.

Only Mia Forrest competed in the 200m, running a fantastic bend which set her up for a new PB by 3 seconds of 36.69.


In heat 1 of the 400m under 17 Mark Magee got well detached from the leaders by ½ way, and was disappointed with his 61.18, but on the youngsters first outing of the season he did manage to cut his outdoor best by over 5 seconds.  


In heat 2 it was a much closer affair just 1 second separating the first 4 athletes. Shaun Lyon came storming through the field after 150m but just failed to catch Clydsedale’s Campbell. Peter Clare coming home in 4th with his quickest time as a vet of 60.07secs.

             Shaun and Peter in the 400m

In the 800m Gerard Smith was top performer cutting his PB to 2.10, Andy Fisher ran a season best of 2.20. Evan Warwick led from start to finish (2.33) in heat 5. Michael O’Rourke was second in heat 6 (2.43) another big improvement from last year by 5 seconds.  Lauren Mulaghton  although disappointed by her performance on the night also improved on last year by a second. All the Glenpark youngsters broke the 3 minute barrier with Shelby Morrison 2.56, and Luisa Davies 2.51


                   Evan, Michael and Lauren in 800m

In a delayed start to the 1500m Shaun Lyon with the 400m still in his legs, faded slighty at ½ way but can be pleased with his performance (4.34), his first time on a track.


In the field events, a surprise entry in the Javelin was Michael O’Rourke with 7.96m 


And busiest athlete on the night Shelby Morrison also took part in the Long Jump (2.82m) with Mia Forrest (2.78m).

Strathclyde Parkrun 23/4/11

Steven Campbell, and Andy Fisher went for a change of scenery (and a flatter course) from the Pollok park run, and instead went to Strathclyde. The pair did well finishing in 5th and 6th with just a few seconds seperating them. Results: Steven 17.54, Andy 17.57.

Kaim Hill Race 20/4/11

Andy Kaim First

Andy McCall  returned to his winning ways at Fairlie, claiming his first Kaim Hill race title since 2008. Back then he was in his best ever shape, winning the race for the 3rd year in a row, also being selected for Scotland in the World Mountain Trophy, but since that time a few lean years on the hills have followed.


Early on Andy’s hopes didn’t look good as by half way on the climb Westerlands Sam Alexander had opened up a 80m lead  on Inverclyde’s Graeme Hyett who had the same gap again to the chasing pack which included Andy Fisher and McCall in 5th and 6th with Danny McLaughlin further back in 16th. McCall has never been the greatest of climbers but there is very few too match him on the down hills and it was this strength that some him tear down the hillside passing all the early leaders eventually finishing half a minute clear of Alexander.  Danny with his legs heavily strapped also had a good descent pulling in a few places to finish 13th. Andy Fisher did well in his first real hill race with a good climb, to come in a couple of places behind but will have gained valuable experience. Graeme unfortunately couldn’t match his excellent ascent, and dropped back to 8th on the return.




More Excellent Race photos from Chris Upson can be found on the following link:

Results: 1. A.McCall 32.01, 8. G.Hyett 34.40, 13. D.McLaughlin 35.50, 15. A.Fisher 35.50

Cambridge Duathlon 17/4/11

Another great performance from Glenpark at the weekend, this time from Kevan McCartney on the same day as his team-mates were competing in the Marathon. (Kevan's report)


I had a fairly successful World Qualification Dualthlon (If you qualify in your age group you represent Great Britain in Gijon Spain in September) No Didn’t qualify, however I did complete the race in one piece. Which was my objective I was doing the race with a couple of friends living in London who are big on Triathlon and both compete for Triathlon clubs.

Following a 3 week layoff from running due to calf strain, I was really nervous about straining it again.. So didn’t run until the Friday.

Sunday as the Marathon runners know seen London very bright and sunny and nil wind. Perfect for cycling, but no cool breeze on the run

I decided to put two calf supports on the leg to give it the best chance I could, then started the run at the back of the pack and took it easy on my calf for the first mile, then slowly wound it up to 7minute miles, think I could have gone faster however didn’t risk a strain early on as really wanted to complete it, rather than bust myself to get a slightly faster time and put me out of running for another 3 weeks…(May actually be getting more sensible as I get older J). The run course was a flat 7.5k on road, track and playing field which I finished in 33m 26sec. The Bike course was 40k and comprised of two and a bit loops (this being flat too – However I did hear several of the English commenting on how difficult they found two hill climbs, but cycling in Scotland would educate them what a hill is :-) not sure I seen any hills in the SE of England)

Following a fairly quick cycle with a broken Tri Bar (nut fell out) averaging about 21 mph giving me a 70 minute 40k, I went into the second run with jelly legs and no sensation in my toes for about a mile. The final run was ok, however I think the dehydration was starting to cause cramping in my legs :-( So the final run was a 35m.17sec plod.

I believe there was between 270 and 300 competitors and some very quick times I was 125th with my 2.21.32 and the top qualifier was almost 30minutes ahead of me…that will be those 5.30 minute miles…

Photo of me in action - run photo taken in the last 100metres, managed to take guy from Irish team just before the line.

Photos of race on the following link  for Mark Bartley Photography Here


Results of Kevin and first Man & Woman

Pos 125 Kevan McCartney G Scotlands - Greenock Glenpark Harriers

2:21:32 Splits 33:26  (1:19)    1:10:19  (1:13) 35:17


Pos 1 Julian Lings E sheffield triathlon club

1:54:09  Splits 25:11  (0.28)  1:01:01 (0:39) 26:52


Pos 1Victoria Gill F Thames Turbo

2:06:53 Splits 27:42 (0:35)    1:10:10 (0:37) 27:52

Harriers Successful Weekend


London Marathon 17th April 2011


7 Greenock Glenpark Runners joined the mass ranks of runners at this year’s London Marathon. And the 35,000 runners were to witness something special in the men's race, when Emmanuel Mutai from Kenya cruised to victory in a new course record of 2:04.40, beating the previous best by 30 seconds with the fifth fastest time in history.


But it was also congratulations to Alan Henderson who set a new personal best by 3 minutes on a warm day in the capital.


Alan ran a consistent pace throughout the race going through half way in 1.21 and he maintained the sub 4min/km pace until around the 30km mark. Although dropping off slightly he still managed to pick it up again in the final mile for a fantastic time of 2.46 finishing in 358th position.


Mick McLoone had also been going well until 30km, but then suffered badly in the final quarter, but despite that he still managed to break 3 hours finishing 100th in his age category.

Well done to the rest of our runners all completing the course in the toughest of races. Andy Cushnaghan was the only other to set a PB slicing 12 minutes off his previous best.

Andy & Fiona


Results: Alan Henderson 2.46, Mick McLoone 2.59, David Henderson 3.06, Robert Dolan 3.28, Fiona Cushnaghan 4.01, Andy Cushnaghan 4.41, Iain Rankin 4.46


Crinan Puffer 8.5mile Canal Bank Race 17th April


Shaun Lyons had his first ever victory on Sunday when he won the 8.5mile  Canal Bank race from Ardrishaig to Crinan. Despite being sidelined from running since early February he has kept up his fitness, and with a few runs in the last couple of weeks he was in good shape to make a winning return in an excellent time of 51.12 minutes.


½ Kilomathon, Edinburgh  13.1km 17th April 2011


In the real Capital,  Brian McCluskey had his best result to date when he finished 7th overall and 2nd veteran from a field of 225, in the 13.1km race in a time of 58.50 minutes. And not to be out done was his young son Andrew finishing 4th boy and 8th overall covering the 2.62km in just 13.14 minutes.


Galashiels Sprint Triathlon 17th April 2011

Another Harrier doing well was Danny McLaughlin who was 3rd veteran and 20th overall at the Galashiels triathlon over the sprint distances of  750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run.

Pollok ParkRun 16th April 2011


Andy McCall became the first Glenparker to win the weekly Pollok Parkrun.  A return to form saw him hold off Bellahouston’s Tom Lauckner by 5 seconds. Frank McKnight after edging in front of Andy last week at Dunoon finished in 7th on his first attempt. Veteran Graham McGrattan continues to run well just a few seconds away from his best time as was Susan Clark.


