Greenock Glenpark Harriers

"The Harriers"

Colin Shields Race 3/11/12


             40 Young Glenparkers Charge Down Dunlop Street


The Harriers would like to thank the many volunteers that made things run so smoothly on a very hectic and busy day.


David Henderson and Suzanne Coyle were in winning form at Glenpark Harriers Colin Shields race. After the mud of the country for the previous 3 weeks, they along with almost 100 harriers took to the roads of Greenock.


53 seniors took part in the 4.5mile time trial, a unique race which has the runners going off in pairs at 30 second intervals with the fastest starting last. The testing hilly route sets off at Dunlop Street to Branchton then loops around Larkfield before returning back to the start point again.


The winner was most likely to come from the final pairing of David Henderson and Steven Campbell, and so it proved. David set a blistering pace with Steven holding on as long as possible as both began to catch the earlier starters, but by half way he had broken clear and was on his way to winning the Shields trophy for the 2nd time. A strong finish from Andrew Harkins  secured third place behind Campbell. Veterans Robert Adams and Graham McGrattan both started together and stayed that way until the last 200metres, but a burst of speed from Robert moved him clear as fastest over 40 with Graham likewise in the over 50s.


David trys to break the 20mph speed limit in his sprint to the line


A remarkable improvement in the last few weeks by Suzanne Coyle (pictured) saw her beat her best time on the course by over 2 minutes, and also set a club record, to win the ladies race for the second year in a row. Jillian McNee’s strength has been her consistency and another solid run was rewarded with 2nd place, 12 seconds quicker than Lynne Rogers. It is becoming extremely difficult to predict the ladies race winner with so many capable of coming out on top, highlighting this was behind the leading 3, little over a minute separated the next 5 ladies which included Gillian Forrest the fastest over 35 and Lorna Coyle leading O45.


Luthais Arthur was the top junior, with Gerard Smith just 12 seconds behind.



Records went tumbling in the junior 1500m race as a best ever 40 took part with all top 4 boys going under the previous course record. Recent recruit Nathan Robinson from Dunoon, has come on leaps and bounds in his short time with the club won convincingly from sprinter Mark Magee with Evan Warwick taking 3rd.


Shelby Morrison, Lauren Mulaghton and Megan Rogers who ran so well at the nationals last week as a team, this time battled it out against each other, with Shelby again outstanding, smashing the girls’ record by 38 seconds. Lauren just held off Megan on the Dunlop street hill with both girls given the same time quickly followed by Danielle Hunter in 4th with all going under the old girls’ record.


There was also a close a finish in the under 11’s with Lucy McFarlane just getting the edge on Sarah Pugh.


The under 11 boys county xc relay champions Harry McGill, Jack McDaid and Craig White were all in excellent form, crossing the line within 6 seconds.


All 17 of the juniors who ran the same race in 2011 all showed considerable improvements, a great credit to themselves and their coaches.



1500m: Nathan Robinson 4.47, Mark Magee 4.52, Shelby Morrison 4.53, Evan Warwick 4.55, Scott Renfrew 5.07, Lauren Mulaghton 5.10, Megan Rogers 5.10, Danielle Hunter 5.31, Ewan Stewart 5.32, Calum Johnstone 5.33, Luisa Davies 5.34, Nicola Doohan 5.35, Lee Gibson 5.40, Harry McGill 5.41, Jack McDaid 5.44, Craig White 5.47, David Curley 6.07, Kate  Kilpatrick 6.13, Rachel McFarlane 6.14, Tom Forrest 6.17, Reece Footitt 6.18, Christie Mulaghton 6.19, Lucy McFarlane 6.21, Curtys Footitt 6.21, Emily Pugh 6.22, Sarah Pugh 6.22, Scott Graham 6.26, Lewis Warwick 6.27, Ewan Ferguson 6.28, Andrew McCluskey 6.31, Beth McKenna 6.42, Catriona Daisley 6.46, Rachel Mulaghton 6.50, Oliver Currie 6.53, Rachel McKenna 6.54, Alexander Jamieson 6.57, Laura McFarlane 7.35, Alistair White 7.45, Lauren Docherty 8.02, David McCluskey 9.17


4.5Miles: David Henderson 24.51, Steven Campbell 25.31, Andrew Harkins 26.18, Kevin O'Donoghue 26.33, Andrew McCall 27.10, Andrew Osborne 27.22, Robert Adams 27.28, Graham McGrattan 27.30, Richard Davidson 27.36, Liam Smart 27.38, Andrew White 27.57, Luthais Arthur 27.58, Paul Monaghan 28.07, Chris Watson 28.09, Gerard Smith 28.10, Alan O'Rourke 28.17, Steven Watson 28.18, Robert Dolan 29.42, Brian McCluskey 30.25, Mick Harrington 30.26, Robert Mitchell 30.36, Kenny Pryde 30.49, Jim Cuffe 30.50, Suzanne Coyle 30.58, Kevan McCartney 31.25, David Carruthers 31.56, Jillian McNee 31.59, Lynne Rogers 32.11, Gordon Morrison 32.15, Stephen McDade 32.35, Andy McCallSnr 32.35, Jacqueline O'Donoghue 32.38, Gillian Forrest 33.15, Donna Clark 33.16, Robin McAuslan 33.27, Lorna Coyle 33.36, Gillian McClure 34.00, Scott Forrest 34.09, James Campbell 34.50, Kevin Gill 35.19, Liz McAuslan 35.26, Jane MacLean 35.58, Kenny Scott 36.31, Fiona Cushnaghan 37.22, Silke Loehndorf 38.02, Johann McGrattan 38.42, Yvonne Prager 39.00, Kirsten Arthur 39.23, Grace Harrison 41.14, Tommy Knight 42.00, Richard Hodelet 42.20,


National XC Relays 27/10/12

Gr'EIGHT' Display from Girls

Shelby Morrison, Megan Rodgers and Lauren Mulaghton were in sparkling form as they delivered Greenock Glenpark Harriers best ever performance at the National cross country relays at Cumbernauld.

Shelby, off first on the 1.5mile hilly course, refused to get caught up in the blistering start. She ran a controlled race working her way steadily through the field getting stronger as the race progressed to finish in 3rd. Next up Megan was expecting big losses against the older girls but the clubs most improved junior athlete produced her best yet again to keep her team in the top ten. Finally 14 year old Lauren Mulaghton on the under 17 leg responded with a stunning run not only holding position but gaining 1 place to put them up to 8th  The gamble on running younger aged athletes in the final two legs coming good with the clubs highest ever placing in the girls relay. It was a day of positives from all the girls, especially Nicola Doohan, Anna Barrie and the returning Danielle Hunter.

In the 4k race the ladies team had an unexpected boost with the late inclusion of Emma Baxter. After getting badly blocked at the start Emma recovered well and soon set about gaining positions handing on to Jacqueline O’Donoghue in 27th, who then reeled in another four teams. Jillian McNee fully justified her promotion to the A team, only being passed twice, by Scotland’s Masters athlete of the year Fiona Matheson and internationalist Sue Ridley. The trio’s 25th place was 28 better than 2011.

Suzanne Coyle had a point to prove after her disappointing show at the West District and she bounced back to her best with the clubs 2nd fastest time. The most pleasing aspect was considerable strength in depth with 6 runners in the B, C and D teams all recording times within a minute of each other.

The men again showed progress, up one on last years 16th. The decision to run Stephen Trainer on the opener paid off as the on-form Harrier thundered round the course in 7th just 30 seconds off the lead. The next 3 runners knew they would be under pressure and would drop places, but David Henderson and Steven Campbell stepped up to the challenge with both running personal bests for the course, although slipping back to 15th. With 3 teams closing down on him, Mick McLoone did just enough on the anchor to hold on.

Other athletes to standout were Andrew Harkins and over 50 veteran Richard Davidson, and Kevin O’Donoghue who had an inspired run for the B team gaining 11 spots on the final leg,

It was a steep learning curve for new boys Euan Stewart and Nathan Robinson, both performing well in their first national competition, while the experienced Gerard Smith with a typical gutsy run pulled back 13 places on the teams last stage.

MEN A:  Stephen Trainer 13.21, David Henderson 14.24, Steven Campbell 14.52, Mick McLoone 15.16 B Frank McKnight 15.38: Andrew White 15.45, Andrew Harkins 15.25, Kevin O’Donoghue 14.51 C: Richard Davidson 16.20, Alan O’Rourke 16.18, Steven Watson 16.55, Graham McGrattan 16.36,  D: Kevan McCartney 16.36, Duncan Anderson 16.42, Mick Harrington 18.21, Jim Cuffe 18.14 E: Ross Neilson 17.39, George Mitchell 18.04, Ross Slater 18.37, Scott Forrest 19.12.

WOMEN A: Emma Baxter 17.44, Jacqueline O’Donoghue 18.51, Jillian McNee 18.58, B: Suzanne Coyle 18.48 Gillian McLure 20.15, Donna Clark 20.04 C: Susan Slater 20.54, Gillian Forrest 20.04, Liz McAuslan 20.37 D: Fiona Cushnaghan 22.41, Jane MacLean 20.40, Yvonne Prager 23.19  

BOYS: Euan Stewart 11.51 Nathan Robinson 11.02 Gerard Smith 9.42

GIRLS:  Shelby Morrison 10.42, Megan Rodgers 11.30, Lauren Mulaghton 11.03, Nicola Doohan 11.42, Anna Barrie 12.50, Luisa Davies 12.55, Christie Mulaghton 14.13. Danielle Hunter 12.11, Rachel Mulaghton 14.39, Catriona Daisley 15.44.

Park Run 27/10/12

The steady improvement continues with another couple of personal bests at Pollok Park for Chris Watson (19.04) Johann McGrattan (25.30) at the weekly 5k run.

Pictures of race HERE

County Champions 2012

Craig White, Jack McDaid and Harry McGill were all smiles after a Golden performance at Bellahouston Park at the Renfrewshire XC relay championships. They became Glenparks first ever under 11 boys team to win a County title.

Kilted Race & Renfrewshire xc relays 20th&21st Oct 12

The Kilted Trio 
Men's health - Survival of the Fittest (21/10/12)  Finish time 1:24:38


A glorious day in Edinburgh was the setting for three Kilted harriers Jane MacLean, Donna Clark and Kevan McCartney to test their fitness on one of Britain's hilliest Urbathon races. 


Off to a flying start down the royal mile the three navigated the first hay bale obstacles in a stylish vaulting fashion that even a Grand National jockey would be impressed with. While fellow competitors fell all around them the three sure footed athletes quickly moved through the field. After the royal mile was completed they descended through sides streets until the trio found themselves in the shadow of Waverley station, and working together they vaulted 8ft walls, ascended scaffolding pyramids, traversed numerous obstacles at height, and dangled from monkey bars - much to the excitement of the waiting photographers.


Following from this they quickly ascended Jacobs’s ladder, a near vertical collection of stair leading to the observatory high on the hill above Edinburgh. Passing numerous competitors on this hilly section, it was obvious that this trio were runners. Some fellow competitors were heard to say 'watch out let the harriers past!' At the summit of the climb was another collection of overhead sandbag runs, rope crossings, cargo net ascents, cargo nets scrambles and tunnels. Fatigued from the speed they ascended the hill and drawing weary from all the upper body activities the three were happy to descend the hill at speed in the direction of the water station. This was made much faster by the 100ft waterslides which all three descended with a funny selection of child like involuntary wails "weeeeeeeee yeahhhhh yaaaahhh etc"


Smiles on faces and water in shorts, they set off in the direction of the water station with soaked wet kilts.. they found themselves traversing a narrow muddy path on the side of a what some described as cliff edge, with this dangerous drop to their left each wished they had their spikes from the previous days Renfrewshire Cross country relay race. Back on Tarmac they passed numerous competitors, obviously struggling with race distance. They breezed through the grass market maze, and ascended quickly to meet the crowds of bemused tourists waiting on the royal mile, once here the kilted trio made light work of four walls obstacles much to the amusement and delight of the crowds.


Gaining speed and knowing the end was close, they descended into Princes Street Gardens for the final challenges. Once there they climbed; limboed and scrambled like professionals urbathon racers. The penultimate obstacle was a massive mud pool with cargo net draped across the middle to ensure sub aqua action. This didn't pose much of a challenge to the kilted harriers, who took this as an opportunity to cool off.

Hand in hand and completely soaked (sporran less) the trio took off in the direction of the final wall, standing some 12ft above the road it was a daunting prospect, however again working like a well oiled machine the harriers scaled it systematically. And in true Glenpark Harrier fashion before heading off for the finish line they took time to assist and encourage other competitors over their final nemesis.

Gold Silver Bronze

It was the turn of Greenock Glenpark Harriers women to take the plaudits, after their medal winning performance at Saturdays Renfrewshire cross country relay championships.


After coming close to a podium finish in the last few years they finally made the break through as trio Alison King, Jacqueline O’Donoghue and Donna Clark secured the bronze. The B squad also ran exceptionally well, quickest of which was Jillian McNee, finishing very close behind in 5th place. There was even more encouraging signs with the C team led by Liz McAuslan finishing in the top 8.


With 9 runners in the women’s squad all closely matched the team captain now has a difficult decision on team selection at Saturdays National Championships at Cumbernauld.


Although conditions on the day were mild and dry, the underfoot surface was to prove a real test for the athletes. The recent heavy rain had turned Bellahouston park into a quagmire with mud and pools of lying water all around the 4km course.


There were no slip-ups however from the youngsters as in the very first race of the day the Harriers under 11 boys struck gold. Harry McGill, Jack McDaid, and Craig White raced clear of the rest of the field to win convincingly from Giffnock North, their best performance to date.


More success quickly followed with the strong under 13 girls’ team of Shelby Morrison, Megan Rodgers and Nicola Doohan taking silver, all 3 showing a big improvement on the previous Saturday.


Gerard Smith getting stronger by the week was again impressive in the under 17s race, as was under 15 Nathan Robinson. The under 13 boys all in their first season of training and progressing all the time finished 5th


It was a new look men’s’ quartet that just missed out on the medals, led off by Kevin O’Donoghue, who came through strong in the second half of the race, he passed on to the promoted Andy McCall who consolidated 5th position. Steven Campbell then gained a place and closed the gap on the 3rd placed Bellahouston Road Runners to put David Henderson in with chance. Despite David’s best effort and running the clubs fastest time, he couldn’t quite catch the host club.


The athletes have been out in large numbers all year, and again they have responded to the club captains’ call with 9 senior teams competing on Saturday.  Andrew White, Frank McKnight,  Kevan McCartney, and  Gordon Morrison all running quickest for their respective teams, with McKnight especially doing well.


MEN A:  Kevin O’Donoghue 14.24, Andy McCall 14.49, Steven Campbell 14.15, David Henderson 14.04, B: Andrew White 15.05, Alan O’Rourke 15.32, Richard Davidson 15.33, Paul Monaghan 16.07, C: Frank McKnight 15.00, Jim Cuffe 17.03, Duncan Anderson 15.59, George Mitchell 17.50, D: Mick Harrington 17.00, David Carruthers 18.14, Kevan McCartney 16.06, Ross Neilson 17.25, E: Tommy Knight 24.13, Scott Forrest 18.41, Gordon Morrison 18.17, James Campbell 19.34.


WOMEN A: Alison King 18.22, Donna Clark 19.12, Jaqueline O’Donoghue 17.46, B: Gillian McLure 18.44, Jillian McNee 18.09, Gillian Forrest 19.33, C: Liz McAuslan 19.54, Jane MacLean 20.07, Rhonda White 20.26

D: Silke Loehndorf 20.42, Viki Wilkinson 21.41


JUNIORS U11B: Harry McGill 7.10, Jack McDaid 7.26, Craig White 7.48, Tom Forrest 8.16, Ewan Ferguson 8.16, U11G: Lucy McFarlane 8.59, Sarah Pugh 8.32, U13B: Euan Stewart 11.02, Robert Peterson 11.44, David Curley 12.15, Alistair White 15.14, U13G: Shelby Morrison 10.14, Megan Rodgers 11.05, Nicola Doohan 11.23, Rachel Mulaghton 14.14, Rachel McFarlane 14.39, Catriona Daisley 15.20, U15B: Calum Johnston 11.01, Nathan Robinson 10.19, U15G: Lauren Mulaghton 10.41, U17B: Gerard Smith 9.09, Mark Magee 10.22, U17G: Luisa Davies 12.44


Park Runs

It was a 1,2,3, for the Harriers at Strathclyde park, forgoing the mud at Bellahouston, Graham McGrattan, Steven and Chris Watson took all the top positions at the weekly 5km park run. Also competing was Johann McGrattan and Angela Hill.


 Across at Pollok park and also deciding to stay on the road, Richard Hodelet finished his 10th 5km park run of the year in a time of 28.34


Results: Graham McGrattan 18.10, Steven Watson 18.24, Chris Watson 18.45, Johann McGrattan 25.51, Angela Hill 32.10

Results of Renfrewshire XC Championships:

Essen Marathon 14th October 2012

Thomas Ranked Fastest in Scotland


The Harriers Thomas Loehndorf  saw disappointment turn to joy with another outstanding feat of endurance running. Just 2 weeks earlier he had suffered the frustration of having to pull out of the Berlin Marathon after only 7km through injury, but his spur of the moment decision to enter another Marathon whilst on a family holiday resulted in the delight of running a personal best time of 2.41 hours.


Competing in Essen, home of the oldest Marathon in Germany and recognised as a fast course, Thomas knew he was at the peak of his form, and crucially this time went in to the race pain free. The most difficult and important aspect of marathon racing is getting the pace right and Thomas got his to perfection by running negative splits. Covering the first half in 1.20.42, his 2nd half was almost identical 1.20.35, resulted in him passing 6 runners to finish the race in 7th overall and first veteran. His time now ranks him number 1 in Scotland and 12th in the UK for the over 45 age category.

West District XC Relays 13/10/12

Muddy Marvellous

Greenock Glenpark Harriers senior athletes surpassed expectations again, with their 5th place finish at the West District cross country relays at Kilmarnock.


The Glenpark men have progressed over the last few years by adding considerable strength in depth to their numbers; this was highlighted on Saturday with the late drafting in of Kevin O’Donoghue in what was his first team debut.


Their 5th place result was the Harriers best since the mid 1990s; a major part of their success being the return to form, after serious injury, of Stephen Trainer. Like last week he stormed through the field after David Henderson had set him up with a strong run on the twisting muddy 4km course. Trainer’s electrifying pace brought the Men up to 4th, with the reliable Steven Campbell relishing the challenge holding position on leg 3. O’Donoghue performed well under pressure, with only Shettleston’s Paul Sorrie passing him, but more importantly holding off hosts Kilmarnock to secure 5th.


Andrew White continued his recent improvement leading out the B quartet, ably backed up by over 50 veterans Richard Davidson and Graham McGrattan,  and quickest in the team Andy McCall returning to racing after his recent marriage.


Jacqueline O’Donoghue was the star performer in the developing ladies squad as both teams placed 3 positions better than in last years championships. On the frantic opening leg Suzanne Coyle finished in the middle of the pack in 21st before Jacqueline set about moving through the field, her determined effort saw her pull back 9 places. Donna Clark coming home in 13th rounded off a sound performance.


Gillian McClure out on the final leg of the B team, revelled in the mud and surprised everyone by recording the clubs 2nd fastest time.


With numerous athletes vying for position to be in the top teams for the National championships, there is added pressure to perform well at this Saturdays Renfrewshire Relays at Bellahouston in order to impress the team selectors.


Glenpark had an excellent turnout of 19 youngsters in the junior relays. Shelby Morrison was outstanding on the opening leg of the 1.5mile muddy lap getting her team off to a superb start, with the clubs fastest time finishing in 6th. Lauren Mulaghton and Luisa Davies brought the girls top team back in 16th place.  Nichola Doohan has been in the shadow of her team mates on the road, but on the country she is a completely different athlete as she proved again with an excellent opening stage equalling the time of Megan Rodgers.


The boys’ had Euan Stewart leading off, despite his inexperience the youngster did better than expected in the difficult underfoot conditions, more than justifying his place in the top team to finish in 28th. Evan Warwick ran strongly to hold the same position. He handed onto a rejuvenated Gerard Smith who made short work of the course gaining 6 places giving the team a solid start to the xc season.


Making their cross country debuts were Anna Barrie, David Curley and Natahan Robinson, these three young athletes did enough to show they will be very useful additions to the club.

                    Kevin O'Donoghue & Susan Slater


Junior Girls

A: Shelby Morrison 10.45, Lauren Mulaghton 11.12, Luisa Davies 12.13

B: Nicola Doohan 11.22, Megan Rodgers 11.22, Anna Barrie 12.37

C: Christie Mulaghton 13.17, Rachel McFarlane 14.19, Laura Hamill 13.16,

D: Rachel Mulaghton 14.48

Junior Boys

A: Euan Stewart 11.10, Evan Warwick 10.24, Gerard Smith 9.25.

B: David Curley 12.30, Nathan Robinson 11.12, Luthais Arthur dnf

C: Joshua Ruddy 12.39, Calum Johnston 11.52, Louis Warwick 13.58


A: Suzanne Coyle 18.50, Jacqueline O’Donoghue 17.25, Donna Clark 19.29

B: Gillian Forrest 19.40, Susan Slater 18.06, Gillian McClure18.21


A: David Henderson 13.49, Stephen Trainer 12.25, Steven Campbell 13.58, Kevin O’Donoghue 14.17.

B: Andrew White 14.57, Graham McGrattan 15.06, Richard Davidson 15.07, Andy McCall 14.49

C: George Mitchell 16.22, Jim Cuffe 16.50, Ross Neilson 16.41, Mick Harrington 16.56

D: David Carruthers 17.55, James Campbell 19.37, Ross Slater 17.06, Scott Forrest 18.38

E: Steven Watson 16.19

Kirkintilloch ½ marathon 7/10/12

Best of British


Mick McLoone claimed the British and Scottish ½ Marathon titles at the Kirkintilloch ½ marathon.


The 49 year old Scottish Internationalist competing in the Neil McCover memorial ½ marathon which combined the British and Scottish masters championship, set a new a personal best  of 76minutes as he finished 7th overall from the 1500 starters.  In the last few years he has developed in to one of the countries top veteran endurance athletes and clinching the British Over 45 title was just reward for his dedication to training.


Terry Wall 1.43, and Fiona Cushnaghan 1.52 also competing were both pleased go a few minutes quicker than last months  Kilmacolm ½.


McAndrew Road Relays 6/10/12

Order of Merit


Greenock Glenpark Harriers great run of form continued with another stunning performance at the McAndrew road relays at Scotstoun.  Captain Danny McLaughlin had shuffled the running order of his top quartet from last weeks Kilbarchan Relay, and his tactical change was rewarded with the clubs best finish in over a decade.


David Henderson (above) a mainstay of the A team for the last few years did his job and got the team off to a strong start coming home in 15th place to hand onto Stephen Trainer with most of the leading pack still within sight. The on-form Trainer set about chasing them down one by one, eventually hauling in 10 runners - the days 4th fastest lap and the added boost of taking some notable scalps in the process. Steven Campbell on the penultimate leg was under the most pressure with some of Scotland’s top clubs breathing down his neck, but he was to hold his nerve and his all or nothing style kept losses down to a solitary place. Shaun Lyon responded to his disappointing run last week by running a 40 second personal best for the course and in doing so moved the Orangefield based team back to 5th.


It wasn’t just the men that shone with all 3 ladies teams showing a marked improvement since last year with the A and B both 6 minutes quicker and the C team of Gillian McClure, Rhonda White and Liz McAuslan  faster by 12 minutes to finish 3rd veterans team.


As was last week very little separated the improving squad on the demanding 3.2 mile circuit around Scotstoun. Suzanne Coyle (pictured below) recorded the clubs fastest lap just ahead of Jacqueline O’Donoghue and Lynne Rogers. Donna Clark out on the opening leg was quickest for the B team.


Kevin O’Donoghue fresh from the Berlin marathon and Andrew Harkins on the anchor leg were outstanding in the mens B team within a second of each other. In what was another impressive turnout from the Harriers with 9 teams competing, Andrew White, Kevan McCartney, Mick Harrington, and Andy Fisher recorded the leading times in their respective teams.



A 5th team: David Henderson 17.45, Stephen Trainer 16.11, Steven Campbell 18.12, Shaun Lyon 17.22

B 16th team: Kevin O'Donoghue 18.18, Luthais Arthur 19.22, Richard Davidson 19.27, Andrew Harkins 18.19

C 25th team: Andrew White 19.24, Alan O'Rourke 19.34, Frank McKnight 19.31, Duncan Anderson 22.00

D 28th team: Kevan McCartney 19.55, George Mitchell 21.16, Ross Neilson 21.24, Paul Monaghan 20.25

E 40th team: Mark Magee 21.52, Mick Harrington 21.38, Jim Cuffe 22.04, Tommy Knight 29.23

F 38th team: Andy Fisher 20.55, Robert Dolan 23.08, Scott Forrest 25.26, Robin McAuslan 23.29


LA 9th team: Jacqueline O'Donoghue 22.38, Suzanne Coyle 22.10, Lynn Rogers 22.39

LB 12th team: Donna Clark 23.37, Jane MacLean 24.48, Gillian Forrest 23.40

LC 3rd Vets team: Gillian McClure 24.22, Rhonda White 24.39, Liz McAuslan 24.44,

Composite: Susan Clark 24.50, James Campbell 24.45

Park Run 6/10/12

PB's just Keep Coming


Graham McGrattan maintained his consistency at the weekly Parkrun. Graham regularly running in the low 18 minutes, this time just 2 seconds off his fastest time, finished 4th in the race but also topped the age grading system. His Daughter Johann who has improved every one of her runs at Pollok did it again for the 7th time, a remarkable 8 minutes quicker than her first in 2010. Brothers Chris and Steven Watson also set PBs with Chris edging ever closer to the 19 minute mark.



 4th Graham McGrattan 18.19

10th Chris Watson 19.06 PB

12th Steven Watson 19.24 PB

20th Lady: Johann McGrattan 25.39 PB 

Kilbarchan Relays 29/9/12

We Are Harriers

46 Harriers out at Houston as Kilbarchan AC hosted the George Cummings road relays

Photos of race from Kilbarchans Kenny Phillips: HERE

Stephen Trainer was the class act as Greenock Glenpark Harriers came out in record numbers, when they had 13 teams competing at the George Cummings road relays at Houston.  Trainer on the anchor leg recorded the 2nd fastest lap just 6 seconds behind Shettleston’s Paul Sorrie, to secure the Harriers team bronze in the Renfrewshire county championship.

Steven Campbell on the men’s opening stage produced yet another personal best to finish in 15th place to set up Davie Henderson with the leading pack just in front. Henderson built on the good start pulling in 7 places. Although gaining another position on the third stage Shaun Lyon was honest in his efforts feeling he had set out too quickly and paid the price on the hilly second half of the course.  Then came the charge by Stephen Trainer coasting home in 6th overall and securing County team bronze.

The ladies had 4 teams out and the improvement in the past 12 months was demonstrated with their top 3 all faster than last years A team. Suzanne Coyle set the A squad up by running the fastest time,  but Jillian McNee and Lorna Coyle ran out of their skins as both also went under 19 minutes to finish in 10th .

There was little between the B and C squads with just 1 minute separating all 6 runners, keeping the pressure on the A runners to perform at next week’s McAndrew relays at Jordanhill. Donna Clark was quickest in the ladies B team, but the stand out performance came from new girl Gillian McClure in her debut in the blue and gold recording the C team’s quickest time.

It was a strong showing from the men’s veteran quartet of Alan O’Rourke, Richard Davidson, Graham McGrattan and Andrew White, with their times all closely matched, they just missed out on the top veterans prize  behind winners Garscube Harriers.

