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The Harriers are affiliated to Triathlon Scotland, and Members  of the club regularly compete in Triathlons and Duathlons around the country. As well as the regular running training sessions, we hold our own informal 5k/20k/5k Duathlon  series in Gourock. We also arrange open water swims in the Clyde, and compete in "Inverclyde Velo" Time Trials.

We Are Arran Men

There was a strong contingent of Harriers competing in the inaugural Arran Man half iron distance triathlon in Arran on Saturday 30th August. The event was a test event organised by Alan Anderson of Glasgow Tri Club with a view to staging the full event next year with the potential of adding a full iron distance option. This test event consisted of a 1.2 mile swim in Machrie Bay, a 56 mile cycle round the island and a half marathon run. On the day the swim was reduced to 1km due to high winds. These high winds would also test the strength of the competitors on the hilly cycle.

For the full event there were 5 Harriers due to compete: Andrew White, David Henderson, Colin Campbell, Danny McLaughlin, and Kevin Gill. There was also a relay team entered which consisted of Marian Monk on the swim, Kirstin Arthur on the bike and Rhonda White on the run. At the last minute both Danny and Rhonda had to withdraw due to injury and Robert Adams stepped in taking on the half marathon run. Danny and Rhonda travelled with their fellow harriers to support and helped out on the day with time keeping.

At 10.30 am the starting horn blew and competitors started their battle with the waves. The first Harrier to emerge from the water was David Henderson, making a welcome return to the triathlon scene. Marian was next out, closely followed by Andrew and Colin. Andrew required medical attention in transition for cuts to his feet before setting out on the bike. Kevin was last out but quickly moved through transition.  

The bike leg took the anti-clock wise route round the scenic island but the athletes would have little time to enjoy their picturesque surroundings due to the steep climbs and white knuckle descents combined with the high winds. Andrew, after losing time in t1, made up a lot of time on his cycle and came in to t2 in about 7th position, David was a couple of places behind. Colin who had been injured and resting up prior to the event stormed through his cycle leg. Kirstin in her favourite discipline found the cycle challenging due to the winds and was glad to hand over to team mate Robert. Despite lack of training due to illness Kevin completed the cycle.

The run again took competitors on the anti-clockwise route round to Blackwaterfoot and on to the string road and is a variation of the Arran Half marathon route. This gave a bit more shelter and a reprieve from the winds until joining the coast road again for the finish straight. Both Andrew and David had excellent runs and made more progress through the field. Andrew was to finish 2nd overall just over 2 minutes behind the leader, making him think again about his time spent in t1. David was follow a few minutes later in 4th place. Colin who hadn’t run in 3 weeks suffered some pain 4 miles in and dug deep to complete his first half iron distance triathlon. Robert put in an awesome performance on the run for the team. Unfortunately due to time restrictions for ferries Kevin and a few others were asked to cut their run short to allow passage back to the mainland for themselves and organisers. As anyone who has ever cycled Arran knows, this is a challenge in itself and to tag it on after a choppy swim and then head on any run is a fantastic achievement!

A great day was had by all who were there. Glenpark would like to thank the organisers for putting the event on. As this was a test event there were a few teething problems that will hopefully be addressed for next year. There will definitely be more Harriers taking on Arran next year when we hope the wind has died down, unfortunately the hills will still be as hilly.

Andrew White 4.50.44

David Henderson 4.58.30

Colin Campbell 5.59.11

Team Glenpark 5.32.24                      

Inverclyde Leisure Triathlon 24/8/14

It was a glorious day for the Inverclyde Leisure Triathlon on Sunday 24th August and for the first time the event had been promoted on Entry Central which brought a few more competitors from dedicated Triathlon Clubs increasing the strength of the field. Glenpark Harriers were again well represented with 12 members competing in the full event and 3 in the team event. This year the club were using the event as their Triathlon Championship decider, a new Club Title for 2014.

As in previous years the team relay kicked the event off with more teams competing this year proving that the multi-sport event is increasing in its popularity. David McCorkindale took to the pool first swimming in one of the teams before doing the event solo. Richard Davidson, Steven Campbell and Stephen Trainer were standing by to take up the reins on the bike leg and run legs for 2 of the other teams.

In the first of the solo heats Mick Harrington, Liz McAuslan, Frank McMahon and Rhonda White started their event with Frank and Rhonda taking over 2 minutes off their previous swim times. Kirstin Arthur was in the second swim heat and had a great swim completing it in 17 minutes. The main group of Harriers were represented in the faster swim heats with Andrew Osborne, Andrew White, Chris Jones, Danny McLaughlin, Marian Monk, Ernie Currie and for the second time David McCorkindale took to the pool. David recorded the fastest swim time for the harriers closely followed by Marian. The bike leg is where Andrew White made his mark recording the fastest bike time for any of the harriers and 4th fastest over all. Hot on his wheels were Chris Jones and Danny McLaughlin making the run leg all the more interesting. Andrew White managed to pull away from Chris and Danny in the run and in the end finished 5th overall and took the Male Triathlon Champion title. All three finished in the top 10. Marian Monk showed that all her hard work is paying off by recording the fastest swim time for the ladies and took the Ladies Triathlon Championship Title. Kirstin Arthur in her strongest discipline recorded the fastest ladies bike time.

Most of those competing this year recorded personal bests in the event. A great day was had by all and the club would like to thank Inverclyde Leisure for another fantastic well run event.       

The team with Stephen Trainer won the team event with the team containing Richard Davidson on the bike and Steven Campbell on the run took the 3rd place spot.  