1st. Andy McCall 17.46, 7th Frank McKnight 18.31, 21st Graham McGrattan 19.21, 46th Steven Watson 20.31, 85th David Carruthers 22.28, 125th Susan Clark 24.16


Lochaber Marathon 10th April 2011


Robert Wilson Junior was the only Harrier at Fort William for the Marathon. Robert put in a respectable shift to finish 51st in a time of 3.18.02.


Richies Run 10th April 2011


Danny McLaughlin (61mins) was 2nd in 9mile Garelochead trail race, and for the second year in a row and it was Clydesdale’s Michael Diver (59mins) that denied him. Danny did have the consolation of getting closer running 2 minutes quicker than last year.

Willie Jukes Race 9/4/11


Greenock Glenpark Harriers Stephen Trainer was triumphant once again in the Willie Jukes 5 mile Road Race at a warm and sunny Dunoon.

It was another large turnout from the Harriers for the 6th running of the race in memory of the clubs former vice president in his home town with over one hundred travelling including the 66 runners taking part.

Trainer was made to work all the way by Alan Henderson as the pair went stride for stride for 4miles until Henderson gambled with a fast change of pace immediately opening up a large gap, but the response from Trainer was a sustained effort that gradually hauled him back then overtook him to give Stephen his 3rd win in this race.

Alison King remains on course at the ½ way stage for another club championship title but had to fight off the challenge of Suzanne Coyle as she went on to successfully retain the race trophy, with Terry Wall taking the 3rd spot.

Best in the veteran categories were Susan Clark(o35) Fiona Cushnaghan (o45), Alan O’Rourke (o40) Danny McLaughlin (o50) R.Dolan (o60) and Jim Sheridan (o70). The fastest juniors were Andy Fisher and Eillidh Hamill.

Tommy Knight made up for a disappointing run in the Docherty cup to bounce back to form to win the Kirkwood trophy in the Handicap competition.

Frank McKnight had a much improved race dipping just in front of Andy McCall for 5th spot. Others impressing were Kevin Gill and Susan Clark and top guest runner James McFadden of Inverclyde AC.

In the junior 1 mile race Keiran Munro ran strongly to hold off Evan Warwick with Ross Forbes close behind.

Lauren Mulaghton  was the quickest girl  100m clear of the improving Shelby Morrison and Nichola Doohan. A good run by Rachel McFarlane earned her a win in the Handicap competition

The first race of the day was for the youngsters from 2 to 8 years old which saw Lucy McFarlane fly first across the line followed very quickly by Andrew McCluskey and Tom Forrest.

*Thanks to the Riverside pool and the View Bar in Dunoon for their hospitality.

5 mile: S.Trainer 27.32, A.Henderson 27.45, S.Campbell 29.34, D.McLaughlin 30.15, F.McKnight 30.24, A.McCall 30.24, A.O'Rourke 31.11, J.McFadden 31.29, A.Harkins 32.05, A.Fisher 32.32, R.Dolan jnr 32.45, G.McGrattan 33.02, G.Smith 33.17, A.McCormick 33.25, S.Watson 33.40, D.Henderson 34.15, B.McCluskey 34.28, A.King 34.30, K.Pryde 34.32, S.Coyle 35.02,J.Smillie 35.08, R.Mitchell 35.18, B.Kangley 35.30, D.Carruthers 35.40, R.Dolan 35.53, S.McDade 36.17, D.Anderson 36.46, B.Allan 37.30, C.Watson 38.10, T.Wall 38.18, S.Clark 39.10, K.Gill 39.30, F.Cushnaghan 40.04, G.Forbes 41.06, H.Kangley 42.04, S.Forrest 42.27, G.Forrest 43.25, E.Hamill 45.34, T.Knight 47.49, J.Sheridan 57.04


1 mile: K.Munro 5.36, E.Warwick 5.41, R.Forbes 5.50, L.Mulaghton 6.13, M.O'Rourke 6.16, S.Morrison 6.38, N.Doohan 6.44, D.Hunter 7.07, R.McFarlane 7.22, C.Mulaghton 7.25, R.Mulaghton 7.26, M.Forrest 7.31, J.O'Rourke 7.43, M.Crawford 7.47, S.McLoone 7.49, Z.Weir 8.33


200m: L.McFarlane  0.28, A.McCluskey 0.29, T.Forrest 0.29, N.Harkins 0.37, J.Dolan 0.38, A.Harkins 1.01, L.Knox 1.06, D.McCluskey 1.09, O.King 1.10, J.Murray 1.10

 Club championship tables after 5 races click HERE 

Park Run 2/4/11

Scottish Uni 10K Champs 27/3/11

Emma Wins National Title

Congratulations to Emma Baxter who became the new Scottish Under 20 champion at 10Km. The Edinburgh University student set a new personal best by dipping under the 40 minute mark by just a single second.  The varsity championship was included in the 46th running of the Round The Houses 10K at Grangemouth.

100k Anglo Celtic Plate 27/3/11

Scotland Win Anglo Celtic Plate

Well done to Thomas Loehndorf who finished 9th in the 100km Anglo Celtic plate.  Thomas representing his adopted country completed the course in 7 hours 42minutes 25seconds  and 4th Scot. Scotland  won the team competition, with Forfars Craig Stewart taking the Individual title in 7.01.36 hours.  

The mens team race has been dominated by England stretching back to its inauguration on 1995. They were beaten into third place with the young emerging Irish team all setting PBs to claim second spot. Fittingly the 3 counters in the Scottish squad, Craig Stewart and Grant Jeans backed up by Dave Gardner in 8th place (7.30.47) claimed victory on home soil, with all members of the Scottish team being presented with winners medals. In the womens race the Scots Women finished 3rd behind winners Wales.

Link to John Kynastons video of race with lots of clips of Thomas:

Docherty Cup 26/3/11

King Sets Course record

Stephen Trainer recorded his 3rd consecutive club victory as he retained Glenpark Harriers Docherty Cup on Saturday. He quickly opened up a healthy lead from the start at Gourock pool, and was looking to be heading for a comfortable win by the time he reached the turn at Inverkip.  But in the 2nd half of the race he came under considerable pressure from Alan Henderson who after a cautious start had picked up the pace and finished very strongly to close down the gap to just 13 seconds over the 9.3 mile distance.


                              Stephen and Alison

Third place was taken by veteran Mick McLoone, with Davie Henderson holding on to the  lead in the club championship with his 4th spot in a time that would have won the race last year. With Steven Campbell and Andy McCall both close behind it shows that the Harriers Men’s team is in great shape for next week’s national road relay race Championships at Livingstone.

Another encouraging sign was the form of Robert Docherty who showed that he is quickly returning to full fitness.

The ladies race was won by Alison King earning her the Wallach trophy.  The in form King who has been improving with each race, was caught up in a group of 5, and had to work hard throughout and finished with a sprint to hold off John Smillie. She was delighted to set a new course record, cutting the previous best by 71 seconds. Her 3rd  win moves her closer to current championship leader Terry Wall who took the runners up spot from Susan Clark

Other good runs came from Ian Rankin who reduced his pb by 10 minutes, guest Gerard Kangley breaking the hour mark and first Inverclyde AC finisher George Hegarty. In the veteran categories Danny McLaughlin was best over 50, and Robert Dolan took the top over 60 spot.

Cameron Watson held onto his title in the ¾ mile race along the Ashton promenade, with sprinter Lucy Compston stepping up in distance finishing in 2nd place ahead of Danielle Hunter. Nichola Doohan was quickest under 11 girl with Clara Pollock just doing enough to edge ahead of Megan McColl.

Andy Fisher came out on top in the 1.5 mile race. At half way he was neck and neck with Gerard Smith but proved to be stronger on the second lap, opening up a sizeable lead.  For third Keiran Munro left it late only passing Evan Warwick in the last few strides, Evan can take consolation in remaining unbeaten in the under 13 category.

Best girls’ performance of the day came from Shelby Morrison who recorded her first victory after coming from behind to beat Luisa Davies.