Glenpark’s under 17’s stepped up a level and didn’t disappoint with Luthais Arthur and Gerard Smith running the clubs 7th and 8th fastest times. Youngster Luisa Davies did enough to show that she will be challenging her senior colleagues in the near future.

Richard Hodelet got the edge over Tommy Knight by 3 seconds, showing the competition among the clubs most senior veterans remains as keen as ever.

6th A: 56.15 Steven Campbell 14.31, Davie Henderson 14.26, Shaun Lyon 14.06, Stephen Trainer 13.12

15th B: 61.31 Andy Harkins 14.54, Gerard Smith 15.26, Frank McKnight 15.53, Ross McDonald 15.18

21st C: 62.52 Alan O’Rourke 15.49, Richard Davidson 15.32, Graham McGrattan 15.54, Andrew White 15.37

30th D: 66.31 Duncan Anderson 16.26, Kevan McCartney 16.20, Steven Watson 16.19, George Mitchell 17.06

34th E: 68.10 Luthias Arthur 15.23, Ross Slater 17.28, Andy Fisher 17.18, Stevie McDade 18.01

41st F: 70.37 Gordon Morrison 18.31, Kenny Pryde 17.18, Mark Magee 17.46, Ross Neilson 17.02

44th G: 74.28 David Carruthers 17.56, Robin McAuslan 19.00, Scott Forrest 19.58, Mick Harrington 17.34

51st H: James Campbell 20.15, Tommy Knight 23.57, Richard Hodelet 23.54, Jim Sheridan 28.50

I:  Luisa Davies 20.02, Robert Mitchell 17.29

10th LA: 55.37 Suzanne Coyle18.14, Jillian McNee 18.34, Lorna Coyle 18.49

15th LB: 58.55 Gillian Forrest 19.22, Donna Clark 19.16, Jane MacLean 20.17

17th LC: 59.46 Gillian McClure 19.37, Liz McAuslan 20.16, Rhonda White 19.53

18th LD: 65.16 Fiona Cushnaghan 21.27, Johann McGrattan 22.32 Susan Clark 21.17

Eglinton Park 5k 30/9/12

Well done to our junior athletes from Largs,  Under 15 Evan Warwick was 2nd in a time of 21.21, Under 11 Harry McGill 4th in 22.19 and Lewis Warwick 27.00 minutes

Berlin Marathon 30/9/12

Glenpark at Berlin

Excellent race report HERE from Kevin.

In Germany there was joy and disappointment at the Berlin Marathon as Kevin O’Donoghue broke his target time of 3 hours by 2 minutes, but for Thomas Loehndorf, disaster struck 2 days before the event he picked up an injury. With some intense physio he managed to make the start line, but was forced to pull out of the race at the 7km point. Also competing was club President Yvonne Prager who went under 4 ½ hours. At the inline skating event the previous day over the same course their was better luck for Silke Loehndorf who despite a fall a few kilometers before the finish picked herself up and set a new personal best time of 1.38 hours.

Berlin Marathon: Kevin O’Donoghue 2.58.40, Yvonne Prager 4.29.52, Silke Loehndorf 1.38.25


Pictures: Yvonne after the race delighted with her performance, and Kevin under the Brandenburg Gate





MidArgyle Triathlon 23/9/12

                 Thistle Do Nicely!

Victors Fiona Cushnaghan, Gillian Forrest and Rhonda White with Commonwealth Games Mascot Clyde

A total of 11 harriers travelled to Lochgilphead for the Mid Argyll Triathlon on Sunday for a sprint distance triathlon consisting of a 500m swim, 20k cycle and 6.5k run. Five of the eleven completing the whole event and two relay teams. The conditions were excellent but a little windy.

The relay teams were first to kick off the event with Gillian Forrest and Donna Clark taking to the pool to complete their 25 lengths. Gillian was the first to finish the swim leg in a fantastic time of 11 minutes before handing over to Rhonda White for the bike leg. Donna Clark followed a minute behind Gillian and handed over to an injured Danny McLaughlin for his cycle leg.

The cycle leg took you alongside the glorious Crinan Canal with a tail wind making for good times on the outward stretch. Danny overtook Rhonda before crossing over the Ballanoch Bridge and headed home toward the pool into a strong headwind. Despite the wind Danny managed to complete is cycle in 33 minutes and handed over to Viki Wilkinson for the run leg. Rhonda followed in with a cycle time of 40 mins and handed over to Fiona Cushnaghan.

The run leg was 6.5 km long and took you along the main road before crossing over and heading along the canal path towards Ardrishaig, with the runners heading in to the wind. Viki ran strongly and completed her leg in 36 minutes. Close behind was Fiona whose experience helped her gain time on Viki and managed to hold off a local runner for a sprint finish. Unfortunately experienced cyclist Danny was to find out at the end that due to a Traffic Safety Violation he was disqualified from the cycle leg - a decision that seems harsh and maybe a penalty would have sufficed. However the other GGH team the Glenpark Triers triumphed and lifted the Ladies Title. 

Next were the individual heats, first to head in to the pool was Jane MacLean, competing in her second Triathlon. Jane, who has been on great form, had some difficulty in the pool but managed to complete her swim in 15.38 before heading out on the bike. Liz McAuslan who has been improving in recent events was next out and completed her swim in a blistering 12.25. Jane was unlucky in her cycle leg, as a raised bridge saw her carrying the bike over the foot bridge to complete her cycle in 44.39, before heading out on the run. Liz completed her cycle leg in 43.29. Both ladies completed their runs and finish strongly, Jane in a time of 37.44 and Liz 34.19, giving them overall times of 1.41.20 and 1.33.06 respectively.

Fimally, it was the turn of the GGH men to take part, new member Andrew Osbourne, Scott Forrest and Andrew White, who was first out the pool in 10 minutes before heading out on the bike to complete his cycle in the fastest the time from a harrier in this event: 32.50. Andrew Osbourne and Scott Forrest were in the very competitive final heat of the day which included fellow local athlete Graeme Forbes and past winner Torquil Clyde, Scott recorded the fastest harrier swim time in 9.23 with Andrew close behind in 9.26 before heading out on their bike leg. Andrew White completed the Triathlon with his run at 27.20 mins for the 6.5km course and taking 9th place overall with a total time of 1.12.03. Andrew Osbourne completed his cycle time in 35.18 with Scott coming in soon after in 38.56. Both Scott and Andrew ran with determination to complete their triathlons in excellent times of 1.24.09 and 1.15.06 respectively.

A great day was enjoyed by all athletes who attended the well organised event with the highlight meeting Clyde, the mascot for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  








Andrew White







Andrew Osborne







Scott Forrest







Liz McAuslan







Jane MacLean







GGH Team







JG Cameron Races 22/9/12

Me and My Shadow

Stephen Trainer and Jaqueline O'Donoghue get off to a winning start in the Greenock Sunshine

Stephen Trainer smashed the course record to win Greenock Glenpark Harriers JG Cameron trophy race in the warm autumn sunshine at Greenock Esplanade. Also making a winning start to the Harriers 2012-13 season was the current Ladies champion Jacqueline O’Donoghue.


The result was never in doubt but the manner in which Stephen won was unexpected running 1 minute quicker than his previous best as he led the large field along the Esplanade from start to finish. David Henderson and Steven Campbell are the fittest they have been at this time of the year as demonstrated as both ran PBs for the course. Henderson was 150m clear of Campbell who had to use his experience to hold off Andrew Harkins as they went all out for third place, both looking to secure their place in the Glenpark “A” team at next weeks Kilbarchan relays, giving new team captain Danny McLaughlin a selection headache.


Alison King returning for her first race after a new addition to her family, immediately let Jacqueline O’Donoghue know she will have a battle to retain her championship title. But the confident O’Donoghue proved to be too strong on the day to win the Jayde McVicar Memorial Trophy for first female.  Also pushing them hard was Susanne Coyle and veteran Jillian McNee who followed close behind. This pair no doubt will also have their eyes on the title which still has a long way to go with 10 races remaining.


The most encouraging sign is the strength in depth and improving quality of performance from the Harriers women. A record turnout of 19 took part, which augurs well for the coming team relay season.


Andrew White showed considerable improvement to finish fastest veteran for the first time. A couple of seconds behind was Richard Davidson one place ahead of Graham McGrattan to secure the top over 50 position. Tommy Knight and Richard Hodelet were fastest over 60 and 70 respectively. Liz McAuslan finishing 3rd in the vets championship last year got her challenge off with a win as first over 45.


In the junior athletes 1km race Evan Warwick almost paid the price of switching off 50m from the end, as he eased down with the finishing line in sight, Shelby Morrison reacted and quickly closed down the gap to a single second in an excellent time, with both youngsters going under the previous record.

Lauren Mulaghton in good form took 2nd place clear of the promising Megan Rodgers in the girls race.


Ewan Stewart was the surprise of the day, competing in his first event he finished 2nd boy, with Largs youngster Harry McGill claiming the final podium spot.


The biggest improvements came from Lucy McFarlane, Catriona Daisley, Rachel Mulaghton and Jack McDaid, as their extra training sessions start to pay dividends.


Thanks to everyone who helped with timekeeping, Marshalling, catering, organising, photographs, our resident Doctor, and of course to all the athletes for making it a record turnout for the race.

4k Race: StephenTrainer 11.45, David Henderson 12.48, Steven Campbell 13.14, Andrew Harkins 13.16, Gerard Smith 13.31, Andrew White 13.40, Richard Davidson 13.42, Graham .McGrattan 14.07, Frank McKnight 14.19, Chris Watson 14.22, Alan O'Rourke 14.25, Steven Watson 14.31, Kevan McCartney 14.32, Duncan Anderson 14.38, Robert Dolan 14.57, George Mitchell 15.15, Brian .McCluskey 15.20, Andy Fisher 15.24, Mark Magee 15.40, Jacqueline O'Donoghue 15.41, Graham Potter 15.42, Robert Mitchell 15.44, Alison King 15.54, Stephen McDade 15.58, Susanne Coyle 16.07, David Carruthers 16.14, Jillian McNee 16.35, Robin McAuslan 16.51, Gillian Forrest 16.52, Donna Clark 16.55, Jane MacLean 16.59, Ernie Currie 17.00, Scott Forrest 17.13, Susan Slater 17.16, Gillian.McClure 17.24, Rhonda White 17.37, James Campbell 17.57, Liz McAuslan 18.06, Viki Wilkinson 18.56, Yvonne Prager 19.25, Johann McGrattan 19.47, Shona Webster  19.55, Rebecca McGeachie 20.42, Tommy Knight 20.58, Charles Kerr 21.07, Richard Hodelet 21.13, Hayley Holguin 22.20, Nicola Lee 23.14, Angela Hill 23.16, Jim Sheridan 24.38

1km Race: Evan Warwick 3.09, Shelby Morrison 3.10, Lauren Mulaghton 3.17, Ewan Stewart 3.20, Megan Rogers 3.21, Luisa Davies 3.22, Harry McGill 3.35, Calum Johnstone 3.36, Saskia Cooper 3.36, Nicola Doohan 3.37, Anna Barry 3.37, Jack McDaid 3.39, Kate Kilpatrick 3.43, David Curley 3.45, Lucy Compston 3.48, Andrew McCluskey 3.50, Craig White 3.51, Conor Cowan 3.53, Robert Peterson 3.53, Christie Mulaghton 3.53, Zoe Renfrew 3.53, Tom Forrest 3.58, Ewan Ferguson 3.59, Jonathon Slater 4.00, Chloe Hanlon 4.01, Lucy  McFarlane 4.02, Sarah Pugh 4.04, Sian McMinn 4.04, Rachel Mulaghton 4.04, Rachel McFarlane 4.12, Rachel McKenna 4.15, Scott Graham 4.18, Catriona Daisley 4.21, Beth McKenna 4.25, Oliver Currie 4.29, Craig Darroch 4.32, Natahn Harkins 4.32, Ruby McGill 4.34, Lisa Hanlon 4.39, Faith McGeachie 4.40, Jude Dolan 4.42, Alistair White 4.57, Lauren Docherty 4.59, Aaron Harkins 5.06, Shaun McGhee 5.06, Amy Carruthers 5.30, Shaun Heggarty 5.42, David McCluskey 5.58

The Best of Weekends for the Harriers


The  Harriers had a busy weekend with 44 members of the Greenock club competing in 6 events from  Newcastle to Fort William. And as has become the norm, Personal Bests were set again as the improvement continues right throughout all the age groups.

Well done to all our Runners (I counted 36 finishers from the results) at the Kilmacolm Inverclyde Leisure Festival of Running nearly 600 runners took part - not counting those in the Toddlers run at the start. Results on links below.

Pictures on FaceBook on LINK thanks to Kimberley Stevenson

3k Results

10k Results

1/2 Marathon Results

Stirling 10k 16/9/12

Stephen Trainer’s 14th place in the Scottish 10k championship at Stirling in a new personal best time of 31.48 is another indication that he is at last reproducing the form he displayed as a Champion junior athlete. A 2 year break from competition due to injury is hopefully well and truly behind him, as he prepares for the winter cross country season with renewed confidence.


Great North Run 16/9/12


Shaun 4th Scot at Great North run


Shaun Lyon took part in the Great North Run from Newcastle to South Shields, and in only his second ½ marathon he surpassed his expectations. Despite having a recent poor spell of training he still smashed his previous best for the distance by 3.30 minutes  to finish 66th overall and 4th Scot , from a massive field of 40,000 runners in an impressive time of 75.17minutes



5km Strathclyde  Parkrun  15/9/12


Davie Henderson continued his comeback placing 5th at Strathclyde Park in a time of 17.03 (a PB for the course) which was won by Cambuslang’s veteran Charlie Thompson in 16.27.



Kilmacolm Inverclyde Leisure running festival 16/9/12


In the very windy conditions Luthais Arthur, Evan Warwick and Harry McGill all won their age categories with the most improved run coming from Lucy McFarlane , 1 minute quicker than last year.


The 10k race ended with a torrential downpour but even that couldn’t stop Mick McLoone, struggling with an injury, from taking 3rd spot. The most pleasing aspect was the performance of the Glenpark women with 5 finishing in the top 13 in the women’s race; Lynne Rogers led them home in 4th. One other runner to stand out was Gordon Morrison, his first time in club colours, going comfortably under the 50 minute mark.


In the half Marathon Steven Campbell took the runners-up spot for the 2nd year in a row in a time of 81.28 for the tough hilly course out to Port Glasgow and back. Kevin O’Donoghue running at his marathon pace in preparation for Berlin in a couple of weeks came through the test easily, and  finished strongly with a quick last 3 miles to finish in 6th just ahead of Ross McDonald and new man Paul Monaghan. Susan Slater in her best form at the moment followed up her win at the Port Glasgow 10k with a new personal best crossing the line as 6th lady, just behind club captain Terry Wall.


3km: Luthais Arthur 10.53, Evan Warwick 10.57, Harry McGill 12.20, Craig White 13.27, Lucy McFarlane 14.26, Louis Warwick 14.38, Tom Forrest 14.50, Alistair White 17.36


10km: Michael McLoone 36.09, Robert Adams 38.03, Andrew White 38.35, Graham McGrattan 38.50, Christopher Watson 39.40, Steven Watson 39.50, Jim Cuffe 43.28, Stephen McDade 43.48, Lynne Rogers 44.17, Donna Clark 45.58, Gordon Morrison 47.43, Rhonda White 48.33, Jane MacLean 48.34, Liz McAuslan 49.04, James Campbell 50.03, Viki Wilkinson 52.08, Katie McAuslan 52.48, Grace Harrison 54.37


Half-Marathon: Steven Campbell 81.28, Kevin O'Donohue 86.52, Ross MacDonald 86.59, Paul Monaghan 87.44, David McCorkindale 90.25, Robert Wilson 91.42, David Carruthers 97.01, Theresa Wall 107.09, Susan Slater 107.22, Fiona Cushnaghan 113.56, Yvonne Prager 118.39


Fort William Triathlon 16/9/12

Alan O’Rourke ( Left - wearing his prize) completed his first half Iron man triathlon destroying his target time of 6 hours to finish in the top half of the field in a time of 5.24hours.


A good start in the swim in Loch Linnhe his weakest discipline, set him up for his best ever performance in a multi sport event. He moved through the pack on the bike and continued to improve his position in the run  the strongest part of the race.


(Total 5.24) 1.2mile Swim 41min, 56mile bike 3.01hours, 13.1mile run 1.35hours


Cumbrae Swim 15/9/12

Scott Forrest was pleased with his top ten finish in the 1.7 mile swim from Cumbrae to Largs taking just 55minutes. The event is in aid of Gillians Saltire Appeal.


Loch Eck Swim Festival  9/9/12

Kimberley Stevenson completed her first open water swim at the Loch Eck swimming festival covering the 2km distance in an excellent time of 54.41 minutes.

Around Cumbrae 10.5 miles 9/9/12

Kenny First GGH at Millport

Strong winds in the last few miles made conditions difficult for the 7 Glenparkers who made their way over to Millport for the popular race around the island. First back for the club was Kenny Pryde just heading off Robert Mitchell.

Kenny holds off Robert's challenge

Photographs HERE by Kenny Phillips on


43. Kenny Pryde 71.19

45. Robert Mitchell 71.28

55. Robert Dolan 72.43

73. Robert Dolan Snr 75.51

113. Donna Clark 82.52

127. James Campbell 86.10

147. Viki Wilkinson 89.02

Port Glasgow 10k 6/9/10


Susan & Steven Win at Port

Steven Campbell  and Susan Slater won the charity 10k at the sunny Port. Susan was happy  with her first victory in a splendid time of 49.29 minutes. No official results but those running included Kevin O’Donoghue who finished runner-up, Alan Henderson, Mick Dunn, and Jim Cuffe.


Parkruns 8/9/12


Best runs at Pollok park came from Dundee(Utd) man Liam Smart making a visit to the West, he was first home for Glenpark dipping under 19 minutes, and Angela Hill  with a big PB.


Results: Liam Smart 18.48, Chris Watson 19.21, Graham McGrattan 19.36, Steven Watson 19.51, David Carruthers 21.17, Angela Hill 31.47.


At the Aberdeen parkrun Ross McDonald was in excellent form running a PB of 18.27 to take the runners-up spot


Danny’s Duathlon 8/9/12


In the ladies race it was another close run thing as the much improved Liz McAuslan, a staggering 7 minutes quicker than her last outing, pushed hard for the win. But it wasn’t enough to catch Rhonda White who herself bettered her fastest time by 2 minutes to make it 2 victories in a row.

Andrew White made it a double family success as his bike stage launched him past Steven Campbell into the lead, even with Steven’s quicker runs and super slick transitions it wasn’t enough to make up the deficit. David Henderson left himself with an uphill task after missing the start by 10 minutes and was playing catch up the whole race, recorded the 3rd fastest time.


Biggest improvement of the day however came from Scott Forrest with a 9 minute PB



Andrew White 71.31, Steven Campbell 71.53, David Henderson 82.44 (net 72.14), Frank McKnight 79.31, Colin Campbell 80.31 Mick Harrington 86.43, Scott Forrest 89.48, Rhonda White 90.50, Liz McAuslan 91.39, Gillian Forrest 95.30, Duncan Anderson 95.30


Run only

Robert Adams 18.29, Kenny Pryde 19.48, Shelby Morrison 20.35, Robin McAuslan 22.23, Fiona Cushnaghan 24.20.


Bike only

Kevan McCartney  30.00


Run/Bike only

Kenneth ? 61.04

GSR 10k & HM 2/9/12

Glenpark at Great Scottish Run

Excellent performances from Glenpark athletes at the Great Scottish Run 10k and ½ marathon at Glasgow on Sunday.  Over the shorter distance Jacqueline O’Donoghue ran a personal best to finish in the top 30 just a few places ahead of Emma Baxter who was taking a short break from her studies.


And in the ½ Marathon there were 4 Harriers making it into the top 70 out of the 9000 competitors. Steven Campbell led the Greenock club home closely followed by Kevin O’Donoghue, Andrew Harkins, and Ross McDonald, with Kevin and Andrew both showing big improvements on their previous bests. Terry Wall was the leading lady but with some stiff competition coming from Donna Clark and Jane MacLean who was most pleased who after joining the Harriers 12 months ago improved her time on the same course by a massive 23 minutes.  


                    Andrew Harkins and Jacqueline O'Donoghue


30th Jacqueline O’Donoghue 43.30 PB

35th Emma Baxter 44.03

Kimberley Stevenson 64.42


½ Marathon

 55. Steven Campbell 1.19.45

63. Kevin O’Donoghue 1.20.25 PB

69. Andrew Harkins 1.20.49 PB

70. Ross  McDonald 1.20.52

184. Robert Adam 1.26.07

314. Andy McCall 1.29.40

Stephen McDade 1.41.52

Micky Dunn 1.44.32

Terry Wall 1.46.49

Donna Clark 1.47.22

Jane MacLean 1.47.23 PB

Viki Wikinson  2.02.00

Junior GSR 1/9/12

Olympic Dreams

Evan Warwick, Gerard Smith, Tom Forrest, Shelby Morrison, Lauren Mulaghton and Mia Forrest.


5 Glenpark youngsters took part in The Great Scottish Junior 3k run at Glasgow.  Shelby Morrison was again in outstanding form finishing 6th girl in a very high quality field.

A good indication for the start of the winter season was the performance from Evan Warwick with a 21 second and Lauren Mulaghton a 40 second improvement on last years race.

There was solid runs from Gerard Smith who was just a few places behind Evan, and young Tom Forrest making the top 50 in the 9-10 age group.


23. Evan Warwick 10.42

28. Gerard Smith 10.51

41. Shelby Morrison 11.03 (6th Girl)

92. Lauren Mulaghton 12.01 (15th Girl)

285. Tom Forrest 13.41

Glasgow Parkrun 1/9/12

5 out of 7 ain't Bad

An impressive set of statistics at the weekly Glasgow Parkrun  at Pollok, with 5 out of 7 runners achieving personal Bests.


59 Glenparkers have now competed at Glasgow, to find out where you stand in the rankings click HERE,  at the moment Stephen Trainer and Alison King are the club leaders.


 3. David Henderson 17.24 PB

13. Duncan Anderson 19.21 PB          

22. Kenny Pryde 20.24

29. Robert Dolan Sen 21.42 PB 1st O60

47. Robin McAuslan 23.15

52. Rhonda White 23.35 PB 7th Lady

74. Liz McAuslan 24.24 PB


Blackpool 10k 1/9/12

Chris Watson spent a wet and windy September weekend running the annual 10k in a time of 40.47.

Paisley 10k 26/8/12

Good performances from the Glenpark quartet at the Paisley vision 10k, with pride of place going to Gillian with a new personal best finishing 13th veteran

Gillian Forrest 46.19

Rhonda White 48.20

Fiona Cushanghan 49.50

Viki Wilkinson 51.02

Park Run 25/8/12

Glenpark One-Two at Pollok


Great performances all round  with Lynne Rogers in her best ever form setting a new PB and winning the ladies race. Steven Campbell just outside his best  but in his highest placing, finishing in 2nd. And no surprise to see the consistent Graham McGrattan topping the Age Grading category finishing in an outstanding 6th overall.


2.Steven Campbell 17.10

6. Graham McGrattan 18.24

31.Christopher Watson 20.01

58. Euan Leslie 21.35

60. Lynne Rogers 21.45

Swim Bike Run

The Harriers had a big presence at the recent Inverclyde Leisure Triathlon at the newly refurbished Gourock Pool. David Henderson was top man being awarded joint 1st place. Full results on InverclydeLeisure Link .  Liz McAuslan, with the help of friends and family raised £2000 for Sarcoma UK.

At the Peebles Duathlon  Kevan McCartney finished in 9th, although pleased with his 2 runs, he was disappointed with his bike phase - normally his strongest discipline-, struggling to adjust to his new bike riding 2 minutes slower than 2011. Full Results.


Liz McAuslan, Donna Clark and Jane MacLean at Inverclyde Triathlon

Kevan McCartney at Peebles Duathlon

National Track Championships  Grangemouth Stadium Sat/Sun 25-26th August 2012

Team Spirit Spurs on Juniors


Mark, Luisa, Shelby, Megan, Lauren, Front: Rachel & Chloe


It was Glenpark’s young athletes turn to have their own Super Saturday with everyone having outstanding individual performances. But surpassing their own personal efforts, was the team spirit shown by all the youngsters, helping in their warm-ups and encouraging each other to give their best on the track.


Conditions at the Grangemouth stadium, dwarfed by the adjacent Oil refinery with its flames and smoke billowing out, were varied from warm and calm in the early morning to cold and windy to torrential rain as a monsoon descended in the late afternoon.


Shelby Morrison after winning her 800m heat, took the lead in the final, when her rivals were intent in making it slow tactical race. The Glenpark girl pushed hard stretching the field but going into the last 200m  her brave effort was to fall short as she slipped just outside the medal places.


Megan Rodgers and Lauren Mulaghton were within a tenth of a second of each other in their 800 heats but that difference saw Megan gain a place in the B final at Lauren’s expense. Megan then produced a gutsy effort despite being hindered by an ankle strain. Luisa Davies after a long wait went within 1 second of her best time in the Under 16 final to finish 7th.


In the 100metres Chloe Hanlon looked as if she might struggle to even make the B final after finishing 4th in her heat, but it turned out to be the quickest of the 5 preliminary races,  and all 4 girls in her heat went straight into the A final.  Qualifying with the slowest time, little was expected from the youngster, but she stepped up to the challenge and was out of the blocks quick and the whole field went through 60m in a line. Chloe just fading slightly over the last 40 couldn’t take the shine off a tremendous display. Physically drained after her two 100m‘s Chloe somehow rounded off her day by breaking 29 seconds over 200metres for the first time. Rachel McFarlane the most relaxed of the Glenpark kids, stepped up to the occasion to run a new 100m personal best in her first major competition.


Gerard Smith after a dip in form over the summer bounced back with his best run in months with a spirited display in the 800m. Mark Magee didn’t quite live up to expectations, misjudging the early pace in the 400m, and horrid conditions in the 200m  cost the hard working Mark the PBs he deserved, but should feel proud of the massive improvement over the season.


On the Sunday only Evan Warwick and Saskia Cooper were representing the Harriers. Evan easily accomplished his target of a new best time, even though getting separated from the main pack he stuck to his task to finish his track season with a 6 second improvement in the 1500m.

Saskia missed out in the 100m final place by the narrowest of margins, but with her best run of the year she placed a comfortable 2nd in her 200m heat to make the B final.  In that final she was still in contention for a top 3 place at 150m but lost momentum after a stumble on the track, recovering she managed to go quicker again, for an excellent days work.


100m Rachel McFarlane 15.30PB Chloe Hanlon 13.93, (13.88 Final)

200m Chloe Hanlon 28.87PB Mark Magee 26.09           

400m Mark Magee 59.09

800m Gerard Smith 2.10, Shelby Morrison 2.32 (2.31 Final), Luisa Davies (2.34 Final), Megan Rogers 2.37 (2.45 Final), Lauren Mulaghton 2.37.


1500m Evan Warwick 5.11PB

100m Saskia Cooper 14.08, 200m 28.48, (28.41 Final)



Cowal 5k 22/8/12


Stephen Trainer completed the Firth of Clyde Highland Games Double by winning both the Bute 10k and Cowal 5k for the 3rd year in a row.  The Glenpark Harrier totally dominated the race from the gun running comfortably clear of the field by a minute. Encouragingly team mate David Henderson, on yet another comeback, looks as if it won’t be too long before he’s back at his very best after finishing just outside the podium places in 4th.