Pos.  Name             Time          Swim          T1            Cycle         T2            Run

5  Andrew White   00:56:34   00:15:40   00:00:30   00:23:57   00:00:31   00:15:55

7  Chris Jones        00:57:16   00:15:37   00:00:19   00:24:36   00:00:23   00:16:20

10 Danny Mclaughlin  00:58:33  00:16:22  00:00:32  00:24:23  00:00:17   00:16:58

16 David Mccorkindale 00:59:58 00:13:30  00:00:25  00:26:38  00:00:27  00:18:56

17 Andrew Osborne 01:00:04  00:15:07  00:00:15   00:27:11   00:00:18   00:17:13

33 Marian Monk      01:05:20   00:14:14   00:00:38   00:28:46  00:00:47   00:20:53

53 Currie Ernie       01:09:50   00:14:49   00:00:40   00:30:44   00:01:42   00:21:52

57 Rhonda White   01:10:22   00:18:59   00:00:38   00:29:35   00:00:45   00:20:23

59 Frank Mcmahon 01:10:28   00:19:34   00:00:45   00:28:29   00:00:47   00:20:52

60 Kirstin Arthur    01:10:48   00:17:01   00:00:50   00:28:36   00:00:32   00:23:48

63 Liz Mcauslan     01:12:38   00:18:41   00:01:27   00:29:52   00:00:26   00:22:09

77 Mick Harrington 01:15:32   00:19:23   00:01:23   00:32:33   00:01:05   00:21:07

European Championships Powerman Austria 24/8/14

Kevan McCartney travelled to Weyer in Austria at the weekend to compete in this his third Great Britain Age Group race of 2014. Not having the best preparation due to a foot injury. Kevan missed over 6 weeks of running. During this time he focused on his second discipline in the hope this would carry him through on the day. Unfortunately the wet conditions impacted the cycle section making descending treacherous, and caused several crashes, this combined with the run fatigue meant Kevan disappointed had to settle for 19th position. However as 3rd GB athlete home he qualified to represent Great Britain in the 2015 European Championships at standard Distance.

Having already qualified to represent GB at sprint distance in 2015, and a with a view to securing his place in the World Duathlon 2015 team next year will be busy.


                                      Total             Run           T1          Bike            T2          Run

Kevan Mccartney          02:17:39     00:39:29   00:00:46  01:17:42    00:01:01 00:18:39

Danny's Duathlon 27/7/14

The second of this years Danny’s duathlons took place on Sunday 27th July in wet and windy conditions. Eight competitors took part with Lisa Ruddy taking on the challenge for the first time. The two 5km runs consists of  an out and back loop to the Western Ferry terminal from the Gourock Pool. Andrew White was the quickest over the first run closely followed by Danny McLaughlin. Colin Campbell and Mick Harrington were closely matched over the first run but Mick managed to stretch ahead and finished ahead of Colin. Rhonda and Marian were also well matched in the first run. The conditions worsened for the bike leg but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those competing. Danny was to get the better of Andrew on the bike leg recording the fastest bike time and with his lightening transitions closed the gap. Marian proved that her hard work on the bike is paying off by recording the fastest time of the ladies. Frank also completed the bike leg strongly and just sneaked under 40 minutes. Four of those taking part managed to record pb’s despite the conditions, Colin and Frank. Both Rhonda and Marian managed to beat the previous ladies record held by Kirstin Arthur. Thank you to Alex Hunter and Kevan McCartney for time keeping.  

                   R1     T1                Bike         T2           R2                      Total 

Colin 21.23 1.48 35.38 0.45 22.19 1.21.41 

Mick 21.11 1.36 42.04 3.07 22.25 1.30.01 

Frank 23.27 0.21 39.55 0.22 24.18 1.28.23 

Danny      20.04 0.20 33.13 0.12 19.43 1.13.32

Andrew   18.27 0.37 33.40 0.40 19.07 1.12.31 

Rhonda   22.30 0.44 41.45 0.35 23.52 1.28.09 

Marian   22.59        0.49       40.58 0.59 24.25 1.29.50 

Lisa       26.54        0.45        50.35                                                 1.17.14


MOK Triathlon 20/7/14

Mull Of Kintyre's first ever sprint triathlon took place on July the 20th in Campbletown. The event consisted of a 750m swim in the Aqualibrium's 25m pool, 20k hilly cycle and a 5k flat run along the stunning coastline.

Two Glenpark Harriers participated in the event, Liz McAuslan and Marian Monk.

Liz was pleased with her swim performance and exited the pool quicker than she had anticipated, quickly moving on to the bike leg where she maintained a good pace considering the hilly route. Liz comfortably transitioned to the run leg and  finished looking strong in 31st position, 10th female.

Marian was also pleased with her swim time and felt good moving on to the bike leg. Marian found the hilly cycle route challenging but noticed her cycling is improving. However, the cycle took it's toll a bit on her legs and she had a slower than expected run finishing 24th overall, 6th female.


MOK Tri results 2014

Liz McAuslan, 10th female, 31st overall - Swim 17:02, T1 2:17, Cycle 52:30, T2 00:53, Run 24:48, Race Time 1:37:30

Marian Monk, 6th female, 24th overall - Swim 12:35, T1 02:02, Cycle 52:05, T2 1:12, Run 25:01, Race Time 1:32:55

 Liz and Marian thoroughly enjoyed this event and plan to do it again next year. It was very well organised and all participants received a lovely bespoke hand crafted medal and t-shirt.  

Castle Semple Triathlon 6/7/14

The Castle Semple sprint triathlon took place on the 6th of July 2014. This event is an open water triathlon consisting of a 750m swim in Lochwinnoch followed by a very hilly 20k cycle from Castle Semple towards Kilmacolm and back followed by a 5k run along the cycle path. Organisers had warned competitors of high algae levels in the loch prior to the event where extra safety measures were implemented. On exiting the swim, all competitors had to be hosed down, mouth washed out and hands washed before drinking a can of coke. This obviously made the first transition very slow for everyone.

Two Glenpark Harriers took part in the event, Frank McMahon and Marian Monk, for both this was their first ever open water triathlon.

Frank completed his swim through the algae with relief in a time of 21:45. Frank's t1 time was 2:18 before moving onto the bike where he quickly made up his time covering the cycle route without too much difficulty in a time of 46:54. Frank's t2 time was 00:38 as he took off for his 5k run which he completed comfortably in a time of 23:37. Frank finished 16th overall in a time of 1:35:12

Marian had a good swim and was first female to leave the water in a time of 17:24, 6th overall. Marian's t1 time was 3:10 before moving onto the bike which she found extremely difficult and quickly fell behind stronger cyclists, completing in a time of 55:19. Marian's t2 time was 1:05 as she left for the 5k run which she completed in a time of 24:09. Marian finished 20th overall, 4th female in a time of 1:41:07

 Both Frank and Marian enjoyed the event and will be returning to give it a bash again next year.

World Duathlon Championships 1/6/14

Kevan McCartney travelled to Pontevedra Spain to compete in the World Duathlon Championships across the Sprint distance of 5k, 20k, 2.5k along with his fellow age group, elites and para duathletes to represent Great Britain.