                   Michael, Evan, Shelby & Luisa


                      Andy Fisher & Gerard Smith


                              Lucy Compston

9.3miles: S.Trainer 51.56, A.Henderson 52.09, M.McLoone 53.04 , D.Henderson 53.28, S.Campbell 55.46, A.McCall 55.48, R.Docherty 56.46, G.Kangley 59.20, D.McLaughlin 59.57, R.Wilson 60.07, A.O’Rourke 62.36, G.Hegarty 62.52, G.McGrattan 63.09, R.Shaw 64.17, R.Dolan 64.36, A.King 64.48, J.Smillie 64.51, J.Boulton 64.53, K.Pryde 65.30, M.Follan 66.14, B.McCluskey 67.01, D.Carruthers 67.33, R.Mitchell 67.55, R.Dolan 68.43, S.McDade 70.40, T.Wall 72.11, I.Rankin 73.37, S.Clark 76.46, F.Smith 77.18, K.Gill 79.07, Y.Prager 82.31, T.Knight 101.17

¾ mile: C.Watson 4.31, L.Compston 4.51, D.Hunter 5.01, N.Doohan 5.03, C.Pollock 5.39, M.McColl 5.42, T.Forrest 5.51, L.McFarlane 6.21, K.McLoone 6.26.

1½ mile: A.Fisher 8.50, G.Smith 9.08, K.Munro 9.22, E.Warwick 9.24, R.Forbes 9.42, M.O’Rourke 10.16, S.Edmond 10.44, S.Morrison 10.53, L.Davies 11.01, J.O’Rourke 11.34, R.McFarlane 12.18, S.McLoone 13.00, M.McDade 13.08.

National Junior Road Race Championships 20/3/11

Fisher Reels Them In

Andy Fisher produced the outstanding performance of the 9 Glenpark Harriers racing at the National Junior Road Race Championships at Glasgow’s Roukenglen Park on Sunday. Perfect conditions saw Fisher go out hard from the start to join the chasing pack in 20th position. Despite tiring in the latter stages he rallied well over the final kilometre reeling in a few places to cross the line in a very creditable 16th place much to the surprise of his coaches. There was double joy when Andy realised that he had also smashed his 5km personal best, over what was a very hilly course. This was just reward for the young athlete who has battled to overcome injuries throughout the winter.


Andy Fisher & Adam McCormick at last weeks National Indoor Championships


This wasn’t the only run of note however with nearly every junior exceeding expectations. Teammate Adam McCormick also performed way above his best to record another PB, thanks partly to an eyeballs out sprint finish which saw him vomit on the shoes of the officials at the finish-line. Once recovered he had his team and onlookers in stitches by declaring “that’s me a real runner now!”

Lauren Mulaghton had got the day off to a great start finishing 27th in the U13s race. After a frustrating winter Lauren saved her best race for the season’s climax and will now head into the summer with a renewed confidence. Evan Warwick went even better in 20th place and is looking a real prospect for the future. A much improved Michael O’Rourke finished in 44th. All three will still be U13 at next year’s events where top ten should be a realistic target.


The only set back on the day was when the club’s best hope Gerard Smith dropped out of the U15 race with a calf injury. Keiran Munro made up for that with yet another PB.


Meighan McDade showed signs of her old self to finish top U15 girl for the club. The most improved run of the day however came from Luisa Davies who ran strong throughout and rounded off with a sprint finish to overtake 2 rivals at the line. Again this was long overdue from a girl who has shown fantastic dedication throughout the season.


Overall it was a good day for the club, they may have not won any medals but each and every junior bounced back from what was a disappointing National Cross Country championships and performed way above what was expected of them by their coaches.


Ultrafit 10Mile St Annes 20/3/11

Alan on Fire

Alan Henderson made the long journey south and was rewarded when he finished a superb12th in a time of 57.39 in a field of almost 400 runners. The race also included the Lancashire Championships and Fire Service Championships, both titles won by Antony Ford of Sale Harriers in 51.48, with Alan taking 3rd place in the Fire Service.

Clydebank 5k 19/3/11

Stephen Trainer  finished 14th at Clydesdale Harriers 5k road race in a time of 15.58 against a good quality field in windy conditions at Clydebank. The first 6 runners were all under 15 minutes, in a race won by Inverclyde's Chris Mackay in 14.28.

Stephen's time matched his last appearance in this race in 2006, he later went on to run 15.11 the same season at the AAA championships - no pressure Stevie!!

ParkRun 19/3/11

Hat Trick of PB's

Steven Campbell still in outstanding form sliced 19 seconds from his previous quickest to dip under 18minutes for the first time at the weekly Pollok Park run. David Carruthers continues his steady improvement with a PB as did Eleanor Kane.

(8)Steven Campbell 17.58,PB (17) Robert Docherty 19.15, (27) Graham McGrattan 20.01,(58) David Carruthers 21.58 PB (106/8th lady) Eleanor Kane 24.14 PB

Den Haag - City Pier City 1/2 Marathon 13/3/11

Iain Goes Dutch

Whilst the majority of Glenparkers braved the cold winter weather in Balloch, Iain Rankin ran in a balmy still 14 degrees at the City Pier City 1/2 marathon in the Hague (Netherlands). Not fast but improving and a good steady 1:43:47 (1725th  in a field of over 7200 finishers).

Balloch to Clydebank 1/2 M 13/3/11

Personal Best For Alan

There was a big entry from the Harriers for one of Scotlands Classic road races. Saturdays heavy snowfall put the race in doubt, but the milder weather allowed the race to go ahead. Alan Henderson recorded a personal best for the 1/2 marathon distance although a little disappointed he couldn't quite reach the 75min mark. Mick McLoone was 4th fastest vet but happy finishing over 2 minutes quicker than 2010. Terry Wall was our top lady in 1.44.05.

*(more results) 74th R.Wilson Jnr 1.26.43, G.Mitchell 1.35?, 299th A.Cushnaghan 1.50.52, 392nd S.Gillies 2.01.36

11 Alan Henderson 1:16:27
14 Michael Mcloone 1:17:28
16 David Henderson 1:17:40


Steven Campbell


100 Adams Robert 1:29:43
195 Robert Dolan 1:41:16
229 Theresa Wall 1:44:05
287 Fiona Cushnaghan 1:49:35
307 Silke Loehndorf 1:51:18
311 Susan  Clark 1:51:30
386 Yvonne Prager 2:00:25

Official results will appear here:

Glasgow Park Run 12/3/11

Robert Docherty and Eleanor Kane splashed their way round a slushy Pollok Park and were rewarded with top placings at the weekly Park Run.  Both making their debuts saw Robert finish 4th  (19.06) and Eleanor 3rd Lady (25.38).

Kings Building 5Mile RR 12/3/11

Snow Problem For Emma

In damp, dreary and snowy conditions, 85 runners still ventured out to take part in the Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds annual 5 mile road race. Glenparks Emma Baxter who's been in good form all winter put in another strong display finishing top under 20 woman, and 4th Lady overall.

National Indoor Championship 5 & 6th March 2011

 Young Harriers Make Debut at National Indoor Champs


Lucy Compston

Day 1 - Under 17's & Under 20's

Gabrielle Fisher was the Harriers top performer at Glasgow Kelvin Hall on the 1st day of the National Age Group Championships. In the under 17 women’s 60metre short sprint she reduced her personal best to 9.14 seconds.  Then she followed it up with another PB in the 200m.  Fading in the final 30metres, she just missed out on 3rd place in her heat.  In only her first season concentrating on the sprints she has made rapid improvements and has showed she has the potential for much more to come.

Mark Magee another newcomer to sprinting just dipped outside his PB in a very quick 60m heat, he did however power his way to a best time in the 200metres, his work ethos will ensure those times will tumble in the summer.

Meighan McDade after a disappointing winter was more like her old self in the 800m with a good performance, although tiring at 600m and falling off the pace, the signs leading up to the start of the summer season were encouraging.

The under 20men got a bit of a wake up call in their 800m heats when they were pitched against some top class opposition, Sean McCallion was thrown in against top British runner Guy Learmonth, although well off the pace, it was a good learning experience for the youngster.