Richard Davidson was fastest veteran, while youngster Nathan Robinson, showing no fear of the seniors, gave Trainer his biggest challenge over the first ½ mile and was rewarded by claming the top young athlete spot.


Jacqueline O’Donoghue, the most improved athlete in the club this season, set a new personal best by 3 minutes to finish 2nd lady.


Tommy Knight held off the challenge from Richard Hodelet for a welcome win over his rival, with Richard’s wife Joy closely following the pair breaking the 30 minute mark.


Richard, Tommy and Jim


Results: Stephen Trainer 15.17, David Henderson 16.39, Richard Davidson 18.05, Nathan Robinson 20.22, Jacqueline O’Donoghue, 20.40, Tommy Knight 27.16, Richard Hodelet 27.31, Joy Hodelet 29.12 Jim Sheridan 32.14


Open Graded Meet - CrownPoint 21/8/12


Superb performances from the 3 girls at a warm and calm Crown point stadium, with Shelby’s new best time moving her up to 3rd fastest under 13 girl in Scotland. Luisa equalled her fastest time, but the biggest improvement came from Lauren, cutting her PB by 4 seconds.


800m: Shelby Morrison 2.26, Luisa Davies 2.34, Lauren Mulaghton 2.36



Open Graded Meet - Linwood 22/8/12


Another wet and windy night in Paisley


100m: Chloe Hanlon 14.0, Saskia Cooper 14.1, Rachel McFarlane 15.4, Nicola Doohan 16.5, Tom Forrest 17.9, Lucy McFarlane 18.3.

200m: Mark Magee 26.2, Saskia Cooper 28.8, Chloe Hanlon 30.0, Rachel McFarlane 32.8, Harry McGill 35.7.

800m: Gerard Smith 2.13, Nicola Doohan 2.53, Harry McGill 2,58, Tom Forrest 3.12, Jonathon Slater 3.16, Lucy McFarlane 3.19

Long Jump: Tom Forrest 3.02, Jonathon Slater 2.47

Bella 5k 19/8/12

Graham's Belter at Bella

Graham McGrattan edged ever closer to breaking the 18 minute barrier with an outstanding run in the final race in the Tour of Clydeside. Graham's run was the 3rd fastest time in Scotland this year for an over 50. Also running was Chris Watson, just a few seconds outside his PB.  Steven Watson returned to racing after a long lay off with an injury, at last getting back to fitness though still well outside his best with Kimberley not too far away from her quickest 5k time. The race was won by Shettlestons Daniel Bradford in 15.10 just ahead of team mate Paul Sorrie who was given the same time.

Results: 21st Graham McGrattan 18.08, 35th Chris Watson 19.19, Steven Watson 20.48, Kimberley Stevenson 31.39

         Déjà Vu at Bute

Stephen Trainer leads the pack out of the stadium

Stephen Trainer in his fastest ever 10k, won at  Bute for the third time in a row after leaving Cambuslang’s Robert Gilroy trailing after the long uphill  run from Rothesay  pier into a packed Highland Games field. In what was almost a repeat of last weeks Bill Elder race where he was locked with an opponent for 9km, but this time when he put in his kick he instantly moved clear. On a difficult course, 28 seconds is a significant improvement and just reward for his hard work in training, and augurs well for the Greenock Glenpark Harriers as the road and cross country Relay season approaches.

In the warm conditions the Harriers dominated the top places with Shaun Lyon on home ground with his highest ever finish at the Games in 4th, and Andy Harkins setting a personal best in 6th place. Veteran Robert Dolan was fastest over 60 with an excellent time of 44 minutes was 28th from the 100 runners taking part. Tommy Knight was next to finish closely by Joy and Richard Hodelet.

It was a long day on the track for the Juniors with most competing over 3 events including heats and finals.

The sprinters had a rewarding day, with Saskia Cooper, Chloe Hanlon, Mark Magee, and Rachel McFarlane all in outstanding form, and in the prize money.

The endurance athletes also dominated over 2 laps with the girls Luisa Davies, Shelby Morrison, Megan Rodgers, Nicola Doohan and Lucy McFarlane all performing well, and Gerard Smith, Luthias Arthur and Evan Warwick likewise for the boys.

The youngest Glenpark athletes Harry McGill, Jonathon Slater and Tom Forrest despite their inexperience all showed plenty of promise in front of the large crowds.

In the field events Mark, Luthias, Saskia and Luisa all took part in the Shot putt, Scots Hammer and Caber and showed their versatility in the search for more cash prizes.

In the week before the National track championships it was an excellent work out for the youngsters.

10k Results: Stephen Trainer 32.05, Shaun Lyon 34.26, Andrew Harkins 36.30, Robert Dolan 44.55, Tommy Knight 63.47, Joy Hodelet 66.34, Robert Dolan 44.55, Tommy Knight 63.47, Joy Hodelet 66.34, Richard Hodelet 66.34

Helensburgh 1/2 Marathon 5/8/12

Mick McLoone was top finisher in 12th place at the Helensburgh Half M. There was an excellent performance from Andrew Harkins making his debut at the distance  finishing in 26th.

1:18:37 MCLOONE, Michael
1:23:17 HARKINS, Andrew
1:27:22 ADAMS, Robert
1:29:09 WATSON, Christopher
1:32:12 ANDERSON, Duncan
1:34:46 MITCHELL, Robert
1:35:44 CARRUTHERS, David
1:42:15 DOLAN, Robert
1:46:53 COYLE, Suzanne
1:58:21 WILKINSON, Viki

Bill Elder 10k 3/8/12

Trainer's Title

The finale of Greenock Glenpark Harriers Bill Elder 10k provided an ending as exciting as any of the Olympic athletics races when Inverclyde ACs Mark Pollard and the Harriers Stephen Trainer battled it out in the summer sunshine to claim the win. 

                               After running side by side for 9km, it came down to who would be quickest around the Battery Park to decide the victor. The two athletes made the long sprint for home neither giving an inch, but turning into the last corner with 200m remaining Pollard gained the shortest of leads, and despite Trainer best efforts Mark held onto his single stride advantage to give him the win, but with the runners-up spot Stephen gained his 3rd consecutive club title.

                              In 3rd Shaun Lyon although slowing in the second half into a strong headwind still managed to record the exact same time as last year, but the run of the night came from Steven Campbell, in his best ever season, to dip under 35 minutes for the first time on a 10k course. Mick McLoone was top veteran finishing 5th overall with fastest over 50 just going to Richard Davidson after a nail biting sprint to the line with Graham McGrattan.

                               Jacqueline O’Donoghue was determined to seal her debut season and the club championship with a win.  Her closest rival Lorna Coyle was in no mood to make it easy especially over her favourite distance. The two of them were still closely locked together heading back off the Esplanade, but Jacqueline sensing victory increased the pace to break away to round off a  remarkable year. In 3rd place and in only her second race was Elyse McCormick, who has shown the potential to challenge the clubs top ladies next year. Rhonda White was first lady veteran, after clinching the veteran title the previous week. Jim Cuffe at last injury free showed a return to something like his old form to win the handicap competiton. 

                               In the 1k and 2k Junior races 29 young athletes took part with the competition just as spirited as the seniors.  Over the shorter distance for under 11s Harry McGill made it 5 wins in a row crossing the finish clear of Christie Mulaghton and Jack McDaid.  In the 2k race Gerard Smith led Evan Warwick by 100metres, while Shelby Morrison came home in impressive style in front of her under 13 team-mates Megan Rodgers, Lauren Mulaghton and Nicola Doohan.

The Harriers would like to thank to the many volunteers who assisted with timekeeping, stewarding registration and marshalling the course.

10K Results: Mark Pollard 32.47, Stephen Trainer 32.47, Shaun Lyon 34.11, Steven Campbell 34.52, Mick McLoone 35.45, Andrew Harkins 36.43, Stephen Cook 37.45, Richard Davidson 38.01, Graham McGrattan 38.02, Robert Adams 38.50, Martin McDowell 39.16, Chris Watson 39.30, Paul Monaghan 39.34, David McCorkindale 39.40, Andrew White 39.45, Phil Russell 39.50, John Smillie 40.00, Brian McCluskey 41.46, George Hegarty 42.28, Duncan Anderson 42.36, Ross Slater 42.48, Jim Cuffe 42.57, Jacqueline O'Donoghue  43.41, Lorna.Coyle 44.10, Mick Harrington 44.10, Elyse McCormick 47.59, Thorsten Bannuscher 48.08, Rhonda White 49.17, Liz McAuslan 50.36, Fiona Cushnaghan 51.29, Kirsten Arthur 53.01, Grace Harrison 56.54, Richard Hodelet 57.52, Tommy Knight 60.34


Handicaps: Jim Cuffe 30.57, David McCorkindale 31.40, Graham McGrattan 32.02, Liz McAuslan 32.36, Stephen Trainer 32.47, Phil Russell 32.50, Steven Campbell 32.52, Elyse McCormick 32.59, Richard Davidson 33.01, Kirsten Arthur 33.01, Lorna.Coyle 33.10, Shaun Lyon 33.11, Chris Watson 33.30, Jacqueline O'Donoghue  33.41, Andrew Harkins 33.43, Mick McLoone 33.45, Andrew White 33.45, Brian McCluskey 33.46, Robert Adams 33.50, Richard Hodelet 33.52, Martin McDowell 34.16, Ross Slater 34.48, Rhonda White 35.17, Duncan Anderson 35.36, Grace Harrison 35.54, Mick Harrington 36.10, Fiona Cushnaghan 36.29, Tommy Knight 36.34


1K Race: Harry McGill 3.44, Christie Mulaghton 3.57, Jack McDaid 4.00, Craig White 4.03, Tom Forrest 4.05, Andrew McCluskey 4.07, Jonathon Slater 4.11, Alexander Jamieson 4.15, Ewan Ferguson 4.16, Rachel Mulaghton 4.32, David McCluskey 4.37, Lucy McFarlane 4.41, Laura McFarlane 4.42, Oliver Curry 4.43, R.Ruddy 4.45, Alistair White 4.50, Catriona Daisley 4.52, John Bannuscher 4.53, Simon Bannuscher 4.54,


2k Race: Gerard Smith 6.50, Evan Warwick 7.10, Shelby Morrison 7.25, Luthais Arthur 7.25, Megan Rodgers 7.42, Lauren Mulaghton 7.51, Mark Magee 8.05, Luisa Davies 8.13, Nicola Doohan 8.24, Joshua Ruddy 8.34, Calum Johnston 8.34, Lewis Warwick 9.41,


Devil o’the Highlands Foot Race 4/8/12

Heaven for Thomas as he wins the Devil

Thomas Loehndorf just 2 weeks after being crowned the Scottish 100k champion rounded off an amazing few months by winning the 43 mile trail race from Tyndrum to Fort William.

The Greenock Glenpark Harrier was trailing at Glencoe by 45 seconds, then dropped back by a further 2 minutes by the time he had ran the long punishing descent into Kinlochleven. The signs weren’t encouraging and it looked as if his exertions just 13 days earlier were beginning to take its toll.  But anything can happen in an endurance race, and it was no surprise to see this determined athlete make his move on the steepest part of the West Highland Way trail out of KLL when he astonishingly hit the front. And it was a sweet taste of victory as this was a reverse of last year where he had held the lead for 30miles before being overhauled on the very same section.


Also competing was Thomas’ wife Silke who successfully completed the tough challenge she set herself of contesting the 3 longest ultra races in Scotland this year. Previously conquering the 53 mile Highland Fling and in June the 95mile West Highland Way race. This was always going to be tough with just 6 weeks to recover from the WHW, but showing the same grit and determination as her husband, she saw out the task with her trade mark smile.


Results: Thomas Loehndorf 5.36 hours, Silke Loehndorf 9.47hours


Dannys Duathlon (3) 4/8/12

David & Rhonda are Top Duo


David Henderson and Rhonda White were dominant in winning the 3rd race in Dannys 2012 Duathlon Series, in what was the largest turnout to date in the Greenock Glenpark Harriers organised event – no doubt the 18 competitors were inspired by recent British cycling and athletics success.

 David clearly getting back to full fitness after a long lay off, led from the start with his opening 5km and was never challenged as he eventually went clear by 4minutes.


Much closer was the contest for 2nd and 3rd places between Andrew White and Kevan McCartney who were nip and tuck all the way. McCartney actually held the lead going in to the final transition but a slicker changeover saw White emerge in front by 3 seconds. Although Kevan was quickest in the first 5k it was a dramatic change of fortune in the final stage where Andrew powered away.  Kevan can take the consolation of recording the fastest bike stage and a new personal best for the course by almost 3 minutes.


It wasn’t as straight forward for Rhonda White as she had to twice come from behind. First after trailing Jane MacLean in the opening run, she passed Jane early on the bike stage but it was short lived as Kirsten Arthur flew by to burst into the lead.  But Rhonda remained confident and soon re-established her self at the front winning with 1 minute improvement on her previous quickest time.


There was also improvements on best times from Alan O’Rourke, and Boyd McKenzie. Thanks to Alex Hunter for time keeping.


                  Liz Jane, Kirsten and Rhonda


(Splits – 5k Run, T1, 20k Bike, T2, 5k Run, Total)

David Henderson            17.09, 0.26, 33.50, 0.16, 17.56, 69.37

Andrew White                19.46, 0.26, 32.39, 0.20, 20.15, 73.26

Kevan McCartney          19.44, 0.28, 32.33, 0.29, 20.57, 74.11

Alan O’Rourke               18.59, 0.26, 37.51, 0.14, 19.08, 76.38

Richard Davidson           18.38, 0.30, 38.52, 0.48, 19.41, 78.29

Colin Campbell               20.41, 0.32, 37.08, 0.27, 21.19, 80.07

Jim Cuffe                        21.06, 0.41, 40.39, 0.57, 22.35, 85.58

Boyd McKenzie             22.34, 0.33, 42.28, 0.24, 23.06, 89.05

Rhonda White                 23.33, 0.46, 43.14, 0.24, 24.51, 92.48

Kirsten Arthur                 25.25, 0.32, 39.47, 0.45, 28.23, 94.52

Jane MacLean                23.29, 0.50, 45.12, 0.53, 27.23, 97.47

Liz McAuslan                 23.46, 0.33, 49.49, 0.27, 25.06, 98.41

Run/Bike Only

Mick Harrington             20.55, 0.52, 41.45

Ronnie Campbell            27.11, 0.39, 40.27

Katie McAuslan              30.12, 2.03, 63.00

Run Only

Steven Campbell             16.37, 17.50.

Fiona Cushnaghan           24.11

Miler Meet Scotstoun 3/8/12

Friday Night Success



What a successful night at Scotstoun stadium where Glenpark girls Lauren Mulaghton, Megan Rodgers and Luisa Davies all  set personal bests in the metric mile as did Shaun Lyon in the 5000m.


Even those who didn’t quite make it, produced very encouraging performances on the Scotstoun track. Gerard Smith was a little unfortunate, on course for a quick time just dropped off the pace in the last lap. Shelby Morrison was also just outside her best, but the signs are promising for her in the national championships in 3 weeks,  as she had only returned from holiday and had been travelling all day.


In the 5000m Shaun Lyon had another outstanding run finishing with a lung bursting final lap setting a new PB by 15 seconds but  fractionally missing dipping under the 16 minute mark. In front of him but disappointed his performance not matching his form in his training sessions was Stephen Trainer.


The prospect for next weeks Bill Elder 10k and junior races promises some very fast times.


1500m: Gerard Smith 4.39, Shelby Morrison 5.13, Lauren Mulaghton 5.22, Megan Rodgers 5.29, Luisa Davies 5.32.

5000m: Stephen Trainer 15.36, Shaun Lyon 16.00

Singlehurst Shield 28/7/12

Great Day at Glenmassan

Top 4 men - Shaun Lyon, Stephen Trainer, Steven Campbell, Andrew Harkins

Stephen Trainer took an important step in retaining his club title with a decisive win in the 5.5mile Glenmassan trail race. The penultimate race in Greenock Glenpark Harriers championships is considered the toughest and the recent wet weather had made the hill extremely slippy underfoot, and it was on the downhill section that Stephen came under pressure from Shaun Lyon who closed the gap with an all or nothing descent, but back on the flatter section of the course Stephen re-established his advantage to put him in pole position going into the Bill Elder 10k in 1 weeks time.

In 3rd place was long time title leader Steven Campbell who has been recording personal bests all year, and he did it again with a 2 minute course  improvement.  And it will be from these three that the 2012 champion will come.

Jacqueline O’Donoghue (left) leapt to the top of the ladies championship with an impressive show of running to win in 46.41 minutes, the 2nd fastest ever women’s time over the course. Leading her main competitors Lorna Coyle and Jane MacLean right from the start she extended her lead on the steep climb into Glenmassan finishing clear by over a minute. The battle for 2nd place was much closer with the experienced Coyle breaking away from MacLean on the final road section. Next veteran to finish was Rhonda White which meant her clinching the ladies over 35s title for the season.

In the mens veteran categories Kenny Pryde had his first win but it was a close affair as he held off Brian McCluskey by just 5 seconds. Robert Dolan took the top over 60 spot.

On the extremely tough course especially for the clubs newest runners, Kirsten Arthur and Grace Harrison performed exceptionally, as did Fiona Cushnaghan who sliced 40 seconds from her fastest time.

In the Junior 1 mile race Mark Magee came out on top but he was made to work for his win as he was pushed all the way to the line by Evan Warwick. Shelby Morrison was leading girl from the improving Megan Rodgers  and Luisa Davies.

Thanks to Caroline, Digby and William Guy for their hospitality to all the Harriers and their families, and to Mick Dunn of C&M coaches for providing transport.

Seniors: Stephen Trainer 33.33, Shaun Lyon 34.12, Steven Campbell 36.06, Andrew Harkins 37.30, Ross Neilson 42.12, Kenny Pryde 43.15, Brian McCluskey 43.20, Jacqueline O'Donoghue 46.41, David Carruthers 47.23, Lorna Coyle 47.51, Jane MacLean 49.14, Robert Dolan 49.54, Donna Clark 50.37, Rhonda White 51.20, Viki Wilkinson 53.22, Fiona Cushnaghan 54.34, Kirsten Arthur 56.45, Yvonne Prager 58.44, Grace Harrison 62.51.


Junior 1mile: Mark Magee 5.29, Evan Warwick 5.30, Shelby Morrison 5.36, Megan Rodgers 5.44, Luisa Davies 5.58, Lauren Mulaghton 6.00, Nichola Doohan 6.28, Craig White 6.44, Christie Mulaghton 6.48, Lewis Warwick 6.58, Emily Pugh 7.01, Andrew McCluskey 7.02, Rachel Mulaghton 7.28, Sarah Pugh 7.28, Joshua Ruddy 7.35, Lucy McFarlane 7.50, Alistar White 8.30, Blair Harkins 9.20, Nathan Harkins 9.21, David McCluskey 10.15, Sophie Campbell 10.54.

Park Run 28/7/12

Graham Makes the Grade

Graham McGrattan was fastest in the over 55 category and also topped the age grade with an excellent 84.55% at the weekly run through Pollok park. His time of 18.20 was just 3 seconds short of his best.Chris Watson was next to finish in 27th place, Richard delivered another consistent performance, while Jim improved by 30 seconds on his last outing

Results: Graham McGrattan 18.20, Christopher Watson 19.30, Richard Hodelet 28.28, Jim Sheridan 37.01

3K on the Green 27/7/12


Glenpark Duo Impress at Glasgow Green

Kevan McCartney and Jane MacLean (left) were at the top of their form at the Glasgow Green 3k. Kevan, a regular competitor in the monthly race is clearly benefitting from his twice weekly speed sessions, sliced another 20 seconds from his best time to finish in 12th in a time of 10.44. Jane making her debut at the distance was equally impressive, as she ran well within her 5k pace, taking 3rd place in 12.53.

Inverclyde 5km - 21 July 2012

Harriers at the Fore on the Shore


Shelby Morrison and Steven Campbell (pictured left) were the top performers amongst 28 Glenparkers taking part at Sunday’s Inverclyde Leisure 5km, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.


12yr old Shelby set off at a blistering pace and actually led the ladies race through 2km before being overtaken by Stockport Harrier Lyndsey Clarke. Shelby dug deep to maintain her position despite the late attack of former Scottish 5km Champion Nynke Mulholland, stretching away from her in the closing stages to smash her 2011 attempt by more than 2mins.


Steven Campbell’s excellent season continues. Setting off with the leaders, Inverclyde’s Glen and Cooke he worked hard in the tough windy conditions to stay in contention only losing touch in the late stages. As well as top 3 he was also first in the 35-44 category. 

Other great performances came from Andrew Harkins and Chris Watson who both recorded PBs as well as Duncan Anderson, Lorna Coyle and Grace Harrison. While Graham McGrattan is proving to be one of the best in the country in his age category, was top over 55 finishing 8th overall.


In the junior ranks Megan Rodgers, Craig White and Lucy McFarlane made excellent debuts at the longer distance.

It was very much a family day with both Jim Cuffe and Robert Dolan’s grandchildren taking part in their first 5km races whilst at the other end of the scale Shelby’s dad Gordon ran a very creditable debut.



S.Campbell 17.19, A.Harkins 17.52, G.McGrattan 18.45, C.Watson 19.13, A.ORourke 19.27, D.Anderson 19.51, A.White 19.56, S.Morrison, 20.39, B.McCluskey 20.42, D.Carruthers 21.09, S.Watson 21.49, S.McDade 21.51, J.Cuffe 22.04, R.Dolan 22.19, L.Coyle 22.56, M.Rodgers 23.12, J.McLean 23.17, C.White 24.13, G.Morrison 24.22,  R.White 24.39 , L.Davies 25.29, C.Johnston 26.10, G.Harrison 27.33, L.McFarlane 29.31, A.White 31.30, J.Sheridan 33.48 Karen Pryde 48.17,  Kenny Pryde 48.17.

Celtic Plate 22/7/12

Thomas Scottish Champion & 3rd in UK

Thomas Loehndorf at Redwick in Wales

Thomas produced yet another outstanding performance at the annual International Anglo-Celtic Plate competition contested between all the home nations best ultra runners. In the form of his life after overcoming knee surgery he set a new 14 minute personal best of 7 hours 28minutes  for the 100km distance. In his most prestigous result to date he took the individual Bronze medal in the UK championship.

Over 31 laps around the  Gwent village in very warm conditions Thomas was first Scot home. Keith Whyte from Eire who was part of the Irish team that finished 6th in the world championships in April was the race winner in a time of 7.16.

This ranks Thomas one of the best ultra runners in the UK and in the veteran caregory among the best in the world. The quality of his run is shown in that it was the equivelant of running  Ten 10k races back to back in 44.48minutes.

thanks to Ian J Berry for this photograph, lots more pictures on his FaceBook page HERE

Pollok Park Run 21/7/12

Richard Makes the Big 40

Richard Hodelet reached the 40 race milestone at the weekly 5krun around the hilly Pollok Park.  His times have been consistent with all his 7 races this year around the 28 minute mark, his latest was just over that in 28.30. In the 4 years in taking part in the event his best time  of 24.12 came in 2009.

Linwood OGM 18th July 2012

Hurry Up Harry 

Torrential rain throughout the night made conditions horrendous for all the athletes it got that bad it wiped out the 100m & 200m sprint programme because of the lying water at the start and finish.

But despite the downpour Shaun Lyon splashed his way to another Personal Best to bring his time down by 12 seconds for a convincing win in a time of 16.15.

In the 800m Gerard Smith went through his first lap in 62 seconds, but couldn’t maintain the pace into the strong wind down the home straight, missing his best by just 1 second. Better conditions will give the junior captain the result he’s been working hard for.

Harry McGill looked down and out lying in last position after 600m, but an amazing surge round the final bend saw him fly by the grand stand passing 5 athletes on the way to give the youngster a 6 second PB.

In the final 800m heat Calum Johnston finished strongly for 3rd place, while Jack McDaid made a very promising debut on the track just holding off Christie and Rachel Mulaghton.

It was another impressive showing from Shelby Morrison who was the fastest U13 girl at the meeting, although just outside her best due to the conditions. Luisa Davies and Megan Rodgers also looked  in good form, running strongly to pass athletes on the home straight.

1500m: Shaun Lyon 16.15 PB

800m: Gerard Smith 2.10, Shelby Morrison 2.32, Luisa Davies 2.44, Megan Rodgers 2.49, Calum Johnston 2.55, Harry McGill 2.56 PB, Jack McDaid 3.15, Christie Mulaghton 3.16, Rachel Mulaghton 3.42.

100m & 200m Sprints Cancelled.

Irvine 5mile 16th July 2012

Richard First at Irvine

It was left to Glenpark’s oldest members to represent the club at the annual Irvine 5miler around the hilly Beach park. And it was Richard who came out on top against his team mates.

Results: Richard Hodelet 46.57, Tommy Knight 51.44, Jim Sheridan 57.39.

5k Parkrun 14/7/12

PB for Kevan 
A quiet weekend for the Harriers over the Holiday period with just Kevan McCartney and Jane MacLean racing on Saturday at Pollok park. Kevan making leaps and bounds in his times recently, set another personal best, this time by 82 seconds to  bring it down to 19.32.  Jane suffering the after effects of a night on the town, still somehow managed to equal her PB to finish 8th lady in a time of 22.46.

ParkRuns 7/7/12

Graham 2nd in Melbourne

Six Harriers took part in 3 different Parkruns on Saturday, and again it was Graham McGrattan enjoying his Australian holiday who was in sparkling form, improving on last weeks 3rd place and running 23 seconds quicker to take the runners-up spot.


Results: 7th July 2012

Albert Parkrun Melbourne

Graham McGrattan 18.29


Strathclyde Parkrun

Viki Wilkinson 24.02


Pollok Parkrun

Chris Watson 19.32

David Carruthers 21.39

Richard Hodelet 28.20

Jim Sheridan 37.30



Arran Half Marathon 1st July 2012


Andy and Rhonda White travelled to Arran for the Islands annual ½ marathon.  Over the very hilly course starting at Blackwaterfoot Andy finished in a time of 1.28.29, in 29th position, with Rhonda taking 1.52.45.

Linwood 27/6/12

Harriers Fast Track to Success

It was night of success at the Linwood Open Graded Meeting for the Harriers where 24 individual performances produced 18 personal bests and 2 season bests. The athletes were aided by the calm conditions but it was more down to their hard work in training that delivered an unprecedented set of results.

Difficult to pick out individuals on such a night, although double PBs from Mark Magee, Luisa Davies, Megan Rodgers, Kevan McCartney, Nichola Doohan and Shelby Morrison stand out.

Jane MacLean, Duncan Anderson and Kevan McCartney all performed well in what was their first time on the track, and hopefully starting a new trend of more seniors competing there.

 5000m: Alan Henderson 16.54SB

3000m:  Evan Warwick 10.53, Duncan Anderson 11.06PB

800m: Gerard Smith 2.10, Shelby Morrison 2.28PB, Kevan McCartney 2.34PB, Luisa Davies 2.34PB, Lauren Mulaghton 2.40PB, Megan Rodgers 2.41PB Nichola Doohan 2.53, Jane MacLean 3.07PB, Christie Mulaghton 3.11PB, Lucy McFarlane 3.20 PB, Rachel Mulaghton 3.22PB.

400m:   Mark Magee 58.38PB, Kevan McCartney 69.28PB

200m:  Mark Magee 25.91PB, Chloe Hanlon 29.04PB, Luisa Davies 30.32PB, Megan Rodgers 32.20PB, Shelby Morrison 33.07PB

100m:   Saskia Cooper 13.81SB, Chloe Hanlon 13.86, Nichola Doohan 16.13PB

Scotstoun 29/6/12:

More good performances from the Glenpark girls on a wet and windy evening at Scotstoun stadium. The most pleasing aspect of all 3 girls display was their finish in the last 200m. Normally the slowest part of their race they matched the speed of their first 200m tofinish just outside their best set 2 nights previously.