Kevan started the run with trepidation due to a hamstring injury several days earlier. However after a steady first lap and two climbs complete the harrier pushed hard to deliver an 18.59 5k finishing 34th. Once on the bike Kevan pushed hard on the cycle course keen to retake the places he lost on the run. The initial 9km climb of around 8% gradient appeared to play to his strengths as he gained numerous places finishing in a time of 33.42 which was the 15th fastest of the day.

Returning to the run the harrier felt confident his injury would hold as he pushed on and held 6 minute mile pace, before finishing strong with a sprint finish that seen him pull back a number of places even one on the line in a time of 1.04.51.

Last year Kevan placed 9th in the World Duathlon Championships in Canada. This his first year in the very competitive 40-44 age category sees him slide to 22nd in the world. Motivated by his regression Kevan now looks forward to representing Great Britain again at the European Powerman Championships (Standard distance event 10k 40k 5k) in Austria on the 24th of August.

Bute Triathlon 11/5/14

Hail The Harriers

The weather might not have been kind to the 6 hardy Harriers taking part in the Bute Triathlon on Sunday, but that certainly didn’t dampen their spirits. The 20k bike leg was a real challenge in the hail showers and strong crosswind.  

Frank McMahon and Mike Harrington got the Harriers underway in the second swim wave in the pool. Frank was first to cover the 750m closely followed by Mick who was stepping up from the shorter distance last year. The remaining 4 Harriers were next in the pool and Danny McLaughlin was to be the fastest harrier of the day in the swim (14:29). Andrew White has been working on his swimming and was next out showing a big improvement from last year. Gillian Forrest had a solid swim. Coin Campbell was close behind and moving to his best discipline, the bike.

Andrew was to catch Danny on the bike but Danny dug deep and maintained the gap coming into transition only 30 seconds behind. Colin was next having a great bike leg and was looking strong. Gillian continued to perform well with her bike leg improving by 3 minutes on last year. Mick rode well and came in a couple of minutes ahead of Gillian’s bike time. The stand out bike leg came from Frank improving by a whopping 10 minutes on last year. 

All the Harriers were well up their age categories in the 5K run. Andrew’s run (19.:07) was 3rd fastest overall and he was quickest MV40. 2nd Harrier was Danny and his run was 7th overall and 1st MV50. Mick was next in the run and was 5th MV50. Colin edged Gillian out by a few seconds and they were 7th MV50 and 3rd FV40 respectively. Frank had a great run and was the quickest Vintage.

Overall results

Andrew 1:08:39 4th and 1st V40 PB

Danny 1:10:16 6th and 1st V50 PB

Colin 1:21:06 31st   Male and 7th V50 PB

Frank 1:25:17 42nd Male and 2nd Vintage PB

Mick 1:27:48 48th Male and 11th V50 PB

Gillian 1:28:06 14th Female and 5th FV40 PB

Despite the weather it was a great day and thanks go to Shaun Lyon and the rest of the Bute Wheelers and all the volunteers for their hard work.


Ayr Duathlon April 2014

It was a glorious day for the Ayr Duathlon, in stark comparison to last year’s conditions. Three harriers made the trip down the coast to compete - Andrew White had a point to prove after last year when he experienced a double puncture and had to withdraw, Danny McLaughlin still recovering from injuries, and Rhonda White competing for the first time in this event. Starting point and transition area for the 5km run, 27km cycle, 5 km run are based at the Doonfoot Primary School. The run loops round the school and then out and back along a farm road.The cycle takes you on an undulating loop and  includes the  Electric Brae. Andrew  had a solid first run, gained a few places on the bike leg, and maintained a steady pace for the final run to finish 6th overall and 1st in his age category. Danny struggled slightly on the first run, indicating that he is still battling through the pain barrier, he made steady progress on the bike leg and put in a stronger performance on his second run to finish 13th overall and 3rd in his age category. Rhonda had a strong first run, leaving her in the middle of the pack. She lost some time on the bike, which is her weaker discipline, but managed to regain a few places on the second run, to leave her 5th lady overall and 4th in her age category. The event was well organised by Ayrodynamic Triathlon club even down to the weather,  and we look forward to returning next year.

Name Category Overall Position Cat Pos Overall Run1 Pos Cycle Pos Run2 Pos
Andrew White Male Veteran 6 1 1:22:58 16:08 8 50:52 14 15:58 7
Danny McLaughlin Male Super Vet 13 3 1:28:02 18:15 22 52:42 19 17:05 17
Rhonda White Female Veteran 69 4 1:46:19 20:04 52 1:06:47 77 19:28 42

ETU Powerman European Duathlon 13/4/14

One down two to go !!!

ETU Powerman European Duathlon Championships (Sprint Distance R5k B20k R2.8K)

Kevan McCartney represented Great Britain at the weekend for the first time this year in this his first event in the British 40-44 age group team.  After qualifying at last years Althrop Duathlon, Kevan travelled to Horst in Holland for the European Powerman showdown.With this his fifth race in five weeks the harrier hoped had raced himself fit and amongst a very tough field McCartney dug deep and produced a personal best for the first run of 17.20. Back into transition the harrier was pleased to see his bike as it was here he managed to advance his position in all too familiar windy conditions and record the 11th fastest time of 32.54.Unfortunately while running with the bike the harrier damaged the sole of his foot on loose stones which impacted his run from T2 and impeded his changeover. These vital seconds caused the harrier three places that he was unable to recover on the final 2.8k run with a time of 10.35. This resulted in the harrier having to settling for 14th place.Following a successful qualification race in Morpeth on the 6th of April where the harrier placed 3rd veteran, he will now travel to Pontevedera in Spain for the international Triathlon Union World Duathlon Championships at the end of May.                                                                                      

In addition to this Kevan has also qualified to represent Great Britain for a third time this year, which will see him travel to Austria in August to take part in the European Powerman (Standard Distance 10k 40k 5k) Championships.                                                                                                                             

Horst Results                                                                                                                                                  

Clumber Classic 22/3/14

Theft in Sherwood

Kevan McCartney travelled to Nottinghamshire to take part in the Clumber Classic Duathlon for a second chance to qualify for his place in the sprint distance GB Age-Group Teams that will compete at the 2014 Pontevedra ITU World Championships in June.