In the following heat Andrew Fisher and Adam McCormick were up against each other, and with both being dropped by the leaders early on it turned out to be a  personal battle between the Orangefield pair. Both went for it from the start, with McCormick forging ahead determined to turn over his team-mate. And at half way and holding the upper hand it looked like his tactics would pay dividends, but his very fast first half took its toll and Fisher passed him with 300m to go and he extended it to a comfortable lead

Gerard Smith was put into a straight final in the Under 17’s 1500m, and did well staying with the lead pack until halfway. Although slipping back he had the satisfaction of setting a new personal best early in the year for the metric mile.

Day 2 - Under 13's & Under 15's

Lucy Compston got the 2nd day of competition off to a good start in the 60m sprint lowering her best by 3 tenths of a second to 9.34. Also competing in the 60metres and on the boards for the first time  were Jack O'Rourke and Danielle Hunter who handled the pressure of the National Championships in their stride both finishing 4th in their heat. Luisa Davies ran well in her first middle distance race of the season, despite having no speed work in her legs, her endurance from her xc training ensured she dipped under 3 minutes, a time she struggled to make last year. Lauren Mulaghton and Michael O'Rourke performed well in the under 13's 800m, unfortunately both just missing out on the final.

Evan Warwick comfortably won his heat as he eased his way to the final. He went all out from the gun at a blistering pace as he attempted to hold on to the leaders, covering the first lap in 33 seconds and reaching 1/2 way in 75secs. But the brave effort took its toll, and he slowed off the pace to finish in 3rd place.

Lucy Compston returned to the track in the afternoon for the 200m. Running a good bend then fast down the back straight, but lacking a little speed endurance, her legs buckled in the final 50metres as she slowed through the line, still a commendable days work  in her biggest competition to date.

*Special thanks to coaches Duncan MacNeill, Stephen McDade, Alan O'Rourke and Stevie McLoone, preparing the junior athletes for their events, and to Valerie , Billy and Laurence for support and transport.

Nigel Barge 10K 5/3/11

Harriers Dominate in Glasgow

Glenpark Harriers  had their most prestigious win of the year taking the team prize as  we filled 5 of the top 16 places at Maryhill Harriers Nigel Barge Memorial 10K race. Stephen Trainer was our top finisher in 6th place. Alan Henderson and Mick McLoone continued their personal battle with Alan coming out on top by just a couple of seconds.  Mick put the icing on the cake by winning the prize for the top veteran runner. Davie Henderson and Steven Campbell were our next guys home. Robert Docherty continued  his comeback with another another improved performance.

Results: 6.S.Trainer 34.28, 8.A.Henderson 34.45, 9.M.McLoone 34.47,13.D.Henderson 35.25, 16.S.Campbell 36.06, 40.R.Docherty 39.13.

Glasgow Park Run 5/3/11

McCall Comeback!!

Congratulations to Laura Munley in her first Park Run finishing in a time of 34.20, also for achieving something club captain Sam McVicar couldn't achieve.... getting Andy McCall to pull on a club vest and race!!!!!! Well done Laura (and Andy) P.S. Andy also ran 34.20, obviously he held Laura back from a quicker time.

National Pictures


Evan & Ross at the finish of the Under 13 race . Thanks Peter McLaughlin for pictures.

More pictures of the Juniors and Seniors  from the National XC at Falkirk on the following link.

Wilson Trophy Race 26th Feb 2011

Golden Graham

Graham McGrattan’s victory at Greenock Glenpark Harriers Wilson Trophy race marked a successful return to athletics for the veteran athlete.


After retiring from running through injury for over a decade, he returned back to Glenpark last year, and has shown the gutsy all out effort he was renowned for in his first stint with the club, culminating in Saturdays win on the 4.5 mile trail on the Greenock Hills.


Stephen McDade a past winner of this race was another returning to his best taking valuable points with the runners-up spot.


Stephen Trainer again stamped his mark on the race with another step towards retaining his club title recording the fastest scratch time, but making inroads and closing the gap on him was Davie Henderson, who turned the tables on Mick McLoone from last week, as did Danny McLaughlin on Steven Campbell.


Alison King was the convincing winner in the Ladies race, ahead of Terry Wall and the in-form Yvonne Prager.


Young Andy Fisher with his injuries hopefully behind him is starting to show some form that his hard work in training deserves was the top junior.


Robert Dolan celebrated the week of his 60th birthday by winning his category ahead of Duncan MacNeill.


Others to do well were James Watson 10th quickest overall and new members Martin Thompson and Kevin Gill who were given very challenging handicaps but should be pleased with their performance on the very tough trail.


Susan Clark was the most unfortunate athlete after taking a wrong direction on the course when leading the race, which denied her the chance of what looked a likely victory.


Magee Makes His Mark

Diminutive Nichola Doohan just failed to make it 2 wins in a day at the Harriers 1 mile conceding Handicap race after earlier winning the local schools xc race in the morning.  Mark Magee a giant in comparison snatched the win in the last few yards just when it looked like the youngster would hold on for a glorious double. Mark the clubs top sprinter showed no mercy as he swept past for a deserved victory.


In a large turnout from the Harriers juniors, Gerard Smith was fastest boy on the day, ahead of Mark, with an improving Ross Forbes in 3rd. And showing quality in depth only a second separated Cameron Watson and Evan Warwick.


Meighan McDade was quickest girl, just ahead of Lauren Mulaghton, with Nichola a close 3rd.  Fastest finish of the day came from Lucy McFarlane with a fantastic burst of speed along the home straight.

  Athlete H/Cap Actual
1 Mark Magee 6.56 5.26  
2 Nichola Doohan 7.00 6.30
3 Ross Forbes 7.05 5.35
4 Cameron Watson 7.05 5.45
5 Evan Warwick 7.16 5.46
6 Allison McArthur 7.22 7.22
7 Danielle Hunter 7.26 6.56
8 Gerard Smith 7.27 4.57
9 Mia Forrest 7.28 6.58
10 Meighan McDade 7.29 6.09
11 Sophie McLoone 7.31 7.31
12 Lauren Mulaghton 7.33 6.13
13 Rachael  Mulaghton 7.35 7.05
14 Michael O'Rourke 7.42 6.22
15 Christie Mulaghton 7.43 7.13
16 Luisa Davies 8.14 6.54
17 Lucy McFarlane 8.35 8.05
  Athlete H/Cap Actual Cat
1 G.McGrattan 45.20 32.40 50
2 S.McDade 45.49 34.29 40
3 S.Trainer 46.03 26.03  
4 R.Dolan 46.07 33.07  
5 D.McLaughlin 46.08 28.28 50
6 D.Henderson 46.12 26.52  
7 F.McKnight 46.18 29.58  
8 R.Docherty 46.20 31.00  
9 K.Pryde 46.45 33.05 40
10 M.McLoone 46.49 27.29 40
11 A.O'Rourke 46.52 30.32 40
12 Y.Prager 47.11 42.51 45
13 J.Watson 47.16 31.16 40
14 D.Carruthers 47.21 37.21  
15 K.Scott 47.22 36.42 50
16 B.McCluskey 47.23 34.23 40
17 S.Campbell 47.43 28.43  
18 R.Dolan snr 47.48 35.48 60
19 S.McVicar 48.09 32.49 40
20 A.McCormick     20
21 S.Watson 49.14 33.14  
22 A.Fisher 49.25 30.25 20
23 T.Wall 49.35 40.35 45
24 A.King 49.53 36.13 35
25 I.Rankin 50.12 38.52 40
26 D.MacNeill 50.27 38.27 60
27 K.Gill 51.49 43.49 40
28 T.Knight 52.27 49.07 60
29 M.Thompson 57.53 47.53 40
30 S.Clark   41.05 35

Atkins 3KM 25th Feb 2011

Another GGH PB

Kevan McCartney  completed the Atkins lunchtime 3k round Glasgow Green on Friday afternoon. After completing the National XC last week this seemed like a breeze as he sliced 10 seconds of his previous best.

Kevans Report:

Nice day, but pretty windy…After a quick start followed by a steady plod into a strong headwind until the halfway turn point, then I managed to increase speed a wee bit on the homeward leg and claw back a few places, thanks to those Wednesday interval sessions. In the final 600m I managed a fairly fast finish and took 3 vests…(This was due to misjudging the distance to the finish line ,and to you as I can always hear you in my head these days ..when I’m in the final stretch” Every Vest Counts” Think you shouted it at me in the Renfrewshire Road Race on my final lap of the Battery – Thanks for that !!! :-).