 Results: Shelby Morrison 2.30, Luisa Davies 2.38, Lauren Mulaghton 2.43

3k on the Green 29/6/12:

Kevan McCartney’s speed work with his  400m and 800m  track races on the previous Wednesday night at Linwood paved the way to a new PB over 3k with a 30second improvement to finish 14th in a time of 11.13 on a wet and windy Glasgow Green. Race winner was Shettleston Harrier Kevin Brydon in 9.24.

Melbourne & Glasgow Parkrun 30/6/12:

Graham McGrattan was the furthest travelled when he finished 3rd in the Melbourne Albert Parkrun and first in the Age Grading system in a time of 18.52.  Much closer to home Richard Hodelet who tops the table for the Glenparker with the most number of Parkruns (38) was joined by Jim Sheridan at the weekly race through Pollok park. Results as follows: Richard Hodelet 28.19, Jim Sheridan 35.10

Giffnock North 10k 21/6/12

It's a Close Shave as Liz is 1st Home  

Giffnock North AAC Running Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary on Thursday 21st June and a small team of Glenpark ladies went along after some persuasion from Miss Viki Wilkinson who had race demons to be confronted from a horror race during the previous years festival at Rouken Glen park.

The horrors in the race were the hills which in Fetcheveryone hill rating comes in at 236. For comparison the Falkirk National XC course is 111 and the wee Glasgow Parkrun rated at 170, so there was definitely some cause for concern.

The day came along with flood warnings but the girls, always up for a laugh decided costumes were needed to make light of the race and the hills ahead. So in the piddling rain with assorted wigs and some artistically applied taches we set off amongst 324 runners.

Jane, in true MacLean style, sprinted off chasing the hare while Viki, Donna & Liz set off at a steady but somewhat apprehensive pace. Over the first few miles the question was repeated: "Is this the big one? Is it this one? Finally, after mile 4 and one last shout of "Arms!" we made it over the last mountain. Donna and Liz were feeling the weight of a very wet wig. (oo'er missus) Surprisingly, Donna and Liz came upon a wigless Jane who was still steady but weary after the horror hills.

The team all finished pretty close together and despite rain and the hills enloyed the atmosphere and shouts of support from the small cowds. "mon 'e wigs!"

Results: Liz McAuslan 51:00 6th vW45 and 6 secs off a PB :-( Donna Clark 51:02 9th senW, Jane MacLean 51;11 10th sen W, Viki Wilkinson 52:05 14th W35.

West Highland Way Race 23/6/12

Silke Show’s the Way
    Silke with 9 time finisher Fiona Rennie at Glencoe at approximately 75 miles

Silke Loehndorf showed that preparation was the key to completing Scotland’s toughest endurance race.  From doing the long months of training, to tapering in the final weeks of the race, having an expert specialist coach (her husband Thomas) and even down to having a fantastic back-up support team -Yvonne, Heather, Nancy and Katrina, so essential for the event. And most importantly keeping a positive mental attitude throughout.

The race itself covers the 95 miles rough trail from Milngavie to Fort William, not forgetting the 15,000 feet of ascent, as if the distance was not enough of a challenge.

This was an absolutely tremendous achievement to complete the race at her first attempt. The scale of the task with the mental toughness and physical endurance required was demonstrated by the fact that almost 1/3  of the 153 competitors failed to finish.

The race was made even tougher as heavy rain started to fall as Silke lined up for the start, and it wasn’t to let up until she had passed Tyndrum at almost half-way.

Silke’s race tactics were spot on, as she started very cautiously moving steadily through the field   as others faltered and pulled out. Her focus saw her through the final mountain sections as she blanked out the pain from her feet and legs which had taken a battering.

29 ½  hours after leaving Glasgow a delighted but exhausted Silke had reached her destination in the Highlands well inside her 35 hour target and in 89th position.

Race Splits

Pos      Time     Dist      Checkpoint

158      04.28   19        Balmaha

145      11.09   40        Beinglas

140      14.00   50        Auchtertyre

127      16.59   60        Bridge of Orchy

115      20.07   70        Glencoe

100      23.59   81        Kinlochleven

89        29.34   95        Fort William

5k Parkrun 23/6/12


A good turnout from the Harriers at Pollok to celebrate Robin’s 50th Birthday, saw David Henderson come home in 7th place, and there was a top 10 finish for Graham McGrattan who was also first in the Age % grading system. The only one to record a PB was Liz McAuslan with a substantial improvement of 41 seconds.


Results:  David Henderson 18.05 Graham McGrattan 18.32, Chris Watson 19.17, Jane MacLean 23.40, Robin McAuslan 23.46, Liz McAuslan 24.26, Donna Clark 24.30, Viki Wilkinson 24.38.


3k U20 Scottish Championships 23/6/12


After winning the Wilson Trophy, Andy Fisher  found more success when he finished 3rd in the National 3000m Championships at Pitreavie stadium, to win his first national medal.



















10k Brian Goodwin 22/6/12


A successful night for the Harriers at the Bellahouston 10k with Alan Henderson making a remarkable comeback from his marathon lay-off to set a season best. Steven Campbell maintained his good form for another top 10 finish. While our veterans dominated with Danny McLaughlin and Robert Dolan winning the over 50 and 60 categories.


Results: 7th Alan Henderson 34.53, 9th Steven Campbell 35.34, 15th Danny McLaughlin 37.06 1st O50, Kevan McCartney 40.40, David Carruthers 44.09, Robert Dolan 46.35 1st O60.


Jog Scotland 5k Challenge 20/6/12


Congratulations to Kimberley Stevenson  on setting a new Personal Best over 5k at Glasgow Green in a time of 29.43.

MHFS 10k 17/6/12

After over indulging in Gourock (at Lynne Rogers impromptu birthday bash) following running in the Wilson Trophy race, Kevan McCartney wasn’t going to let a massive hangover deter him from competing in the Men’s Health Forum 10k. So the poster boy of Men’s Health got the train to Cardonald, caught up on his missing sleep across 3 seats of the train, then freshened up in the local Morrison’s.  After stumbling around in the wrong direction, he eventually found his way to the start line. He then proceeded to “run like I was in a fuzzy bubble for the first 5k. Then sobered up and did a negative split for the second half”  Luckily for Kevan and Scotrail, he bumped into Brian McCluskey who got him back to Greenock in one piece.

Results: Brian McCluskey 41.17  Kevan McCartney 42.24

Wilson trophy 16/6/12

                Fisher Finds Form


          Jacqueline O'Donoghue, Andy Fisher, and Shaun Lyon


Pictures from race HERE

"Special thanks to Sam McVicar, David Carruthers for marking the course, Stewards Robin McAuslan, Jim Sheridan, Alan O'Rourke, Silke Loehndorf, and time keepers Andrew White, Gillian Forrest, Ian Smith and Brenda McFarlane and all the parents who came along to support the youngsters and all got soaked out on the hill".


Andy Fisher after a poor start to the year at long last rediscovered his form to win Greenock Glenpark Harriers Wilson Trophy race. The race originally scheduled for December but cancelled due to snow and ice, was run in atrocious weather as wintry conditions again returned with cold strong winds and heavy rain.  Under 20 Fisher having got back to hard training saw his efforts rewarded with what turned out to be a comfortable win in the conceding 4.5 mile handicap trail race after catching long time leader Yvonne Prager in the last ¼ mile.


Shaun Lyon’s purple patch continued when he recorded the fastest time around the course, and behind him there was another standout performance from Steven Campbell who for the first time is outright leader in the club Championship, with just 2 races remaining. The result means another exciting finish as the title will again go down to the last race.


Jacqueline O’Donoghue with her 2nd win in a row has gone streaking up the Ladies championship table to just 3 points behind the leader,  a remarkable improvement in recent months now sees her also leading the handicap table.


Susan Clark returning from injury secured second from Rhonda White, with Yvonne Prager next, finishing first veteran lady.


In the veteran athlete category Robert Adams was the fastest over 40, while the over 50s continue to be the most competitive group as Danny McLaughlin just edged ahead of Richard Davidson and Graham McGrattan, the trio separated by just 26 seconds.  Robert Dolan was the quickest O60.



The young athletes ran their own version of the conceding handicap over the shorter 1 mile distance.  First away was Ally White then all the runners set off at intervals with the task of chasing him down. But the youngster held his nerve on the long climb to the finish at New Yetts reservoir, as he powered home ahead of Rachel Mulaghton and Ewan Ferguson.


Behind them the back markers were Evan Warwick and Shelby Morrison who recorded the fastest boy and girl times, Shelby again impressive in setting another girl’s course record.  

Results(scratch times in brackets):

Seniors: A.Fisher 50.26 (31.26) A.Harkins 51.12 (28.12) J.O'Donoghue 51.22 (34.22) S.Campbell 51.27 (27.27) Y.Prager 51.33 (42.33) M.Dunn 51.37 (32.37) S.Lyon 51.43 (26.43) R.Davidson 51.44 (29.44) R.Neilson 51.50 (32.50) R.Adams 51.59 (29.59) G.McGrattan 52.06 (30.06) K.O'Donoghue 52.16 (28.16) K.Pryde 52.18 (32.18) J.Cuffe 52.34 (35.34) R.Mitchell 52.50 (31.50) S.Clark 53.19 (38.19) B.McCluskey 53.24 (33.24) K.Gill 53.33 (35.33) K.McCartney 53.34 (34.34) D.McLaughlin 53.40 (29.40) S.McDade 53.46 (34.46) D.Henderson 54.10 (29.10) R.Dolan 54.13 (38.13) R.White 54.46 (38.46) I.Rankin 55.26 (43.26) T.Knight 55.49 (48.49) S.Forrest 57.20 (44.20)

Juniors: Alistair White 7.07 (7.07) Rachel Mulaghton 7.20 (6.50) Ewan Ferguson 7.27 (6.57) Lucy McFarlane 7.36 (7.06) Christie Mulaghton 7.38 (6.38) Craig White 7.40 (6.20) Harry McGill 7.42 (5.52) Megan Rodgers 7.45 (5.45) Lauren Mulaghton 7.50 (5.50) Calum Johnston 7.58 (6.08) Tom Forrest 7.59 (6.39) Shelby Morrison 8.03 (5.33) Evan Warwick 8.09 (5.29) Andrew McCluskey 8.12 (6.52)

Ally and Andy Handicap race winners

Sprint Double for Chloe
Chloe Hanlon continued her recent good form to win her first sprint titles -  the 100m and 200m at the Inverclyde Schools Championships, her school also took silver in the 4x100 relay. The success of the sprint squad was underlined when her training partners Kate Kilpatrick and Rachel McFarlane also made it through to the 100m final.
(Hand held times: 13.08/28.7)  
Results of other young GGH athletes to follow.

Nat Schools T&F 8- 9th June 2012

Scottish Schools National Track & Field Championships – 8- 9th June 2012 Grangemouth

Glenpark juniors were all in outstanding form when representing their schools at the National track & field championships where their personal bests tumbled. Shelby Morrison was the standout performer reaching both the 800m and 1500m finals.

Luthais Arthur was the biggest surprise of the day – not that he ran a new best in the 800m but that he reduced it by such a large amount (7 seconds). Gerard Smith stepped up to the big occasion with a new best over the same difference.

The sprinters were thwarted from fast times on day 1 by strong head winds but in better conditions the following day Chloe Hanlon set one of the fastest times by an under 13 in Scotland this year – her first time over the distance. Saskia Cooper was rewarded with a 20cm improvement in the Long Jump, but in the wet and windy conditions Lauren Mulaghton couldn’t quite match her previous best.


Saskia Cooper (-2.3) 14.11 sec

Mark Magee (-2.0) 13.13 sec

Chloe Hanlon (+0.6) 13.82 sec PB


Saskia Cooper (-1.3)  28.29 sec

Mark Magee (-2.1) 26.28 sec


Shelby Morrison – Heat 2nd 2.32 PB, Final – 6th 2.33

Gerard Smith 2.09 PB

Luthais Arthur 2.08 PB


Shelby Morrison – Heat 1st 5.12 PB, Final 5th 5.11 PB

Lauren Mulaghton – 5.43

Gerard Smith 4.43 PB

Luthais Arthur 5.03 PB

Long Jump

Saskia Cooper 4.53m PB

Vale of Leven 10k 10/6/12

Danny & Lynne First Home

The Polaroid 4 race Series came to an end with the Vale of Leven 10k, and it was another outstanding run from Danny McLaughlin.  He was consistent in all 3 races he competed in with a 2nd, 4th, and finally a 3rd place in the O50 category . Sam McVicar at long last made his return from injury coming home behind Andrew White who once again went under the 40 minute mark and in 14th place in the veteran category.

Lynne Rogers was our top lady and she just got better and better in each of the 4 races finishing 31st at Helensburgh. Her steady improvent saw her move up to the last race.  Suzanne Coyle and Terry Wall (her2nd race in 2 days) followed close behind.


Brian McCluskey was also another who did the IAC 10k the day before and remarkably his times were within 3 seconds.


Results: Danny McLaughlin 36:41, Andrew White 38:59, Sam McVicar 39:14, Robert Adams 40:42, Robert Wilson 40:43, Kevan McCartney 40:50, Brian McCluskey  41:39, Lynne Rogers 43:34, Suzanne Coyle 45:04, Terry Wall 46:43, Jane MacLean  49:06, Rhonda White 49:17, Viki Wilkinson 50:35, Robert Mitchell 53:53.


Glenrothes 10K 10/6/12

Liam Smart gone but not forgotten kept the Glenpark colours flying at the Glenrothes 10K with a top 20 finish at in a time of 38.53.

Sinclair 10K 9/6/12

Runaway Train….er


                                          Race Winner Stephen Trainer

Stephen Trainer was a runaway winner of Inverclyde ACs Frank Sinclair 10K race. On the new course along Gourock front he was almost a full 2 ½ minutes clear of Bellahouston’s Bruce Carse. After a short lay off to recharge his batteries following his Marathon Alan Henderson made an encouraging return finishing just ahead of Steven Campbell. Terry Wall was just 100m down on leading Lady Jane Wild of Bellahouston.  

This was another good turnout from the club without even considering the Vale of Leven 10K is the following day.

Results: Stephen Trainer 32.41, Allan Henderson 35.32, Stephen Campbell 35.57, Graham McGrattan 39.02, Christopher Watson 39.38, Cameron Surrey 41.01, Brian McCluskey 41.36, Ross Neilson 42.07, Michael Dunn 42.16, David Carruthers 44.48, Jim Cuffe 45.50, Terry Wall 46.20, Robert Dolan 48.35, Lorna Brown 50.55, Fiona Cushnaghan 51.08, Ian Rankin 58.15

     Olympic Torch comes to Scotland


             Eve Cushnaghan & Tom Tracey

Chisholm Mile 5/6/12

Morrison Lets it Shine


Shelby Morrison was in outstanding form at Greenock Glenpark Harriers Chisholm mile on Greenock Esplanade. The 12 year old coasted home as first female in the impressive time of 5.26 minutes - a new under 13 course record. The youngster's even paced running rewarded her with a massive 40 second improvement on last year.


The race for the runners up spot was much more fiercely contested as juniors Megan Rodgers, Luisa Davies and Lauren Mulaghton all tried to get back on terms with senior woman Jacqueline O’Donoghue. But Jacqueline just had the strength to hold off the fast finishing girls, with all four dipping under 6 minutes. Top girl for Inverclyde AC was Alyssa McLelland closely followed by Cara Hogg.

This was the best ever showing by the Glenpark girls and women with Nichola Doohan, Elyse McCormick and Jane MacLean making it eight to go under 6 ½ minutes, another encouraging sign of the improvements being made by the group.

At the head of the field it was a 3 horse race as Inverclyde’s Greg Williams and Jonathon Glen sat behind Glenpark’s Stephen Trainer until the ¾ mark before making their move.  When he did go to the front Greg’s track speed was to prove decisive as he broke clear, Jonathon followed leaving Stephen to settle for 3rd but making an important step in his bid for three club champion titles in a row. Shaun Lyon fresh from his ½ marathon win at Campbeltown showed his versatility by taking the 4th spot.


There was a thrilling finish to be first vet across the line as the Harriers Graham McGrattan and  ACs John Smillie went stride for stride, with Graham, surprising even himself with his time, just getting the nod from the timekeepers. The clubs 2 most senior athletes kept up their rivalry but Richard Hodelet now in his 70th year couldn’t quite catch the much younger Tommy Knight (69).


Lorna Coyle was fastest lady vet as she held off her Glenpark club mates Fiona Cushnaghan and Liz McAuslan.


In the under 11 age group, Clara Pollock (IAC) and Christie Mulaghton (GGH) were fastest girls and Harry McGill (GGH)l and Keiran Hogg(IAC) first boys home.


Results: Greg Williams 4:21, Jonathon Glen 4:22, Stephen Trainer 4:24, Shaun Lyon 4:37, Michael Houston 4:39, Shaun Gaffney 4:40, John Cooke 4:45, Callum Hunter 4:54, Josh Houston 4:55, Steven Campbell 4:58, Andrew Harkins 4:59, Martin McDowell 5:00, Luthais Arthur  5:00, Robert Todd 5:01, Kevin O'Donoghue 5:02, Ross Forbes 5:04, Steve Gray 5:05, Cameron Surrey 5:06, Graham McGrattan 5:08, John Smillie 5:09, Andy Fisher 5:10, Duncan Anderson 5:12, Danny McLaughlin 5:15, Robert Wilson 5:16, Andrew White 5:17, Richard Davidson 5:17, Alan O'Rourke 5:18, Evan Warwick 5:22, Ross Neilson 5:24, Shelby Morrison 5:26, Brian McCluskey 5:29, Chris Watson 5:30, Mark Magee 5:31, Adam McCormick 5:34, Gavin Morrison 5:36, Ross Slater 5:40, Mick Harrington 5:49, Jack Harrington 5:49, Stevie McDade 5:52, JaquelineO'Donoghue 5:56, Megan Rodgers 5:57, Luisa Davies 5:59, Lauren Mulaghton 5:59, Jim Cuffe 6:02, Nichola Doohan 6:13, Harry McGill 6:16, Adam Real 6:23, Robert Peterson 6:24, Elyse McCormick 6:24, Alyssa McLelland 6:26, Jane MacLean 6:26, Cara Hogg 6:28, John Magee 6:29, Robert Dolan 6:32, Jack McDaid 6:36, Craig White 6:40, Andrew McCluskey 6:41, Clara Pollock 6:43, Lorna Coyle 6:43, Rhonda White 6:43, Gillian Carmichael 6:45, Keiran Hogg 6:50, Nyah Gillan 6:51, Fiona Cushnaghan 6:56, Liz McAuslan 7:02, Christie Mulaghton 7:07, Emily Pugh 7:21, Laura Hamill 7:22, Ewan Ferguson 7:29, Sarah Pugh 7:29, Rachel McFarlane 7:31, Rachel Mulaghton 7:38, Catriona Daisley 7:56, Tommy Knight 7:57, Alistair White 8:03, Richard Hodelet 8:14


*Thanks to the timekeepers from both local clubs for an excellent job capturing all 76 runners as they flashed across the line in just a few minutes, and also to the cyclists and stewards.

Mull of Kintyre 3/6/12

            Shaun runs a MoK

             Lorna Coyle & Shaun Lyon & Liz McAuslan

Shaun Lyon had a winning debut at the ½ Marathon distance when he cruised clear of his nearest competitor by five minutes to win at Campbeltown on the Mull of Kintyre. This impressive result follows on from his victory at Cornalees.  Also performing well in the very windy conditions was Liz McAuslan with a 2 minute improvement since her last outing finishing as 8th veteran.

Lorna Coyle, the clubs top lady at the moment, tackled the shorter 10k distance, was again in her best form and amongst the prizes as 3rd lady and 1st veteran in the race around Campbeltown Loch.

Results: Shaun Lyon 78.46, Liz McAuslan 115.59: Lorna Coyle 45.37.

Shaun leads at 1/2 way on Machrihanish Beach

Scottish Relays 3/6/12

Glenpark Girls Show Promise

Saskia Cooper, Megan McClement, Chloe Hanlon, and Lucy Compston had an unfortunate end to their 4x100m heat in the Under 16s Scottish relay Championships. Seeded in the toughest of the 2 Heats, it looked as if they had done enough to sneak into the final, but they were disqualified for just stepping out of the exchange zone.  Finishing 4th, the teams in front went on to place 1st, 2nd and 4th in the final. But the positives they can take from their performance far outweighed their natural disappointment. With very limited baton practice and no track to train on, the fairly inexperienced squad still managed to put in a strong challenge against the best teams in Scotland

Glasgow Parkrun 2nd June 2012

Another good day at Pollok park for Glenpark where the quality of the Harriers veterans was again demonstrated when Graham McGrattan and Danny McLaughlin finished 2nd and 4th in the age grading system with very high scores of  83 and 82% respectively


Kimberley Stevenson and Duncan Anderson both recorded new best times, with Duncan making it 4 in a row improving his time by 2 ½ minutes since last December. Richard Hodelet was a whole minute quicker than last week and 2nd in his age category,  and Chris Watson after Dumbarton  on Thursday night was just a couple of seconds outside his fastest time. Also running in her very first rce was Kimberleys daughter Ashleigh.


Results: Danny McLaughlin 18.15, Graham McGrattan 18.28, Chris Watson 19.16, Duncan Anderson 19.35, Richard Hodelet 27.56, Kimberley Stevens 30.43, Ashleigh Forsyth 36.16.

Dumbarton 10K – 31st May 2012

Harriers Rock at Dumbarton

A tremendous night for the Harriers at Dumbarton as Personal Bests came thick and fast.

But it was our Veteran athletes that stole the show. Lorna Coyle (pictured left) was outstanding finishing 2nd in the over 50 category, matching that in the male O50 category was Danny McLaughlin while Mick McLoone the leading Glenparker finished 11th overall and 3rd over 40.

Results: Michael McLoone 34.33, Steven Campbell 35.31, Danny McLaughlin 35.57, Kevin O'Donoghue 36.01, Andrew Harkins 36.43, Chris Watson 37.53, Andrew White 38:05, Duncan Anderson 39.42, Brian McCluskey 40.22, Robert Mitchell 40:36, Kevan McCartney   42.17, Lorna Coyle 42.40, Lynne Rogers 43.24, Suzanne Coyle 44:17, Terry Wall 45:12, Rhonda White 46.48, Jane MacLean 49.11, Heather Kangley 50.30.







Andrew Harkins, Kevin O'Donoghue and Danny McLaughlin

Linwood 30th May 2011

Harriers Right on Track


The mild calm conditions were perfect for fast times for those who made the short journey to Linwood for the 2nd open graded meeting in the series. Stephen Trainer got the evening off to the perfect start winning the 3000metres with his fastest time in 5 years. Also going well was Kevin O’Donoghue going close to 10minutes in his first track race and Alan O’Rourke. Evan Warwick looked a little jaded but can be excused as earlier in the day he had an excellent win in the 1500M at the Ayrshire Schools Championships.


Mark Magee set two new bests in the 100m and 200m, while Shelby Morrison and Harry McGill both went 2 seconds faster than their last outing.


In the 800m there was massive improvement all round with PBs for Luthais, Shelby, Luisa, Calum, Jacqueline, Harry, Christie, Lucy and Rachel.


In the final event the 1500m the rain had began to fall and the floodlights were on by the time Shaun Lyon and Andy Fisher got under way. Shaun’s first 400m at 65seconds seemed a bit too fast but he surprisingly held the pace for the next 3 laps to smash his best by 12 seconds for the performance of the night.


3000M: Stephen Trainer 8.55, Kevin O’Donoghue 10.08, Alan O’Rourke 10.29, Evan Warwick 10.57

100M: Mark Magee 12.7

200M: Mark Magee 26.1, Shelby Morrison 32.5, Harry McGill 34.8, Laura Hamill 35.8

800M:  Luthais Arthur 2.15, Cameron Surrey 2.16, Shelby Morrison 2.34, Luisa Davies 2.36, Calum Johnston 2.44, Jacqueline O’Donoghue 2.44, Lauren Mulaghton 2.45, Harry McGill 3.02, Christie Mulaghton 3.15, Lucy McFarlane 3.17, Rachel Mulaghton 3.24.

1500M: Shaun Lyon 4.19, Andy Fisher 4.45


Kilpatricks Hill race 30th May


Stevie in 7th Heaven

Stevie Campbell is proving to be outstanding in the hills with another excellent run, this time across the Clyde in the Kilpatrick Hill race where he finished 7th, Mick Dunn was 2nd over 50 with Kenny Pryde finishing in the top half breaking the hour mark.

7th Stevie Campbell 49.37, 32nd Mick Dunn 55.45, 48th Kenny Pryde 59.07


Glasgow Green 3k – 25th May 2012


11th Andrew White 10.50, 20th Kevan McCartney 11.46


Edinburgh Marathon Festival 27/5/12


Greenock Glenpark Harriers Thomas Loehndorf was in red hot form at the Edinburgh Marathon. Recently included in the Scottish squad for the 100km Celtic Plate International race he highlighted his credentials with a personal best in the searing heat finishing 4th Scot and 20th overall in a top quality field.  

There were excellent personal performances from Robert Dolan running his 2nd fastest time for the 26.2 miles and Stephen McDade making his debut at the distance.

David Henderson,Yvonne Prager and Iain Rankin made it 10 Edinburgh Marathons in a row and remain in the very small group of runners  (40 after 2011) who have now completed every one since 2003.

Little separated Fiona Cushnaghan and Kevin Gill, with Fiona pleased to again go under the 4 hour mark in her 2nd marathon in 6 weeks.

In the Relay competition the club had 2 teams taking part including Pamela McVicar in her first appearance in club colours.

Andy Fisher was the highest placed Harrier at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival where he finished 4th in the 5km event, just dipping under 19 minutes.

Marathon: Thomas Loehndorf 2.42, Robert Wilson 3.15, Robert Dolan 3.18, David Henderson 3.21, Stephen McDade 3.49, Fiona Cushnaghan 3.59, Kevin Gill 4.01, Yvonne Prager 4.46, Iain Rankin 5.41.

Marathon Relay: Bernie & Heather Kangley, Sam & Pam McVicar 3.24: Lorna Coyle, Suzanne Coyle, Gillian Forrest, Jacqueline O’Donoghue 3.33.

½ Marathon: Donna Clark 2.22, James  Campbell 2.22.

5k: Andy Fisher 18.58

Bernie & David enjoy a pint after the  marathon at Edinburgh

Trossachs 10K 26th May 2012
Trossachs 10K 

At the Trossachs 10K the  Harriers were well placed as all seven competing finished in the top 15.  The picturesque route followed the hilly trails through the Ard Forrest in Aberfoyle. Leading the way for the Greenock club was veteran runner Graham McGrattan  in 6th place, closely followed by brothers Chris and Steven Watson.

Results: Graham McGrattan, 40.35, Chris Watson 41.18, Steven Watson 41.28, Duncan Anderson 41.37, Ross Neilson 44.05, Kevan McCartney 44.44, David Carrthers 44.51.

Glasgow Parkrun 26th May 2012

 At Pollok park Richard Hodelet notched up his 36th race in the event in 3 years finishing in a time of 29.03.  Also competing in her 14th attempt was Kimberley Stevenson in  31.59

Clydebank 10K 24th May 2012

    Heather, Terry, Jane, and Rhonda

Another good turnout from the Harriers in the Polaroid 10k race series, with the best placings going to Mick McLoone who was 4th over 40, Danny McLaughlin 4th over 50, and Lynne Rogers 15th Lady.