More than 700 duathleted battled across the sprint and standard distances through the historic Sherwood Forest with an undulating course that left nowhere to hide. Kevan had a solid race despite technical issues with his bike and later admitted he couldn’t find top gear on the run either, running the 5k in 20.09. The first 5k wound its way around the estate and it was here the harrier struggled to reach the speed he needed. Once into transition the harrier moved quickly, desperately trying to regain the places lost on the run. Once on the bike he settled into an average speed in excess of 22mph in windy conditions to deliver a bike time of 33.20. With the cycle section over the harriers confidence returning, a spectacular dismount in an attempt to avoid a jam of riders entering transition/dismount area, resulted in a catapulted cycling shoe and a flying bike.

Back to the run, Kevan quickly regained his running legs and pushed had on the last 2.5k which he covered in 10.04. Although producing a faster run than the two athletes he was chasing, his last push proved to be too little too late as he failed to capture the two faster cyclists and narrowly missed out on qualification by seconds and just one position, finishing 5th in his GB qualifying age group and 7th.

Run1 20:10          t1 00:49                Bike  33:20           t2  00:44               Run 2 10:05         Total      01:05:06

Oulton Park Duathlon 16/3/14

Oulton Park Duathlon  (Run 4.3k Bike 21.5k Run 4.3k)                                                                     

Race Against Time                                                                                                                                          

Kevan McCartney travelled to Outlon Park Race circuit for an opportunity to qualify and represent Great Britain again this year at the World Duathlon Championships. The conditions were not ideal for cycling with strong gusting winds impacting his time. This being his first race of 2014 he was keen to see how he would perform against his previous races there in March and October last year. The harrier wasn’t too disappointed with his times, he had improved on the March time, however couldn’t better the October time set in better conditions. Kevan placed 10th in his age group with a time of 01:11:29 – (run 1 16:20, t1 01:03, bike 33:00, t2 01:03 and run 2 16:21) showing good consistence and stamina on the run.

Althorp Duathlon (Northampton) 19/10/13.

Kevan makes the Grade !!


Kevan McCartney travelled to Althorp estate on the outskirts of Northampton at the weekend for the opportunity to represent Great Britain again at the 2014 European Championships in Holland.

After finishing 9th in the World Duathlon (Age Group) Championships in Canada Kevan McCartney's fitness has continued to improve. However having narrowly missed out in qualification two weeks earlier at Oulton park Duathlon even after producing a 6 minute personal best, Kevan felt confident that his current form would eventually deliver him the placing he required.

Not being familiar with the course the harrier wisely paced the rolling 5km run finishing 50th in a tough field of 280 competitors. With energy preserved the harrier then moved through transition quickly clocking the 6th fastest time of the day for this section.

This speed continued as he took to the technical 20km bike course. Where the  all too familiar wet conditions favoured the harrier as he moved through the field with ease, taking over thirty places and recording the 11th fastest time.

Returning to the run he powered through the final 5km faster than he completed the first run 50 minutes earlier, producing a negative split and finishing second in his qualifying age group securing a position in the Great Britain (40-44) age group team for the European Duathlon (Age Group) Championships in Holland early next year.

Oulton Park Duathlon 6/10/13

Kevan McCartney has certainly seen progress over the last year, and this was highlighted by his improvement by 6 minutes and 35 places over the same Oulton park course when he last competed there in March.

His endurance is his main attribute, and he proved that as he gradually moved through the field as those all around tired.

After finishing 31st on the first run, he then gathered in 10 places on the cycle. Moving consistently as he clocked each of the 5 laps within a few seconds, moving up to 21st.

Then straight in to the 2nd run futher improvement brought him up to 19th and 4th in his age category.

Overall time: 67.52; 4.3km runs = 15.50, & 15.58, 21km Cycle  = 34.27

Mid Argyll Triathlon 29/9/13

It was a glorious day for the final triathlon of the season, which took place in Lochgilphead on Sunday 29th September. Six harriers made the trip to compete in the event which consisted of a 500m swim, 20km cycle and 6.5km run. Rhonda White was the first to take to the 20m pool in the first of 7 waves to complete the 25 lengths. Alan Crichton in his favourite discipline was the fastest of the Glenpark swimmers. The cycle route takes the competitors out on to the main Oban road, before taking a left turn at Cairnbaan along the picturesque Crinan Canal road before looping back around onto the main road back towards Lochgilphead. Although very flat, the cycle proved challenging due to the strong wind. Rhonda had a disappointing swim, but moved through the field on the cycle and run, to finish 3rd lady veteran in only her second triathlon. Andrew Osborne and Andrew White were closely matched in the pool with Andrew Osborne emerging first. Once on the cycle route Andrew White  quickly caught the faster swimmers finishing first in his heat and had to wait until the completion of the final heat ,in which super vet Danny McLaughlin was  competing. Danny had a great battle in his heat with super veteran rivals, organiser Stephen Whiston and Martin Duthie. In the end Martin Duthie would take the honours in this category with Danny, who is back to his best, finishing 2nd super veteran and 6th in the overall competition. Andrew White would finish 5th overall and 2nd  in his age category. As expected, being Harriers, Andrew White and Danny McLaughlin posted the 2nd and 3rd fastest run times overall.

There was a great atmosphere from start to finish and with the sun shining everyone who took part had a great day. Glenpark would like to thank Mid Argyll for hosting another fantastic event. They would also like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to marshall on the course. We look forward to next years event!

Photograph courtesy of Stephen McLaughlin.


Name          Race     Race  Cat  Swim    T1    Cycle   T2 Run    

                  Time      Pos  Pos                                    

Andrew White  01:07:21   5  2   09:34  00:42  30:43 00:31  25:49

Danny Mclaughlin  01:08:23   6  2   09:20  00:44  31:45 00:26  26:06

Andrew Osborne  01:17:16   19  7   09:24  01:21  37:28 00:19  28:41

Ernie Currie  01:21:49   29  6   10:22  01:00  37:03 00:55  32:27

Rhonda White  01:28:50   57  3   14:15  00:50  40:29 00:40  32:35

Alan Crighton  01:37:42   80  17  09:03  00:55  41:50 01:02  44:50

Tri Together - 22nd September

Tom Forrest couldn't Tri any harder. The youngest member of Greenock Glenpark Harriers Triathlon section set the benchmark for all future racers at the award winning Tri Together Triathlon which originated in Crystal Palace in 2011, and has only this season expanded to include Lancaster and Glasgow. Tom feeling less than confident going into the swim, knowing it was his weakest discipline pushed hard and produced an inspired time over the 200m distance. His T1 was slick, even sacrificing those extra seconds to secure sunglasses. Once on the 6k cycle Tom powered around the course 4 x 1.5k loops of Bellahouston Park in velodrome style averaging 24km an hour. Showing little effect of Saturdays race, Tom moved through T2 at lightning speed and showed fantastic stamina to run the final 1.4km in just over 6 minutes, proving without doubt that the run was his strongest discipline. As you would expect of the young harrier. Following the race, Tom was delighted to be awarded his well deserved medal by no other than the World Para-Triathlon Champion Jane Egan.