Winner was one of my work colleagues Craig Cassidy of Hamilton Harriers in a time of 9.32 (30 seconds faster than the last time he won it in November) Craig continues to improve with all ironman training and events he regularly does. First Lady home was Claire Thompson of Bellahouston Harriers in a time of 11.27 , First vet was another work colleague Stephen Hoey who runs for the Irish National Duathlon team in a time of 10.36. I was 11.24 and new PB for me over this distance by about 10 seconds.

If anyone is interested the race is running again on the 26th of March and the 6th of May. All the detail are on the Scottish athletics website.

National XC Championships 19/2/11

Harriers Best  in 23 Years

Stephen Trainer leads the GGH men's team.

More pictures from Chris Upson on following link:

The senior men's team before the start (missing R.Wilson, M.Harrington, & M.McLoone) most sporting their go faster haircuts after getting their heads shaved the previous night for charity. - It certainly worked with the team placing 11th overall.

Stephen Trainer led a rejuvenated Greenock Glenpark Harriers to their best National cross country performance in 23 years at Falkirk on Saturday.

This men’s squad has grown in confidence all year, and even the late call off through injury from two of their potential counters couldn’t dent their resolve to put in a performance their hard work over the season warranted.

From the start it was an all effort from the 19 Orangefield men who received tremendous support around 3 laps of the 2 ½ mile muddy, hilly trail around Callendar Park.

Trainer in his first senior championship led by example, suffering back pain on every hill, ran through with gritted teeth to finish in 58th. The target this year was also to get 4 men in the top 100, and they succeeded with Alan Henderson, Mick McLoone and Davie Henderson all dipping comfortably under the mark.

Mick McLoone and Alan Henderson were locked together for most of the race until midway on the final lap when Alan broke away on the steepest of the climbs. His brother Davie had to call on all of his determination to haul himself back into the contest after a bad spell saw him going backwards on the middle part of the race.

Thomas Loehndorf worked away steadily throughout, and what he lacked in speed he certainly made up with his undoubted endurance as he picked off runners on every lap of the strength sapping course. Once again Steven Campbell proved to be a vital man for the club this year, bringing the Men home in 11th as the final counter.

It was way back in 1988 when a strong team which included Tommy Murray, Alan Puckrin and Phil Russell finished 10th at Irvine Beach Park.

Suzanne Coyle in her first cross country championship was the clubs top lady where she looked impressive with a particularly strong second lap which took her into the top 100. Lynne Rogers, another making her Falkirk debut, didn’t disappoint although tiring after half way clung on to keep the gap to Suzanne to 150m. Team captain Terry Wall and Heather Kangley were the final counters in what was a good solid showing from the ladies team who finished in 18th and who should now be looking to build towards next years championship.

The trophy awarded for the top Glenpark male finisher was very close with under 13 Ross Forbes in 40th just pipping under 17 Andy Fisher by one place in their respective races. Eilidh Hamill claimed the female trophy also with a 40th place, ahead of Lauren Mulaghton and Meighan McDade.

There were some encouraging performances from the young athletes especially from Evan Warwick and Shelby Morrison, and a very determined Laura Hamill.

Well done to Emma Baxter who finished in 17th to help her Edinburgh University team to the silver medal in the under 20 race , also running for Edinburgh was Katie Pollock in 32nd.

U13Boys: R.Rorbes 14.26, E.Warwick 14.36, M.O’Rourke 16.30, U13Girls: L.Mulaghton 17.00, S.Morrison 17.17, L.Hamill 19.13, U15Girls: M.McDade 19.19, L.Davies 20.23, U15Boys:  K.Munro 16.53, M.Magee 18.05, U17Women: E.Hamill 22.53, U17Men: A.Fisher 28.03, S.McCallion 30.12, A.McCormick 30.28 U20Women: E.Baxter 19.12, K.Pollock 23.25

SenWomen: S.Coyle 36.27, L.Rodgers 38.05, T.Wall 41.12,  H.Kangley 42.24,  S.Loehndorf 43.02, F.Cushnaghan 43.15, Y.Prager 45.08.

Sen Men: S.Trainer 43.49, A.Henderson 44.58, M.McLoone 45.14, D.Henderson 45.43, T.Loehndorf 46.37, S.Campbell 47.38, D.McLaughlin 48.13, R.Wilson 50.22, F.McKnight 51.04, A.O’Rourke 51.34, J.Watson 53.57, S.McVicar 55.17, S.Watson 55.50, K.Pryde 55.58, M.Harrington 56.20, B.Kangley 56.58, K.McCartney 57.02, S.McDade 59.38, I.Rankin 63.45.

Renfrewshire Road Race 6/2/2011

Men's Team Go from Strength to Strength

Renfrewshire's top vet Mick McLoone, with Shaun Lyon, and Alan Henderson

2 points was all that separated Greenock Glenpark Harriers men from their first County gold medal since 2003. With a near full strength team, hopes were high that the blue and gold hoops would end a 7 year barren spell at the Renfrewshire Road Race championships held at the Battery Park on Sunday. With the first six to count, Glenpark’s top runners didn’t disappoint with all counters finishing in the top 25 and all achieving personal bests in the process. First back was club champion Stephen Trainer in a creditable 7th position, followed by David Henderson, Mick McLoone, Shaun Lyon, and Alan Henderson. Stevie Campbell filling the all-important 6th counter spot. A tense 30min wait for the results to be calculated ended in heartbreak as the team realised that they had lost the gold by just 1 position and 9secs. Standout performances came from Lyon and Campbell who took an incredible 60secs off their previous best. Michael McLoone bounced back after a slightly disappointing West XC to claim the gold in the V40 category. Such is the improvement shown in recent months it was plain to see from the disappointment on their faces that they only went home with team silver in the County Championships. The transformation in a relatively short space of time has been remarkable. Only 2 years ago the team were languishing at the bottom of the National Cross-Country team championships. The club now head to the 2011 event in 2 weeks with a renewed confidence of achieving a top 10 at the sports winter showpiece.

Outside the top counters there was some other great performances, none more so than new member Frank McKnight who despite never breaking 40mins for 10km managed to break 31mins on the day and is looking a certainty to rewrite his best times this summer. Danny McLaughlin (Vets Silver), Mick Harrington and David Carruthers also excelled.

It wasn’t just the men who impressed with Allison King and Suzanne Coyle performing heroics for the ladies team. King bounced back to form following a lengthy period of illness to finish first back for the club and win a Vets silver medal. Coyle went even better with a massive PB on the day and is proving to be the find of the season for the ladies team. Captain Terry Wall completed the counters just ahead of Silke Loehndorf. Unfortunately, the team narrowly missing out in the medals, finishing 4th in a very strong women’s race. Like the men they will go the nationals in better shape with Coyle and Lynne Rodgers providing a much-needed boost. 

Earlier in the day the club had several boys and girls participating in the junior events. Top performance came from U13 Ross Forbes who won a hard earned individual silver medal. Other individual medals came from U11 Cameron Watson and Under 17s Andy Fisher and Eilidh Hamill with Fisher a full 2mins quicker than 2010. Twins Jack & Michael O’Rourke joined Forbes to claim a team bronze for the U13s a fete that was equaled by U11 girls Nicola Doohan, Rachel Mulaghton and Clara Pollock with Christie Mulaghton just missing out on the medals. In the U15s Gerard Smith was surprisingly outside the medals with Kieran Munro showing steady improvement.

& Senior Results: (under 11's to follow) results.xls

Scottish 4K XC Bellahouston 30/1/11

GGH 11th at Short XC Champs

Davie Henderson leads the GGH team home

The Glenpark senior men competed as a team for the first time at the Scottish 4k XC championships at Bellahouston Park. It was a solid all round performance from our 8 men., with David Henderson continuing to improve with another strong run, but inching a little closer was Andy McCall quickly getting back to form. With a few of the top guys missing it gave the opportunity for some fringe runners to  get into the counting 4. Veteran Danny McLaughlin minus his leg brace grabbed 3rd with Frank McKnight getting the final spot to give the Men 11th team placing. 