Results: Mick McLoone 35.21, Kevin O’Donoghue 37.27, Andrew Harkins 37.36, Danny McLaughlin 38.26, Andrew White 39.49, Duncan Anderson 40.47, Robert Wilson 41.53, Robert Mitchell 42.11, Brian McCluskey 42.23, Kevan McCartney 44.06, Lynne Rogers 44.28, Terry Wall 47.12, Suzanne Coyle 47.35, Rhonda White 48.07 

Pollok Parkrun 19/5/12

A fine debut from Kevin O’Donoghue at Pollok park finishing in 8th position, and another consistent performance from Graham McGrattan who is always near the top of the age rankings. But the best results came in the form of 3 big personal bests from Chris Watson, Duncan Anderson and David Carruthers.


Results: Kevin O’Donoghue 18.13, Graham McGrattan 18.35, Chris Watson 19.14(41secPB), Duncan Anderson 19.57(54secPB), Steven Watson 19.58, David Carruthers 21.02 (24secPB)

Danny & Lynne's  Silver Lining


17/5/12 Civil Service 10K: Danny McLaughlin (36.38) was 2nd over 50 in the National  Civil Service 10K championships held in London at Battersea Park missing out on gold by just 7 seconds, also competing was Alan O’Rourke (37.48). The pair were well placed in 20th and 28th position from the 360 runners.


 12/5/12 Dick Wedlock 10K: Lynne Rogers had an outstanding result when she placed 2nd in a new personal best of 44.22 minutes in the Invitational Dick Wedlock 10K in Glasgow.

Helensburgh 10k 17th May 2012

Lorna Shines as Rain Pours

The first of the Polaroid 10K race series kicked off at a rain drenched Helensburgh, with another large turnout from the Harriers - 10 women and 9  men and  among the 1000 runners. Mick McLoone was 1st back for the club, but again it was the women who continue to improve with quite a number of personal bests set in the wet conditions. Best run of the night came from Lorna Coyle who was 2nd in the over 50 category running 70 seconds faster than the previous Sunday at Glasgow.


Yvonnes Report: A wet and miserable evening to be a spectator but the runners said the conditions were ideal.  19 Glenpark Harriers took part and 10 of them were ladies!  some excellent performances, especially from Lynne, Suzanne, Kevin and Andy who did the Cornalees hill race the previous evening and Terry, Lorna, Viki and Jane did the ladies 10k last weekend.  The first 10k for James and Kevin and the first in a long time for Rhonda.   Another pb from Gillian, Viki and Jane, (not sure about the others) and a great race from Susan coming back from injury and Heather who was running with an injury!   


Mick McLoone still in fine form, was the first home for the club, Lorna was 2nd in her age category and Mrs consistency TW with only seconds separating her times from Troon, the Ladies 10k and Helensburgh.


Lynne and Suzanne got lost on the way to Helensburgh, Lynne left her number in the car and then missed the start of the race.  She sauntered across the start line well behind Tommy the clown but still managed to work her way through the field and have a great race.



Helensburgh 10K: Michael McLoone 35:19, Kevin O'Donoghue 37:57, Robert Wilson 38:54, Andrew White 39:10, Robert Mitchell 40:35, Duncan Anderson 41:29, Brian McCluskey 41:41, Kevan McCartney   43:41, Lorna Coyle 44:17, Suzanne Coyle 44:40, Terry Wall 45:25, Lynne Rogers 44:46, Gillian Forrest 46:39, Rhonda White 47:31, James Campbell 47:38, Jane MacLean 47:43, Heather Kangley 48:51, Viki Wilkinson 50.09.

Cornalees Hill Race 16/5/12

Lyon King of the Hill

     The Juniors sprint off with top of the climb high in the distance

Shaun Lyon took the Cornalees Hill race trophy with a fearless display of front running in the inter club match between Greenock Glenpark Harriers, Westerlands CCC and Kilbarchan AAC. From the start at Woodstock road he blazed away from the rest of the field to the 1000ft high point at the cairn at Cornalees. The Bute man has been improving every year, and this was without doubt his best performance yet, winning only his 2nd club trophy, a full 2 minutes quicker than last year.

Steven Campbell was clear in 2nd until a fall 600m metres from the finish, left him motionless for a minute on the hillside, but with Westerlands veteran internationalist Chris Upson fast approaching he dragged himself up and limped slowly home just holding Upson off, and remarkably still inside his best for the course, a result which deservedly puts him into joint lead in the Harriers club Championship.

Kilbarchan athlete Christina Rankin was without doubt the class act of the night, the Scottish International Hill runner finished 4th overall obliterating the course record by 5 minutes and also retaining her clubs Hill Race title. Hopefully ideal preparation as she heads south to compete for the Scottish West District in the Intercounties championships in the Peak District on Saturday.

The competition was fierce to be first Glenpark woman back, with little over a minute separating Lynne Rogers, Jacqueline O’Donoghue and Suzanne Coyle. It was the on form Rogers – 2nd in the Dick Wedlock 10k the previous week –  who came out on top, running 2 minutes faster than 2011, quickly followed by O’Donoghue and Coyle. The pair had a real battle for the runners up, spot exchanging position several times before Jacqueline finally broke clear. All 3 women were inside the old Glenpark ladies record.

It was a case of experience triumphing over youth as 56 year old Mick Dunn timed his charge to perfection on the descent to pass and hold off 16 year old Gerard Smith as the pair flew off the final hill within a few feet of each other.

Andrew White, Ross Slater, Donna Clark and Liz McAuslan, all competing in their first hill race all had fine debuts over the tough course.

And to round off an excellent night Glenpark took the team prize ahead of Westerlands with Kevin O’Donoghue counting alongside Lyon, Campbell and Dunn.

Special thanks for the great turnout from the club who assisted in stewarding with a dozen helping out on the cold hillside, especially Peter Clare who was out on the Summit.

                   Junior & Senior Winners Luthais & Shaun

18 juniors took part in the short ½ mile climb up onto the Cut. Luthais Arthur went away like a bullet bounding seemingly effortlessly up the steep ascent being chased all the way by Evan Warwick. Behind them came Lauren Mulaghton, a great morale boost for her as she bounced back to her best form. Shelby Morrison and Nichola Doohan came very close behind making sure that Lauren would have to work hard for her win.

Harry McGill and Calum Johnston went stride for stride for the final podium spot, it eventually went to pocket dynamo Harry by a solitary second.

All the youngsters were well under 5 minutes for the strenuous climb with every place keenly contested from first to last.  There was great improvements from all those who ran last year especially Danielle Hunter, Christie Mulaghton and Alexander Jamieson.

Seniors: Shaun Lyon 32.56, Steven Campbell 35.09, Chris Upson 35.27, Christina Rankin 36.21, Neil Adams 36.23, Kevin O'Donoghue 36.27, Davis Dickson 37.33, Mick Dunn 38.21, Gerard Smith 38.23, Don Reid 38.43, Andrew White 38.49, Kenny Pryde 40.19, Dave Mewse 41.03, Ross Slater 42.43, Steve Hards 42.49, Brian Brennan 43.35, Elizabeth Adams 43.56, Peter Midgley 43.56, Lynne Rogers 45.47, Jacqueline O'Donoghue 46.50, Suzanne Coyle 47.06, Chris McDonald 48.24, Helen McPherson 48.27, Kevin Gill 49.26, Donna Clark 50.21, Liz McAuslan 52.53, Pat McLaughlin 58.12, Max McFarlane 58.45,

Juniors: Luthais Arthur 2.33, Evan Warwick 2.47, Lauren Mulaghton 2.58, Shelby Morrison 3.03, Nichola Doohan 3.10, Harry McGill 3.27, Calum Johnston 3.28, Danielle Hunter 3.33, Jack McDaid 3.38, Jonathon Slater 3.44, Joshua Ruddy 3.50, Ewan Ferguson 3.51, Lucy McFarlane 3.57, Christie Mulaghton 4.01, Laura Hamill 4.04, Alexander Jamieson 4.14, Alistair White 4.19, Rachel Mulaghton 4.28

West District Champs 12th May 2012

     Ross Forbes

There were some fine results for the Glenparkers in the difficult conditions at Ayr’s Dam Park at the District Championships. The strong winds made it especially tough for the sprinters. Even so Luthais Arthur still managed to run a PB in the 200m into a -3 mph headwind finishing 4th, a fraction behind Mark Magee. Making her debut on the track, Kate Kilpatrick showed no signs of nerves with a very promising opening race.


In the 800m Gerard Smith was on target for a new best at 600m, but tied up on the finishing straight. Luisa Davies posted a fast early season time, while Lauren found the conditions more testing – but will no doubt improve over the season.


In the metric mile results were much more promising with Shaun Lyon and Ross Forbes running new bests, and Stephen Trainer his fastest time for a number of years (he was one of quite a number who were all caught out by the Dam Park track and disqualified for stepping inside the lane). Shaun running in the 3rd heat hit the front after 400m  and immediately opened a gap which  he held for a comfortable win.


1500m: Stephen Trainer 4.10 DQ’d, Shaun Lyon 4.27PB, Ross Forbes 4.50PB, Andy Fisher 4.59

800m: Gerard Smith 2.12, Luisa Davies 2.44, Lauren Mulaghton 2.51

100m/200m: Mark Magee 13.16/ 26.75, Luthais Arthur 26.96 PB, Saskia Cooper 14.02, Kate Kilpatrick 15.67 PB.

Womens 10K 13/5/12

10 of the Best

Ten of Greenock Glenpark Harriers women took part along with over 8000 runners in the women’s 10k race in Glasgow. In the cool and very windy conditions they were in fantastic form with great improvements all round. The biggest coming from Jane MacLean and Viki Wilkinson as the pair went 13 and 10 minutes quicker than last year; there was a personal best of over 5 minutes for Jacqueline O’Donoghue, running in only her 3rd 10k;  also Fiona Taylor, Emma O’Rourke, Grace Harrison and  Liz McAuslan all went quicker. It has been a tremendous start of the year by the women and it’s been all down to the hard work in training producing the results in races. The leading ladies for the Orangefield club were Lorna Coyle and Terry Wall, the veteran runners crossing the line together in 45 minutes.

*Spare a thought for poor Emma, who had to go straight to work in the Run4it Tent right after the race.


Womens 10k: Lorna Coyle 45.27, Terry Wall 45.29,Jacqueline O’Donoghue 46.15,Donna Clark 47.23, Jane MacLean 47.57, Viki Wilkinson 50.16, Liz McAuslan 50.54, Emma O’Rourke 51.51, Fiona Taylor 53.25, Grace Harrison 55.04

Thanks to Yvonne for report and picture 


Troon 10K 9/5/12

GGH travel Doon to Troon

Gillian, Fiona and Terry

 It was a cool evening with little wind, ideal for running along the seafront of Troon. 7 runners from Greenock Glenpark took part with almost 1000 finishing the race. Danny McLaughlin was top from the club in 26th place, followed by Graham McGrattan (43rd) Robert Wilson Jnr (64th) Robert Mitchell (90th). Glenparks women put in a strong showing with Terry Wall our leading lady in 16th  but Gillian Forrest showed that she is well and truly back from injury improving her best by over a minute which was set just 2 weeks earlier at Balfron 36th , and Fiona Cushnaghan 42nd  getting her best time in 2 years and only a month after competing in the Lochaber Marathon.

Troon 10K results: Terry Wall 45.19, Gillian Forrest 47.21 (PB), Fiona Cushnaghan 48.15, Danny McLaughlin 37.02, Graham McGrattan 38.06, Robert Wilson jnr 39.19,Robert Mitchell 40.59

Danny Duathlon (2) 5/5/12

Its a Breeze for Danny



Kirsten & Susan


The 2nd of this years Danny’s duathlon was held on Saturday in sunny if not somewhat breezy conditions. In total there were four finishers on the day with double that doing the individual sections of the run/bike/run course. As expected Danny made it a predictable 6 in a row in the 3rd year of the event, mainly due to a brilliant bike section, destroying the field, making his final 5km a procession to victory in a time that was just one second quicker than event 1. Steven Campbell was in the lead at first transition but was soon overtaken in the bike stage by Danny, but dug in deep to hold off a closing Alan O’Rourke. O’Rourke may have closed the gap if it wasn’t for a novice like transition, but still had enough to score a 5 minute PB compared to his only previous outing. Final Glenparker was Rhonda White who showed a big improvement cutting 3 minutes from her previous attempt in March.


There were some fine performances from Mick Harrington and Liz McAuslan and visitors Stuart Wilson and Boyd Wilson who completed 2 stages, also Brian McCluskey  with 2 consistent runs, Kirsten Arthur and Susan Clarke on the bike section and Kenny Pryde joining in the last 5km.

A big thank you to Alec Hunter and his apprentice Kevan McCartney for timekeeping. The next duathlon will take place in June


Results (splits and overall time)

Danny McLaughlin 18.12, 0.04, 35.06, 0.08, 19.20 (72.23)

Steven Campbell     17.51, 0.23, 39.18, 0.08, 18.42 (76.22)

Alan O’Rourke        18.58, 1.44, 38.17, 1.04, 19.04 (79.07)

Rhonda White          22.45, 0.38, 46.25, 0.08, 24.02 (93.58)


Stuart Wilson          22.45, 1.13, 41.13 (65.11)

Mick Harrington     20.23, 0.53, 44.30 (65.46)

Boyd McKenzie      22.45, 1.11, 46.38 (70.34)

Liz McAuslan         23.37, 1.03, 56.22 (81.02)

Bike only

Kirstin Arthur   40.29

Susan Clark      45.06

Run only

Brian McCluskey 19.45, 19.50

Kenny Pryde   19.40

Parkrun 5/5/12

Another successful outing at Pollok park,  with 3 of the Glenpark quartet recording personal bests.  The biggest improvement camr from Jane MacLean with a 35 second improvement, and Duncan and Viki both slicing 9 seconds off. Graham wasnt far off his best finishing 3rd in the in the Age grading system with 83%



Graham McGrattan 18.27, Duncan Anderson 20.51 PB, Jane MacLean 22.46 PB, Viki Wilkinson 23.50 PB

Linwood Open Graded Meeting 25th April 2012

On Your Mark, Set, Go! 

On a wet windy cold night 21 Harriers competed in the opening DunRen OGM at the Linwood track.

Mark Magee was the star man recording 2 personal bests, and to do this in the miserable conditions and so early in the season augurs well for the young athlete for the rest of the year.

It wasn’t only Mark as Shelby Morrison, Lucy McFarlane, Christie McFarlane and Shaun Lyon also set PBs.

All those making their debut appearance on the track for the club also looked impressive: Callum Johnston, Jacqueline O’Donoghue, Luthais Arthur Harry McGill, Martin McDowell.

200m: Mark Magee 26.47, Luthais Arthur 27.57, Shelby Morrison 34.19, Harry McGill 36.51,

400m: Mark Magee 58.72

800m: Gerard Smith 2.12, Luthais Arthur 2.22, Ross Forbes 2.28, Shelby Morrison 2.42, Jacqueline O’Donoghue 2.52, Callum Johnston 2.53, Lauren Mulaghton 2.54, Harry McGill 3.05, Lucy McFarlane 3.21, Christie Mulaghton 3.30,

1500m: Stephen Trainer 4.18, Shaun Lyon 4.31

3000m: Steven Campbell 10.25, Martin McDowell 10.40, Andrew Fisher 10.43, Alan O’Rourke 10.45, Evan Warwick 10.46, Cameron Surrey 10.49, Micky Dunn 12.00

5000m: Alan Henderson 16.55

Lynne, Irene, Gillian, Fiona, Suzanne, Yvonne, Heather & Dorothy after there Hoka Highland Fling Relay

Read a much more detailed report from Silke Loehndorf:

Hoka Highland Fling 28/4/12


Greenock Glenpark Harriers had a strong presence in the Highland Fling Ultra trail race over the southern 53 miles of the famous West Highland Way Path.  Husband and Wife Thomas and Silke Loehndorf were running the whole distance while another 12 harriers took part in the 4 stage relay over the same route.

Thomas who has been selected to represent Scotland to compete in the Celtic Plate 100k in July showed he is in the best of form, running a personal best for the race at the sharp end of the field in 7th. In an event which is gaining in popularity and prestige, there was a strong International presence, with English and French athletes taking the 2nd and 3rd podium places. It could have been better for Thomas, just 30 seconds behind the 2 runners in front.

Silke in what was her debut in the race, was delighted to cover the distance in 13 hours, finishing 15th in her category. The toughness of the event is demonstrated that 52 of the athletes from the 400 starters failed to complete the race.

In the relay the Glenpark men’s team of Kevin O’Donoghue, Danny McLaughlin, Steven Campbell and Alan O’Rourke were impressive taking 2nd place. All performed well, but special praise to Danny, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit, injured himself coming off Conic hill and limped his way to the next change over.

With little training over the course which starts in Milngavie and finishes in the scenic village of Tyndrum, the two ladies teams decided to run the stages together, over the route which is almost entirely on trails through stunning scenery.

Irene McDade and Dorothy McCormick got them underway on the relatively flat 12 mile opening leg, before passing on to Heather Kangley and Fiona Cushnaghan for the longest and hilliest 14.5mile section.

Following on, Lynne Rogers and Suzanne Coyle also had a hard leg over rough terrain and even a climbing ladder at one point.

The final pairing of Yvonne Prager and Gillian Forrest on the anchor had the pleasure of running through the line to the cheers of the large crowds at the finish. The runners had the excellent support from the back-up crew of Bernie Kangley and Andy Cushnaghan.

Results: Thomas Loehndorf 8.02, Silke Loehndorf 13.01, Mens team 6.55, Ladies A 10.33, Ladies B 10.33


Crinan Puffer 8.5mile 28/4/12

Liz McAuslan was in excellent form at the Crinan Puffer 8.5 mile race from Ardrishaig to Crinan finishing12th in her category in a new best of 71.47, taking more than 2 minutes from her time last year.


















Largs 10k  29/4/12

Down the coast on Sunday there was a large turnout from the Harriers at the Largs 10k, with the top performance coming from local youngster Evan Warwick who was fastest youth and 6th overall, 4 minutes quicker than last year. Andrew White had his best run for the club taking the runners-up spot just in front of club mate Chris Watson.

Kevan’s London Woes

I suppose It went as well as could have expected. I got the cold the week before the big day and it went full blown on the Friday..ahhhh .. So..I left the entire contents of my nose across 26.2 miles of London.I must have looked funny carrying hankies,sudafed, flu plus and a Vicks menthol nose sniffer thingy..But I just thought I would go for a 3.15 hours, despite having the cold...This was my target PB before the lurgy set in...But the wheels came right off between 17 and 19 miles and ended up with me stopping and holding a barrier as I thought I was going to faint..But had a word with myself,blew the nose sniffed the sniffer and off I went.. and struggled big time for the last 7-8 miles..( then i got overtaken by a guy wearing a gas mask and bat girl...its a sad day when fancy dressers are going past you.. Honestly I’ve Never felt that bad running before ever (not sure I'd do that again with the cold but it was London, it was the club space and I was raising money for charities)... Funny point when I finished I had a St. Johns ambulance and a steward come try and take me away ... Lol.. But I was more interested in trying to get in on an interview James Cracknell was giving to London TV !?!.. (So some random London tv channel showed Cracknell being interviewed and a guy in a harriers vest wandering about behind him with a st johns ambulance person and a steward trying to take him away :-) However it's all good I've managed to raise £1000 for Erskine ex serviceman hospital, and my employer are matching that amount £1000 and donating to their charity this year " action for children" :-) so well chuffed :-D 

Andrew  (PICTURED ABOVE) did a great time for his first marathon, but as you know with a few more longer races under his belt he could easily be a sub 3 contender.. Cramp hit him really bad about 18 miles.. So much so he was lying in the ground when Robert went passed he says.. Robert nearly stopped to help him.. Think he went down like he'd been shot :-) but I'll let Andrew tell you about the kind man who ran over and started rubbing his legs for him.. All very innocent I'm sure... :-/

 Today I've called in sick..the cold is worse, I can't breath, walk talk much I sound more like darth Vader/Barry White today than I did on Saturday :-(

Kevan and Andrew share fashion tips

London Marathon 22/4/12

      Capital Punishment

It was mixed fortunes for the 5 Glenpark Harriers who joined the other 36,000 runners in the country’s capital for the London Marathon. Veterans Mick McLoone and Robert Mitchell had the best performances with Mick finishing 94th and Robert 80th in their respective O45 and O55 age categories.  For McLoone it was the 2nd time he had went under 3 hours in a month after his recent Barcelona Marathon.

Injuries in the lead up to the event took their toll on both David Henderson, who pulled out at the 30k point, and Andrew Harkins who was on target for 3hours at half way but only sheer determination got him over the last 10 miles to the finish line, but never the less delighted to complete his first. Kevan McCartney wasn’t full of confidence having being laid up with a cold, but with the incentive of running for his charity the Erskine ex-servicemen’s Hospital, he produced a time just outside his best.

London: Mick McLoone 2:57:05, Robert Mitchell 3.25:16, Andrew Harkins 3.26:51, Kevan McCartney 3:30:54. 

Balfron 10K 22/4/12

          Three of the Best

The  increased attendance in the clubs training sessions is certainly producing the results with personal bests being run at almost every race, and it was no exception at Balfron where Heather Kangley, Donna Clark and Gillian Forrest all ran their fastest ever 10k’s. Along the quiet country roads with views of Strath Endrick and the Campsie hills and led by Heather the trio all placed well at the head of the field of over 200 runners.

Balfron: 16th Heather Kangley 46.12 (PB), 22nd Donna Clark 47.01 (PB), 27th Gillian Forrest 48.30 (PB)

Strathclyde Park run 21/4/12

Pressure Is On

Getting away from the usual Pollok run a few of the Harriers decided to go to Strathclyde park for a change of scenery, and they were rewarded with 3 personal bests. Steven Watson was top performer with an excellent 5th place with Graham a few seconds behind finishing 1st over 50.

The pressure seems to be on for every Harrier to produce a PB every time they put on their race shoes!!!!! 

Results: 5th Steven Watson 18.24 (PB), 6th Graham McGrattan 18.28 (PB), 14th Chris Watson 19.22, 72nd Johann McGrattan  26.36(PB)

Kaim Hill Race 18/4/12

And Then Kaim 3

4 Harriers took to the hills for the scenic but tough 3.5 miles Kaim Hill race which climbs 1250 feet over rough moorland above the village of Fairlie.  Stevie Campbell, Mickey Dunn and Martin McDowell arriving late for the race set off chasing the distant runners with a 17 minute deficit. It looked as if the senior harriers would have to chalk this up as a training run for the clubs Cornalees race, but with a strong and determined run, Stevie powered through the race catching 15 of the earlier starters to come home with an overall time of 35:13mins, 4 minutes behind the race winner veteran internationalist Brian Marshall.  Mickey followed next with the 2nd quickest over 50 time followed by Martin.  The finishing times of Stevie and Mickey are even more impressive as they had just run the Lochaber Marathon 3 days earlier.  

However the most noteworthy performance of the night came from Evan Warwick, the youngest athlete in the race.  Evan racing amongst a field of experienced senior hill runners didn’t look out of his depth and finished in the top half of the field and 2nd under 20 in what was his first long hill race. 

Steven Campbell 35.13, Mick Dunn 37.35 (2nd over 50), Martin McDowell 39.11, Evan Warwick 39.28 (2nd U20)

Ayr Duathlon 14/5/12

Danny Floating on Ayr

Danny McLaughlin was top superveteran at the Ayr duathlon on Sunday, finishing 11th overall. His strength is naturally in the running discipline where he recorded the 7th and 5th fastest times on the two 5km stages. And it was on that final stage after a steady 28km cycle, where his strength came to the fore, with an incredible effort where he actually ran quicker than his first 5k as he tore through the field pulling back 8 places. After his recent success in the Edinburgh duathlon series, he is proving to be among the best in his age category in the country.

Danny's overall time & splits: 1:27:32 [5km Run  17:54, 28km Cycle 51:54, 5km Run 17:44]

Pollok Park Run 14/4/12

Every Second Counts!

While it seemed everyone was running long distance, 2 Harriers took on the less daunting 5k, and still the PBs kept  rolling along when Kenny Pryde made it 4 PBs in a row at the Pollok Parkrun, this time by just 2 seconds. Along with him was Martin McDowell who made a promising debut on the course finishing in 11th place.

Results: 11th Martin McDowell 18.41, 35th Kenny Pryde 20.01

GGHSweep 2012.xls

Harriers Super Sunday

Long distance racing started in earnest with thirty Greenock Glenpark Harriers competing in 4 major events at the weekend.

Stephen Best at Balloch 1/2Marathon

13 senior men kicked off Super Sunday in spectacular fashion at the Balloch to Clydebank  ½ Marathon when  Stephen Trainer who had yet to prove himself over longer distance races dispelled any doubts about his endurance with a tremendous display of front running in arguably Scotland’s most prestigious ½ marathon. Making his debut at the distance his inexperience didn’t deter him and he went clear of the field right from the gun, and he wasn’t to falter finishing 2 minutes clear of his nearest rival.

Graham McGrattan and Robert Adams backed him up to make it a double success taking the runners up prize in the team competition only narrowly missing out on the title. Special mention to the veteran athlete Graham on his excellent performance, which equalled the time when he last ran the distance….18 years ago! The success stories kept on coming with a plethora of pb’s,  from Stephen McDade(7.5mins), David Carruthers (6mins), Steven and Chris Watson and Robert Dolan.

Paris Marathon: Kevin's Triomphe

 Kevin O’Donoghue was the furthest travelled competing in the Paris marathon. Kevin described the race itself “as fantastic: stunningly beautiful and very well organised. Beginning at the Arc de Triomphe, running down the Champs Élysées and taking in The Louvre, The Bastille, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and more it's hard to imagine a more picturesque place to run”.

A minor calf injury had restricted his training, running only 2 miles in the fortnight leading up to the race. But as the race progressed he grew in confidence and remained on course for his 3 hour target. Approaching 20 miles his missed training was to catch him up, when his calves cramped up he needed to stop and ease them off; the relief was temporary, as again cramp struck at 22m. Digging deep into his reserves “I tried to lengthen my stride and pump my arms but I couldn't up my pace” a valiant effort he crossed the line in 3:00:27 - so near yet so far!

Kevin justifiably pleased with his run was just outside the top one thousand from the 33 thousand finishers. In only 6 months since joining the club he has improved on his best marathon time by an incredible 34minutes.

Lochaber Marathon: What might Have Ben!


Under the shadow of Ben Nevis the Lochaber Marathon has to be one of the toughest, with its long, lonely out and back road with very few supporters along the route and heavy traffic trundling bye the runners. And there was frustration for all of the athletes after officials lengthened the race by a ¼ of a mile due to road works on the route,  Alan Henderson another in tremendous form, even with the extra distance, ran a 2 minute personal best to finish in 9th place. Steven Campbell the most consistent of the Harriers men and a crucial team counter all season, thankfully had enough time in the bank to dip under 3 hours for the first time. In her 12th Marathon, Fiona Cushnaghan was the most aggrieved as she was denied a certain pb. It was another gut wrenching disappointment for Alan O’Rourke failing to break through the elusive 3 hour barrier, he had run with Campbell until 17 miles before slipping off the pace, but he should be proud of his effort that helped the men to 3rd team place. Kevin Gill was another to set a new best. Terry Wall had to pull out at 17miles after suffering painful blisters, as did Mick Dunn, with virtually no training behind him struggled manfully on until 23miles before admitting defeat.

Edinburgh 1/2Marathon Harriers Rock n' Roll


Eight of the Glenpark women and James Campbell had a blast at the Edinburgh Rock’n’ Roll ½ Marathon where  4000 runners took to the streets of the Capital. The hilly course started and finished in Holyrood park with live music blasting out at every mile on course to encourage the runners. Jillian McNee was top placed from the Greenock club, with next to finish Donna Clark and Rhonda White crossing the line together. Again there was another clutch of pbs with the biggest improvement by 9 minutes going to Kimberley Stevenson.