Results 28.12 total time 5.22 swim 1.16 T1 14.34 Bike 0.47 T2 6.10 Run




Danny's Duathlon 22/9/13

Less than 24 hours after the first club race of the season 13 Glenparkers were competing again, this time in Danny’s duathlon which starts and ends at the Gourock Pool. The event consists of a 5km run, 20km cycle and a final 5km run. For Robert Adams, Luthais Arthus, Gavin Harris and Alan Crighton this was to be their first Danny’s duathlon.  

During the first 5km ,which takes competitors out towards the ferry terminal and back again, Danny McLaughlin, Andrew White and Kevan McCartney were closely bunched for the out ward run before Danny who is in amazing form streaked ahead and was the first to complete the run. Andrew and Kevan followed closely behind. Next home were Robert Adams  and 16 year old Luthais Arthur putting in tremendous runs. The first lady home was Lynne Rodgers. Danny unfortunately had to miss the cycle leg and 2nd run and performed time keeping duties. Andrew was the first to take to the bike and stormed ahead in the windy conditions and posted the fastest bike time. Kevan found himself having mechanical issues where his brakes malfunctioned and he was unable to slow down at the roundabout this led him to increasing the cycle leg by 6km. Gavin Harris who was closely matched with Kevin Gill on the first run pushed ahead on the bike and finished a couple of minutes ahead. Kirstin showed that the cycle is her strongest discipline overtaking Lynne Rodgers and Rhonda White who had recorded a 5k pb in her run. Liz battling injury, finished her cycle not far behind. Andrew was first out on the 2nd run and that was his finishing position. Kevan’s extended cycle meant that Luthias was able to take 2nd overall in his first duathlon with Robert Adams taking 3rd. Rhonda who had been overtaken by Kirstin on the bike was able to catch up and overtake Kirstin on the 2nd run which gave her the top lady spot, Kirstin took the runners up place with Liz not far behind. Alan Crighton who completed the 1st run and the cycle leg showed that all the transition practice has paid off by recording the 2nd fastest T1 time.


Run 1




Run 2


Andrew White







Luthais Arthur







Robert Adams







Kevan McCartney







Gavin Harris







Kevin Gill







Rhonda White







Kirstin Arthur







Liz McAuslan







Lynne Rogers







Alan Crighton







Danny McLaughlin







Robert Dolan Snr







Gourock Triathlon

 A total of 14 harriers took part in the popular Gourock Triathlon on Sunday 25th August. For the first time there was a choice of a relay option which kick started the event.  Three harriers made up one of these teams, with David McCorkindale taking the swim leg before handing over to Richard Davidson for the bike leg and Stevie Campbell taking on the run to give the Glenpark team the victory.

In the individual event there were 12 harriers taking part. For Debbie Bradley, Marian Monk, Susan Clark and Rhonda White this was their first experience competing in triathlon. David McCorkindale, having competed in the team relay donned his trisuit to take part in the full event. The swim was spread over 3 heats to accommodate the numbers. The first harrier to emerge from the pool was David McCorkindale who recorded the 5th and 6th fastest swim times of the day. David was closely followed by Ernie Curry, Andrew Osborne and Marian Monk all comfortably breaking the 16 minute mark. Once on the bike route which takes the riders out to Ardgowan roundabout and back, Andrew White was to make his move in his strongest discipline and posted the quickest bike time overall. Gillian Forrest, increasing in confidence, was the fastest Glenpark lady on the cycle leg. The run took competitors on an out and back route from the pool along the promenade in Gourock to the Western Ferry terminal. Andrew Osborne who has just recently returned from injury put in a fantastic effort with the third fastest run time of the day behind fellow Glenparker Stevie Campbell, who was part of the winning team and the overall winner Greg Turner, a Scottish internationalist. Andrew White was in great form, overtaking 20 riders on the bike to move up to 3rd,  then passing one more on the run to secure 2nd overall. Gillian Forrest securing a podium place was again the fastest Glenpark lady. Debbie Bradley who had an anxious time in the pool showed great courage in completing the event, perhaps some Dutch courage in the form of boyfriend Arjan Kranenberg gave her the confidence to continue as he was swimming in the next lane.

The club was also well represented in the junior duathlon, with 4 youngsters taking part. Lauren Mulaghton was Glenparks highest placed finisher with Tom Forrest closely behind. Rachel and Christie Mulaghton, competing in the event for the first time, did remarkably well also.  

We would like to thank Inverclyde Leisure who organised the event, with the added benefit this year of chip timing, and they even managed to get some glorious sunshine. The marshalls on the course and the lap counters at pool side did an excellent job to ensure smooth proceedings. Glenpark Harriers would like to also thank all their supporters who were out on the route.


Name                            Time         Swim           T1          Cycle         T2         Run

Team Glenpark          00:55:11  00:13:00   00:00:15   00:26:28   00:00:18   00:15:05

Andrew White           00:56:49  00:16:08   00:00:33   00:23:00   00:00:36   00:16:30

Andrew Osborne       01:01:51  00:15:35   00:00:24   00:28:33   00:01:40   00:15:37

David McCorkindale 01:02:05  00:13:06   00:00:32   00:27:10   00:00:45   00:20:30

Micky Dunn               01:04:04  00:16:30   00:00:26   00:28:07   00:00:24   00:18:27

Jim Cuffe                   01:07:32  00:18:44    00:00:49   00:27:53  00:00:44   00:19:21

Ernie Curry                01:08:49  00:15:14    00:00:52   00:30:34  00:00:57   00:21:10

Gillian Forrest           01:11:30  00:18:22    00:01:01   00:30:11  00:00:35   00:21:18

Mick Harrington        01:12:52  00:18:25    00:01:40   00:31:19  00:00:54   00:20:32