O'Rourke, Harrington, and McCartney will need to to show a massive improvement over the next 3 weeks as Captain McVicar running well within himself, has promised to show them all a clean pair of heels at the Nationals in Falkirk.

Results: 53. D.Henderson 13.32, 62. A.McCall 13.58, 79. D.McLaughlin 14.44, 84. F.McKnight 15.16, 95. A.O'Rourke 16.00, 99. M.Harrington 16.14, 101. K.McCartney 16.19, 102. S.McVicar 16.34.

National Indoor Open 23/1/11

Gabrielle Storms to Win

Gabrielle Fisher was Glenparks standout at the National Indoors meeting at Glasgow Kelvin Hall, where she had a storming run to win her 60m heat in 9.10secs. Her long stride took her two metres clear of the field at half way, which was just enough to hold off her fast finishing opponents. 

Lucy Compston showed plenty of promise in what was her first ever sprint race, completing the short sprint in 9.61secs. After losing touch in the early part of the race, she had a stronger 2nd half, rapidly making up lost ground.

Mark Magee (8.40) was left with too much to do after being slow out of the blocks, but he made amends with a much improved run in the 200m (27.12) a personal best by 3tenths of a sec, where the 14 year old was pitted against senior athletes.

Their performances were all the more commendable after their preparations were hampered with a long delay in the 60m, as the young athletes were held in the call-up room for 90 minutes prior to their race.

Link to video of races:

Harris Trophy 22/1/11

What the Fog Was That?

                        Trainer & Henderson and Lyon after 1 lap

Greenock Glenpark Harriers Stephen Trainer turned over current leader Davie Henderson for his first win in this season’s club championship for the Tom Harris Memorial Trophy.

With the Coves reservoir shrouded in thick fog, it made viewing difficult for the spectators, only seeing the runners at the end of each lap for a brief moment before their shadowy figures disappeared back into the valley.

It was the usual blistering charge at the gun as the 50 runners competing over 5 distances in the mass start, jostled for position on the narrow hilly path around the two reservoirs.

In the senior race it was the two protagonists Henderson and Trainer who hit the front from the off. Locked together until half way, Henderson then tried to break the younger man, but he couldn’t sustain the gap as Trainer hauled back then overtook him eventually running 100m clear at the finish.

It was a fascinating battle for 3rd place between Shaun Lyon, Alan Henderson, last year’s winner Andy McCall and surprise package Steven Campbell.  Lyon paid for his early exuberance on the first lap after he went with the leaders, before dropping back into the group of 4. But it was Alan Henderson who grew from strength to strength on each circuit who was to take the 3rd spot ahead of McCall with Lyon just holding off the fast finishing Campbell.  It was therefore no surprise that this performance gave Campbell the Handicap Trophy, his first at the club and thoroughly deserved.

Susanne Coyle and Lynne Rogers also had a titanic encounter for the ladies trophy, almost mimicking the men’s race as the pair went stride for stride until halfway. It was from here that Susanne turned the screw as her relentless pace drew her clear, to take her first victory, and to within a point from the lead in the women’s championship.

Terry Wall was top lady veteran, but was closely followed home by Fiona Cushnaghan and Silke Loehndorf.

On the 3 lap race Gerard Smith was a minute clear of Andy Fisher with Eilidh Hamill gaining maximum points for her efforts. Over 2 laps Ross Forbes prevailed holding off a strong challenge from Keiran Munro, while Meighan McDade consolidated her lead in the girls title race.

Under 13 Evan Warwick was impressive in winning over the single loop, leaving many of the senior athletes in his wake, as was Lauren Mulaghton. In a very competitive under 11 competition, Cameron Watson looks to be unbeatable in club races, but it was a stiffer test for Nichola Doohan, as she had to keep her nerve right to the line after coming under intense pressure from Christie Mulaghton and Mia Forrest.

Under 11- ½mile: C.Watson 3.00, N.Doohan 3.28, C.Mulaghton 3.30,  M. Forrest 3.34, R.Mulaghton 3.54, T.Forrest 4.22, K.McLoone 4.34, L.McFarlane 5.02, M.McColl 5.03.

Under 13s- 1.4mile: E.Warwick 9.17, L.Mulaghton 10.32, D.Hunter 11.42, S.Morrison 12.17, L.Hamill 12.18, S.McLoone 13.21.

Under15s- 2.8miles: R.Forbes 19.10, K.Munro 19.48, M.McDade 23.27

Under17s – 4.2miles: G.Smith 26.38, A.Fisher 27.29, A.McCormick 28.43, E.Hamill 35.57

Seniors– 5.5miles:  S.Trainer 31.55,  D.Henderson 32.19,  A.Henderson  33.05, A.McCall 33.26, S.Lyon 33.39, S.Campbell 33.41, D.McLaughlin 35.17, R.Wilson 36.16, F.McKnight 37.11, J.Watson 37.36, K.Pryde 39.38, R.Dolan jnr 40.15, G.McGrattan 40.54, S.Coyle 41.19, S.McDade 41.29, B.McCluskey 41.31, L.Rogers 41.50, R.Dolan 42.14, K.Scott 42.35, I.Rankin 44.08, D.Carruthers 44.12, T.Wall 45.02, F.Cushnaghan 46.57, S.Loehndorf 47.53, Y.Prager 50.39, S.Clark 52.13, T.Knight 57.26, B.Downie 57.38. 

Photos from Thomas Loehndorf click link:

                                                 Harris 2011 start

West District XC Irvine 16th Jan 11

Senior Men in 5th Place

Well done to all our junior and senior athletes, and great team performances especially  from the Men, the Vets, Under 13 boys and Under 15 girls.

David Henderson led a Glenpark team to a fine 5th place at Sunday’s West Cross Country championships held at Irvine. Henderson made a conservative start, gradually working his way through the field to eventually finish a creditable 54th. Shaun Lyon made his usual lightning fast start and suffered in latter stages, just holding off the closing Michael McLoone. Alan Henderson, Kevin Gill and Steven Campbell completed the 6 counting places with special praise going to Henderson who ran through the pain barrier after pulling up early in the race with a twisted ankle. There were many positives to be taken from Sunday. Only 12months previous the men finished rock bottom on the day. With every counter finishing in the top 100 and only 15 places separating all 6 places the signs are looking positive for the Nationals in February. Most of the top men have room for improvement and a full strength team including club champion Stephen Trainer and former champion McCall should see the club challenge for a top ten place at the country’s blue ribbon event. Outside the top counters Kevan McCartney produced his best run in Glenpark colours off the back of a duathlon the previous day. Micky Dunn also made a welcome return.

Ross Forbes produced the best junior run of the day finishing 11th in a high quality U13 race. Forbes performance far exceeded expectations despite limited training over the holiday period. 4 weeks good training should see him improve significantly and a top 10 finish is definitely not out of the question. Evan Warwick pushed Forbes all the way eventually finishing just 2 places behind.

Junior captain Gerard Smith struggled with the pace in the U15 race but regrouped at the mid-way stage picking off 4 places to eventually finish in 13th. A week after being taken to hospital with an Achilles injury Andy Fisher confounded coaches by finishing top U17 with team-mate Adam McCormick just one place behind.

Eilidh Hamill had her best ever run in Glenpark colours, taking a few notable scalps on the day. Meighan McDade was first counting U15 ahead of Gabrielle Fisher and Luisa Davies. Lauren Mulaghton finished in 27th in the U13 race backed up by Danielle Hunter.

With just over 4 weeks to the Nationals at Falkirk the heat is now on all senior and junior runners to raise their game and ensure they turn up on the day in top form. The club had a respectable showing at Irvine but are hoping for much greater things at Falkirk and are hoping to take a record 50 runners on the day.

Glenpark’s next race takes place on Saturday with the club’s Harris Cup at Greenock Coves Reservoir.


Men: D.Henderson, 35.11, S.Lyon 35.45, M.McLoone 35.50, A.Henderson 36.27, K.Gill 36.43, S.Campbell 37.00, D.McLaughlin 37.12, A.O’Rourke 39.10, K.McCartney 42.21, M.Harrington 43.35,   

Junior Boys: R.Forbes 12.53, E.Warwick 13.03, M.ORourke 15.35, G.Smith 16.55, A.Fisher 25.28, A.McCormick 26.08,

Junior Girls: L.Mulaghton 14.33, D.Hunter 16.18, E.Hamill 22.40, M.McDade 23.10, G.Fisher 23.40, L.Davies 25.04,

Full Results HERE

Pictures from Stephen McDade

Alan O'Rourke, Alan Henderson, & Sam McVicar.