Balloch: Stephen Trainer 70.28, Graham McGrattan 84.32, Robert Adams 84.52, Steven Watson 85.11, Chris Watson 86.02, Phil Russell 86.15, Robert Dolan Jnr 88.11, Robert Wilson jnr 89.00, Sam McVicar 93.38, David Carruthers 93.57, Stephen McDade 94.13, Robert Dolan 99.00, Robert Mitchell 99.00

Edinburgh: Jillian McNee 1.43.58, Donna Clark 1.46.59, Rhonda White 1.47.00, Jane MacLean 1.54.24, Viki Wilkinson 1.54.28, Liz McAuslan 1.57.41, James Campbell 1.57.39, Kirstin Arthur 2.08.02, Kimberley Stevenson 2.32.41

Lochaber: Alan Henderson 2.44, Steven Campbell 2.59, Alan O’Rourke 3.06, Kevin Gill 3.43, Fiona Cushnaghan 3.45,  Men 3rd Team

Paris: Kevin O’Donoghue 3.00.27

Paris Marathon 2012

Kevins full Paris race report:

Today marked the Paris marathon; my third and my first since officially becoming a Harrier in late October. Having run the previous two at Edinburgh and Amsterdam in 3:50:50 and 3:34:44 respectively I was confident I'd get a PB at the very least. My training had gone relatively well so, encouraged by far more experienced marathoners in the club, I decided to shoot for the 3hr mark (having estimated 3:15 on my entry). The race itself was fantastic: stunningly beautiful and very well organised. Beginning at the Arc de , running down the Champs Élysées and taking in The Louvre, The Bastille, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and more it's hard to imagine a more picturesque place to run. There was great support along the entire route and it was very flat with just a couple of cheeky slopes as we came in and out of the road tunnels along the Seine.


Nursing a minor calf injury meant I had only run 2 miles in the fortnight leading up to the marathon so I was unsure how it would react to 26.2 miles. I began by running with the 3hr pacers but found that they were running well below 6:45s and, hearing many Harrier voices in my head (!) I felt it wise to listen and 'stick to the plan' so pulled back slightly and let them go. I reached 13.1m bang in line with my target pace of 6:45s and felt good. Taking it mile-by-mile i then reached around mile 18 to discover the 3hr pacer right in front of me. Feeling very confident and having covered every mile in under 7 minutes to this point I tried to hang with him to get to the end. However, my calves cramped up around 19.5m and I needed to stop and ease them off; I figured that it would be worth it if I could stave it off as long as possible. It didn't last long as it took me again around 22m although I still had the pacer in sight. I managed to cling on to him when, with only 4km to go I felt myself getting slower and slower. Hearing other voices in my head I gave myself a couple of shouts and tried to 'keep working hard'. I tried to lengthen my stride and pump my arms but I couldn't up my pace.  I reached the 42km marker and gut-wrenchingly my watch had already passed 26.2 miles. Round the last corner came a 200 metre stretch to the finish and I was there: the clock showed 3:01 so I knew it would be touch-and-go as to whether I'd managed to break the 3hr mark. My official time came through a few hours later as 3:00:27 - so near yet so far! I'm happy that I run well though in hindsight I perhaps needed to cover more miles per week to really feel confident.

There's no doubt though, that being a Harrier has made a huge difference to my running and to me personally as well as my wife, Jacqueline. I can't thank you all enough for the advice and encouragement and your warm welcome since I joined the club last year


Willie Jukes RR 7/4/12

Who’s The Daddy?

It was a real family occasion as Greenock Glenpark Harriers, their relations and friends travelled to Dunoon for the Willie Jukes road races held in memory of their former athlete and vice–president. In another impressive turnout from the Orangefield club there were 90 runners taking part from 2 year old youngsters to the not so young 70year olds.

And it was only fitting that Stephen Trainer celebrated the birth of his and Alison’s little girl Orla with a win.

Right from the start Stephen never held back, obviously in a rush to get back home, and soon opened up a gap on the chasing pair of Mick McLoone and John Cook.  By the half way point at Innellan he was a minute clear, a lead he was to double by the time he got back to Dunoon West bay Pavilion to win the trophy for the 4th time.

Behind him Cook played the waiting game by sitting on McLoone’s shoulder until the last mile before pushing on to take the runners-up spot.

It was joy for veteran athlete Lorna Coyle as she claimed her very first club trophy. Needing to call on her experience she handled the pressure, to comfortably hold off the challenge from the improving Heather Kangley and Terry Wall. Right behind them, only a few seconds separated the next trio where Jacqueline O’Donaghue won the sprint to the line ahead of Jan McCorkindale and Donna Clark

Richard Hodelet, holder of the most club championships, is still proving his longevity, having recently turned 70 he is just as determined as he was back in 1950s and looks set to challenge Jim Sheridan for his veteran title.

In the other age groups Alan O’Rourke, Danny McLaughlin, and Robert Dolan were successful in the over 40’s, 50’s,and 60’s categories.

Young Sprinter Mark Magee an athlete who is not afraid to step up the distances got his reward by winning the Kirkwood handicap trophy.

There were several outstanding performances, none more so than David Hamilton where his determination shone through in his first race for the Harriers, as he completed the course in under the hour mark.

In the 1 mile race 22 made the start line, Evan Warwick was a runaway winner making it look effortlessly in 5.39. Craig White took an excellent 2nd place ahead of Callum Johnstone.

The under 13 girls are proving to be the most competitive in the club and it was no exception again as Shelby Morrison and Lauren Mulaghton had a real battle to be fastest girl. Both exchanged the lead several times but Shelby proved to have the fastest kick on the day passing Lauren in the final 30metres to set a new course record. Lauren only a second adrift had the satisfaction of taking the handicap prize with her much improved performance, and chasing hard on their heels was Megan Rodgers in 3rd.

In the best race of the day a dozen youngsters lined up on the start for the under 9’s 200m sprint. Laura McFarlane and Nathan Harkins set a blistering pace that would have left Usain Bolt behind as they took the top spots.

A big thanks to all those who ensured that the event ran smoothly, race sponsors Inverclyde Leisure,  Caledonian McBrayne, The Brewery Bar, Dunoon swimming pool, Betty and Angela Jukes, Jim Bennet, Jane Dolan, Alan O’Rourke and time keepers Yvonne Prager, Scott Forrest, Craig McFarlane, and Valerie Warwick.

Stephen Trainer leads at halfway. More pictures......

 Results 5mile: Stephen Trainer 25:53, John Cook 28:09, Mick McLoone 28:27, David Henderson 28:47, Danny McLaughlin 29:08, Andrew Harkins 29:30, Alan O'Rourke 29:53, Richard Davidson 29:59, Martin McDowell 30:19, Stephen Watson 30:39, Graham McGrattan 30:52, Phill Russell 31:10, Steven Campbell 31:47, Sam McVicar 31:48, Robert Dolan 32:15, Kevan McCartney 32:18, David McCorkindale 32:28, Chris Watson 32:39, Ross Neilson 33:07, Andy Fisher 33:12, Kenny Pryde 33:14, Mick Dunn 33:41, Mark Magee 33:53, Stevie McDade 33:55, David Carruthers 34:07, Shaun Castles 34:14, Bernie Kangley 34:15, Mick Harrington 34:29, Robert Mitchell 34:32, Brian Gilmour 34:36, Kevin Gill 35:23, Lorna Coyle 35:43, Robert Dolan 35:57, Heather Kangley 36:07, Murray Gray 36:11, Terry Wall 36:20, Robin  McAuslan 36:24, JacquelineO'Donoghue 36:31, Jan McCorkindale 36:33, Donna Clark 37:37, Rhonda White 38:13, John Magee 38:23, Jane MacLean 39:48, James Campbell 40:14, Susan Clark 40:40, Moira McLuckey 41:49, Jane Dolan 42:21, Mary Paterson 43:15, Tommy Knight 45:41, Richard Hodelet 49:08, Catherine McBain 51:22, Kimberley Stevenson 51:36, Mary Robinson 55:18, Jim Sheridan 56:37, David Hamilton 58:08,

1mile: Evan Warwick 5:39, Shelby Morrison 5:50, Lauren Mulaghton 5:51, Megan Rodgers 6:07, Luisa Davies 6:27, Danielle Hunter 6:42, Mia Forrest 6:44, Craig White 6:48, Callum Johnstone 6:53, Louise Gallacher 6:59, Christie Mulaghton 7:09, Alan Mollins 7:24, Lucy McFarlane 7:32, Rachel Mulaghton 7:34, Lewis Warwick 7:35, Ewan Ferguson 7:36, Rachel McFarlane 7:38, Ellis Stewart 8:18, Alistair White 8:31, Martin Witherow 8:58, Jennifer Witherow 9:04,

200m: Laura McFarlane 34, Nathan Harkins 36, Jude Dolan 37, Kate Ferguson 43, Carly Laufer 47, Andrew Henderson 48, Aaron Harkins 51, Sophie Campbell 53, Emma Henderson 54, Nathan McCorkindale 1:15, Logan O'Donoghue 1:34, William Laufer 1:41

Handicaps: Mark Magee 23:53, Heather Kangley 25:07, James Campbell 25:14, Terry Wall 25:20, Jacqueline O'Donoghue 25:31, Lorna Coyle 25:43, Sam McVicar 25:48, Stephen Trainer 25:53, Alan O'Rourke 25:53, Stevie McDade 25:55, David Carruthers 26:07, Danny McLaughlin 26:08, Phill Russell 26:10, Andy Fisher 26:12, Kenny Pryde 26:14, Bernie Kangley 26:15, Kevan McCartney 26:18, Martin McDowell 26:19, Mick McLoone 26:27, David McCorkindale 26:28, Andrew Harkins 26:30, Stephen Watson 26:39, Chris Watson 26:39, Tommy Knight 26:41, Mick Dunn 26:41, David Henderson 26:47, Graham McGrattan 26:52, Robert Dolan 26:57, Richard Davidson 26:59, Ross Neilson 27:07, Rhonda White 27:13, Robert Dolan 27:15, Kevin Gill 27:23, Robin McAuslan 27:24, Brian Gilmour 27:36, Donna Clark 27:37, Jane MacLean 27:48, John Cook 28:09, Mick Harrington 28:29, Robert Mitchell 28:32, Kimberley Stevenson   28:36, Jane Dolan 29:21, Susan Clark 29:40, Steven Campbell 29:47, Richard Hodelet 30:08, Jim Sheridan 30:37,

Junior Handicaps: Lauren Mulaghton 05:01, Craig White 05:18, Christie Mulaghton 05:19, Shelby Morrison 05:20, Danielle Hunter 05:22, Mia Forrest 05:24, Luisa Davies 05:27, Megan Rodgers 05:27, Evan Warwick 05:29, Alistair White 05:31, Rachel Mulaghton 05:34, Lewis Warwick 05:35, Rachel McFarlane 05:38, Louise Gallacher 05:39, Callum Johnstone 05:43, Ellis Stewart 05:48, Lucy McFarlane 05:52, Ewan Ferguson 05:56,


Kilomathon 13.1km 1/4/12

Brian McCluskey had an excellent result att the Edinburgh Kilomathon (13.1km) finishing 16th from a field of 521 runners in a time of 55.21,he was also 4th veteran. Young Andrew also ran well in the mini 2.6km mini race finishing in 9th.

G2E 56mile 31/3/12

Ultra Special Thomas

Thomas with runner-up Marco Consani
Results: (1st) Gareth Mayze, 6.48 (2nd) Marco Consani  6.52  (3rd)Thomas Loehndorf  6.53

After two 4th places in the Glasgow to Edinburgh 56 mile ultra race Thomas Loehndorf went one better  with his 3rd spot, and he so nearly took the title with a late surge put him back up with the leaders. A remarkable comeback after a knee operation last year Thomas has proven he has fully recovered with a fantastic performance and he had the added bonus of setting a new personal best by 2 minutes.   Edinburgh runner Gareth Mayze - Scotlands form ultra runner at the moment - was 4 minutes clear of Thomas' friend Marco Consani.

National 4stage Relay 31/3/12

No Stage Fright for Ladies

Glenparks ladies made their first appearance since the early 90s at the national road relay championships at Livingstone and had some very good performances, none more so than Heather Kangley who gained 3 places on the long 6mile leg, after a solid start from Gillian Forrest on the 3mile stage. Kimberley Stevenson showed true grit coming in as a stand in after a late call off despite being dogged with injury herself. Last week’s winner Donna Clark brought the team home in 29th on the lonely anchor leg.

Results: (29th) Gillian Forrest 23.50, Heather Kangley 43.04, Kimberley Stevenson 30.50, Donna Clark 44.36

Glenpark Ladies Supporters Club

Danny's Duathlon No.1. 31/3/12

Susan & Danny Rock Around the Cloch

Danny McLaughlin and Susan Clark were victors in Glenpark Harriers Duathlon on a sunny Saturday morning. There were 9 (+3) competitors making an early start in the 5km run from the Greenock Sports Centre, followed by a 20km cycle around the Cloch road, before repeating the run.

Mick McLoone fresh from the Barcelona Marathon gave himself a try out over the shorter distance and was a comfortable 400 metres clear of Danny McLaughlin. McLaughlin an experienced duathlete is much improved this season in his transitions never looked back, as he continued to extend his lead on his main threat Kevan McCartney. Andrew White was a clear 3rd, from Boyd McKenzie, but with some slicker changeovers will see White shave a couple of minutes from his time. Scott Forrest was pleased with his ride, but lost ground on the runs after being out injured.

The ladies race was very much closer affair with 3 different leaders after each stage. Lynne Rogers was quickest on the run, before Kirsten Arthur took up pole position after an impressive cycle ride. But as the temperature rose in the morning sunshine, it was Susan Clark who kept her cool as she clawed back the deficit on the final leg, hitting the front with just 600m to go. Unknown to both Susan and Kirsten was that Lynne Rogers who was 5 minutes down after the cycle, her poorest discipline, was attempting the impossible to race down both woman and was closing down rapidly, but she just ran out of road with all 3 woman finishing within 30 seconds. Not too far behind the trio was Rhonda White who was 2nd quickest on both runs, and now with the experience of 1 race behind her can expect to press for a podium place at the next race in the series.

                                   5k       T1     20k    T2      5k     Total                    

Danny McLaughlin 18.33, 0.15, 33.58, 0.02, 19.32 (72.24)

Kevan McCartney   19.22, 0.33, 36.30, 0.40, 19.51 (76.56)

Andrew White         21.08, 1.17, 37.36, 1.43, 22.04 (83.48)

Boyd McKenzie      22.53, 0.57, 45.42, 1.08, 23.22 (94.02)

Susan Clark             23.36, 1.39, 43.54, 0.58, 24.27 (94.34)

Kirsten Arthur         24.57, 0.35, 41.08, 0.34, 27.47 (95.01)

Lynne Rogers          21.28, 1.12, 49.02, 0.52, 22.30 (95.04)

Rhonda White         22.58, 1.04, 48.18, 0.30, 24.00 (96.50)                           

Scott Forrest            24.39, 1.07, 43.21, 1.09, 28.32 (98.48)

Mick McLoone        17.16

Robert Adams          19.25

Jane MacLean          23.00 

Emma's University Challenge 22/3/12

Greenock Glenpark Harrier Emma Baxter took part in a cross country race in Spain, She was representing Malaga University and helped the 3 strong team to their highest ever placing in the Spanish Uni 6k championships. They were 6th out of 23 and Emma was 33rd from a field of 102 in a time of  24 minutes 24 seconds. Read more..

Barcelona Marathon 25/3/12

Mick McLoone ran a lifetime best, lowering his previous time by 4minutes and 20 seconds to 2:54:56 hours at the Barcelona Marathon. It was an excellent effort from the Glenpark man who started strongly for 35k  knocking out his 5k splits around the 20minute mark, before tiring over the last 7k.  In the large field of over 15,000 runners he finished 392nd overall and 43rd in the over 45 age group

Docherty Cup 24/3/12

Jacqueline Makes History


Newcomer Jacqueline O’Donoghue made her mark at Greenock Glenpark Harriers 9.5 mile Docherty Cup race. In a brilliant display of front running she held off the chasing pack to win the Connie Gavin memorial trophy, and in doing so she made her own piece of history when she became the first women to win a Glenpark handicap race


Another first time winner was Donna Clark who’s gutsy determination produced the shock of the day when she took the scalp of current championship leader Suzanne Coyle.  Starting off with Rhonda White and Silke Loehndorf. Clark grew with confidence as she dropped her rivals one by one to take the race by 20 seconds from Coyle. Competition is fierce at the moment with just a couple of minutes separating the top 5 women, and it now looks as if the title race will go all the way to end of the season.


Steven Campbell and Thomas Loehndorf knew that it was between them for the trophy for the fastest Glenparker after seeing Stephen Trainer drop out at half way. And the pair slugged it out stride for stride on the return back along the Cloch road. Veteran Thomas made a concerted effort from 2 miles out to break clear, but Campbell knew this was his best chance of getting his hands on his first title and wasn’t letting the ultra specialist get away. And with 400metres to go he made his own bid for glory kicking hard for home, and for the first time in the whole race there was daylight between the pair, now with the advantage and the finish line in sight there was only going to be one winner as Campbell strode on to win the Docherty Cup.


Inverclyde AC’s Mark Pollard making a guest appearance starting as back marker was in impressive form as he cut his way through the field catching all but one, on his way to setting a new course record.


The veteran’s were well to the fore filling 5 of the top 8 places, none more so than Danny McLaughlin who continues to amaze, producing his best run of the year. Heather Kangley and Fiona Cushnaghan were the leading over 35 and 45 veteran ladies respectively.


Results(scratch time in brackets) J.O'Donoghue 47.45(73.45) M.Pollard 48.27(48.27) S.Watson 48.33(60.33) D.Clark 48.35(71.35) R.Mitchell 48.55(62.55) K.McCartney 48.55(63.55) K.Gill 49.17(68.17) P.Russell 49.32(61.32) R.White 49.39(72.39) K.O'Donoghue 49.49(56.49) R.Davidson 49.52(57.52) J.MacLean 49.58(74.58) D.McLaughlin 50.02(56.02) S.McDade 50.19(67.19) A.O'Rourke 50.24(58.24) S.Campbell 50.45(54.45) J.Smillie 50.47(62.47) T.Loehndorf 50.53(54.53) C.Watson 51.16(63.16) F.Cushnaghan 51.19(75.19) L.McKay 51.19(76.19) C.Surrey 51.20(63.20) M.McDowell 51.23(58.23) G.McGrattan 51.35(59.35) B.McCluskey 51.53(66.53) H.Kangley 51.53(73.53) R.Slater 52.11(65.11) K.Pryde 52.21(65.21) R.Adams 52.27(60.27) S.Loehndorf 52.44(75.44) R.Shaw 52.53(64.53) S.Coyle 52.57(71.57) R.Dolan 53.15(70.15) F.McKnight 54.17(60.17) R.McAuslan 55.38(72.38) T.Knight 57.08(95.08)


The Glenpark youngsters competed in the opening race of the day, up and down the Ashton promenade, 1 lap for the under 11s and 2 laps for the older youngsters, and it was 9 year old Harry McGill who was the standout performer of the day as he tackled the race like a whirlwind to finish clear of Jack McDaid, while Craig White claimed the final podium spot from Ewan Ferguson. Lucy McFarlane was top girl finishing ahead of younger sister Laura who was pipped on the line by Christie Mulaghton


Gerard Smith was made to work for his win by Evan Warwick, with Mark Magee in 3rd showing he has the endurance to add to his sprint speed.


Shelby Morrison after winning her school race in the morning repeated the feat in the afternoon. Making a welcome comeback after a short lay-off was Lauren Mulaghton who took the runners up spot from Nichola Doohan, another winner in the schools race earlier. there was good runs also from Robert Peterson and Catriona Daisley.

Thanks to our timekeepers, David, Liz, Terry and Andrew, and all the stewards out on the course,



Junior Under 11’s 1200m: Harry McGill 4.39, Jack McDaid 5.20, Craig White 5.33, Ewan Ferguson 5.35, Lucy McFarlane 5.38, Andrew McCluskey 5.46, Christie Mulaghton 6.00, Laura McFarlane 6.00, Rachel Mulaghton 6.04, David McCluskey 9.04.



Juniors u13/15/17s 2500m: Gerard Smith 9.10, Evan Warwick 9.27, Mark Magee 9.50, Shelby Morrison 10.02, Lauren Mulaghton 10.50, Nichola Doohan 11.11, Robert Peterson 11.21, Danielle Hunter 11.27, Luisa Davies 11.39, Kate Kilpatrick 12.02, Callum Johnstone 12.03, Catriona Daisley 13.10, Alistair White 13.16.



Weekend Round-Up 18/3/12

Trainer Blitzes the Clydebank 5K

 Stephen Trainer is well and truly back to his best, after running his fastest ever 5km at Clydesdale Harriers road race on Saturday. The 23 year old was delighted with his performance, and to do it so early in the season indicates that he can now start to challenge Scotland’s top runners over the coming summer. The quality of the field was such that the Glenpark man could only take 8th place in a contest that was won by Shettleston’s Michael Gillespie in 14.20 minutes. Also pleased with their days work and easily breaking 20 minutes for the first time were Andrew White and Brian McCluskey. Robin McAuslan’s  impressive run came to an end when he only just failed by a few seconds to make it 8 consecutive PBs over the 5k distance in the last year.

At the Pollok Parkrun Jacqueline O’Donoghue made her debut setting a very promising 23.48 minutes, a time that makes her 4th fastest women  in the Glenpark rankings for the hilly 5k race.

Kevan McCartney (pictured left) kept the recent avalanche of Personal Bests by the Orangefield club going with a 3 minute improvement to bring his time down for the ½ marathon to 90.40 minutes at Alloa on Sunday.

 Clydebank 5K Results: S.Trainer 15.07, A.White 19.11, B.McCluskey 19.27, R.McAuslan 21.38.

Nat Junior RR Championships 18/3/12

7 of the Harriers junior athletes competed in the National Championships on a glorious sunny day at Roukenglen Park. And it turned out to be a historic day in the precursor event - the Home International XC Championships - where Scotland's Senior men claimed victory on home soil, the first time the English have lost the event since 1903. Following the excitement of the Men's race Shelby, Mark, Megan, Nichola, Evan  and Ross all looked impressive as they took to the road for the first time this year (Apologies to Ross for missing his pic)

Greenock Glenpark Harriers under 13 girls matched their performance at the national cross country with another 5th team place at the National road championships. The young quartet of Shelby Morrison, Megan Rodgers, Nichola Doohan, and Kate Kilpatrick, will also be encouraged by the fact they will all still be able to run in the same age group next year.

Evan Warwick was highest placed of the 3 Glenpark boys competing, but he was disappointed with his performance, although his strong finish over the last ½ mile showed that there still a lot more to come from the youngster. Ross Forbes continued his steady improvement with another fine run in the under 15 event, while sprinter Mark Magee made a massive step up in distance to compete in the 5km, and he was rewarded with lowering his best time by over a minute.

Under 13s 2.5km: 21st S.Morrison 10.18, 27th M.Rodgers 10.35, 30th N.Doohan 10.40, 62nd K.Kilpatrick 11.35, 32nd E.Warwick  9.47. Under 15s 3.7km: 38th R.Forbes 13.43 , Under 17s 5km: 39th M.Magee 20.55



Ten of the Best

A busy weekend with 20 Harriers competing over 4 events, and the seniors continue their impressive year with another 10 Personal bests.

Scottish Schools Cross Country Championships Irvine Beach 10th March 2012

Under 18 Boys: (12) Gerard Smith, (76) Mark Magee

Under 14 Girls: (13) Shelby Morrison, (81) Kate Kilpatrick

Under 16 Boys: (32). Ross Forbes

Inverness ½ marathon 11th March 2012

34th Steven Campbell 78.22 PB

37th David Henderson 79.12

57th Danny McLaughlin 82.28 (2nd M50)

Glasgow Parkrun 10th March 2012

Graham McGrattan 18.22

Steven Watson 19.37 PB

Kenny Pryde 20.03 PB

Chris Watson 20.05

Ross Neilson 20.08 PB

Duncan Anderson 21.00 PB

Jane MacLean 23.21 PB

Viki Wilkinson 23.58 PB

Grace Harrison 26.39 PB

Jack Crawford 10K 10th March 2012

83rd Robin McAuslan 45.48 PB

95th Silke Loehndorf 46.58 PB

141st Liz McAuslan 51.04

National Indoors 3/4th March 2012

Day 1 - Under 18's

Mark Magee got off to a flyer in the 60m, unfortunately just too quick, which earned him a yellow card for a false start. He did recover to run close to a personal best in both his 60m (8.30sec)and 200m (26.76) . Gerard Smith, although failing to to reach the final, did record a 5 second improvement on his indoor best for the 800m in a time of 2.12:79mins.

Mark & Gerard in Action

Day 2 - Under 14s & 16s

Chloe oh so Close


Saskia Cooper & Chloe Hanlon


Chloe Hanlon in her first season in athletics and at her first major competition exceeded all expectations with a stunning series of races in the Scottish National age group championships at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall. In her opening event - the under 14 girls 60m - she won her heat lowering her best time down to 8.51seconds.  2hours later in her semi-final to everyone’s amazement she again won with another best of 8.44seconds, putting her into the final just 45 minutes later.


Lined up against some of the best British sprinters she came hard out of the blocks, but at 25metres she was in last place and it looked as if the occasion was going too be much for her, but a fantastic recovery saw her move through the field and close down on the leaders; dipping across the line it was unclear who had managed to claim the bronze medal. It took a photo finish to separate Chloe and Gateshead’s Beth Leckie but unfortunately for the young Harrier the official result saw her lose out to the young English athlete by just 6/100th of a second, equalling the time she set in her semi. The natural disappointment will no doubt be eased with the fact that she ran the fastest time by an under 13 Scottish sprinter this year, and the 10th fastest in Britain.


With just a few sprint sessions under their belts it was always going to be a learning experience for Rachel McFarlane and  Morgan McVicar, even so the girls showed plenty of promise and comfortably beat the targets set by their coaches. 


In the under 16 girls 60metres Lucy Compston aggravated a knee injury in the warm up which put paid to any chance of her making it through the heats. Saskia Cooper in her first year at the age group comfortably made her way into the semi-finals, where she just missed out as 4 athletes dipped in a blanket finish for the 2 qualifying places.


In the 200metres Saskia Cooper despite getting blocked ran a personal best and took the runners up spot to reach her 2nd semi-final of the day. Next on the track was Chloe who once again eased through her heat with a comfortable win. By now the impact of the previous races was taking its toll on the two girls, who were starting to look jaded. And so it proved in the next round as they both faded rounding the last bend, missing out on the final.


Ross Forbes ran relaxed and smooth in the under 16.s 800m heat, and although not progressing to the final he had the consolation of running a new best of 2.27minutes.


Down by the River 10K 4/3/12

The Harriers seniors were also in action on the road, with Shaun Lyon (pictured right) who is on fire at the moment with a run of personal bests did it again at the Cambuslang Harriers 10k finishing 7th and breaking 34 minutes for the first time. The race was dominated by the home club who filled 8 of the first 10 places led by Stuart Gibson in a new course record of 31.18. David Henderson also with a PB (34.36) continued his good form in 8th. Completing the Harriers team were Andrew McCall 19th in 36.48 and Robert Dolan making it 3 out of the 4 to set life time bests with the biggest improvement in 26th (38.56).