Marian Monk            01:14:39  00:15:29    00:01:00   00:34:10  00:00:22   00:23:36

Rhonda White           01:15:48  00:21:39    00:00:38   00:31:25  00:00:40   00:21:24

Susan Clark               01:23:36  00:19:32    00:01:36   00:33:32  00:02:50   00:26:04

Arjan Kranenberg     01:39:11  00:24:35    00:01:41   00:43:36  00:00:46    00:28:31

Debbie Bradley       01:39:31    00:24:56        00:01:40      00:43:36     00:00:46    00:28:32             

Challenge Aberfeldy

It was another wet and windy day for the Aberfeldy Middle Distance Triathlon which took place on Saturday 17th August. Three Harriers braved the conditions to compete in the event, which was also the Scottish Championships:  Scott Forrest, Kevin Gill and Andrew White. With this being the Scottish Championships, there was a strong  field, including several  professional triathletes. For Scott this was to be his first 70.3, with Kevin diving straight in to the sport with the half iron man distance.  This event consisted of a 1.2 mile swim in the picturesque Loch Tay, a 56 mile cycle from Kenmore over the challenging Schiehallion Road and round Loch Rannoch, back over the Schiehallion Road to Aberfeldy, where the half marathon run began and took the competitors along the river Tay.

The swim went fairly smoothly with Scott being the first Harrier to emerge from the Loch. Andrew followed a few minutes later with Kevin closely behind.  Once out on the bike course they left the village Kenmore to start the gradual climb to join the hilly Schiehallion Road.  The conditions deteriorated on this exposed road and the competitors had to battle wind and rain which made the descents  treacherous. The route then took them round Loch Rannoch which although flatter was still exposed to some severe weather. Heading for home they had to dig deep for the steep climb back up the Schiehallion Road,  before reaching the long descent in to Aberfeldy where they would begin the half marathon. Andrew, finding the cycle tougher than expected was first in to T2 for the club. A short while later Scott headed in to transition to swap his cycling shoes for running gear. Kevin, who has just recently recovered from a wrist injury which almost stopped him competing , completed the challenging cycle in a very respectable time. The run then took them back out of Aberfeldy and along the River Tay which was fairly flat and by this time the conditions had improved.  Andrew was the first home for the club, just failing to break 5 hours. Scott finished a short time later in 6 hours 15 minutes which remarkably included a half marathon pb. Kevin in his very first triathlon completed the mammoth challenge in 7 hours and 3 minutes.

The event was well organised, and there was a great atmosphere from start to finish. The Community Campus in Aberfeldy, which was the setting for T2 and the finish, had superb facilities. The only downside was yet again the Scottish weather.






Cat Pos





Andrew White








Scott Forrest








Kevin Gill










World Age Group Championships 10/8/13

World Class Performance from Kevan

Kevan McCartney had an outstanding race at the Championships in Ottawa Canada where he finished 9th.

ITU World Duathlon Championships 2013 - Ottawa (Sprint 5.1k- 20k - 2.5k)

The night before the race the nerves really kicked in as the scale and importance of the event was realised while racking my bike in transition with around 1,600 other bikes.

 Race day had finally arrived and team GBR had everything to do with only around 120 athletes they were outnumbered as the USA team had over 400 competing. 

 As the temperature rose and the humidity increased, the general feeling in the British team was that we were under acclimatised for the race conditions. However after seeing several of our team mates win gold in the earlier races against athletes from warmer climates this generated a combined feeling of excitement and energy in the team.

My Sprint event would see both the 35-39 and the 40-45 age groups race together. This would be good test for me, as this would be my first and final year as a 35-39'er, next year I step up to the 40-45 age group. 

The race started with a sprint from the line which continued for over 2 kilometres, the top athletes only really increased their lead after this point. Glancing at my Garmin, at this point I realised it confirmed what my body was trying to tell me. Yep I was running way outside my capability and this pace would see me set a 3K PB. The course was not as flat as I had envisaged as it rolled up and down a couple of hills before sending you round an industrial estate and back towards Transition. Luckily a few well-placed water station helped to control my body temperature as I took on water and sponges like I was on a marathon course.

Having settled into a more sustainable pace, I passed a number runners on the first hill, they had obviously opted to stay race leaders as long as they could, this perhaps being a tactic they would later regret.  For me the first run was fairly disappointing only managing a 19.12 5k, although I later heard it was more like a 5.1k course to suit the transition location. 

Back into T1, I found myself run past my bike, into the next row of 100+ bikes. However I quickly realised the Pink towel I has placed my shoes on was beneath the rack behind me. (I'll blame the heat and exhaustion or is it perhaps my ageing eye sight :-))

Once reunited with my bike, I headed out of T1 fairly well, however when running the 100m or so from bike to mount line I noticed my cycle shoe was not connected by the elastic band this would be reflected in my mediocre bike time. As I cycled along for around 500metres feet on top of shoes, trying to put my foot in a shoe that didn’t realise the importance of its role in the race. Once I had the shoe in agreement, I then powered after the competitors who had benefited from my tardy stunt riding display.

The gusts of wind I had occasionally experienced on the run mainly hitting me side on. Had now decided to shift slightly and hit me straight on for the out and back bike course. 

The only respite was during a slightly technical section around an industrial estate, with several tight corners and what looked like intentionally placed gravel to add to our amusement. 

Once back on the open road I passed a few competitors heading uphill before the turn.  Back into aero mode I pushed hard and kept my head down. Occasionally being alerted by the force of the returning side wind gusts on open bridges and intersections. 

Nearing transition I once again passed a few competitors, not knowing if they were in my age group or the one above. However I knew they were faster runners than me so I needed a slick transition and fast run to keep my position.

This in mind obviously assisted my T2 time, as I recorded the 4th fastest time in my age group. 

Once on the final run, I again focused on taking vests, and due to their number that was a Team USA headcount. In a determined fashion I pushed on and actually for the first time started to enjoy the race. Perhaps as I knew I only had around 9 minutes separating me from my first beer in several weeks. 

On approach to finish chute (blue carpet) a Team GB member passes me a small GB flag that I held and waved on my way across the line. And Job Done  :) it was all over :D

Position 35-39 age group = 9th

Position 35-39 Team GB = 4th

(If I'd been 3rd - this would have meant automatic qualification for next years world Championships) :-(

My Result - 103.29 (19.12/.053/32.55/.043/09.49)

Kilcreggan-Gourock Swim 10/8/13

Great pictures  of the Glenparkers, from Thomas Loehndorf.