Davie Henderson, Michael and Lauren

Under 13 boys(Ross, Evan & Michael) and Under 15 girls (Meighan, Gabrielle, Luisa & U17 Eillidh) both teams finished 5th.

Shaun Lyon

ERC Duathlon 15th Jan 11

Danny Blown Off

On a very wet and windy Saturday Danny McLaughlin and Kevan McCartney
made their way through to Kirkliston just outside Edinburgh to take
part in the Edinburgh Road Club (ERC) Winter Duathlon (2.5mile run,
followed by a 9mile cycle and another 2.5mile run). Danny lost out by
seconds to the regular winner of the super vet medal. Those few
seconds he took emptying the weather from his trainers in his second
transition cost him the title and he had to settle for a well earned
2nd place in his age category which placed him 6th overall. (not bad
going, considering he was battling with sidewinds in his carbon fibre
deep rimmed wheels ;-)  Kevan had a good 1st run and great cycle which
seen him trailing Danny by little over a minute on the bike. He then
went on to achieve a negative split on the 2nd run which positioned
him 10th in his age category and 16th overall.

1st Drew Sharkey(the Bicycleworks)     47.57. (R1 12.34, B 21:04, R2 13:04)

1st Supervet: Peter Kadobinskyj (ERC) 51.37 (R1 14:08, B 21.38, R2 14.33)

2nd Supervet Danny McLaughlin (GGH) 51.55 (R1 14.08 B 21.42, R2 14,22)

16th Kevan McCartney (GGH)              55.42 (R1 15.49, B 22,54, R2 15.41)

Danny on his bike, Kevan 2nd left.

Glasgow Park Run 8/1/11

Best Yet From Campbell

The improving Steven Campbell had his best finish to date when he finished 6th at the weekly run at Pollok park. The icy conditions meant the course was changed from the path onto the grass, in a strong performance he took a good scalp in Scott Kennedy from Bellahouston, and was just 11 seconds behind Westerlands Chris Upson.

BUPA Great Run 8/1/11

Great North Run From Shaun

Shaun Lyon (left) looks to be in fine form as he finished 11th overall in 18.32 at a wintry Holyrood park. Brian McCluskey the only other Harrier at the Capital 5k event also showed up well 132nd overall in 23.06 & 17th in his age group from the 1300 competitors. Young Andrew McCluskey took part in the junior 2k covering the distance in 11.49 just outside the top half from nearly 200 runners.

Photos at


Beith Road race 2/1/11

Harriers First Foot at Beith

A small band of Harriers made the trip to the traditional Beith New Year races.  After a long period of inactivity on the racing front, there were 4 juniors and 4 seniors competing over the 1.2mile lap route (4 laps for the seniors), Steven Campbell was first back for the club in 17th behind race winner  Chris Mackay (22.43). Emma Baxter on a break from University was also in good form finishing 4th in the ladies race.

The Junior  all performed well with Gerard Smith first in the U15, Andy Fisher 1st in U17, Mark Magee 6th U15, and Evan Warwick 3rd in U13 race.



17. Steven Campbell 27.24

25. Emma Baxter 30.58 (4th Lady)

27. Kenny Pryde 31.27

33. Eric Baxter 32.44 (1st O55)

45. Susan Clark 40.34

(1.2miles) U13 3rd Evan Warwick, 7.12, U15 1st Gerard Smith 6.33, 6th Mark Magee 7.15

(2.4miles) U17 1st Andy Fisher 13.51

Kelvin Hall 30/12/10

Juniors see off 2010


14 of Glenpark’s junior athletes made the trip to Kelvin Hall for the New Years bash indoor open graded track & field meeting for their last race of the year. It was the first time most of the youngsters had been on the boards, and all can  be pleased with some excellent performances as well as gaining valuable experience of running the tight steep bends of the 200m track.


Highlights of the day were a double victory for Steven Edmond winning both his 60metre heats, and Mark Magee setting 2 personal bests also in the short sprint knocking two tenths from his best time set 2 days previously and the 400m.


The meeting was rounded off with a Swedish Relay (400m/200m/100m/100m) with Glenpark’s A team – G.Smith, M.Magee, A.Fisher, and S.Edmond finishing in 3rd in 2.00.9, and the B team of  A.McCormick, K.Munro, E.Hamill, and C.Watson 4th in 2.12.7.

Thanks to all the parents and coaches who came along to give their much appreciated support.

Video of races link here 



60M: M.Magee 8.19, S.Edmond 9.16, 9.34, E.Warwick 9.62, 9.86, L.Mulaghton 9.86, C.Watson 9.95, 10.35, S.Webster 10.20, N.Doohan 10.30, M.Forrest 11.15.


Long Jump: S.Webster 2.89m


1500M: G.Smith 4.58, A.Fisher 5.07, A.McCormick 5.22, K.Munro 5.23, E.Warwick 5.38, E.Hamill 6.38, L.Davies 6.51.


1200M: C.Watson 4.25, L.Mulaghton 4.29, N.Doohan 5.10, M.Forrest 5.21


300M: L.Davies 53.66, E.Hamill 55.47


400M: G.Smith 62.53, M.Magee 63.27, A.McCormick 66.20, A.Fisher 67.95.

Keiran and Mia

Duncan times Lauren & Cameron in 1200m..... Shona in run up for her Long Jump

Gerard's 3rd place in 1500m, Evan battles it out in 1200m

Prize Giving 2010

Winners from 10 to 70

Glenparks Champions for season 2010:Emily Pollock(Senior & U20), Jim Sheridan(O70), Yvonne Prager(O45), Tommy Knight(O60), Stephen Trainer(Senior), Sean McCallion(U17), Matthew Deegan(U20), Alison King(O35), Meigan McDade(U15), Stevie McLoone(O40), Gerard Smith(U15). Front, Cameron Watson(U11), Lauren Mulaghton(U11), Lucy Com[ston(U13), Ross Forbes(U13). (Missing Robert Wilson O50, Eilidh Hamill U17)

Well done to all our athletes who received their awards on Saturday night. Especially to Jim Sheridan who celebrated his 50th year as a member of the Harriers by becoming the very first winner of the Over 70 category.

Hugh Wilson 10k 27th Nov 2010

Glenpark Win at East Kilbride

The Harriers had a succesful day at the Hugh Wilson Memorial 10k with all 4 men finishing in the top 10 , to sweep to victory in the team competition. Davie Henderson ran a PB finishing in third place, as did Shaun Lyon in 5th, with Danny McLaughlin also picking up the 2nd vets prize.

(3) Davie Henderson 35.35, (5) Shaun Lyon 36.15, (8) Danny McLaughlin 37.25, (9)Steven Campbell 37.30

Pollok Park Run 27th November

Graham 8th at Pollok

Graham McGrattan recorded his highest finish at the weekly parkrun on Saturday coming home in 8th. David Carruthers also did well in his first run at Pollock, just dipping under 23 minutes.

Results: 8th Graham McGrattan 19.45, 23rd Steven Watson 21.19, 36th David Carruthers 22.53

Renfrewshire XC 20/11/10

             Medal Success for Glenpark

                                      Start of Mens Race

Glenpark won 6 team medals and 4 individual medals at the 2010 Renfrewshire XC championships.

It was an outstanding turnout from the club with 53 runners and dozens more helping out.


Well Done to ALL our Volunteers (just far too many to name) they did a fantastic job whether it was, preparing the course , marshalling, registration, timekeepering, getting the juniors warmed up, and all the helpers doing the catering. Their hard work was greatly appreciated with praise being heaped on the club for a well organised event.