Glasgow Park Run  3/3/12

At the Glasgow parkrun Graham McGrattan (18.30) was top Glenparker finishing in 11th, but the best performances came from Steven Watson (19.43) and Jane MacLean (23.56) both setting new personal bests. Others competing were Chris Watson (21.27) and making his debut at the Glasgow course was Ernie Currie (22.32)

Schools XC 3/3/12

Muddy Marvellous by Nichola & Shelby

Nichola Doohan and Shelby Morrison came out on top in the local schools cross country races at a muddy and hilly Gourock park, both with convincing wins. Kate Kilpatrick who has been training extremely well was rewarded with the runners up spot to Shelby. Just outside the medals were Lucy McFarlane and Jonathon Slater, 4th & 5th respectively.  There was also good performances from Tom Forrest, Catriona Daisley, Rachel McFarlane and Craig White. 

Park run 3/3/12

PBs for Jane & Steven

Graham McGrattan (18.30) was top Glenparker finishing in 11th, but best performances came from Steven Watson (19.43) and Jane MacLean (23.56) both setting new personal bests. Others competing were Chris Watson (21.27) and making his debut at Glasgow Ernie Currie (22.32)

Willow Bowl Race 25/2/12

Pryde & Joy for Kenny

Grey skies and strong winds was the backdrop for Greenock Glenpark Harriers 7¾ mile Willow Bowl race around the Greenock Cut. And with a record field of 48 runners for the conceding handicap pursuit race it was going to take an extra special performance from one of them to get their hands on the famous trophy.


And it was Kenny Pryde who was the man to rise to the challenge, setting off 16minutes after the first runner was away he had the daunting task of catching all 23 of the earlier starters while behind him there was another 24 all intent on chasing him down - including the successful men’s team from last weeks national cross country championships.


One of the clubs most consistent runners over the last few years he made his intentions clear right from the off, in a relentless effort he started to pull in the procession of runners one by one, until finally hitting the front 1 mile from the finish at the Long Dam on the Cut, passing Heather Kangley, who herself was having a storming run.  The pressure was now on to hold the lead, but he needn’t have worried as the only one who got him within sight was the improving Andrew Harkins, but his charge came too late as a delighted Kenny crossed the line with 300m to spare. 


Stephen Trainer with a personal best claimed the Centenary Cup for the fastest scratch time. And once again the quality was impressive with11 of the men breaking the 50minute mark, with Shaun Lyon, David Henderson and Steven Campbell,  his closest challengers, all raising their standards even higher.


Suzanne Coyle continues to dominate the women’s championship recording her 3rd straight victory, but one to look out for though is Jillian McNee who stepped up in distance for her longest race to date. She put in a strong challenge and was delighted to break the hour for the twisting trail, and behind her came Lynne Rogers lacking some race fitness but was still good enough for 3rd. The encouraging signs in the women’s section are the increased numbers competing; a record 13 for the race, with noticeable improvements starting come through.


In the veterans categories Mick McLoone was top over 40, with Danny McLaughlin likewise for the over 50’s, that after he won the Edinburgh Duathlon vets title in the morning, and arriving on the start line with minutes to spare. Robert Dolan was first over 60, and for the ladies Heather Kangley and Lorna Coyle were the leading over 35 and 45 respectively.  

*Thanks to all the timekeepers, stewards and volunteers out on the blustery hillside and to race sponsors The Willow Bar for their hospitality.



Handicap Results (Scratch times in brackets) K.Pryde 80.44(54.44) A.Harkins 81.35(48.05) K.O'Donoghue 81.59(48.59) H.Kangley 82.06(62.06) M.McDowell 82.07(50.07) B.McCluskey 82.08(56.38) S.Coyle 82.10(58.10) R.McDonald 82.27(48.57) R.McAuslan 82.29(59.29) R.Dolan 82.33(51.33) M.Dunn 82.38(54.38) S.Lyon 82.44(44.44) A.O'Rourke 82.45(50.15) J.MacLean 82.49(64.19) G.Kangley 82.51(50.21) G.McGrattan 83.03(50.33) S.Campbell 83.07(46.07) R.Davidson 83.16(49.46) T.Wall 83.17(62.17) D.McLaughlin 83.22(50.22) D.Henderson 83.23(45.23) S.Trainer 83.23(43.23) M.Magee 83.43(59.43) R.White 83.44(63.14) K.Gill 83.47(60.47) D.Clark 83.49(63.19) D.Carruthers 83.56(59.26) L.Rogers 84.11(60.41) J.McNee 84.15(59.15) S.Watson 84.18(53.48) M.McLoone 84.20(47.20) J.O'Donoghue 84.40(66.40) S.McDade 84.53(59.53) L.McAuslan 85.02(67.02) V.Wilkinson 85.07(66.37) P.Russell 85.12(54.12) D.Anderson 85.15(57.45) R.Mitchell 85.35(55.35) L.Coyle 85.52(61.52) R.Dolan 86.04(60.04) C.Watson 86.23(57.23) F.Cushnaghan 86.32(66.02) F.McKnight 86.57(49.57) A.Henderson 86.57(48.57) T.Knight 88.45(78.45) E.Currie 91.07(65.07) J.Campbell 92.10(71.10) A.Fisher 95.22(62.52)


Scratch times: S.Trainer 43.23, S.Lyon 44.44, D.Henderson 45.23, S.Campbell 46.07, M.McLoone 47.20, A.Harkins 48.05, R.McDonald 48.57, A.Henderson 48.57, K.O'Donoghue 48.59, R.Davidson 49.46, F.McKnight 49.57, M.McDowell 50.07, A.O'Rourke 50.15, G.Kangley 50.21, D.McLaughlin 50.22, G.McGrattan 50.33, R.Dolan 51.33, S.Watson 53.48, P.Russell 54.12, M.Dunn 54.38, K.Pryde 54.44, R.Mitchell 55.35, B.McCluskey 56.38, C.Watson 57.23, D.Anderson 57.45, S.Coyle 58.10, J.McNee 59.15, D.Carruthers 59.26, R.McAuslan 59.29, M.Magee 59.43, S.McDade 59.53, R.Dolan 60.04, L.Rogers 60.41, K.Gill 60.47, L.Coyle 61.52, H.Kangley 62.06, T.Wall 62.17, A.Fisher 62.52, R.White 63.14, D.Clark 63.19, J.MacLean 64.19, E.Currie 65.07,  F.Cushnaghan 66.02 V.Wilkinson 66.37, J.O'Donoghue 66.40, L.McAuslan 67.02, J.Campbell 71.10, T.Knight 78.45

National XC Falkirk 18/2/12

Harriers Magnificant 7th

Alan & Davie Henderson & Shuan Lyon

Thomas Loehndorf, Steven Campbell & Stephen Trainer


Greenock Glenpark Harriers Men were in 7th heaven after producing the clubs best team performance at the National cross country championships for almost 50 years. The six counting men of Stephen Trainer, Shaun Lyon. brothers Alan and David Henderson, Thomas Loehndorf and Steven Campbell were all in outstanding form at Falkirk’s Callendar park.


Straight on the back of victory in the County road championships they were always confident that they could reproduce the same form on the country, and so it proved as they once again beat all their County rivals. The current men’s squad has relied on its strength in depth and that proved to be the crucial factor once again, after receiving a couple of late call offs.


Expectations of a top 10 finish remained high, but even with the backing of two busloads of supporters their 7th place exceeded everyone’s best hopes. It was a result last bettered in1966 when the team, which included a young Richard Hodelet placed 5th at Hamilton.


A fall in the final lap winded Stephen Trainer, but he dragged himself back into the race to finish in 29th place. Shaun Lyon’s run was the surprise of the day as he went all out from the gun finishing 2nd counter, the close packing of the remaining runners ensured a day to remember for the hard working squad. Andrew Harkins and Kevin Donoghue had stand-out National debuts and will no doubt be looking to make a break through to challenge the top men in the next 12 months.



The senior woman almost never made the race when a road accident causing a major hold up forced the women to change on the bus and run a mile to the course arriving on the start line with seconds to spare.


Thirteen women took part, the largest ever turnout by the Orangefield club at the championships, with Suzanne Coyle top woman but she was pushed close by Jillian McNee. Silke Loehndorf was in inspired form setting a personal best for the course. Competition was fierce for the final team place which was claimed by Rhonda White, but fast on her heels came Donna Clark and Heather Kangley. This fairly inexperienced team are certainly heading in the right direction.


The Harriers under 13 youngsters set the tone for the day with Evan Warwick finishing in a creditable 21st the clubs highest individual position, along with Michael Duffy making an excellent debut. The girls all with another year at the age group took 5th spot in the team competition. Nichola Doohan led the girls home closely followed by Shelby Morrison, Megan Rodgers and Mia Forrest, their determined spirit typified by Mia who ran with 1 shoe for half the race.


In the under 15s Ross Forbes was top boy while Katie McLean just had the edge on Laura Hamill.


Gerard Smith putting in a solid performance, while Andy Fisher making an unexpected return after injury, came through unscathed in the under 20s men’s race.


Sen Men: S.Trainer 42.49, S.Lyon 45.06, A.Henderson 46.11, D.Henderson 46.15, T.Loehndorf 46.25, S.Campbell 46.44, A.Harkins 48.09, D.McLaughlin 49.34,  K.O’Donoghue 49.43, A.O’Rourke 50.38, R.Davidson 50.57, R.MacDonald 51.06, K.Pryde 55.25, K.McCartney 55.52, A.White 55.55, M.Dunn 56.13, R.Neilson 57.57, K.Gill 60.28, S.McDade 61.08

Women; S.Coyle 38.47, J.McNee 39.14, S.Loehndorf 41.02, R.Whyte 41.56, D.Clark 42.00, H.Kangley 42.50, V.Wilkinson 43.23, J.MacLean 44.17, K.Arthur 45.51, L.McAuslan 46.00, Y.Prager 47.08.

U20s: A.Fisher 36.24, E.Hamill 25.50 E.Pollock 22.15

U17s:G.Smith 28.00 M.Magee 31.49

U15s: K.McLean 22.21, L.Hamill 22.23, R.Forbes 16.20, L.Arthur 16.47, C.Johnston 20.28

U13s: N.Doohan 15.44 S.Morrison 15.46 M.Rodgers 15.57, M.Forrest 16.37, K.Kilpatrick 17.42, D.Hunter 18.19: E.Warwick13.59, M.Duffy 16.56

National Masters 12/2/12

Peter's Master Class

Peter Clare struck Gold at the National indoor Championships where he set a new personal best, and at long last broke the 60 second barrier after 3 years of trying. His time of 59.89 seconds  around the tight Kelvin hall arena was enough to give him the over 45s Scottish title.

Glasgow Parkrun 11th Feb 2011

Harriers Keep Getting Better


Well done to all the Glenparkers who travelled to Pollok park where there was 6 out of 8 personal bests set on Saturday.


Best performance was from veteran Graham McGrattan who hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm finished 18th overall from the 350 runners.


Robin McAuslan continued his amazing record of improving every time he races the parkrun, after his first event in June 2011 where he recorded 24.30, eight races later his best time  is now 3 minutes quicker.


Andy McCall paced his Fiancée Laura around the course for the biggest improvement - by over 4 minutes.


Graham McGrattan 18.17(22secPB) Steven Watson 20.00, Robin McAuslan 21.34(1secPB), Jane MacLean 24.08(15secPB), Grace Harrison 28.19(9secPB), Andrew McCall 29.58, Laura Munley 29.58(4.20minPB), Kimberley Stevenson 30.51(9secPB)

National Schools indoor T&F 9th Feb 2012

There were outstanding performances from the Glenpark Juniors representing their schools at the Scottish schools championships at the Kelvin hall in Glasgow.


Busiest athlete was Saskia Cooper who made it through her 60m heat just ahead of Chloe Hanlon both drawn in the same heat. She then set a personal best in her 4th place in the semi-final, before finishing off with a strong run and another PB in the 200m.  


Mark Magee  [60m] 8.23 eqPB [200m] 26.93 PB

Chloe Hanlon [60m] 8.58 PB

Saskia Cooper [60m] 8.48. 8.42PB, [200m] 28.26PB

Megan McClement [200m] 30.93

Luisa Davies [800m]2.53

Mia Forrest [1500m] 6.00 PB

Gerard Smith [1500m] 4.39 indoor PB

Ross Forbes [1500m] 5.05

Saturday 4th February 2012

Edinburgh Road Club Winter Duathlon #2 -  on a very cold, wet and windy day. (Report from Kevan)

That was my first experience of nearly being blown off a bike! The wind cost me over a minute – over last month’s race. However my runs are getting stronger. 1st Run 15 seconds up on last month and Run 2 was almost a negative split.. J (Thankfully stronger running legs off the bike) and I was 6 places higher up the field than last month. so canny grumble..

Oh this time I only beat Danny by 1 second J on the bike.

Danny ran well race considering he was carrying an injury, he was only 48 seconds down on the 2nd run – like me the wind impacted big time on the bike time and he was just under a minute down on last month R2 time. However the biggest improvement this month was his slick Transitions when he went from almost last to quickest… this month he kept his running shoes on all the time and didn’t change to cycle shoes… J

All this and he still won the Supervet prize, he also takes the overall supervets lead after 2 events in the series.


Danny McLaughlin - [60.41] 4k run 14.18(T1- 30) 16k Bike 30.13 (T2 - 29) 4k run 15.10

Kevan McCartney -  [63.38] 4k run 15.38(T1- 1.12) Bike 30.12 (T2 - 53) 4k run 15.42


Glasgow Parkrun


3 Harriers competed in the weekly park run, best performance came from Lorna with a new PB as she finished 1st vet 50. Lynne also did well to come home 10th  Lady, with Euan staying ahead of the pair.

Results: 37th Euan Leslie 21.04, 60th Lynne Rogers 21.59, 76th Lorna Coyle 22.42

County Champions - Long Wait is Over

Greenock Glenpark Harriers were impressive at Sundays Renfrewshire Road Race Championships at the Battery Park, winning their first team title since 2003.  With a full strength squad, they went into the race confident there would be no repeat of the disappointment of last year, when they fell short by just 2 points to Bellahouston Road Runners.

In a real team effort Stephen Trainer  (pictured left) led the Glenpark charge close behind Inverclyde AC pair Ruddy and Pollard, with team mates Davie Henderson, Shaun Lyon, Steven Campbell, Alan Henderson and Mick McLoone, securing the final counting places.  And with the Harriers filling six of the top 12 spots the result was never in doubt.  It is a massive confidence boost leading up to the National XC Championships at Falkirk in a fortnight knowing that 5 of the 6 ran personal bests, only McLoone, was slightly down, but can be excused as the day before he raced at the Veterans cross country championships, narrowly missing out on a bronze medal, but he made up for that by retaining his County vets title. The other pleasing aspect was that the Orangefields club top 11 finishers all broke 30 minutes for the 5mile course.

It was an impressive turnout from both Glenparks senior men and women, but despite their strength in numbers, the women couldn’t quite clinch a medal place. Although the signs are encouraging for the future as right throughout the squad they showed considerable improvement. The leading ladies were Jillian McNee who came through strongly after half way, ahead of Lorna Coyle and Suzanne Coyle, all finishing in quick succession making up the counting team who finished 4th. Behind them providing strong back up, and separated by only a minute were Rhonda White, Silke Loehndorf, Donna Clark and Heather Kangley .

 A number making their first appearance in Glenpark colours who didn’t disappoint were Grace Harrison, Jane Dolan, Ross Slater, Duncan Anderson, Martin McDowell, and James Campbell.

In the junior races Megan Rodgers led the under 13 girls along with Shelby Morrison and Mia Forrest to a well deserved bronze team medal. Evan Warwick and Gerard Smith both came close, just missing out on individual honours both finishing in 4th.

It was an encouraging display from all the under 15’s with Luthais Arthur and Ross Forbes evenly matched finishing 6th & 7th, with Calum Johnston in 15th, and Luisa Davies making a 1minute improvement over her 2011 time.

All the Under 11’s were very closely packed, with Tom Forrest the top boy, but there was nothing to separate Lucy McFarlane and Sian McMinn in their sprint to the line, both given the same time.

Some pictures from Gordon Curran of Maryhill Harriers:

Senior Men: S.Trainer 25.23, D.Henderson 26.48, S.Lyon 26.50, S.Campbell 27.39, A.Henderson 27.59, M.Mcloone 28.03, A.Harkins 28.52, F.McKnight 28.59, T.Loehndorf 29.10, R.Davidson 29.36, A.O'Rourke 29.42, G.McGrattan 30.19, M.McDowell 30.31, R.Dolan 30.54, P.Russell 31.57, A.White 32.00, S.McVicar 32.01, R.Neilson 32.22, M.Dunn 32.43, K.Pryde 32.53, R.Slater 33.12, B.McCluskey 33.24, D.Anderson 33.57, D.Carruthers 34.02, S.McDade 34.21, R.Dolan 34.30, K.Gill 34.32, R.McAuslan 34.57, J.Cuffe 34.58, J.Campbell 40.25, T.Knight 45.03, R.Hodelet 45.03,

Senior Women: J.McNee 35.06, L.Coyle 35.30, S.Coyle 35.51, R.White 36.40, S.Loehndorf 36.55, D.Clark 37.09, H.Kangley 37.36, J.Dolan 38.44, V.Wilkinson 38.48, J.MacLean 40.19, K.Arthur 40.48, L.McAuslan 41.17, G.Harrison 45.24,

Junior results: (U17B) G.Smith 17.41, (U15B) L.Arthur 11.23, R.Forbes 11.33, C.Johnston 14.59 (U15G) L.Davies 13.34, (U13B) E.Warwick 11.35, D.Higgins 16.49, (U13G) M.Rogers 12.40, S.Morrison 12.47, M.Forrest 13.29, K.Kilpatrick 14.17, R.McFarlane 16.17, (U11s) T.Forrest 7.42, L.McFarlane 7.58, S.McMinn 7.58, J.Slater 8.01, E.Ferguson 8.03, M.McColl 8.03, A.White 8.38

Park Run 28/1/12

Davie Henderson had his highest finish at the Glasgow park run , taking the runners up spot behind Victoria Parks talented junior Ethan Dennison. The course was longer than usual due to the freezing conditions, with the runners taken on the grass to avoid the icy paths. He took a noticeable scalp in Niall McAlinden of Westerlands who has a 16.39 PB on the course.

Schools XC Races 21/1/12

Hail Hail XC is Here

A frozen looking bunch of winners at the Inverclyde Schools XC races.

Well done to all the juniors at the local schools xc races at St Columbas High School. The Wintry and boggy conditions made it difficult for the youngsters, and if that wasn't bad enough a hail shower was thrown in for good measure.

Kelvin Hall 21/1/12

 Sprinters Impress at National Open




           Chloe, Saskia and Mark in the 60m


Mark Magee, Saskia Cooper and Chloe Hanlon who have been putting in extra training over the Christmas holidays went in to the Scottish National Open at Kelvin Hall with growing confidence, especially after promising results in the final race of the year at the same venue in December.


Organisational problems on the day causing very long delays for all the races seemed to put paid to any hopes of good performances for the athletes, but this setback was put to the back of their minds and the three came away with nothing but positives.


Mark was just 1/100th of a second outside his 60m dash, but an improvement on a sloppy start will see him comfortably dip under his best time. In the 200 he was unlucky to be drawn in lane 5 with the incredibly steep banks of the Kelvin hall arena, this time he flew out of his blocks to record a close win in his heat. A more advantageous lane draw would surely have given him the PB he deserved.


Saskia had 2 very competitive races with her best performance coming in the 200m where she sliced 4/10th from her indoor best, although her 60m was just a fraction down.


Chloe benefiting greatly from training with Saskia and Mark has been improving with leaps and bounds over the last few months, reduced both her 60m and 200m times, in what was only her second track meeting.


The three now can look forward with a degree of optimism to the National School championships in February, and National Age Group Championships in March.


Results: 60metres/200metres

Mark Magee 8.24/26.95

Saskia Cooper 8.53/28.33

Chloe Hanlon 8.63/29.32

Park Run 21/1/112

7 Harriers turned out at Pollok park with “Pryde” of place going to Kenny Pryde with a 13 second PB, also dipping under his previous best performance on the tough wee course was Chris Watson. Andrew Harkins at his first attempt had an excellent debut finishing 9th and 1st Glenparker just ahead of the consistent Graham McGrattan.


9. Andrew Harkins 18.20

14. Graham McGrattan 18.46

31. Chris Watson 19.55 PB

35. Phil Russell 20.08

37. Kenny Pryde 20.25 PB

63. Robert Mitchell 21.50

71. Robert Dolan snr 22.07

Harris Trophy 14/1/12

Coyle & Trainer Retain Titles

Stephen Trainer retained Greenock Glenpark Harriers Harris Trophy with a dominating performance in a race where he dictated the pace from start to finish.


The cool calm weather provided perfect conditions for the athletes over 4 laps of the undulating trail around Coves reservoirs, where on the first lap Trainer bided his time setting a comfortable pace being closely followed by the on-form Steven Campbell, Davie Henderson and Shaun Lyon. The injection of pace by Trainer came on lap 2 splitting the leading pack apart, but unexpectedly it was Henderson who was heading the chase, a position he was to hold onto, until the finish, with Lyons taking the final podium spot.


Suzanne Coyle, like Trainer, also retained the ladies trophy in convincing style, and now with 2 wins under her belt to give her a lead in the overall championship, which leaves her challengers having it all to do to make up lost ground.


Fiona Cushnaghan was in outstanding form in taking the runners-up spot. Lying a distant 4th after the 1st loop, she gradually closed down and passed Heather Kangley. Next target was Rhonda White and she finally got back on terms on the final lap before moving clear, but White gave her a fright with a last gasp effort to catch her in the climb to the finish, but Cushnaghan had enough experience to hold off the challenge.


Gerard Smith as well as being top junior and finishing 6th overall also snatched the Handicap trophy from pre-race favourite Richard Davidson who was fastest veteran. Top in the over 50s and 60s categories were Danny McLaughlin and Robert Dolan. And for the women, Heather Kangley, and Yvonne Prager taking the honours in the over 35 and 45s.


The most pleasing aspect was the considerable improvement by 12 out of 16 of those who competed in last years race - including the 5 leading men.


In the first race of the day Michael Duffy was a clear winner over 1km, but in an exciting contest for the runners up spot the rest of the field all followed in quick succession, with Craig White managing to work his way past Tom Forrest in a sprint to the finish, and Lucy McFarlane just holding off Morgan McColl for 1st girls position.


In one of the few races where the juniors run along side their senior club mates, they were in no way overawed, especially the under 13 girls, where Shelby Morrison smashed the 1 lap course record, with Lauren Mulaghton returning to form with a 30 second improvement on last year, being chased all the way by Nichola Doohan.  After running shoulder to shoulder with Ross Forbes for the first lap, Evan Warwick proved to be strongest on the day breaking clear for a 100m win.


Results – 5.5miles (h/cap in brackets): Trainer.S 30:54(30:54),Henderson.D 31:56(29:56), Lyon.S 32:17(29:47), Campbell.S 33:07(30:37), McKnight.F 34:49(30:19), Smith.G 34:52(27:52), Harkins.A 34:54(31:54), Davidson.R 35:07(28:07), O'Donoghue.K 36:18(31:18), McLaughlin.D 36:36(32:06), O'Rourke.A 36:52(31:22), McGrattan.G 37:01(29:31), McVicar.S 37:20(29:20), Dolan.Rjnr 37:42(28:42), Dunn.M 38:01(29:31), McDowell.M 38:03(32:03), Watson.C 38:13(29:43), White.A 38:25(31:25), Russell Phil 38:44(31:44), Mitchell.R 39:25(30:55), Surrey.C 39:33(31:33), Harrington.M 39:44(30:44), McCluskey.B 39:57(29:57), Fisher.A 40:05(33:05), Carruthers.D 41:48(30:48), Coyle.S 42:05(31:35), Magee.M 42:26(32:26), Anderson.D 42:27(33:57), McDade.S 42:32(32:32), Dolan.R 42:50(32:20), McAuslan.R 42:56(31:56), McCartney.K 43:47(35:47), Gill.K 43:53(31:53), Cushnaghan.F 45:07(31:37), White.R 45:09(32:09), Kangley.H 46:51(33:21), Clark.D 47:04(34:04), Loehndorf.S 47:47(35:47), Prager.Y 50:34(31:34), Hodelet.R 59:12(39:42).

Junior Results

(U11s – 1km) M.Duffy 4:47, C.White 4:54, T.Forrest 4:58, L.McFarlane 5:00, M.McColl 5:02, A.McCluskey 5:08, E.Ferguson 5:15, A.Henderson 5:27, L.McFarlane 5:39, A.White 5:49, E.Henderson 6:15,

(U13s – 1.5miles) S.Morrison 9:33, L.Mulaghton 10:05, N.Doohan 10:08, M.Forrest 10:44, D.Hunter 11:36, R.McFarlane 12:15,

(U15s – 3 miles) E.Warwick 18:08, R.Forbes 18:29,

The Harriers would like to thank to all the volunteers on the day and to race sponsor, Duo Menswear of Cardwell road Gourock.

Park Run 14/1/12

A trio of Glenparkers made the short trip to Pollok park for the weekly 5k parkrun. Viki and Jane were rewarded  with 2 big personal bests, both were closely matched finishing in 135th and 139th from the 400 runners, with Kimberley edging closer to her best. Results: Viki Wilkinson 24.15, Jane MacLean 24.23, Kimberley Stevenson 32.14

Edinburgh RC 1st Winter Duathlon 2012  14th Jan

Danny McLaughlin and Kevan McCartney decided they needed a wee warm up before tackling the Coves reservoirs, so headed through to the Capital for a 4k/16k/4k duathlon. Danny was fastest supervet in both runs, but was let down by a couple of slow transitions and an average cycle ride dropping him back to 3rd SV and 15th overall. Kevan sneaked into the top half in 36th, but by contrast  he had an excellent ride, beating Danny and setting a PB with the 19th fastest time on the bike. 

Interdistricts 7/1/12

Harriers Go To Holyrood

Evan Warwick & Shelby Morrison in the under 13s race

Stephen Trainer battles it out with the North Districts Kyle Greig of Forres Harries

The Harriers had 3 representatives gaining selection at this years annual Inter District cross country championships. It was just reward for the trio for  their form over the year, with the two youngsters gaining their first District honours and Trainer at long last starting to reach the levels  he had, before a long term injury curtailed his training to short painful jogs.

Evan placed 17th, Shelby 22nd and Stephen 34th in their respective races in cold windy conditions in the Capital City.

Earlier in the day Kimberely Stevenson returning after injury covered the 5km course in  32.12

Park Run 7th January 2012

 Steven Campbell is proving to be the form man at the moment setting a new personal best when finishing 3rd at the weekly 5km park run at Pollok park. Others also setting new best times were David Henderson and Kenny Pryde.


Results: Steven Campbell 17.02PB, David Henderson 17.25PB, Danny McLaughlin 18.56, Graham McGrattan 19.26, Steven Watson 20.24, Kenny Pryde 20.38PB, Chris Watson 20.44, David Carruthers 21.38, Richard Hodelet 28.05, Jim Sheridan 34.55


Beith Road Race 2nd January 2012


Steven Campbell was top Harriers at the Annual Beith Harriers new year races with his 6th place. Emma Baxter on a break from her university studies should that she has kept up her training with a fine 2nd place in the womens category.


Nichola Doohan was the only junior in action, finishing 6th place in a time of 8.16 for the 1.2miles under 13 race.