Results for the open water swim of just under 2 miles:

3. David McCorkindale 50.04, 9. Andrew Osborne 57.20, 10. Scott Forrest 57.42, 12. Danny McLaughlin 58.04, 14. Colin Campbell 59.45, Alan Crighton 60.10, 20. AndrewWhite 63.49


Carlisle Sprint Triathlon 4/8/13

Danny is Top Vet

There were excellent performances from Danny and Colin at Carlisle, with Danny finishing 6th and winning the over 50s category. Colin also did well taking 5th spot in the 50s category and 29th overall. Both had to come from well behind after the swim, their weakest discipline, lying in 45th and 71st respectively but strong cycles and runs saw them

motor through the field.

Results: Danny McLaughlin 64:19, Colin Campbell 72:18

St Mary’s Loch Triathlon 28/7/13

Four harriers made the trip south to St Mary’s Loch on Sunday traveling through extremely heavy rain to compete in the inaugural Olympic triathlon. The event was hosted by Durty Events who are better known for off road triathlons. The event was made up of a 1500m loch swim, a shortened 35k cycle due to road works and a 10k lochside run. The fab four, Danny McLaughlin, Andrew White, Scott Forrest and Alan Crighton,  were joined by fellow local athlete Colin Campbell.

The weather conditions were not ideal as there had been torrential rain overnight but that did nothing to dampen the spirits of all those competing. The event started off with the swim in the picturesque St Mary’s Loch. The athletes then took to their bikes to complete 2 loops of a fairly hilly out and back course which was made more difficult by the wet road conditions. After completing the cycle leg they made their way on to part of the Southern Upland way to complete a tough 10k along the side of the loch which included manoeuvring over styles and stone walls.

First home for the club was Andrew White, finishing 10th in 2:19:38. Danny McLaughlin was next back, finishing 31st overall and 4th in his age category in 2:28:09. Colin Campbell was 59th in 2:35:50, and Scott Forrest 69th in 2:38:22, recording a 10k PB in the process on a very tough run course. Alan Crighton, in only his 3rd triathlon and first standard distance did well to complete the course in 3:30:31. All athletes enjoyed the day and hope to return next year where we hope the conditions will be better.

Alistair & Jonathan Brownlee couldn't believe their luck when they bumped in to the Harriers Kevan McCartney, they just had to have their picture taken with him.

Danny's Duathlon 2/6/13

Duathlon Course Records Set

Andrew White won the 2nd of Danny's duathlons beating his own course record from Gourock Pool by 47 seconds. The biggest improvement though came from Steven Campbell by 6.30mins. Guest Lindsay MacNeill set a new women's record by 10 minute while Cyclists Matt Hennon showed his class on the bike taking just 29.20mins for the 20km. course. Danny would have been out right winner if the race was based on Transition times only - but unfortunately for Danny it's not

European Triathlon 19/5/13

Pain In Spain for Nicky

 Nicky Walker returned with the triumphant British team as they came back with a haul of 2 gold 3 silver and 4 bronze medals from the European age group Triathlon championships in Spain. And Nicky was unlucky herself not to medal finishing in 4th in a time of 6 hours 22 minutes.

The “Challenge Barcelona” race lived up to its name as race conditions were tough, with many agreeing that the swim and the bike leg ranked among the toughest they had encountered.

As Nicky explained “the swim was the most surreal experience; way way rougher than I would ever swim in, given the choice!  Sighting was difficult because of the size of the waves. Everyone I spoke to after the race found it very difficult and were slightly in shock afterwards. It even made the very hilly 90km bike course afterwards come as a huge relief. The ½ marathon run was a bit of a slog, but we received  masses of support wearing the GB kit and I pushed myself quite hard as a result.”

Team Manager Joan Lennon commented “The sense of achievement in the GB team after the race was immense and there was great camaraderie and mutual encouragement during the day for all the team. To finish this race was a feat in itself and I congratulate the medallists and all team members.

Bute Triathlon 12/5/13

Sunday 12th May saw the welcome return of the Bute Triathlon. Pool renovations in 2012 led to  the event being cancelled. The competitors had a choice of Sprint or Novice distances.  Eleven Glenparkers made the trip to compete in the event, eight for the main event and three for novice . For Gillian Forrest and James Campbell this was to be their debut in the multi-sport event.  The day started out wet and windy and unfortunately didn’t improve very much but that did nothing  to dampen the spirits of those competing.

The first event was the swim in which Scott Forrest recorded the fastest Glenpark time for the Sprint with Andrew Osborne close behind, both comfortably breaking 15 minutes. In the Novice event Alan Crighton recorded the fastest time overall for the 16 lengths which is by far his strongest discipline. After the pool based swim the athletes took to their bikes for the cycle. The conditions meant that the outward journey was in to the wind which made the undulating route slightly more challenging. Andrew White being last out of the pool, had a lot to make up on the bike. He stormed his way through the field making up several places and eventually posted the fasted bike time overall. The run was the final event and over a 3 lap course and 2 laps for the novice,  Bute local Shaun Lyon triumphed with the fastest Glenpark time which also gave him a 3rd place finish for the Sprint, closely followed by Andrew White in 4th.

Within the top 30 were three other Harriers, Andrew Osbourne 22nd, Scott Forrest 24th and Richard Davidson 27th. In the novice event Mick Harrington took the highest Glenpark position with a 7th place finish and 1st place in the Super Vet category.

The Glenpark ladies were also well represented. Gillian Forrest in her first triathlon performed exceptionally well. Liz McAuslan and Donna Clark also competed. Liz had been undecided on the morning of the event as she had been unwell during the week, but her determination saw her struggle through the three stages. Donna who is also suffering from injury didn’t disappoint, she was 2nd out of the pool in her heat in what appears to be a great discipline for her.

Glenpark Harriers would like to thank Bute Wheelers for organising such a fantastic event and for their hospitality. We would also like to thank the marshalls, volunteers and time keepers for giving up their time as these events would not be possible without them.  

We look forward to coming back next year when hopefully the sun will shine.      