U11 Girls Team Silver(Nicola Doohan, Mia Forrest, Francesca Fisher)

U13 Girls Team Silver (Lauren Mulaghton, Danielle Hunter, Laura Hamill)

U17 Girls Team Gold (Eilidh Hamill, Carly Dalgleish, Shona Webster): Individual Silver Eilidh Hamill, Individual Bronze Carly Dalgleish


U13 Boys Team Bronze (Ross Forbes, Evan Warwick, Steven Edmond): Individual Bronze Ross Forbes

U17 Boys Team Silver (Sean McCallion, Andy Fisher, Adam McCormick)

Men Team Bronze (D.Henderson, S.Lyon, S.Campbell, D.McLaughlin, K.Gill, A.O’Rourke):  Individual (Vets) Bronze Danny McLaughlin


Greenock Glenpark Harriers men won a well deserved bronze medal at Saturday’s Renfrewshire cross-country champs but were left kicking themselves after narrowly missing out on a golden opportunity to grab the county title, after just 9pts separated the first three teams. David Henderson was again the clubs star performer finishing first back for the club in 6th place. Henderson has been a revelation this year and is determined to keep up the good work by setting big targets for February’s National XC and April’s London Marathon. Bute boy Shaun Lyon made an impressive country debut with a top 10 finish. Most improved performance of the day undoubtedly came from Steven Campbell who earned a few notable scalps and is quickly regaining his top form. The trio of McLaughlin, Gill and O’Rourke packed well to ensure Glenpark were the first club home with the required 6 finishers however joy turned to heartbreak with local rivals Inverclyde proving too strong. With half the top performers missing the club hope for an improved result when a stronger squad travel to Irvine in two weeks for the West Championships. Robert Mitchell made a welcome return to the country and was unlucky to be just outside the counters whilst Robert Dolan Jr and Jim Cuffe got their spikes on and their legs muddy for the first time in years. Other good performances came from Kenny Pryde and Kevan McCartney.

The women’s team can also count themselves unlucky after missing out on the medals. In a very close contest only 14 points separated 4 clubs, with the Orangefield girls losing out on bronze by three points. Alison King although preferring roads got stuck into the muddy hilly course finishing in an oustanding 6th. Suzanne Coyle in her first season, surprised everyone with her form on the tough course, looked as if she was running effortlessly as she came back in 9th.  Terry Wall after a slow start came through strongly finishing ahead of Susan Clark.

The club were congratulated on their hosting of the event. It would not have been a success if it wasn’t for the dozens of volunteers who willingly gave their time to lay the course, steward, bake, cook, coach and work in the cafeteria. All in all it was a day when everyone involved in the club could say they were proud to be a Glenparker.

                                 Under 15s get under way

Race pictures from Stephen Trainer. The first link is for the senior race and the second the juniors.

Results :

Killie XC Races 14/11/10

Steady Start Pays Off For Cameron

            Cameron settles in at the start

Cameron Watson was in outstanding form at Kilmarnock Harriers XC races on Sunday. After a steady start in the middle of the pack he quickly worked his way through the field to finish well clear in 3rd, and just failed to catch Kilbarchan for the runners-up spot, running the tough 1 mile Under 11 race in 7.01minutes.

Bellahouston 10k 13/11/10

Almost 400 runners took part in Bella's 10k on saturday, Davie Henderson  was disappointed with his time of  36.22, but it wasn't the easiest of courses with lots of twists and turns, so should be pleased with his 16th place.   Anne Hay was the only other Harrier competing finishing in a very creditable145th position  in 45.34. Mick McLoone saw the big crowds and decided just to spectate. (*by the time he got to registration with 3 minutes before the start , they had  ran out of entry forms)

                                             Davie in centre of picture

Braid Hills X-C 13/11/10

Our 3 Uni girls were competing for Edinburgh University Hares & Hounds at the annual  Braid Hills cross country races in Edinburgh. Emma was top girl finishing 9th in the U20 category over the very tough XC trail, setting a pb by 20 seconds.

Results: 31st Emma Baxter 21.07, 43rd Emily Pollock 21.57, 84th Katie Pollock 26.39

Atkins 3K 5/11/10

In the wet and windy and leaf covered Glasgow Green and despite feeling a bit under the weather, Kevan McCartney managed to pull out a PB for 3K with a time of 11mins 33 seconds. There was only a small field of 35 mainley club runners– Motherwell Athletics Club won the men’s and the woman’s race with times of 9mins 44 and 11mins 52.
"Following a very fast start (too fast for me) on a slippy course, I managed to hang on till I saw the end in sight and turned on the gas with 1 minute left. Finishing in 15th. The race series starts up agan in February so my target then will be sub 11 :-)" - Atkins 3K on the Green Series at McLellans Arch, Glasgow Green.

Glagow Uni race 6/11/10

Well done to Anne Hay who ran 36.33 for the 5mile uni race at Garscube finishing 2nd in the F50 category.

Glagow Park Run 6/11/10

King is No.1

Alison King became Glenparks first winner of the Ladies category in the Glasgow Park run by beating Livingstone's Louise Crilly by almost 1/2 minute for the hilly 5k course. Danny McLaughlin also got a 1st (vet) holding off former Scottish Internationalist Hill runner Euan Mackay by six seconds, finish 8th overall. Lynne Rogers in her first park run was 5th lady.

8(1). Danny McLaughlin 18.08

43(1). Alison King 20.29

77(5). Lynne Rogers 22.22

Colin Shields Race 30/10/10

Davie Gets 1st Win

The tough climb up to the Hospital Susan Clark, Anne Hay, Liz Mitchell.

David Henderson

Pictures from Robert Dolan on link:

Pictures from Stephen Trainer:

Junior results and Report on "Junior Reports" page

David Henderson finally claimed his first club victory with a tremendous run at Greenock Glenpark Harriers Colin Shields 4mile time trial. After taking the runners up spot in four of last season’s races he finally made the breakthrough that his hard work deserved running half a minute clear of Shaun Lyon for the trophy.  Bute man Lyon can be pleased, making a noticeable leap forward in beating Alan Henderson and Andy McCall for second place.

There was a tremendous turnout in what was the first of the Greenock clubs Junior and Senior championship races, with 62 enthusiastic runners young and old competing.

The seniors were set off in pairs at 30 second intervals on the route that took them from Dunlop street out to Branchton then past IRH before returning back via Larkfield.  With all the runners strung out it was ideal for the fast men at the back, but especially for guest athlete Graeme Hyett who made short work of the course starting as back marker he picked off all 37 runners in front helping him to an impressive 20.41 minutes to give him the quickest time of the day.

Alison King was winner of the new women’s trophy in a perfect start to a season in which she is determined to regain her club title. It was tough competition in the women’s race with a record turnout of eleven taking part. Guest runner Daniella Hughes was fastest round the course, but behind the pair just 23 seconds separated Terry Wall, Lorna Coyle, Anne Hay, Suzanne Coyle and Lynne Rogers.

Alan O’Rourke in his first year as a veteran leads the over 40’s championship after beating Peter Clare by a minute.  Likewise Graham McGrattan was another of the veterans to impress, leading the over 50’s after a long time away from the sport, seemingly improving by the week. Tommy Knight holder of the over 60s title started where he left off last season by taking maximum points.

Others to show up well were new men Frank McKnight and David Carruthers with a couple of promising performances, and Ian Smith who doubted if he would complete the course but he battled manfully round,  delighted to finish in one piece (just about).

Senior Results 4miles: G.Hyett 20.41, D.Henderson 21.57, S.Lyon 22.32, A.Henderson 22.42, A.McCall 23.15, K.Gill 23.47, A.O'Rourke 24.05, F.McKnight 24.43,  G.McGrattan 25.07, S.Watson 25.18, D.McCorkindale 25.27, M.Harrington 26.02, P.Clare 26.15, K.Pryde 26.39, R.Docherty 26.40, K.McCartney 26.41, R.Mitchell 26.42, D.Hughes 26.44, A.King 26.55, R.Dolan 28.00, S.McDade 28.07, K.Scott 28.16, B.McCluskey 28.51, T.Wall 29.10, L.Coyle 29.14, D.Carruthers 29.18, A.Hay 29.30, S.Coyle 29.30, L.Rogers 29.33, A.McCall sen 29.54, L.Mitchell 30.06, K.Gill sen 30.53, F.Cushnaghan 31.15, S.Clark 31.49, Y.Prager 33.42, I.Rankin 34.00, T.Knight 34.44, I.Smith 37.49