Results: 4.8miles: Steven Campbell 26.32, Davie Henderson 27.28, Danny McLaughlin 30.20, Emma Baxter 30.40, Mick Dunn 31.42, Kenny Pryde 32.30, Viki Wilkinson 37.57, Jane MacLean 37.57



Yuletide Meeting, Kelvin Hall 28th Dec 2011


Five Wins & 4 Second places for GGH Sprinters


Greenock Glenpark Harriers young sprinters were rewarded for their hard work over the winter as they all produced outstanding performances at the annual Glasgow Yuletide indoor meeting at Kelvin Hall. Mark Magee set 3 personal bests, two in the 60metres but more noteworthy was his 200m cutting almost 1 second from his indoor best. Saskia Cooper was also in sparkling form with 2 wins and a close 2nd in her 3 races setting two PBs along the way. Youngest athlete Tom Forrest rounded his day off with a win when he came from behind in his final 60m race. The biggest plaudits however goes to Chloe Hanlon, in what was her debut race for the Harriers; her first time indoors; and first time using starting blocks, she was only expected to go out and gain some necessary race experience, but she far exceeded that, as she recorded 2 wins and a second place, and her blistering pace over 60m providing the 5th fastest time in Scotland in the whole of 2011 for an under 13 athlete.


The Harriers endurance athletes were in the majority in the two 800m races making up 11 of the 15 starters.  Evan Warwick and Shelby Morrison were in fine form in the build up to the January inter-district races coming home first for Glenpark, and there was some end of year encouragement for Luisa Davies when she ran the fastest girls’ time.


Closest contest was between Christie Mulaghton and Lucy McFarlane, with Christie leading until touching distance of the line, but Lucy just edging it, as the pair gave it their all.


Stephen Trainer’s improving form was rewarded with a call up for the West team in the inter-district races at Holyrood park. The timely confidence boost looked to be justified, with his promising indoor debut at 3000m where he just failed by a second to break the 9 minute mark.


Also competing in the 3k were juniors Gerard Smith and Ross Forbes, both putting in a solid effort over the 15 laps of the tight Kelvin Hall track.


60M: S.Cooper 8.51, 8.74, C.Hanlon 8.72, 8.78, M.Magee 8.29, 8.25, T.Forrest 11.07, 11.08

200M: S.Cooper 28.75, C.Hanlon 29.34, M.Magee 26.38, T.Forrest 40.45, M.Forrest 35.55

800M: E.Warwick 2.39, L.Davies 2.52, S.Morrison 2.53, L.Mulaghton 3.01, M.Rodgers 3.02, M.Forrest 3.10, K.Kilpatrick 3.12, R.McFarlane 3.19, L.McFarlane 3.33, C.Mulaghton 3.33, R.Mulaghton 3.47.

3000m: S.Trainer 9.01, G.Smith 10.30, R.Forbes 10.51.


Pollok Park run, 24th Dec 2011


PBs Galore

At the Christmas eve Park run there was a record turnout of 21 Glenparkers, and the signs were encouraging for the club with 6 personal best being set, 6 first timers taking part, and 3 in the top 10 from almost 300 runners. Stephen Trainer in 2nd, Steven Campbell 6th and Frank McKnight 8th were the leading trio.


Robin McAuslan set an incredible 7th PB in a row at the park run reducing his time by 3 minutes over the last 6 months.


Richard Hodelet was glad to be back running again after a recent health problem, showed that he is fully recovered and back to his competitive self, following a successful operation by NHS staff at the IRH. 


Results: S.Trainer 16.00PB, S.Campbell 17.09PB, F.McKnight 17.42, A.O’Rourke 18.43PB, G.McGrattan 18.46, S.Watson 19.48, C.Watson 19.56PB, A.White 20.17, K.Pryde 20.43, D.Carruthers 21.27, R.McAuslan 21.35PB, D.Anderson 21.55, L.Coyle 23.21, R.White 24.01, L.McAuslan 25.07PB, J.MacLean 25.32, V.Wilkinson 28.26, G.Morrison 28.28, R.Hodelet 28.58, K.Stevenson 32.02, J.Sheridan 32.52.


West District XC 10/12/11

Ladies Master Race Course


Thanks to all our volunteers; Photographer Kimberley, Scott for marshalling, all the guys for setting up the tent, the coaches putting the juniors through their warm-up, and all the supporters on the course – especially the youngsters for staying around  after their races to cheer on the seniors.


Heather Kangley (805)

Greenock Glenpark Harriers Ladies had their biggest success in recent years at the appropriately named Bogside at Irvine. After a week of heavy rain the former race course was a sodden quagmire but the conditions didn’t  put off Lorna Coyle, Heather Kangley and Silke Loehndorf as they came home as West District Cross Country veteran Bronze Medallists.  It was a real team effort, and just rewards for the eleven strong squad. It was not just the close packing of the trio with just 26 seconds separating them, but equally as important were Donna Clark, Rhonda White, and Liz McAuslan finishing in front of 4th placed Kirkintilloch’s final counting runner that clinched the medals with just a few points to spare.


Suzanne Coyle who has shown a steady improvement over the winter months was again the Harriers leading woman, running well in the boggy conditions.


Danny gets shout from West District Womens Champion Lyndsay MacNeill


In the men’s 6mile race Stephen Trainer just missed out on his top 20 target, but was happy in his progress back to full fitness. Steven Campbell had another outstanding performance; he is now becoming the clubs most consistent runner, he came through strongly in the final half of the race to finish in 44th position. Davie Henderson put in a gutsy run as 3rd counter, just in front of Thomas Loehndorf, another pleased with his performance, showing no adverse effect after his recent knee operation.  Alan O’Rourke and Danny McLaughlin making up the counting six in the team competition.


Shelby Morison led the promising under 13 squad to 5th place. Her 11th position putting her in contention for a spot in the West inter-district team.  Megan Rodgers normally better on the road proved she can perform on the country as well, with a fabulous 17th in one of the most competitive age groups, they were supported by Nichola Doohan finishing just ahead of Lauren Mulaghton.


Evan Warwick was the juniors star performer in 9th securing his West of Scotland U13 selection in the district races in January.


Ross Forbes, Luthais Arthur and Louis Warwick were a commendable 6th in the under 15 boys’ competition.


Another to show up well was under 17 Gerard Smith, his improved endurance allowed him to make up lost ground with a strong 2nd lap.



Results - Women: S,Coyle 28.49, L.Coyle 30.27, H.Kangley 30.50, S.Loehndorf 30.53, D.Clark 31.55, R.White 32.16, L.McAuslan 32.31, F.Cushnaghan 33.17, K.Arthur 34.49, J.MacLean 34.54, E.Hamill 36.20.


Men: S.Trainer 32.56, S.Campbell 34.41, D.Henderson 35.45, T.Loehndorf 36.02, A.O’Rourke 37.44, D.McLaughlin 38.58, A.Fisher 40.53, B.Kangley 41.49,   K.McCartney 42.12, M.Dunn 42.21.


U13g: S.Morrison 13.08, M.Rodgers 13.33, N.Doohan 14.10, L.Mulaghton 14.36, M.Forrest 15.15, R.McFarlane 17.17. U13b: E.Warwick 12.00, U15g: L.Davies 22.10, L.Hamill 23.57, U15b: R.Forbes 17.35, L.Arthur 18.22, L.Warwick 25.24, U17b: G.Smith 23.32, M.Magee 27.18.

Glasgow Park run 10/12/11

Avoiding the mud at Irvine  was Graham McGrattan who had his highest place at the weekly 5km park run, finishing 4th and fastest in his age group. While Robin ran yet another personal best.

Results: Graham McGrattan 19.05, Steven Watson 19.50, David Carruthers 21.39, Robin McAuslan 21.56, Kenny Scott 22.58

Glasgow Park Run /Uni Road Race 3/12/11

Chris Watson gets ever closer to his brother Steven, running his 6th PB at the Glasgow park run in 8 months bringing his time down by over 2 minutes since April. Graham McGrattan was top in his category, while Kenny Scott made a welcome return to competition after long lay off.

Results: 14. Graham McGrattan 19.04, 29. Steven Watson 20.18, 30. Chris Watson 20.25, 83. Kenny Scott 23.18

Across the city in the afternoon, Tommy Knight (45.34) got the better of Richard Hodelet (50.00) in the 2 lap Glasgow University 5mile Road Race  race around Garscube.

Hugh Wilson 10K 26/11/11

Campbell Goes Fourth

Stevie Campbell finished in an excellent 4th place at the Hugh Wilson 10k at East Kilbride. Stevie  despite being stranded between the leading 3 and the rest of the big field with no shelter in the very windy conditions was still almost 2 minutes quicker than last year in a time of 35.43. The race was won by Corstorphines Kris Berry in 32.55.

British Masters XC 26/11/11

Mick McLoone is Top Scot

Mick McLoone made an outstanding Scotland debut finishing 12th in the British Masters cross country championships in Glasgow. Gaining his first international vest after a fantastic year where he has been the top veteran in almost every race he has competed in, it was no surprise that he was leading Scot in the over 45 age group.  Only the thickness of his vest denied him a top ten place as Irish pair of Wray and Corcorran edged him on the line at a wet and muddy Bellahouston park covering the 5miles in just 28minutes. The Scots took 3rd place in the  overall team competition behind a dominant English squad with the Republic of Ireland.taking the runners-up spot.

Also at Bellahouston were Glenparks over 60 vets Tommy Knight and Richard Hodelet braving the worst of the weather in the open 4mile race, with Tommy gaining the upper hand on this occasion.

Renfrewshire XC Champs - 19th November 2011

Muddy Marvels


Greenock Glenpark Harriers ladies just failed to snatch a bronze medal at a muddy Rouken Glen Park in the Renfrewshire cross country championships.  The team led by the improving Suzanne Coyle whose determined running saw her finish 7th, but despite the valiant efforts of Lynne Rogers and Lorna Coyle the team narrowly missed out on the medals by one place.


Boosted by the appearance of new members Rhonda White, Donna Clark, Viki Wilkinson, Jane McLean and Kirsten Arthur, the Glenpark women set a club record in fielding 4 teams, also taking 8th,10th, and 11th in the team competition. Shona Webster making the big step up to the senior ranks ran well in the early stages although tiring towards the end, clearly has the potential to challenge for a top team place. The size of the squad augurs well for the future.


The Orangefield  men captured silver as Stephen Trainer revelled in the muddy conditions for 4th place, and  hopefully with his injuries behind him can build on this performance over the winter. Steven Campbell and David and Alan Henderson ran together for the 3 of the 4 laps before David suddenly found another gear for an impressive final lap to grab 10th. Andy McCall and Frank McKnight made up the final counters for the silver winning team. Close behind was Alan O’Rourke at last finding some form, produced the best finish of the day with an impressive sprint over final 150m, while Thomas Loehndorf came through unscathed with a cautious return after recent surgery.


WOMEN: 7) 28:28 S.COYLE, 18)  30:03 L.ROGERS, 19) 30:03 L.COYLE, 24) 31:08 H.KANGLEY, 25) 31:43 S.LOEHNDORF, 29) 32:44 R.WHITE, 30) 33:02 D.CLARK, 31) 33:52 V.WILKINSON, 32) 34:10 J.MCLEAN, 34) 34:34 Y.PRAGER, 36) 34:43 L.MCAUSLAN, 38) 35:20 K.ARTHUR, 39) 35:50 S.WEBSTER,.


MEN: 4) 31:28 S.TRAINER, 10) 32:29 D.HENDERSON,16) 33:52 A.HENDERSON, 17) 33:52 S.CAMPBELL, 19) 34:05 A.MCCALL, 22) 34:24 F.MCKNIGHT, 27) 35:24 A.O'ROURKE, 29) 35:41 T.LOEHNDORF, 37) 36:42 R.WILSON, 49) 38:43 S.MCVICAR, 59) 41:18 R.NEILSON, 60) 41:21 M.DUNN, 62) 41:55 B.KANGLEY, 67) 43:08 S.MCDADE,



Evan Warwick was Glenpark juniors star performer on Saturday over a demanding 2 mile course, breaking clear with the lead group and holding his position to claim his first ever county Bronze medal . Evan has been in sparkling form all winter and will go forward now to West Championships in December with a top ten finish in his sights.

The U13 girls dedication to training also paid dividends by securing a worthy team bronze with Shelby Morrison running her best race ever in 10th and first counter, just ahead of Nichola Doohan and Lauren Mulaghton who exchanged positions in a sprint finish. Just outside the medal positions were Megan Rogers, Mia Forrest and Kate Kilpatrick. With such strength in depth the girls will go forward to with hopes of placing well at the bigger competitions this winter.

Not to be outdone, the U15 boys also claimed a team silver with debutants Lewis Warwick and Luthais Arthur joining seasoned pro Ross Forbes for a surprise medal.

Renfrewshire School Champion Luisa Davies was first U15 back and ran through the pain barrier having sprained an ankle early in the race. Laura Hamill also showed promising improvements.

Earlier in the day the U11 boys and girls performed gallantly in the muddy, sapping conditions and narrowly missed out on the team medals. Top girl was the in-form Christie Mulaghton, with Lucy McFarlane edging out Sian McMinn in a sprint to the line ahead of Rachel Mulaghton. Tom Forrest was top boy with the club’s youngest competitor Ewen Ferguson narrowly ahead of Craig White on his debut.

Last but not least credit goes to U17 sprinter Mark Magee. Normally used to 200m he gave 100% over the 3 miles of bog to finish 9th.


U17B: 9) 19:01 M.MAGEE, U15G: 9) 16:58 L.DAVIES, 11) 17:42 L.HAMILL, 5) 13:35 R.FORBES, 9) 15:10 L.ARTHUR, 10) 19:54 L.WARWICK U13B:, 3) 13:32  E.WARWICK, U13G: 10) 14:59 S.MORRISON, 11) 15:10 N.DOOHAN, 12) 15:16 L.MULAGHTON, 15) 15:45 M.ROGERS, 18) 16:09 M.FORREST, 22) 17:22 K.KILPATRICK, U11G:  16) 8:22 C.MULAGHTON, 25) 8:46 L.MCFARLANE, 26) 8:48 S.MCMINN, 28) 8:51 R.MULAGHTON, U11B: 27) 8:04 T.FORREST, 39) 8:33 E.FERGUSON, 40) 8:34 C.WHITE


Movember 5K Glasgow Green 20/11/11

Kenny Pryde ran the Movember 5k at Glasgow green, the race promoting Men’s Health was run in a great atmosphere, with a very large field with Kenny finishing in 9th place in a time of 20.13minutes.


Luton Marathon 20/11/11

Mick McLoone just failed to break the 3 hour barrier by 17 seconds in 24th from  the 500 competitors in the Luton Marathon. It was a 3 lap course of just under 9 miles through Luton and the surrounding countryside


Glasgow Parkrun 19/11/11

Good performances at  the Glasgow Park run where Robert, Chris, and Robin all ran Personal Bests, with Graham 1st over 50


7th Robert Adams 18.45

11th Graham McGrattan 19.04

44th Chris Watson 20.38

75th Robin McAuslan 22.16, Susan Clark time not recorded


Renfrewshire Schools Cross Country Champs


There were some fantastic results from our juniors at today’s Renfrewshire Schools Cross Country championships held at Birkmyre Leisure Centre in Kilmacolm.

Top of the pile was Luisa Davies whose dedicated training paid dividend today as she won her first ever gold medal in the S4 girls race. At the younger end of the scale both Cammy Watson and Nichola Doohan both claimed well earned silvers in the Primary schools race with Nichola just edging out Megan Rodgers who won bronze.

Some real breakthrough performances as well with special praise going to Shelby Morrison, Deborah Staber, Christie Mulaghton and Robert Peterson who all had breakthrough performances.

Know Results (Guessing at some, Sorry if I missed anyone)

P6/P7 Girls – N.Doohan 2nd , M.Rodgers 3rd , S.O’Docherty 10th , C.Mulaghton 12th , R.Mulaghton 19th , C.Pollock 21st, M.McColl 30th,

P6/P7 Boys – C.Watson 2nd, R.Petterson 35th, J.Ruddy 40th,

1st/2nd Year Girls – L.Mulaghton 5th, S.Morriosn 6th, M.Forrest 8th, K.Kilpatrick 15th, L.Hamill 17th R.McFarlane 19th,

4th Year Girls – L.Davies 1st, D.Staber 3rd K.McLean 10th

3-6th Year Boys – M.Magee 10th , L.Arthur 20th

Tinto Hill Race 12/11/11


Glenpark fielded a 3 man team in the famous Tinto hill race on Saturday. The Lanarkshire race covers 4.4 miles climbing 1500 ft to 2200 ft at the summit and attracted close to 300 entrants.  The trio of experienced hill runner Andy McCall and novices Kevan McCartney and Stephen McDade took the race on and gave it their all. McCall, benefitting from a consistent period of training had an outstanding run covering the steep, treacherously slippy course in 35:45, an improvement of over 2 minutes from his previous attempt and finished in 12th place, beating some renowned hill running stalwarts. Kevan had a solid race, showing his usual quiet determination and grit and ran a fine debut in 46:50, however later bemoaned his lack of experience in running steeply downhill which cost him numerous places. Stephen also made his debut in this form of running and despite being handicapped by making a huge mistake with his choice of footwear managed to negotiate the course in 52:33. Lessons learned, the three Glenparkers will be back for another attempt at this ferociously tough,spectacular race next year.



Results: 12th Andy McCall 35.45, 156th Kevan McCartney 46.50, 213rd Stevie McDade 52.33                    


Braid Hills XC 12/11/11

Emily Pollock is getting some of her old form back again, with a solid performance for her University team finishing 46th in the tough 3 mile cross country in a time of 21.35.


Bellahouston 10k 12/11/11

A large turnout from the Harriers travelled to Glasgow for the Jimmy Irvine Bella 10k. It was a successful day with 3 inside the top 10. Davie Henderson came through strongly in the last 2km to pass Mick McLoone to finish in 4th, with Mick one place behind (and 2nd vet). Stevie Campbell just failing to get under the 35minute mark on the twisting course was 9th  from the 400 runners. Graham McGrattan ran well to finish 3rd in the over 50 category, but the surprise run of the day came from Steven Watson, taking a few noticeable scalps.


Heather Kangley was first lady back showing a steady improvement over recent weeks getting the better of Fiona, while very little separated Jane, Liz and Viki.


Results: D.Henderson 34.42, M.McLoone 34.50, S.Campbell 35.11, R.Adam 38.31, S.Watson 38.39, L.Smart 39.41, G.McGrattan 40.10, C.Watson 41.42, B.Kangley 42.59, D.Carruthers 44.27, R.McAuslan 46.19, H.Kangley 48.21, F.Cushnaghan 49.22, J.MacLean 51.21, L.McAuslan 51.37, V.Wilkinson 51.38.

          Jane MacLean    

  Viki, Jane, Liz, Robin, Fiona. Bernie, Heather

Saturday 13th November 2011

It was a busy weekend with 22 Glenparkers competing at 4 events all over the country.

The first race of the day was the Glasgow Parkrun with Frank McKnight having a real breakthrough performance, destroying his PB (17.36) to finish 3rd overall. It was also good to see Kimberly back in action.

Biggest turnout of the day was at the Jimmy Irvine 10km at Bellahouston with 16 seniors running with more than half achieving PBs. Top dog was David ‘Mo’ Henderson  with the hairy tached harrier achieving yet another 10km PB and finishing 4th overall just ahead of Mick McLoone in his final race ahead of next weeks Luton Marathon. Meritorious winner Stevie Campbell nipped inside the top ten with yet another PB. The real breakthroughs came further down the field however with Robert Adams, Steven Watson and Liam Smart all smashing the 40min barrier for the first time. The women weren’t holding back either with Heather first back for the club scalping nearly 90secs off her best. Best PB of the day however came from Jane McLean who knocked more than 3mins off her best. Not bad for someone who couldn’t break 60mins before joining the club.

Moving over to Lanarkshire the three self proclaimed ‘Bumbag boys’ took part in the annual Tinto Hill Race. Hill specialist Andy McCall was first back finishing 15th overall whilst Stephen McDade and Kevan McCartney both enjoyed fine debuts at the popular hill race.


Last but not least new member Kirsten Imrie who took part in an adventure 10km down in London including clambering over 8 ft walls, running while carrying a sand bag, wading through chest deep water, commando crawling through a pit of ice and mud sludge hosed down by firemen in a time of 63mins. Kirsten was using the race as a warm up to the Wilson Cup.

GGH Prizegiving 4/11/11



                  Glenpark Harriers Junior Champions for season 2010-11

The Harriers held their annual prizegiving at the Greenock Rangers club to celebrate a very successful year for the club. As well as presenting all the individual age group champions with their trophys' there were two Life Time Memberships given. The first was to John Kerr for his time as a coach with the club, when he produced a stream of junior runners that won county, district, and National team and individual titles, as well as 2 who went on to represent Scotland under 20s at the World mountain running Championships. The second was to Thomas Loehndorf who had a phenomenal year in Ultra distance running to earn his first Scottish International vest in the 100K Celtic plate. 

National 4K XC 5/11/11

Glenpark 11th at National Short Course


Suzanne, Andy, Stevie T, and Stevie Mc


Greenock Glenpark Harriers Stevie Trainer, Davie Henderson, Andy McCall, and Stevie McLoone produced a repeat of last years 11th  position in the National short course cross country at Bellahouston.


Warm Autumnal sunshine shone but the muddy underfoot conditions made it tough for athletes, especially at the start as the large field jostled for position on the first of the two laps of the 2km loop around the park. It was a solid all round team performance from the quartet, although slightly disappointed to miss out on their top 10 target, but with stronger runners missing the signs of improvement in the club continues.   


Run of the day however came from Suzanne Coyle the lone Glenpark woman competing; she went out hard from the gun, and her aggressive tactics paid off, beating many of her rivals who were quicker at Cumbernauld just 2 weeks ago.

Results: S.Trainer 13.50, A.Henderson 14.06, A.McCall 15.07, S.McLoone 15.29, S.Coyle 18.25

Strathaven 10k  6/11/11

Yvonne Prager’s recent hill sessions paid off on the very undulating Strathaven “run with the wind” 10k. Finishing 5th in her age category and 183rd from the 332 finishers, overall she recorded her fastest time over the distance in almost 2 years.


Glasgow Park Run 5/11/11

At Pollok park in the weekly free park run Robert Wilson finished in 12th place in a time of 18.50. Jane MacLean was almost a minute faster (25.20) than her previous best placing 160th from over 300 runners.

Click on picture for larger image.

The Club line up in the rain at Lady Alice Bowling club before the Colin Shields Race

Colin Shields Race 29/10/11

Trainer & Coyle Take Early Lead

Race winner Stephen with Olivia.

Suzanne Coyle and Stephen Trainer swept aside the opposition in the wet and windy conditions to win in Greenock Glenpark Harriers Colin Shields trophy race.

A total of 58 seniors were set off in pairs at 30 second intervals, a format more common with cycling events, rarely in running, tested the runners mental concentration and toughness as they pitted themselves against the clock.

The Harriers who  have had a surge of women joining over recent months and were delighted to see a record 17 compete in one of the clubs toughest races, a  time trial over the hilly 4 ½ mile route around Larkfield and back to the Dunlop street.

With the added competition, pre-race favourite Suzanne Coyle knew it was going to be hard with her biggest threat Jillian McNee starting 30 seconds behind her. Coyle never let the pressure get to her as she attempted to shake off McNee who was working hard and maintaining the gap. Only in the 2nd half of the race as the pair battled it out pulling in all 16 of the earlier starters did the gap grow when Jillian began to tire.

Veteran runners Lorna Coyle and Susan Clark who have been in great shape recently, were next quickest, with the following 8 woman led by Fiona Cushnaghan separated by a little over a minute, leaving the prospect of a fascinating championship over the coming season.

Club Champion Stephen Trainer had the benefit of starting in the last pairing knowing he could respond to any moves by brothers Alan and David Henderson. He made full use of his advantage judging his race perfectly drawing them in gradually to give him the best of starts in the defence of his title to win the Shields trophy for only his 2nd time.

Alan Henderson came out on top in the duel with his brother to take the runners up spot but both should feel pleased with their progress having taking a minute off their best time on the course. Steven Campbell the clubs most improved runner continues to impress with yet another personal best in 5th.

Mick McLoone selected for what will be his first Scotland vest at the British Masters International XC in Glasgow in November was fastest veteran, with Mick Harrington, Robert Dolan and Jim Sheridan claiming top places in the over 50, 60 and 70 categories.

Other good runs came from Raymond McNee who was first to finish passing 40 runners, and juniors Gerard Smith and Eilidh Hamill.

Special mention to all the marshalls, timekeepers, and everyone who helped organise a very busy and successful event.

The Harriers are thankful to race sponsor Mick Dunn of C&M coaches, and to Tommy Armstrong aka “tommy the clown” for his generous donation which will help support the development of the Harriers Junior section.

Results: S.Trainer 24.47, A.Henderson 25.15, D.Henderson 25.35, M.McLoone 25.46, S.Campbell 25.55, A.McCall 26.44, F.McKnight 27.10, R.McNee 27.48, A.O'Rourke 27.51, R.McDonald 28.13, A.Eynon 28.35, R.Adams 28.43, L.Smart 28.50, R.Wilson 29.05, G.Smith 29.12, R.Davidson 29.22, S.Watson 29.36, A.Fisher 29.55, C.Knight 29.59, G.Hyett 30.01, S.McVicar 30.40, C.Watson 30.50, R.Dolan 30.55, D.McCorkindale 31.01, B.Gilmour 31.40, R.Neilson 31.41, M.Harrington 31.46, K.Pryde 31.49, S.McDade 32.02, B.Kangley 32.41, B.McCluskey 32.57, K.McCartney 33.00, S.Coyle 33.07, J.McNee 33.33, D.Carruthers 33.55, L.Coyle 34.28, R.McAuslan 34.31, M.Magee 34.40, S.Clark 35.49, C.Smith 35.54, F.Cushnaghan 36.48, H.Kangley 37.17, R.Dolan 37.27, R.White 37.50, V.Wilkinson 37.52, L.McAuslan 37.55, G.Forrest 37.58, D.Clark 38.04, J.McLean 38.05, K.Arthur 38.52, P.McCluskey 39.03, E.Hamill 40.14, K.Gill 40.14, I.Rankin 41.06, F.Taylor 41.50, T.Knight 42.30, J.Sheridan 53.31


Records Tumble in Young Athetes Race

Records went tumbling in the juniors 1500m race where Ross Forbes reversed last weeks result by edging out Evan Warwick by 6 seconds on the long run up Dunlop street, both boys breaking the previous best for under 15s and a 13s respectively. Michael O’Rourke showed considerable improvement over recent weeks by taking 3rd place. The girls’ race was the most exciting finish of the day with just 4 seconds separating the top three, the challenge from Shelby Morrison and Megan Rodgers spurring Lauren to the overall girls’ course record by 3 seconds.  Clara Pollock and Andrew McCluskey were top under 11s with the youngest athlete Ewan Ferguson putting in a great performance to comfortably break 8 minutes.


Results: Ross Forbes 5.08, Evan warwick 5.14, Michael O'Rourke 5.29, Lauren Mulaghton 5.31,Shelby Morrison 5.34, Megan Rogers 5.35, Nicola Doohan 5.46, Luisa Davies 5.58, Mia Forrest 6.09, Calum Johnstone 6.13, Findlay Cooper 6.14, Danielle Hunter 6.22, Saskia Cooper 6.36, Clara Pollock 6.38, Kate Kilpatrick 6.42, Laura Hamill 6.44, Christie Mulaghton 6.49, Lucy Compston 6.53, Morgan McColl 6.54, Andrew McCluskey 6.57, Louis Warwick 7.03, Sian McMinn 7.04, Rachel Mulaghton 7.19, Lucy McFarlane 7.28, Catriona Daisley 7.42, Ewan Ferguson 7.45