 Sprint Results:

  Pos.          Name                            Time             Swim            T1          Cycle             T2                 Run


3                 Shaun Lyon                  1:11:26       00:15:43     0:45       36:02            0:40              18:15

4                 Andrew White              1:11:52       00:16:25     1:00       34:11            0:43              19:31

22               Andrew Osborne          1:20:51       00:14:40     1:29       43:11            0:22              21:07

24               Scott Forest                 1:21:41       00:14:17     1:00       41:37            0:23              24:23

27               Richard Davidson         1:22:51       00:16:14     1:10       43:21            1:17              20:47

48               Gillian Forest                 1:32:30       00:16:30     1:04       49:00            0:36              25:18

58               Liz Mcauslan                 1:39:57       00:18:44     2:06       51:43            0:35              26:47

67               Donna Clark                  1:54:30       00:16:21     1:48       1:07:06         1:17              27:57      


Novice Results                                                                                                                                      

7                 Michael Harrington       55:28           10:08           1:32       27:57            1:13              14:36

13               Allan Crighton               1:00:40       07:39           1:28       28:53            0:56              21:42

28               James Campbell            1:09:29       10:01           1:28       38:31            0:53              18:34


Glenpark Harriers “Danny’s” Duathlon 5/5/13

Andrew’s White Hot Performance

9 competitors lined up for Danny’s Duathlon consisting of two 5km runs and a 20km cycle at the new course starting at Gourock pool.

Andrew White the Harriers most improved athlete this year led from start to finish recording the quickest times on both runs and on the bike. In 2nd place just 57 seconds adrift was super veteran Danny McLaughlin, who with the help of some slick transitions actually closed the gap after Andrews blistering opening 5km. Kevan McCartney took 3rd from Graeme Hyett thanks to a strong cycle leg, as the pair had almost identical times on the run.

Kirstin Arthur set the standard for the other Glenpark ladies to aim for with her time of 90 minutes.

European Duathlon Championships 21/4/13



Greenock Glenpark Harrier Kevan McCartney rose to the occasion at the European Duathlon Championships in Horst Holland on his Great Britain debut.


With an inspired performance he beat many of those that had finished ahead of him at the British trials in March.


That race in Oulton Chesire earned him the chance to compete for Britain in this the European age group championships and he didn’t let himself down when he placed 11th in the 35-40 age group category, and 91st overall from the 230 competitors.


It was his effort on the 20km bike leg that was most impressive recording the 7th fastest time, that along with 2 solid runs and 2 very slick transitions kept him in contention in a very close race which saw just 3 minutes separating the 3rd placed athlete Van Beek of Holland and Kevan in 11th


Total time 63.53 : Splits (5km run) 17.57, (T1) 1.07, (20km bike) 33.44, (T2) 0.51, (2.8km run) 10.15

Ayr Duathlon 14/4/13

Danny McLaughlin finished  2nd Supervet at Ayrodynamics Duathlon at Doonfoot.  After his first 5k run (19.22) he was lying in 17th, but with a steady 27km (58.22) on the bike, and one of the few to go faster on his 2nd run (19.01) he had moved through to 12th overall. The unfortunate Andrew White was well placed in 8th after the first run (18.22) but a double puncture forced him to retire.

Oulton Park Duathlon 17/3/13

Kevan’s GB Selection


Kevan McCartney got Greenock Glenpark Harriers fledgling triathlon section off to a flying start at the European trials with an outstanding performance that saw him gain selection for the Great Britain team in his age group.


Kevan had travelled to Chester’s Oulton Park sprint duathlon on Sunday in a less than confident manner, having logged only a few running miles since the National cross country championships last month where he picked up an ankle injury . Even with snow on the ground of the race car circuit and sinking temperatures this qualifier for the European Championships in Holland next month proved to be popular with the age groupers trying to gain a coveted place in the GB team and duathletes/triathletes from across England.


As potentially the only Scot, Kevan in full GGH kit and Scotland flags well displayed had something to prove. Reminding himself that he is a harrier first and cyclist second he took off at a blistering pace, which would have seen him shatter his 5k PB if the first lap of the race track had only covered more than the 2.7 miles.


Into transition things were going well, with a good first run completed he advanced well on the bike. Passing several cyclists after a fast exit from the pits, in true race car style. However 5 laps of undulating track saw him loose several places to the stronger cyclists. The first lap went well, the second much the same however as more cyclists took to the track, things started to get interesting. With over 250 riders undertaking, overtaking, cornering and climbing the gradients in enthusiastic fashion Kevan was relieved to get back to transition and start his final run.


Once into transition the cold morning conditions impaired him slightly as he found it difficult to remove his cycling shoes and replace them with running shoes due to frozen fingers. However back on the run this harriers focus was on catching the strong riders in the hope that running wasn’t their strength too. So again driving hard he managed to regain a number of places, even taking one on the line.


R1 – 16.31 –T1 – 1.07 – C – 37.29 – T2 – 1.19 – R2 – 16.50 (Total = 1hour 13m 14sec- Overall position 54th over 35s Age Category 8th)

Dannys Duathlon 10/3/13

On a bitterly cold and windy day Andrew White came out on top.

Race Results: Andrew White 1.15, Colin Campbell 1.26, Kirsten Arthur 1.35

[run/cycle] Rhonda White 1.15 , [Run Only] - Alan O'Rourke 19.15, Andy MacLean 22.36, David Hamilton 20.29, [Cycle only] Kevan McCartney 36.59


Dannys Duathlon 5k/20k/5k Greenock 19/1/13

Andrew White was dominant in the first in the series of this years Danny’s Duathlons. In the very cold and windy conditions, right from the start he went clear on the run never to be challenged, completing the course in 77 minutes.  Lewis Beck took the runners up spot with a very strong cycle. Kirsten Arthur was leading lady despite being out run by Liz McAuslan, her speed on the bike saw her go clear by 2 minutes. Forgoing the bike section Robin McAuslan and Robert Adams decided to complete three 5k runs

RESULTS:  Duathlon: Andrew White 77.21, Lewis Beck 84.21, Kirstin Arthur 95.12, Liz McAuslan 97.52, Kevan McCartney 102.48, Lynne Rogers 102.48 Triple 5k: Robin McAulan  21.08 / 22.48 / 22.04, Robert Adams 19.50 / 22.48 / 19.21 1st Run & Bike only; Danny McLaughlin 60.20 Bike Only: Rhonda White 46.35 5k run only: Stuart Ormond 26.06